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Volume XVI, Issue 1 Winter 2003

Volume XVI, Issue 1 ISSN 0884-3805 Winter 2003

Published by Nona Williams, P.O. Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746


Lewis MORELAND was born in 1780 in Orange County, Virginia. His wife, Martha? was born 1770. He was next seen in 1810 Orange County, North Carolina tax list as head of family.

More Lewis MORELAND appearances:

1820 Burke County, North Carolina Census.

1830 Wilkes County, North Carolina Census.

1840 Cherokee County, North Carolina Census. 1 male, age 50 - 59. 1 female, age 50 - 59. 1 male, age 20 - 291850

Union County, Georgia Census

In the 1860 Union County, Georgia census Martha MORELAND was the head of the household.

On the 1813 Putnam County, Georgia tax list were the following:

Our lineage runs from Lewis and Martha, through their son, Thomas and his wife, Martha?

(Some say Martha is their daughter) to their son, George MORELAND, b. 1843 and his wife, Sarah E.? to their son, Jesse A. MORELAND born 1860 in Bradley County, Tennessee.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.My mailing address is: Ellen Patrick15231 Delaware Road, Newcomerstown, Ohio 43845-9007Email:

Thelma Hansford Collection[1]
Continued from previous issue

It appears that John WRIGHT lived on the 130 acre tract that he and Lawrence WRIGHT had jointly bought in 1749. Lawrence WRIGHT most likely was the oldest son for he, too died in 1753.

From the will, all of the daughters were grown and married. His widow remarried _____ WILKES for she helped to execute the will of her son Dudley WRIGHT along with two other sons as requested in that will. She was then Ann WILKES.

1. Lawrence4 WRIGHT, son of John3 J. WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, joined with his father when they bought a farm, but he was mentioned last in the father’s will, with just a shilling. (For a will to be legal, no child can be “cut out” of a will; hence a token legacy is necessary.) The deed for the 130 acre tract gave the father a life right there.
Lawrence WRIGHT married Ann ____. He died 1753 and she died in 1756. Edward WRIGHT, probably his brother, was appointed guardian to the two children by the York County Court. (He reported regularly as recorded in Guardian Accounts 1736-80, p. 290). Some of the record is given for interest:

For Lawrence5 WRIGHT
1756----schooling-----clothes--------board--------- 6 pounds
1758 " " " 5 "
1759 " " " (sickly) 6 " 10 shil.
1760 " " " 6 " 10 "
1761 " " " 6 " 10 "
repair house, finding nails --------------------------- 2 " 17 "
2 yr quit rents on 130 acres of land ---------------- 12 " 6 pen
funeral charges 37/8
doctor charges 9 and 4/9 ------------------- 6 " 11 " 9 "

(Note: This child died)

1757 by part for hire of Negro
1758 by do --------------------- 3 pounds 6 sh
1759 by rent of plantation
1760 by do 8 " 0 "
1761 by do and hire of Negro _________________
25 -- 6—0

This was sworn to by guardian Edward4 WRIGHT at Court held August 16, 1762 and was recorded.

For the other child, this was his guardian’s report:
Guardians Accounts 1736-1780 p. 246
Edward5 WRIGHT, deceased Dr.
December 4, 1756 to board, clothing, mending --- 5 pounds
1758 for 15 months ---------- 6 pounds
to Dr’s charges ---------------------------------------- 5—7—2-
funeral charges --------------------------------------- 1-14—10 ½
18—2—0 ½

Rent on plantation ------------------------------------------ 4 pounds
Rent do -------------------------------------------4 pounds
By part of Negro hire by Edward WRIGHT, Guardian 3—6—8

Sworn to by Edward4 WRIGHT, guardian when Court was held August 20, 1759 and recorded.

Lawrence4 WRIGHT and his wife Ann had two children:

(1) Lawrence5 WRIGHT who died 1761
(2) Edward5 WRIGHT who died 1758


The inventory for this Ann WRIGHT is now given for interest because such records give insight on items of importance for daily living and also something on the standard of life in a given era.

(Such a document as this is a “lesson in history”.)

1 Negro man Will (note the rent from his labor)
20 heads of hogs; 1 sow, 7 pigs
16 heads of cattle
8 sheep
1 horse
2 beds; bolsters; rug; pr. Sheets

2. Edward4 WRIGHT, a son of John3 J. WRIGHT (John2, Edward1) and his wife Ann WRIGHT, was born around 1727, believing he was about age twenty-seven when he assumed the guardianship of the two children of Lawrence WRIGHT in 1753. He made regular reports to the Court through 1761.

He was the executor for the will of Matthew MORELAND Jr. written January 17, 1755 and probated February 17, 1755.[2] MORELAND was his nephew. The inventory was returned March 17, 1755, done by William POWELL, Edward WRIGHT and John TENHAM.[3]

The York County Land Books show that this Edward WRIGHT had 140 acres bounded on the north by the estate of Harwood BURT, west by estate of Richard GARRETT and estate of William GARRETT; south by lands of Thomas CHISMAN, and east by lands of Caleb FISHER, Willoughby JORDON’s estate, and Thomas HANSFORD. This description (boundaries) places this tract between present day Cooper’s Corner and the Seaford Baptist Church.

In the Guardian’s Accounts 1736-80 p. 326 there is recorded the fact that John GOODWIN, guardian of John MOSS, an orphan, paid Edward4 WRIGHT one pound for schooling in 1763. (Note the emphasis on “learning”). The MOSSes, TENHAMs, BURTs, JORDONs as neighbors and associates help to identify the various WRIGHTs who lived in different areas of the county.

Edward4 WRIGHT died intestate and on May 17, 1784 “on the motion of Edward5 WRIGHT Jr., it is ordered that John TOOMER, Edward BAPTIST, and Francis LEE or any two examine and settle Edward WRIGHT’s administration of Edward WRIGHT’s estate and make report to the Court.”[4] When court met on August 16, 1784 the settlement of the estate of Edward4 WRIGHT, deceased, was returned and recorded.[5]

3. William4 WRIGHT, son of John J. WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, began an apprenticeship under Nicholas POWELL to learn the tailor’s trade. That was started September 18, 1753, less than a year following his father’s death. He married Elizabeth who had charge of the inventory and sales for his estate dated June 30, 1778. She purchased the first item offered for sale; a cow and calf; and enough household articles for herself, to make a home.

This William4 WRIGHT served as Constable in York County and several months after his death York Court named Thomas POWELL to serve in Yorkhampton Shire as Constable “in the place of William WRIGHT, deceased.)[6]

The Court, at its July 20, 1778 session, noted that since this was a small estate no one was interested in settling it so he, the judge, ordered the sheriff to dispose of it “according to the law and report to the Court.” (Evidently there was no son to handle family affairs.)[7] Lawrence SMITH, Deputy Sheriff concluded the settlement by February 15, 1779.[8]

The widow, Elizabeth WRIGHT, soon died thereafter and on November 15, 1779 it was brought to the attention of the Court that she had died intestate with no person interested in administering the settlement of her estate.[9] The Sheriff conducted the inventory and attended to the business for her family.

William4 WRIGHT and his wife Elizabeth WRIGHT had these children:

(1) Elizabeth5 WRIGHT born ca. 1766
(2) Judith5 WRIGHT
(3) Sarah5 WRIGHT
(4) Nancy54 WRIGHT

It should be noted that William4 WRIGHT and his family lived (and died) during the Revolutionary War period. Inflation was high; illness and early deaths were prevalent. There was no public assistance except what the church could provide; other family members did help when they were able.

(1) Elizabeth5 WRIGHT, an orphan who had been bound to Bernard ELLIOTT, complained to the Court about her treatment June 19, 1780. She was removed from his authority.[10] She was born around 1766 to have been fourteen years of age and “heard in Court”.

(2) Judith5 WRIGHT, “orphan of William WRIGHT” was entrusted to the church wardens of Yorkhampton Parish May 19, 1783.[11]

(3) Sarah5 WRIGHT “orphan of William WRIGHT” likewise became a ward of the church in Yorkhampton Parish.[12]

(4) Nancy5 WRIGHT, daughter of William and Elizabeth WRIGHT, was born March 3, 1778. This was recorded in the Charles Parish Register, giving parentage and birth date and it was also stated that the family resided in Yorkhampton Parish.

4. John4 WRIGHT Jr., son of John3 J. WRIGHT and Ann his wife was born around 1742. He married first, Elizabeth ______ and secondly Jane ____ for Jane’s name appeared on a land transaction between them and Edmund CHISMAN date being September 6, 1782.[13] The first wife’s name is shown in the Charles Parish Register when children’s births and baptisms were recorded.

This John WRIGHT was converted to the Baptist faith and was baptized 1776 under the ministry of Elder Elijah BAKER. He immediately became a local preacher and when Grafton Baptist Church was constituted in 1777 he became its first pastor. It should be noted that this was the period when the colonists were considering separation from England (and the established church). John WRIGHT Jr. evidently “felt the call” to continue preaching the Gospel but not as an Anglican. He already had a religious background for his WRIGHT grandfather John2 WRIGHT was an ordained minister, preaching in the Charles Parish Church.

He served at Grafton Baptist Church until his death in 1796.

At the York Court session held September 19, 1796 Jane WRIGHT was appointed administrator of the estate of “her husband John WRIGHT and John GAYLE was her security”.[14] At the same time “Prillisum, an infirm slave belonging to the estate of John WRIGHT, deceased” needed to be properly cared for and the Court considered this matter.[15]

The appraisement of that estate was returned July 17, 1796.[16]

Elizabeth WRIGHT, the first wife of the Rev. John4 WRIGHT Jr., died after June 16, 1775 and before 1782. All of the children were by her.

Evidently John5 WRIGHT Jr. rented his homesite. He renewed a lease with Elizabeth HOWARD for a 200 acre farm known as “Chisman’s Bridge” February 17, 1783. Then on July 16, 1792 Jane WRIGHT renewed this lease.[17] So, Jane was a widow then; or her husband was incapacitated.

Issue of John4 WRIGHT Jr., by his first wife Elizabeth:

(1) John5 WRIGHT born March 7, 1765
(2) Elizabeth5 (Betey) WRIGHT born January 10, 1768
(3) Mary5 WRIGHT born February 13, 1770
(4) Dudley5 WRIGHT born March 1, 1773
(5) William5 WRIGHT born March 1, 1773 twins
(6) Peter5 WRIGHT born June 16, 1775

Jane WRIGHT, the second wife of the Rev. John WRIGHT Jr. died around September 19, 1803 when the Court, upon the motion of John FRESHWATER made oath that she had died intestate and he became the administrator with Kemp CHARLES and Edward WRIGHT as his securities.[18]

(1) John5 WRIGHT, the son of the Rev. John4 WRIGHT Jr., (John3 J., John2, Edward1) and his first wife Elizabeth WRIGHT, was born March 7, 1765.[19] He married Mary COX March 21, 1795.[20]

The 1810 census for York credits him with three slaves; three sons with two under age ten and one age sixteen to twenty-six. So a chart would look like this:

(1) son born ca. 1796
(2) son born ca. 1800
(3) son born ca. 1807
(4) son born ca. 1809

Nothing more is known about his lineage.

(2) Elizabeth5 (Betsy) WRIGHT born January 10, 1768
(3) Mary5 WRIGHT born February 13, 1770
(4) Dudley5 WRIGHT, second son of the Rev. John WRIGHT and his first wife Elizabeth was born March 1, 1773. He married Ann BAPTIST April 8, 1797 with Thomas CAMM, rector of Charles Parish officiating.[21]

He was in the County Militia during the War of 1812 and served under Mr. SCLATER during the activities in the war July 13, 1813.

The 1810 census for York County shows that he had four males in his household and the ages were something like this:

A. one son born ca. 1798
B. one son born ca. 1800
C. one son born ca. 1803
one son born ca 1808

This writer has not identified these sons by name. The 1860 census for York has:

Peter WRIGHT age 60 born 1800, with wife Sally WRIGHT born 1815. Their two children were:

a. James WRIGHT born 1835
b. Martha WRIGHT born 1846 (1860 census, York County)

(A sizable number of blacks in eastern Virginia were emancipated years before the Civil War. To differentiate the black and white population after 1800 is difficult. The Warwick County census shows a large black and mulatto population named WRIGHT, including a Dudley WRIGHT family. T.H.)

There is a deed recorded in York County that might add interest to these WRIGHTs
Date: little earlier than 1854[22]

Thomas HOGG Jr. of York is bound as security for Thomas HANSFORD Jr. of said county ---to a bond executed to Richard COKE Jr. of York for $50 --- also against Richard LEE of Warwick for $65; also Thomas HANSFORD Jr. indebted to Thomas HOGG Jr. for money loaned past the sum of $44.50 – Thomas HANSFORD desirous to indemnify --- gives real estate: tract called Dudley WRIGHT tract and bounded by CHISMAN’s Creek; MINSON tract; and TABB tract and containing 43 & 2/3 acres ----

Sarah HANSFORD, wife of said Thomas HANSFORD relinquished any right of dower.

(This Dudley WRIGHT tract is easily identified today, for Thomas HANSFORD Jr. lived at the head of Chisman’s Creek and his place was called Hansford’s Landing. Present day development named Barcroft, on Wolf Trap Road is on that Hansford tract. Evidently Dudley WRIGHT lived there at some time. T.H.)

(5) William5 WRIGHT, son of the Rev. John4 WRIGHT and his first wife Elizabeth, was born March 1, 1773. He was a twin to Dudley WRIGHT.

The 1810 census for York County indicates that indeed he was a farmer; he had ten slaves. He had one female in his family under age ten years, so there appears to be no male member to continue his lineage.

(6) Peter5 WRIGHT, youngest child of the Rev. John4 WRIGHT (John3 J., John2, Edward1 WRIGHT) and his first wife Elizabeth, was born June 10, 1775. The 1810 census for York County gives only one female under ten years of age in his household, so he was a widower with a little girl. Then in 1817 he got license to marry Wealthy COX of Charles Parish.[23] He had at least two daughters (and maybe other children):

A. daughter born before 1810
B. Martha (Patsy) WRIGHT born ca. 1819

The last named daughter is learned from York Marriage records. Peter WRIGHT wrote permission for license to be issued to Edmon JOHNSON to marry his daughter Patsy WRIGHT October 26, 1831.

5. Dudley4 WRIGHT*, son of John3 J. WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, was born ca. 1737. After his father’s death in 1732 he began an apprenticeship January 18, 1753 under Peter LANDIFOUR of Warwick County to learn the trade of a brick layer.[24]

He apparently never married. He left a will probated December 16, 1760 in which he named his brother John WRIGHT, brother Benjamin WRIGHT, and sister Elizabeth WRIGHT.[25]

[*Note: This is probably the Dudley that Dudley MORELAND was named after. Dudley WRIGHT who died before 1673 was the grand uncle of Dudley MORELAND. This Dudley WRIGHT is not to be confused with Dudley WRIGHT, twin of William, born 1773. He was a first cousin, one generation removed to Dudley MORELAND.]

to be continued

[1] Mrs. Thelma Hansford’s research on the Moreland and Wright families are on file at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City and, fortunately for us, she reads this newsletter and sends items of interest. This article was found and copied by Charles Moreland and is reprinted here with Mrs. Hanford’s permission. The entire article is not included here, just the portions that interest Moreland family researchers.
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Volume XVI, Issue 2, Spring 2003


Volume XVI, Issue 2 ISSN 0884-3805 Spring 2003

Published by Nona Williams, P.O. Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746


Thelma Hansford Collection[1]
Continued from previous issue

Resume now the lineage of John 3 J. WRIGHT, through his seventh child:

7. Ann4 WRIGHT, daughter of John 3 J. WRIGHT (John2, Edward1) WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, married Matthew MORELAND. She had died before her father wrote his will November 1751, but her father gave her married name. They had issue:

(2) John5 MORELAND
(3) Matthew5 MORELAND
(4) Edward 5 MORELAND
(5) Wright5 MORELAND

Matthew MORELAND wrote his will February 8, 1734 and it was probated February 21, 1736.[2] She had died before he wrote his will; the children are named in the will:

“…give girl to daughter Ann MORELAND and Negro woman Kate give to son John MORELAND Negro boy named Jamey give to Matthew MORELAND Negro girl named Mary give to son Edward MORELAND Negro girl Jenny give girl to son Wright MORELAND Negro girl named America. Young MORELAND, sole executor.”[3]
The MORELAND lineage was traced in 1983 when I compiled Moreland – A Family Genealogy. [This complete article was previously published in this newsletter.] A copy is in the Virginia Room in the Swemm Library, College of William and Mary. T.H.

8. Mary4 WRIGHT, daughter of John 3 J. WRIGHT (John2, Edward1) WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, had married ____ MORRIS before November 1751. Nothing is known about her.

9. Sarah4 WRIGHT, daughter of John 3 J. WRIGHT (John2, Edward1) WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, married _______ MARSHALL before November 1751. No research has been done on her lineage.

10. Elizabeth4 WRIGHT, daughter of John 3 J. WRIGHT (John2, Edward1) WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, married Young MORELAND. This is stated in her father’s will, written 1751.[4] They had two children before Elizabeth died; then Young MORELAND married secondly. He left a will written February 21, 1774 and probated March 21, 1774.[5] Given are their children:

(1) Mary5 MORELAND
(2) Elizabeth5 MORELAND

(1) Mary5 MORELAND was of age in 1774 and was an executor of her father’s will so she was born about 1753. She died before December 19, 1774 unmarried.

(2) Elizabeth5 MORELAND married Samuel THOMAS and they had two children:

A. George6 Samuel THOMAS Jr.

The father was named their “guardian” to guarantee their share in the 250 acre tract left by Mary5 MORELAND, their aunt.

This concludes the research done on the lineage of John 3 J. WRIGHT, son of John2 WRIGHT (Edward1 WRIGHT).


V. Ann3 WRIGHT was a daughter of John2 WRIGHT for the Charles Parish Register states, “Ann, daughter of John WRIGHT, died September 13, 1748.” Had she married, her descendants would have lost the WRIGHT name, so she is of little importance to this manuscript.

[Note: Mrs. Hansford’s entire article on the WRIGHT family was not reproduced here. Excerpts in this newsletter included those WRIGHT families who were associated with the MORELAND family.]



Surry Co., North Carolina Record of Processions (1795-1851) and Miscellaneous Tax Items (1874-1879) by Brude Pruitt in North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal Volume 14, No. 2:

Processioning a tract of land was a means of establishing its boundaries as a matter of legal record, particularly when property lines were disputed. The North Carolina State Archives preserves a volume designated “Surry County Record of Processions 1801-1887” (stack file number C.R.092.408.1) which contains some two dozen land processions for that county in the period 1795-1851, as well as a few livestock marks and some levies made upon land (for taxes due) in the years 1874-1879). Most pages of that volume are blank and few are numbered; only verso pages bear page numbers. Pasted on the book’s front cover is a notation “Tax for Land &c, Levies”, and penciled on the inside back cover is “Dobson Surry County North Carolina [/] S.A. Freeman Esqr”.

The procession records abstracted below were made (save one) while Surry County included the territory which became Yadkin County in 1850. The abstracts cite page numbers, but “b” is added to denote the recto facing a numbered verso and numbers 16-19b have been supplied by the abstractor. The abstracts omit compass directions and measurements of distance which may be found in the manuscript, but all waterways and significant landmarks are given along with all names of landowners, processioners, chain carriers, and commissioners. Dates include the date of processioning and the term of Surry County Court to which the record was returned. In the tax levy sections, the abstracts omit the $55.00 total feel listed for most levies.

Pages 6b, 7. 1 August 1805. (The subscribers were appointed by May 1805 Court to procession.) Processioned disputed line between William MORELAND (who has 640 acres) and Samuel KERBY. Borders: William MORELAND, old line with William THORNTON and Joseph WILLIAMS, Samuel KERBY, Jesse POORE and John HICKS. Signed Geo. KIMBROUGH, Ormon KIMBROUGH, William (X) SWEATT, Philip HOWARD, Peter MOCK and Wm. THORNTON. Surry County, August 1805.

Equity Bond Docket, 1789-1817, Hillsborough District and Orange County, North Carolina by Grace H. Wight in North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume 20, No. 1: #175 Thomas PRICE vs. Francis MORELAND et al., Orange County, September 14, 1798.

List of Taxable Property in Orange County, North Carolina, 1780. The boundaries of Orange County, North Carolina, in 1780 included today’s counties of Alamance, Orange, most of Durham and probably a very small strip of northeastern Chatham. The List of Taxables taken in Orange for that year (1780) becomes at once a most important document because of the loss of other records. In the latter part of March 1781 after the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, one of James MUNRO, Ensign of the North Carolina Highlanders (Loyalist), who lived in Cumberland County, North Carolina, relates this story in a manorial claim to the Commissioners appointed by the “Lords of the Treasury for enquiring into the Losses of Services of the American Loyalists,” dated 28 November 1783 and in another petition on 27 November 1788 “What has rendered me particularly obnoxious to my Enemys, & hurtful to my friends in North Carolina, that before I came away, I seized the Records of the County with intention to hold.” Orange County, North Carolina Miscellaneous Records (C.R. #073.928.18 at the North Carolina State Archives. Orange County, North Carolina – Lists of Taxable Property, Vol., I (1780-1781) (C.R. #073.701.1 at North Carolina State Archives).

St. Mark’s District

078 Francis MORELAND £3,238, 592 acres entered; 2 S, 2H
079 Thomas MORELAND £6,569 12 N, 2 H, 10 C


In the tax lists, the first number after each name in that of the white males over age twenty-one, the second the number of horses owned, and the third, if given, the number of tithable slaves over age twelve.

Amherst County, Virginia, 1800 Tax List, in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 5, No. 3, 1961: Amherst Parish, District of James MONTGOMERY:

Andrew MORELAND 2-2

Bedford County, Virginia, 1800 Tax List, in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 7, No. 3 1963: First District:

Stephen MOORLIN, 3-4
Jason MOORLIN Sr. 2-5
Joseph MOORLIN 1-2
Jason MOORLIN Jr. 1-1

British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803 in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 9, No. 1, 1965 p. 28
Jacob MORELAND, Fairfax. £3.1.11 due 4 January 1777. Died about fifteen years ago, solvent.

British Mercantile Claims Reports of Thomas NELSON, 1 December 1803 in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 10, No. 1, 1965 p. 28

John MORELAND. £6.19.8 ½, interest £7.18.2, due on account 1 February 1776. Can learn nothing of this man.

Virginia Debtors of John NORTON & Sons, Merchants, 1770 and 1773 by Aubrey Harrison Starke in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 12, No. 2.

For some twenty years before the American Revolution, the firm of John NORTON & Sons, Merchants of London, England and Yorktown, Virginia, handled the tobacco shipped to England by its Virginia, customers, chiefly of the Tidewater region, and in London purchased for these same customers a variety of plantation, household and personal items. The story of the firm and of the NORTON family, based on the NORTON family papers, was told in considerable detail by Mrs. Frances Mason in John Norton & Sons, Merchants (Richmond, 1937).

Among the previously unpublished NORTON papers, now in the possession of Colonial Williamsburg, Inc. are two lists of colonial debtors which combined include the names of almost 370 Virginians (and a few residents of other places) of the pre-Revolutionary period and the amount of money the owed the NORTONs. These lists, sent by John NORTON of London to his son John Hatley NORTON of Yorktown for his information and use in collecting sums due the firm, were published for their genealogical value, with all sums omitted.

The first list, headed “List of Foreign Drs to John NORTON & Son 31st July 1770,” contains 204 entries, with entries, with some notes of identification made in the handwriting of the person responsible for the list and other notes in the handwriting of John Hatley NORTON. In a letter of 9 June 1770 promising the list, John NORTON wrote “I shall now as the Tobo is deliver’d ballce the Books & take a list of Drs a Coppy of which I shall forward you when finished.”

The second list, headed “A list of Foreign Drs taken 30th July 1773,” also contains notes of identification but is in effect two lists, one of those owing money, the other of those who had paid their recent bills. Total debits due in 1770 amounted to £18,523.13. – and in 1773 to £41,001.11.7. Total “foreign debts” paid in 1773 amounted to only £7142.-.2. In a letter of 4 September 1773 transmitting the two lists of that year, John NORTON wrote his son:

…I am taking a list of the Forreign Debtors to 31st July and to my surprise find they exceed £40,000 exclusive of goods shipt & money paid in Augt. I little thought [so great a sum] would have been owing us in Virginia, however as it is so, it behooves us to get them secured in the best manner we are able, and remitted as soon as may be, and to resolve not to do anything further in the Cargo way except where we have effects or have been regularly paid, wch you would do well to make know, for your present regulations.

Petitions For A Fourteenth State, by Raymond M. Bell, Washington, Pennsylvania in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 14, No. 3.

Southwestern Pennsylvania was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia in the 1770s. The dispute was brought to a head by the establishment of courts by Pennsylvania in 1773 and by Virginia in 1770s. To many of the inhabitants the formation of an entirely new western state was a possible solution to the problem. Accordingly a memorial was presented to Congress in July 1776 by the "inhabitants of the country west of the Allegheny Mountains". A complete, copy was given by Boyd Crumrine in his History of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 1882), page 187. No names of signatories are mentioned.

Crumrine also tells of a memorial sent to the Virginia House in the fall of 1776 opposing the formation of a new state. The Indian attacks on western Pennsylvania which began in 1777 likely pushed this matter into the background, although petitions may have continued to circulate.

In 1780 the subject was reopened when Congress discussed the possibility of setting up new states west of the mountains. In 1780, 1781 and 1782 signatures were collected, so that there were about 2000 names attached to the petition from the "inhabitants on the west side of Laurel Hill and Western Waters" which was presented to Congress on 27 Jan. 1783 (National Archives, PCC No. 48, folios 251-6, pp. 89-96).

This petition was discovered by Howard Leckey and the names were listed in his The Tenmile Country (Waynesburg, Pa., 1950- ), v. 3, p. 20. The writer alphabetized Leckey's, list in his List of Inhabitants in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1800 or Before (Washington, Pa., 1961). Since then a careful study of the names, on a copy of the original shows that a number were overlooked and misread. Jason MORELAND was one of those omitted in previous publications.

A check of the 2000 names shows that they were principally from what are now Brooke, Ohio, and Monongalia counties, West Virginia, and Washington, Greene and Payette counties, Pennsylvania. The sheets on the original petition were cut. It is hard to tell if this was done before or after the names were written. Since they are all in the same hand, they are not original signatures. The spelling is often wrong. They may have been collected from a number of petitions or have been given orally by the individuals.. There are known dupli­cations. One name appears four times, fourteen appear three times, 142 appear twice. Some of these are not suplications; some represent two members of the same family. The names appear to be genuine. Many well­known persons. are on the list.

The presentation of this petition to Congress on 27 Jan. 1783 was a bold step for on 3 Dec. 1782 the Pennsylvania Assembly had made it an act of treason to do so.

The petition has never been published. It says in essence that the inhabitants have long labored under the most intolerable grievances from the unhappy dispute between Virginia and Pennsylvania with regard to the right of territory and jurisdiction. Both sides have claimed and exercised jurisdiction in courts of justice, militia laws and land affairs. The poor inhabitants after paying are uncertain as to their rights. They have contributed much to the infant settlement. They raised two regiments and several companies for continental service and have defended their own country from the savages, when the frontiers were defenseless and there was insufficient guard.

The petitioners point out that they protected Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia from the savages, and are now treated more like slaves than free men. The only effectual means appears to be to lay off a new state upon these western waters. This alone can unite the people. Congress has the power to do so. The people are a great distance from the seats of government, beyond an immense ridge of mountains. There is an Act of the Assembly of Pennsylvania which forbids the people to assemble or even mention a new state under penalty for treason. As free men and free citizens of America we have the right to petition your body.

The running of the Virginia-Pennsylvania boundary line in 1783 and the visit in the same year by the Rev. James FINLEY (Crumrine, op. cit., p. 235) to placate the inhabitants evidently brought the matter to a close.

Loudoun County, Virginia, 1771 Tithable List, by Miss Pollyanna Creekmore in The Virginia Genealogist

Two numbers usually follow each entry, the first being the number of tithable persons and the second being the number of (wolves’) scalps credited during the year. All males sixteen years of age and upwards, Negro, mulatto and Indian women of the same age, except Tributary Indians, and the wives of free Negroes, mulattos and Indians were subject to the payment of tax.

C. PEYTON’s List, Shelburne Parish in Volume 17, No. 1:
p. 9 Wm. MORLAN, Stephen MORLAN, Richd. MORLAN 3-15
p. 9 William MORLAN Junr. 1-5

Levin POWELL’s List, in Volume 17, No. 2
p. 112 Jason MORELAND, John LAIRY, Negro Hannah 3-15

Simon TRIPLETT’s List in Cameron Parish in Volume 17, No. 4
p. 274 Jno. HADDOCK, Jno. MORELAND, Jams. ALLEN 3-15
Frederick County, Virginia 1800 Tax List in Virginia Genealogist

Volume 23, No. 2
The first number is the number of tithable men aged 16 or over, the second number is the number of horses.

p. 98 Baptist MORELAND 1-2
p. 99 Patrick MORELAND 1-1

Virginia Executive Papers in Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 19, No. 2

Preserved at the Virginia State Library is an extensive collection of papers of the Governors of the Commonwealth. Some of these have been published in the Calendar of Virginia State Papers (11 v.; Richmond, 1875-93), Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia(3 v.; Richmond, 1926-29), Journals of the Council of the State of Virginia (4 v.; Richmond, 1931-67) and others sources. Such papers were not included in The Virginia Genealogist and aren’t included here.

April 19, 1782 – General return of all the damages sustained from the French army at and about the time of the siege of York.

Claims made by Edward WRIGHT (York), Robert MORELAND (York) and others.

April 29 – May 4, 1782. Receipts for sundry claims against the French army paid by Dudley DIGGES:

William HUBBERD, Edwd. WRIGHT, Mrs. FULLER by son-in-law Mr. Edwd. WRIGHT, Robert MORELAND among others.

Notes: Mrs. FULLER is probably the mother of Elizabeth FULLER who married Edward WRIGHT between 1779 and ca. 1781 when their daughter, Elizabeth WRIGHT was born.

October 1780, Petition of the Goochland County militia, lately marched to Hillsborough in division, with shame and sorrow acknowledging the disgraceful rout. Being raw and ignorant of discipline and under officers (generally) as undisciplined as they, they were ordered not to fire until they had the word and then to advance with charged bayonets, which occasioned the confusion which followed. When they arrived at Hillsborough destitute of money and even clothes to wear, they applied to their officers for leave to procure such supplies as their poor families could furnish. Although such permission was not obtained, with the connivance of several of their officer they came in and were returning when they met their old companions who said they would not be received at headquarters but were deemed Continental soldiers for eight months. Having no intention of desertion, they delivered themselves up to the County Lieutenant and are not under marching orders. Most of them are very poor men with families of small children. They ask that the additional service be remitted. Thomas MORLAND was one of the 18 men on the list. John WOODSON, County Lieutenant, states that as soon as they came into the county delivered themselves up to him.


[1] Mrs. Thelma Hansford’s research on the Moreland and Wright families are on file at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City and, fortunately for us, she reads this newsletter and sends items of interest. This article was found and copied by Charles Moreland and is reprinted here with Mrs. Hanford’s permission. The entire article is not included here, just the portions that interest Moreland family researchers.
[2] York W & I, 1732-1740, p. 175
[3] Ibid.
[4] York W & I, 1746-59, p. 273
[5] York W & I No. 22, p. 214

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Volume XVI, Issue 3 Summer 2003


Volume XVI, Issue 3 ISSN 0884-3805 Summer 2003

Published by Nona Williams, P.O. Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746

Contributed by Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck, Dallas, Texas[1]

While the land patents of colonial Virginia name, as headrights, many of the early, settlers they seldom name the vessel on which the emigrants sailed and the date of arrival in the New World cannot normally be identified. Minors who were transported to the colony, however, were routinely brought before the court to have their ages adjudged and the date of their arrival recorded. Failure to do so within the specified period of time could void the indenture.

The following are the references in the court orders of Surry Co., Virginia to some of the minors who settled there. After each entry appears the date of the court entry and the page in the original record. The first eleven items came from the Order Book for the period 1671-1691 and items twelve through thirty-five came from the Order Book for the period 1691-1713.

12. Edward LINE, servant to Edward MORELAND, who arrived in this colony in a Bristol ship, Captain William JONES commander, in March last is adjudged to be sixteen years old at the arrival of the aforesaid ship and not having indenture is ordered to serve according to law. 17 May 1692. [p. 38]

27. Peter MARTIN, servant to Edward MORELAND, who came into the country this present year in the ship Anne and Mary, Richard TIBBETTE master, adjudged nine years old. 10 April 1700. [p. 209]

by Nona Williams
Surry County was formed in 1652 from James City County so it seems likely that the Edward MORELAND shown above was the son of John MORELAND whose will was dated 21 May 1706 in York Co., Virginia. My notes on him appear below, but I’m not certain of this and will appreciate any corrections or additions.

Edward Moreland was born before 1698 York Co., Virginia He probably married Jane FULLER before 25 Feb 1708/9[2]; He might have married Ann BARTLETT.

He was in court on 7 Jul 1691 Surry Co., Virginia.[3]
He was in court again on 7 Nov 1691 Surry Co., Virginia
He was on a jury on 1 Mar 1691/92 Surry Co., Virginia
On 17 May 1692 he resided in Surry Co., Virginia
He had a servant on 10 Apr 1700 Surry Co., Virginia
He appeared on the tax list in 1704 Surry Co., Virginia

* * * * *


October 21, 1794 John HUDSON and Elenor MORELAND were married by Rev. David DENNY, D.D. in Path Valley, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania.[4]

* * * * *


The Holy Bible, Oxford. 1790

John KILVINGTON his Book.

Elizabeth DALE.

Mary KILVINGTON dece’ed the Daughter of John KILVINGTON Decesed April th 6 1799

William DALE the son of Richard DALE Born April th 7 1800

1787 William KILVINGTON Decesed the 21 Fevbry 1788

Marey KILVINGTON the wife (?) of William Decesed _______?______

1799 Mareyu KILVINGTON the doter of Jon KILVINGTON Decesed April th (6 or 8?) 1799 Age 19

Ann KILVINGTON deceased October the 20 1799 the wife of John KILVINGTON

This Bible given to Transylvania in 1953 by Mrs. (Elsie Owens) Thomas M. MORELAND of Flour Creek (Butler), Kentucky. Bible was brought from England with her late husband’s family during the early part of the 18th century. Roy MORELAND, son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MORELAND, was a Law professor at Transylvania for 40 years and died in 1971.

* * * * *


Found by Eldon J. Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Drive, Dallas, Texas 75248-4551

John MORELAND son of William and Sarah MORELAND born March 1, 1772; died August 10, 1853; md. Surry Co., North Carolina, January 8, 1801; settled in Jackson Co., Tennessee, 1808. His wife, Eve MORELAND, d/o Adam and Mary SPOON; born Sept. 7, 1775; died August 14, 1853.

Rev. Jesse MORELAND, local Methodist preacher, died Mar. 3, 1890 in his 89th year of age; native of Jackson Co., Tennessee; his brother, William MORELAND was aged 85 years.

Note from Nona: Based on charts I’ve collected over the years, I believe that the William MORELAND mentioned in the obituary as the father of John MORELAND is the same man who appears in Ben Moreland’s records (as outlined below)


The children of William MORELAND, listed without dates are:
Joseph M. MORELAND who married Sarah THORNTON,
James MORELAND who married Mary Polly GARNER
Nancy MORELAND who married Thomas HOLLIMAN
Polly MORELAND who married Jacob DOUTHITT
Elizabeth MORELAND who married George SWEAT
Francis MORELAND who married Rebecca BEAN

Ben Moreland’s data appeared in this newsletter Vol. XI, No. 1 Winter 1998 and Vol. XI No. 2, Spring 1998. He thought that Thomas MORELAND’s father could be Francis MORELAND of Prince Georges Co., Virginia.

I had previously seen the will of Thomas MORELAND which was dated February 1793 in Guilford Co., North Carolina. The will was witnessed by William WILLIAMS and William SIMPSON and in it he named his children William, Francis, Elizabeth and Mary.

The chart of Mrs. Robert Payne shows a William MORELAND whose inventory of estate was filed 6 June 1816 Surry Co., North Carolina. She named his wife as possibly being Nancy KIMBROUGH but indicated uncertainty with question marks before and after Nancy’s name. The obituary above suggests that he had at least one wife named Sarah.


John MORELAND was listed on page 18 of the 1820 Jackson Co., Tennessee census: 110101-12020. This shows that they had a male under 10 years of age, a male between the ages of 10-15, one male between the ages of 16-25 and the male head of the household was over the age of 45. The household also consisted of 2 females between the ages of 10-15 and 2 females between the ages of 26-44.

John and Jesse MORELAND appear there on the census in 1830 too.
A William MORELAND appeared on the 1820 census of nearby Davidson Co., Tennessee. The household included 3 males under the age of 10 and one male over 45; 3 females under 10 and one female between the ages of 26-44.

In 1840 John MORELAND’s household in Jackson Co., Tennessee included 1 male 20-30 and one male 60-70; 1 female 15-20 and 2 females 60-70.
Jesse MORELAND’s household included 1 under 5, 1 between 20-30; 2 females under 5 and 1 female 20-30. It’s probably safe to assume that Jesse is the son of John.
A William MORELAND was also listed there with a male 30-40 and 1 female 15-20.

* * * * *


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Birth state, Birth year

MORELAND, Harden, 37, , Tennessee, 1813

Nancy, 40, F, North Carolina, 1810

Thomas, 19, , Tennessee, 1831

Larkin, 17, , Tennessee, 1833

Elizabeth, 15, F, Tennessee, 1835

Perlina, 13, F, Tennessee, 1837

Susan, 7, F, Tennessee, 1843

Nancy, 7, , Tennessee, 1843

Caroline, 5, , Tennessee, 1845

Jane, 3, , Georgia, 1847

Leander, 1, , Georgia, 1849


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Born, Year

MORELAND, Harden, 48, Farm Labor, Tennessee, 1812

Nancy, 50, F, North Carolina, 1810

Susan, 18, F, Tennessee, 1842

Nancy, 16, F, Tennessee, 1844

Caroline, 14, F, Tennessee, 1846

Jane, 10, F, Georgia, 1850

Leander, 8, Georgia, 1852

Mary, 6, Georgia, 1854


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Born, Year

MOORLAND, J.S., 53, Farmer, North Carolina, 1807

E., 42, F, Tennessee, 1818

Wm. J., m 16, Georgia, 1844

J.H., 14, Georgia, 1846

M., 12, F, Georgia, 1848

A., 10, Georgia, 1850

H., 3, F, Georgia, 1857


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Born, Year

MORELAND, Jacl, 28, Farm Labor, Tennessee, 1832

Ferbe, 23, House wife, Tennessee, 1837

Elija C., 3, Tennessee, 1857

Mary C., 2, Tennessee, 1858

Owns $50 in personal property but no land


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Born, Year

MORELAND, James, 23, born 1837
Record is dim & hard to read.


Last Name, First Name, Age, Born Year

MORELAND, James, 36, born 1824

Margaret, 27, born 1833

Mary, 10, born 1850

John, 10, born 1850

Sarah, 4, born 1856

Nancy 1, born 1859

Thomas 52, born 1808


Last Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Birth state, Birth year

MORELAND, Harden, 62, Farmer, Tennessee, 1808

Nancy (Sen.), 64, F, Tennessee, 1806

Nancy (Junr.), 25, F, Tennessee, 1845

Fanny C., 23, F, Georgia, 1847

Jane, 21, F, Georgia, 1849

Jackson M., 21, Clerk, Georgia, 1849

Mary, 18, F, Georgia, 1852


Last Name, First Name, Age, Occ, Person, Father, Mother, Birth year

MORELAND, Hardin 65, TN, VA, VA, 1815

Nancy, 68, Wife, TN, VA, VA, 1812

Nancy, 37, Dau, TN, TN, TN, 1843

Caraline, 36, Dau, TN, TN, TN, 1844

DAVISON, John, 24, Servant, 1856


Last Name, First Name, Age, Occ, Person, Father, Mother, Birth year

MORELAND, Ira, 36, Indiana, 1844

Sarah A., 35, Indiana, 1845

William, 1, Indiana, 1879

TEGE, Laura, 16, Indiana, 1864


Last Name, First Name, Age, Occ, Person, Birth year
MORELAND, Henry, 30, Indiana, 1850

Rachel, 23, Indiana, 1857

Alvy, 9, Indiana, 1871

Margaret, 6, Indiana, 1874

Addie, 2, F, Indiana, 1878


Last Name, First Name, Age, Occ, Person, Birth year

MORELAND, Henry, 55, Pennsylvania, 1825

Mary, 35, Ohio, 1845

Ida, 14, Indiana, 1866

Henry, 12, Indiana, 1868

Olive, 5, Indiana, 1875

WARNER, Susan, 29, Indiana, 1851

BELT, Anna, 19, Indiana, 1861

NEIT, Martha, 12, Indiana, 1868

Samuel, 11, Indiana, 1869


Last Name, First Name, Age, Occ, Person, Father, Mother, Birth year

MORELAND, Henry H., 70, TN, TN, TN, 1840

Fannie, 38, Wife, TN, GA, GA, 1872

Lizzie, 16, GA, TN, TN, 1894

Jefferson A., 16, Son, GA, TN, TN, 1894

Martha, 13, Dau, GA, TN, TN, 1897

Mamie A., 8, Dau, GA, TN, TN, 1902

James H., 5, Son, GA, TN, TN, 1905

Winnie M., 2, Dau, GA, TN, TN, 1908

Jack A., 34, Son, GA, TN, TN, 1876


Surname, Groom, Surname, Bride, Parish, Date

MORELAND, Charles & NEWCOM, Mayre, St. Mary, 26 Jan 1626

MORELAND, Charles &, TOWNEROWE, Anne, St. Mary, 21 Jul 1637

MORELAND, John & HOUGH, Ann, St. Mary, 15 Jun 1716
MORELAND, Sameul, & PALETHARP, Ann, St. Peter, 03 Nov 1706

MOORELAND, Mary, & ATTENBORROW, William, St. Nicholas, 25 Feb 1716

MORELAND, Elizabeth & DOD, John, St. Mary, 03 Aug 1712

MORELAND, Margret & HARE, Francis, St. Nicholas, 05 Jul 1637

MORELAND, Marye, & WALKER, Richard, St. Mary, 31 Oct 1613

MORLAND, Anne & HAGUE, Thomas, St. Peter, 29 Oct 1702


MORLAND, Anne (FIELDING), Lady, 2d wife of Sir Sam. MORELAND. 22 Feb 1679-80. (View London, 526; MSS.; Mon. Westm. 217.)

MORLAND, Benjamin, F.R.S. 1706.

MORLAND, Carola (Lady), 1st wife of Sir Saml. MORELAND., Bt., dau. of Roger HARSNET. 10 Oct 1674, aet. 23. (View London, 526; Mon. Westm. 201.)

MORLAND, Eliz., Ly. 1682. (Harl. MSS. 6835.)

MORLAND, Henry, St. Jno. Coll. Proctor, Camb. Clar. 1666. (Carter's Camb. 420.)

MORLAND, Ja., in Argyle Buildgs. 14 Jul 1767. (G.M. 383.)

MORLAND, Jacob, J.P. for Middx., in N. Bond Street. 13 Jan 1734. (G.M. 50; H.R.C. 6; L.M. 47.)

MORLAND, John, Pensylvania. 1761. (L.M. 109.)

MORLAND, Joseph, M.D., F.R.S. 1703.

MORLAND, Rich., jurisconsult., Gray's Inn. 11 Jan 1780. (G.M. 51.)

MORLAND, Sam. (Sir), Knt. and Bt. 1660. 1696-7. (Lysons's Environs London, 2, 414; MS.)

MORLAND, Samuel, F.R.S. 1704. 1716.

MORLAND, Samuel, M.A., F.R.S. 1722.

MORLAND, - (Mrs.), wife of Rev. Thos. M. of Darlington in Yorks. Oct 1791. (G.M. 971.)

MORLAND, - (Rev.), of Hart, Durham. 01 Aug 1770. (G.M. 393.)

MORELAND, Dan., juriscons., in Lincoln's Inn Fds. 11 Jun 1765. (L.M. 379; G.M. 299.)

MORELAND, (alias MORLEY), Sl. (Sir), Berks, E. B. 1660. 1697.

MORELAND, Saml. (Sir), Staffordsh. Nov 1716. (P.S. 12, 562; Ann. Geo. 1. 306.)

MORELAND, Theop., Dutch mercht. 01 Jun 1772. (L.M. 294.)

MORELAND, -, schoolmaster, at St. Paul's. 09 Oct 1733 , aet. 80. (P.S. 46, 439; L.M. 531; G.M. 550.)

MORELAND, -, watchcase maker, St. Anne's, Soho. 29 Jul 1788, aet. 85. (E.M. 152.)


08 Feb 1676-7 TOMLIN, Roger and MORLAND, Mary

16 Aug 1682 Richard MORELAND, of St Dunstan's in the West, Lond., Cordwayner, Bachr, abt 23, & Elizabeth FINCH, of St Trinity, Minories, co. Midd., Spr, abt 18, with consent of her mother, her own father being dead; alleged by Edward WEBB, of St Bride's, Lond., Cordwayner; at St Bride's aforesd.

24 Nov 1687 John SHARPYE, of Benenden, Kent, Grazier, Bachr, abt 32, & Mary MORELAND, of Cranbrook, Kent, Spr, abt 20, with consent of her father; alleged by Thos BOYS, of Cranbrook afsd, Clothier; at Benenden or Hawkhurst, Kent.

29 Jun 1689 James CLEMENTS, of Thisleworth, Midd., Shepherd, Bachr, abt 21, & Rebecca MORELAND, of the same, Wid., above 21; at Thisleworth, or St Michaell, Queenhith, Lond.


27 Nov 1706 MORELAND, Thomas and HUDDLESTON, Jane


MORLAND, Thomas, Wittersham C. 4 2 1494

MORLAND, Margery, wid., STROOD, Kent 1657 157


WARLAND als. MORGAN, Thomas, cooke, New Sarum, Wilts. 1658 278


MORLAND, John (Queens Coll. Oxf.), 1728: Dispens. R. SKELTON, V. Penrith, Cumb.; 7, 224.

MORLAND, Thomas (Edmd. Hall, Oxf.), 1709: Inst. V. Bapchild, Kent; 5, 333. 1716: Dead; 6, 228.


MORLAND, Thomas, Bullington, S'hants. 1660 180

MORLAND, Elizabeth, spr. 1691 193 will proved

MORLAND, Martin, cit. and haberdasher of Lond. 1692 227 will proved

MORLAND, Richard, mar., Deptford, Kent; 1694 195 will proved

MORLAND, Sir Samuel, Kt. and bt., 1695 240 will proved

DIBBLE, Agnes, wid., MORLAND, Medlezoy, Soms. 1655 184 will proved

MORELAND, Roger, Sampford, Essex. To Eliz. MORELAND., rel. 1612, p. 78., estate administration


12 Jun 1637. The examinaction of John MORLAND: of Norwch and there borne. diar by Trade ageed 70 yeares. is desirous to passe to Rotterdam there to dwell and Remaine.


MORLAND - CLARKE 1689 107 73

MORLAND - MATHEWES 1694 337 67

MORLAND - MATHEWS 1694 433 103

NEVE - MORLAND 1673 409 39


WATTON - MORLAND 1654 429 254


MORLAND, Martin, presentation Jan 1587


MORELAND, Joseph, Petworth P 43 1743

[1] Appeared in The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 25, No. 1, October-December 1979

[2] Ibid., p. 10 She had married when her father wrote his will on Feb. 25, 1708/09 so probably would have been at least age 16. Although the will doesn't say Jane was the wife of Edward Moreland, Edward Fuller's will was witnessed by Robert Peters, Thomas Faircloth and Edward Moreland. Source: York County Deeds, Orders, and Wills No. 13.

[3] Weynette Parks Haun, compiler, Surry County, Virginia Court Records 1691-1700 Book V (243 Argonne Drive, Durham, NC 27704:, 1991), p. 1 Mr. Wm. Handcock, Mr. Edwd. Moreland & Mr. Joseph Seate or any two of them were appointed to appraise the estate of Tho. Woulves, dec. Hereinafter cited as Surry Co VA Court Records.

[4] From a list in the state library in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and printed in Appendex E of The Kittochtinny Historical Society, Volume XV, Papers read before the society 1963-1970, p. 392.

[5] Published in Bluegrass Roots, Vol. 16, No. 1, Spring 1989, p. 4.

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Volume XVI, Issue 4 Fall 2003

Volume XVI, ISSN 0884-3805 Issue 4 Fall 2003

Published by Nona Williams, P.O. Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746


Submitted by Judy Smelser Mitchell

1. Richard MORELAND b. 30 Oct 1814 – Virginia, d. 18 Apr 1892 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa.
sp. Sarah SMITH b. 25 Jul 1820 – Indiana, d. 18 Mar 1892 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa (dau. of Jehiel SMITH (b. 1797 New York, d. 1883 Van Buren Co, Iowa) and Maria ______ (b. 1802, d. 1871 Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa).

2. Mary MORELAND, b. 1839 - Iowa, d. 1933 – Iowa; m. Daniel BUSHELL
3. Edward C. BUSHELL, b. abt. 1876 – IA; d. Denver, Colorado; m. Lorena ______
3. Sarah BUSHELL, b. abt. 1878 – Iowa; m. George BAUGHER
3. Gettie BUSHELL, b. aft. 1880 – Iowa; m. _____HANNENBERGER

2. William MORELAND, b. abt. 1841 – Iowa; m. Lucy RANDALL
3. (Mary) Sophia MORELAND
3. Richard MORELAND, b. abt. 1874 – Missouri
3. Arthur MORELAND, b. abt. 1876
3. Stella MORELAND, b. 17 Sep 1879
3. George MORELAND, b. 9 Oct 1881 – Van Buren Co, Iowa

2. James Richard MORELAND, b. 15 May 1843 – Keosauqua, Van Buren Co, Iowa; m. 27 Feb 1867 – Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa; d. 21 Sep 1902 – Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa
sp. Nancy Jane COCHRAN, b. 14 Sept 1843 – Mercer Co., Pennsylvania; d. 8 Dec 1929 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa (dau. of Moses COCHRAN and Lucinda W. COOK)
3. John William MORELAND, b. 25 Oct 1868 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 11 Mar 1952 – Burlington, Iowa; m. Flo VOGELSANG
3. Charles A. MORELAND, b. 25 Aug 1869 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 26 Jan 1960 – San Antonio, Texas; m. Viola SLEE
3. Flora Viola MORELAND, b. 1872 – Farmington, Iowa: d. 27 May 1958 – Santa Barbara, California; m. William A. MARTIN
3. Edgar Cochran MORELAND, b. 3 Apr 1873 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 3 Mar 1964 – Farmington, Iowa; m. Edith BUCKLES
3. James Richard MORELAND, Jr., b. 11 Feb 1875 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 2 Nov 1958 – Farmington, Iowa; m. Nellie HELLWIG
3. Sadie Lucinda MORELAND, b. 12 Jan 1881 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 4 Jun 1970 – Waterloo, Black Hawk Co, Iowa; m. Frank DILL
3. Jennie MORELAND, b. abt. 1884 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 30 June 1959 – West Virginia; m. Edward HEMANN

2. Mathew W. MORELAND, b. 15 Sep 1845, d. 12 Jun 1849 – Farmington, Iowa

2. Samuel MORELAND, b. abt. 1850 – Missouri– living in California when parents died

2. Thornton MORELAND, b. abt. 1855 – Missouri – living in California when parents died

According to (cemetery?) records my mother saw in the early 1970s, Richard MORELAND’s parents were James MORELAND, b. Virginia and Nancy CROOKS, b. Virginia.

Related, but I’m not sure of exact relationship to Richard MORELAND (b. 1814 Virginia), are the following two men:

Thornton MORELAND, b. 1800 in Virginia; d. 1872 in Van Buren Co., Iowa. Cemetery record states that tombstone was purchased by “his brother Richard MORELAND.” This Thornton is listed as living in the household of Richard and Sarah MORELAND in the 1860 Scotland Co, Missouri, census, and the 1870 Van Buren Co, Iowa, census. (I have not seen earlier censuses as yet.)

1. Edgar W. MORELAND, b. abt. 1831 in Kentucky.; (My mother has a letter from one of Edgar’s grandsons stating that Edgar W. MORELAND was the brother of Richard MORELAND (b. 1814 – Virginia) and that Edgar W. MORELAND was b. in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.) (But, if Thornton & Edgar were brothers, there is a 31 year gap between them. I’m wondering if Thornton (1800-1872) was Richard’s uncle instead.)

sp. 1) Eliza J. RANKIN
ch. include:

2. Nancy Ellen MORELAND, b. 26 Jun 1865 – Missouri; d. 25, July 1939 – Farmington, Iowa; m. John HASSLER
3. Margaret HASSLER; m. Stanley HOUSEHOLDER
3. Christina HASSLER

2. Fannie MORELAND, b. abt. 1873 - Missouri

sp. 2) Joanna (ALFREY)

In the 1860 Miller Twp. Scotland Co., Missouri, census, Richard & Sarah SMITH MORELAND, and Thornton (b. 1800), and Sarah’s parents & at least some siblings are listed. Living nearby is an “Edgar MORELAND” with wife Martha and five children. I believe this is the Edgar W. MORELAND who was the father of Nancy Ellen MORELAND HASSLER.

Deeds in Van Buren Co., Iowa, note that Richard MORELAND made several land purchases before 1840. According to the ages & birth places of their youngest two sons, Richard & Sarah SMITH MORELAND were living in Missouri by 1850. (Van Buren Co., Iowa, borders Clark and Scotland Counties in Missouri.)

Richard, Thornton (1800-1872), Edgar W., Richard’s son Samuel, and son-in-law, Daniel BUSHELL are listed in censuses as being “carpenters” or “plasterers.”


Morelands in Land Records in Loudoun County, Virginia
Samuel MEAD, Loudoun County, Virginia, 12 November 1763, 195 acres on Secolin Branch and Kittoctin Mountain; adjoining his own, Major Thomas WARING, Bryan FAIRFAX, Colo. Jno. CARLYLE. Surv. John HOUGH.[1]

William MORLAND / MORLAN, Loudoun County, Virginia, 12 August 1762 – 27 December 1762; 36 acres on Secolons Branch, adjoining his own, Major Thomas WARING, Bryan FAIRFAX, Colo. Jno. CARLYLE. Surv. John HOUGH.[2]

David WILSON, Loudoun County, Virginia, 2 June 1766 – 4 November 1766, 106 acres on the south fork of Secolon Branch & Lawrel Branch, adjoining William MORLAND, Thomas WARING, Richard FOUK, Bryan FAIRFAX, Esq’r. CC: William MORLAND & Joseph WILLSON. Surv. John HOUGH.[3]

Morelands in Tax Lists in Loudoun County, Virginia
James MORELAND, 1763, 1774 Cameron Parish
Jason MORELAND, 1760-1762, 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1777 Shelburne Parish
John (James) MORELAND 1770, 1771-1773 Cameron Parish, 1775 Cameron Parish
John MORELAND 1781 Shelburne Parish
Richard MORELAND 1771-1775 Shelburne Parish
Stephen MORELAND 1768, 1770, 1771-1777 Shelburne Parish
William MORELAND Sr. 1760-1763, 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1775 Shelburne Parish
William MORELAND Jr. 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1773 Shelburne Parish, 1775 Shelburne Parish

Slaveholders and Slaves of Loudoun County, Virginia 1758-1786
Jason MORELAND: Ben 1773, Hannah 1768, 1770-1777
William MORELAND: Abram 1773, James 1773

Early Morelands in Maryland: A Book
Hi NonaI ordered a batch of back copies of the Moreland Muster earlier this week and they arrived on Saturday! What fast work! Thank you!I have noticed in some of the older copies that there are errors here and there on a line that I have been studying. There is a new book available on the early Morelands of southern Maryland that other researchers might be interested in. Morelands were in Maryland from the end of the 1600's onward and many left Maryland after the Revolutionary War because land was pricey and taxes were high. Many of them went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri. This book can be purchased by mailing a check in the amount of $19 [includes postage] to Ralph Smith, 4238 S. Peninsula Drive, Port Orange, Florida 32127-6618. It is extremely well-documented and covers the Morelands in Maryland and DC up until about 1800. He is currently working on Vol.II which will show their migrations from Maryland to other states. It's a "must-read" for Moreland researchers!Just thought I would pass this information along,Sharon Myers

Ransom Moreland of Hamilton Co., Tennessee
Ransom MORELAND born ca. 1826 Georgia per 1880 census, Hamilton Co., Tennessee p. 22, #171-179, 15 June 1880. He married first to Rebecca CANTRELL 6 March 1858 Hamilton Co., Tennessee and second to Nancy PRONT, 1 January 1868 Hamilton Co., Tennessee. Ransom and Nancy had the following children:

Sylpha T. MORELAND born ca. 1871 Hamilton Co., Tenneessee

William H. MORELAND born ca. 1875 Hamilton Co., Tennessee

Carly MORELAND born ca. 1877 Hamilton Co., Tennessee

James T. MORELAND born December 1879 Hamilton Co., Tennessee.

Morelands of Tennessee
Simeon MOORELAND married Elizabeth LAGSTON Stewart Co., Tennessee, 7-31-1845
Willie MORELAND married Susanna BROWN Stewart Co., Tennessee, 1-31-1842
William W. MORELAND married Delana BROWN Stewart Co., Tennessee 10-29-1842
Edward MORELAND married Priscilla B. WILLIAMS Davidson Co., Tennessee 5-17-1821
John A. MORELAND married Margarett _____ Montgomery Co., Tennessee 1-29-1839

Land Index for Hawkins Co., Tennessee
LDS Film #972798
1814 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 401 Bk. 3 from Thomas LEE, Sr.
1814 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 404 Bk. 3 from Thomas LEE, Sr.
1815 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 432 Bk. 3 from William MORELAND
1831 David MORELAND (or) p. 466 Bk. 4 to Lewis DALTON(?)
1807 Wm. MOORELAND (ee) p. 479 Bk. 4 from Isbell(?) BACON(?)
1808 Abraham MOORELAND (ee) p. 97 Bk. 6 from Dubart MURPHY(?)
1808 Abraham MOORELAND (ee) p. 101 Bk. 6 from Dubart MURPHY
1821 Elijah MORELAND (ee) p. 148 Bk. 10 from grant
1823 Benjamin MORELAND (or) p. 13 Bk. 11 to Elijah MORELAND
1823 Benjamin MORELAND p. 13 Bk. 11 to Elijah MORELAND
1832 Ben MORELAND (or) p. 22 Bk. 13 to J.B. HOMER
1833 B. MORELAND (or) p. 22 Bk. 14 to Isaac PHILIPS
1834 Elijah MORELAND (or) p. 62 Book 15 to Martin PHILIPS
1836 Henry MORELAND (ee) p. 340 Bk. 15 from Jesse CREECH
1839 Henry MORELAND (ee) p. 472 Bk. 14 from Sara CHESTNUT
1840 Benj. MORLIN (or) p. 114 Bk. 17 to Jacob COFFMAN

David Moreland of Hamilton Co., Tennessee
David MORLAND appeared on the census of 1850 in the 27th District, #664, 664. He was aged 35, born in Tennessee. His wife was Delila aged 35 and their children were: Mary age 8, Louiza age 6, Jane age 4 and Martha age 2.

Morelands in Arkansas in 1880
Transcribed by Elnora Williams, R2, Box 698, Muldrow, OK 74948

Lawrence Co., Arkansas:
G.W. MORELAND age 31, born Indiana
Charley MORELAND age 7 born Arkansas
Louis MORELAND age 16, born Arkansas
Dalleamanda MORELAND age 14, born Arkansas
George MORELAND age 5, stepson of Deaton PRESTON

Johnson Co., Arkansas
James MORELAND age 30, born in Missouri
Eliza MORELAND, wife, age 31, born Tennessee
Pleasant MORELAND son, born Arkansas
Wallace MORELAND, son, age 4 born Arkansas
James MORELAND son, age 4/12 born Arkansas

Van Buren Co., Arkansas
John MORELAND age 30 born Tennessee
Nacissa J. MORELAND, wife, age 26, born Alabama
Janella MORELAND, daughter, age 5, born Texas
Harriet MORELAND, son [sic], age 2 born Texas

Pulaski Co., Arkansas
John MORELAND age 38, born Georgia
Nancy MORELAND, wife, age 23, born Alabama
Newton MORELAND, son, age 14, born Georgia
Jefferson MORELAND, son, age 12, born Georgia
Donna MORELAND, daughter, age 2/12 born Georgia

Johnson Co., Arkansas
Lindley MORELAND, age 33, born Arkansas
Annie MORELAND, wife, age 25 born Arkansas
Robert MORELAND, son, age 4, born Arkansas

Columbus Co., Arkansas
M.S. MORELAND age 20, female
William MORELAND son, age 10, born Arkansas
Conway MORELAND, son, age 8, born Arkansas
M.C. MORELAND, age 6 born Arkansas

Benton Co., Arkansas
Richard MORELAND age 43, born Indiana
Sarah MORELAND, wife, age 43 born Indiana
George MORELAND, age 21, male, born Iowa
Martha MORELAND, age 13, female, born Iowa
Levinia MORELAND age 11, female, born Iowa
Iowa MORELAND, age 9, female, born Iowa
Edbert MORELAND, age 5, male, born Iowa

Johnson Co., Arkansas
Robert MORELAND age 46, male, born South Carolina
Tennessee MORELAND, age 41, female, born Arkansas
Louisa MORELAND age 21, daughter, born Arkansas
Mary T. MORELAND, daughter, age 8, born Arkansas
Lillie A. MORELAND, daughter, age 6, born Arkansas
Ann MORELAND, daughter, age 4, born Arkansas
Mary F. MORELAND, sister, age 12, born Arkansas

Crawford Co., Arkansas
S.W. MORELAND, age 38, male,
Margaret E. MORELAND, wife, age 23, born Missouri
Dudley D. MORELAND, son age 4, born Missouri
William L. MORELAND, son, age 2, born Texas
Charles MORELAND, son, age 3/12 born Arkansas

Yell Co., Arkansas
T. MORELAND age 28 born Arkansas
M. MORELAND, wife, age 25, born Missouri
A. MORELAND, daughter, age 4, born Arkansas
D. MORELAND, son, age 2, born Texas

Carroll Co., Arkansas
Thomas MORELAND, age 64, born Tennessee
Serilda MORELAND, age 53, born Alabama
Sarah G. MORELAND, daughter, age 15, born Missouri
Serilda E. MORELAND, daughter, age 16, born Missouri
James MORELAND, grandson, age 9, born Missouri
Malessa MORELAND, granddaughter, age 8, born Missouri
Charles MORELAND, grandson, age 3, born Missouri
John W. MORELAND, son, age 33, born Missouri
James MORELAND, son, age 25 born Missouri
Thomas W. MORELAND, grandson, age 3, born Missouri

Woodruff Co., Arkansas
Vincient MORELAND age 50
Margaret MORELAND, wife, age 48, born South Carolina
James MORELAND, grandson, age 35, born Arkansas
Thomas MORELAND, grandson, age 16, born Arkansas
Jasper MORELAND, grandson, age 11, born Arkansas
Bert MORELAND, grandson, age 9, born Arkansas

Rutherford Co., North Carolina Marriage Book
LDS Microfilm #847,782

John MOLAND and Polly LEE, 3 January 1822, Larkin LEE, (w) George W. LOGAN, Clk

William MOORLAND and Mary McINTIER, 3 August 1800, James McENTIER (W) H. HARRILL, J.P.

Thos. MORLAND and Elizabeth ADAMS, 31 January 1822, Thomas MORRIS & William PUTNAM (W) D. DICKEY

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
1985 Vol. 23 #3 August 1985 Surry Co. Tithables 1690
p. 62 A list of tithables in ye Lower precincts of Lawnes Creek p’ish 1690 . . . Ed: MORELAND, Wm. BENITT, Saml. GREDLE, & Abra: MORRIS (listed together, as one entry)

8th June 1691
p. 67 Edward MORELAND, Abra: MORRIS, Saml: GRIDLEY. . . 3 tithables.

Vol. 23 #4 Nov. 1985
Surry Co. Tithables 1694 9 June
p. 73 Edmond MORELAND & Math: CHRISTIAN . . . 2 tithables

Vol. 24 #1 January 1986 Surry Co. Tithables 1695 15 June
p. 71 Edward MORELAND, Math: CHRISTION . . . 2 tithables

p. 75 Edwd: MORELAND & Mat: CHRISTIAN . . . 2 tithables
p. 78 Edwd: MORELAND & Nat. Xtian (CHRISTIAN) . . . 2 tithables

Vol. 24 #2 May 1986 Surry Co. Tithables
p. 73 A list ….” …from Carters Run Downwared” 10 June 1698
Edward MORELAND, Mr. Jno. LEES (?), Tho: HARBOTTLE . . . 3 tithables

09 June 1699
p. 78 Edward MORELAND, Mr. Jno. MARSHALL, George, a negro . . . 3 tithables

“(now) Upper part Lawnes Creek 98 June 1700
p. 80 Edward MORELAND, George GOLLAND, Geo: a neg. . . . 3 tithables

Vol. 24 #3 August 1986
p. 57 Processioners’ Orders, Elizabeth City, Virginia, II Precinct Includes the Lands of Sym’s free school . . . Young MORELAND

p. 71 “Lawnes Creek Parish” 1701
Edward MORELAND, Geo: GOLLEN(?), George neg . . . 3 tithables

p. 76 Ed: MORELAND, Robt. REDDICKE & Geo: Negr. . . . 3 tithables

p. 82 Edward MORELAND and George Negr. … 2 tithables

Vol. 25 #1 February 1987
p. 43 Index Book 10 Surry County Deeds, Virginia Grantor
p. 43 DAVIDSON, Barlet MORLAND to Thomas COGGIN, p. 85
DUNLOP, Archibald to Francis MORLAND, p. 311
p. 45 MORELAND, Francis and ux to Stephen SORSBY, p. 498
p. 46 SORSBY, Stephen to Francis MORELAND p. 324
p. 50 MORELAND, Francis from Stephen SORSBY p. 324
p. 51 SORSBY, Stephen from Francis MORELAND and ux, p. 498

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