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Volume XVI, Issue 4 Fall 2003

Volume XVI, ISSN 0884-3805 Issue 4 Fall 2003

Published by Nona Williams, P.O. Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746


Submitted by Judy Smelser Mitchell

1. Richard MORELAND b. 30 Oct 1814 – Virginia, d. 18 Apr 1892 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa.
sp. Sarah SMITH b. 25 Jul 1820 – Indiana, d. 18 Mar 1892 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa (dau. of Jehiel SMITH (b. 1797 New York, d. 1883 Van Buren Co, Iowa) and Maria ______ (b. 1802, d. 1871 Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa).

2. Mary MORELAND, b. 1839 - Iowa, d. 1933 – Iowa; m. Daniel BUSHELL
3. Edward C. BUSHELL, b. abt. 1876 – IA; d. Denver, Colorado; m. Lorena ______
3. Sarah BUSHELL, b. abt. 1878 – Iowa; m. George BAUGHER
3. Gettie BUSHELL, b. aft. 1880 – Iowa; m. _____HANNENBERGER

2. William MORELAND, b. abt. 1841 – Iowa; m. Lucy RANDALL
3. (Mary) Sophia MORELAND
3. Richard MORELAND, b. abt. 1874 – Missouri
3. Arthur MORELAND, b. abt. 1876
3. Stella MORELAND, b. 17 Sep 1879
3. George MORELAND, b. 9 Oct 1881 – Van Buren Co, Iowa

2. James Richard MORELAND, b. 15 May 1843 – Keosauqua, Van Buren Co, Iowa; m. 27 Feb 1867 – Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa; d. 21 Sep 1902 – Farmington, Van Buren Co, Iowa
sp. Nancy Jane COCHRAN, b. 14 Sept 1843 – Mercer Co., Pennsylvania; d. 8 Dec 1929 – Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa (dau. of Moses COCHRAN and Lucinda W. COOK)
3. John William MORELAND, b. 25 Oct 1868 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 11 Mar 1952 – Burlington, Iowa; m. Flo VOGELSANG
3. Charles A. MORELAND, b. 25 Aug 1869 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 26 Jan 1960 – San Antonio, Texas; m. Viola SLEE
3. Flora Viola MORELAND, b. 1872 – Farmington, Iowa: d. 27 May 1958 – Santa Barbara, California; m. William A. MARTIN
3. Edgar Cochran MORELAND, b. 3 Apr 1873 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 3 Mar 1964 – Farmington, Iowa; m. Edith BUCKLES
3. James Richard MORELAND, Jr., b. 11 Feb 1875 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 2 Nov 1958 – Farmington, Iowa; m. Nellie HELLWIG
3. Sadie Lucinda MORELAND, b. 12 Jan 1881 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 4 Jun 1970 – Waterloo, Black Hawk Co, Iowa; m. Frank DILL
3. Jennie MORELAND, b. abt. 1884 – Farmington, Iowa; d. 30 June 1959 – West Virginia; m. Edward HEMANN

2. Mathew W. MORELAND, b. 15 Sep 1845, d. 12 Jun 1849 – Farmington, Iowa

2. Samuel MORELAND, b. abt. 1850 – Missouri– living in California when parents died

2. Thornton MORELAND, b. abt. 1855 – Missouri – living in California when parents died

According to (cemetery?) records my mother saw in the early 1970s, Richard MORELAND’s parents were James MORELAND, b. Virginia and Nancy CROOKS, b. Virginia.

Related, but I’m not sure of exact relationship to Richard MORELAND (b. 1814 Virginia), are the following two men:

Thornton MORELAND, b. 1800 in Virginia; d. 1872 in Van Buren Co., Iowa. Cemetery record states that tombstone was purchased by “his brother Richard MORELAND.” This Thornton is listed as living in the household of Richard and Sarah MORELAND in the 1860 Scotland Co, Missouri, census, and the 1870 Van Buren Co, Iowa, census. (I have not seen earlier censuses as yet.)

1. Edgar W. MORELAND, b. abt. 1831 in Kentucky.; (My mother has a letter from one of Edgar’s grandsons stating that Edgar W. MORELAND was the brother of Richard MORELAND (b. 1814 – Virginia) and that Edgar W. MORELAND was b. in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.) (But, if Thornton & Edgar were brothers, there is a 31 year gap between them. I’m wondering if Thornton (1800-1872) was Richard’s uncle instead.)

sp. 1) Eliza J. RANKIN
ch. include:

2. Nancy Ellen MORELAND, b. 26 Jun 1865 – Missouri; d. 25, July 1939 – Farmington, Iowa; m. John HASSLER
3. Margaret HASSLER; m. Stanley HOUSEHOLDER
3. Christina HASSLER

2. Fannie MORELAND, b. abt. 1873 - Missouri

sp. 2) Joanna (ALFREY)

In the 1860 Miller Twp. Scotland Co., Missouri, census, Richard & Sarah SMITH MORELAND, and Thornton (b. 1800), and Sarah’s parents & at least some siblings are listed. Living nearby is an “Edgar MORELAND” with wife Martha and five children. I believe this is the Edgar W. MORELAND who was the father of Nancy Ellen MORELAND HASSLER.

Deeds in Van Buren Co., Iowa, note that Richard MORELAND made several land purchases before 1840. According to the ages & birth places of their youngest two sons, Richard & Sarah SMITH MORELAND were living in Missouri by 1850. (Van Buren Co., Iowa, borders Clark and Scotland Counties in Missouri.)

Richard, Thornton (1800-1872), Edgar W., Richard’s son Samuel, and son-in-law, Daniel BUSHELL are listed in censuses as being “carpenters” or “plasterers.”


Morelands in Land Records in Loudoun County, Virginia
Samuel MEAD, Loudoun County, Virginia, 12 November 1763, 195 acres on Secolin Branch and Kittoctin Mountain; adjoining his own, Major Thomas WARING, Bryan FAIRFAX, Colo. Jno. CARLYLE. Surv. John HOUGH.[1]

William MORLAND / MORLAN, Loudoun County, Virginia, 12 August 1762 – 27 December 1762; 36 acres on Secolons Branch, adjoining his own, Major Thomas WARING, Bryan FAIRFAX, Colo. Jno. CARLYLE. Surv. John HOUGH.[2]

David WILSON, Loudoun County, Virginia, 2 June 1766 – 4 November 1766, 106 acres on the south fork of Secolon Branch & Lawrel Branch, adjoining William MORLAND, Thomas WARING, Richard FOUK, Bryan FAIRFAX, Esq’r. CC: William MORLAND & Joseph WILLSON. Surv. John HOUGH.[3]

Morelands in Tax Lists in Loudoun County, Virginia
James MORELAND, 1763, 1774 Cameron Parish
Jason MORELAND, 1760-1762, 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1777 Shelburne Parish
John (James) MORELAND 1770, 1771-1773 Cameron Parish, 1775 Cameron Parish
John MORELAND 1781 Shelburne Parish
Richard MORELAND 1771-1775 Shelburne Parish
Stephen MORELAND 1768, 1770, 1771-1777 Shelburne Parish
William MORELAND Sr. 1760-1763, 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1775 Shelburne Parish
William MORELAND Jr. 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1773 Shelburne Parish, 1775 Shelburne Parish

Slaveholders and Slaves of Loudoun County, Virginia 1758-1786
Jason MORELAND: Ben 1773, Hannah 1768, 1770-1777
William MORELAND: Abram 1773, James 1773

Early Morelands in Maryland: A Book
Hi NonaI ordered a batch of back copies of the Moreland Muster earlier this week and they arrived on Saturday! What fast work! Thank you!I have noticed in some of the older copies that there are errors here and there on a line that I have been studying. There is a new book available on the early Morelands of southern Maryland that other researchers might be interested in. Morelands were in Maryland from the end of the 1600's onward and many left Maryland after the Revolutionary War because land was pricey and taxes were high. Many of them went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri. This book can be purchased by mailing a check in the amount of $19 [includes postage] to Ralph Smith, 4238 S. Peninsula Drive, Port Orange, Florida 32127-6618. It is extremely well-documented and covers the Morelands in Maryland and DC up until about 1800. He is currently working on Vol.II which will show their migrations from Maryland to other states. It's a "must-read" for Moreland researchers!Just thought I would pass this information along,Sharon Myers

Ransom Moreland of Hamilton Co., Tennessee
Ransom MORELAND born ca. 1826 Georgia per 1880 census, Hamilton Co., Tennessee p. 22, #171-179, 15 June 1880. He married first to Rebecca CANTRELL 6 March 1858 Hamilton Co., Tennessee and second to Nancy PRONT, 1 January 1868 Hamilton Co., Tennessee. Ransom and Nancy had the following children:

Sylpha T. MORELAND born ca. 1871 Hamilton Co., Tenneessee

William H. MORELAND born ca. 1875 Hamilton Co., Tennessee

Carly MORELAND born ca. 1877 Hamilton Co., Tennessee

James T. MORELAND born December 1879 Hamilton Co., Tennessee.

Morelands of Tennessee
Simeon MOORELAND married Elizabeth LAGSTON Stewart Co., Tennessee, 7-31-1845
Willie MORELAND married Susanna BROWN Stewart Co., Tennessee, 1-31-1842
William W. MORELAND married Delana BROWN Stewart Co., Tennessee 10-29-1842
Edward MORELAND married Priscilla B. WILLIAMS Davidson Co., Tennessee 5-17-1821
John A. MORELAND married Margarett _____ Montgomery Co., Tennessee 1-29-1839

Land Index for Hawkins Co., Tennessee
LDS Film #972798
1814 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 401 Bk. 3 from Thomas LEE, Sr.
1814 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 404 Bk. 3 from Thomas LEE, Sr.
1815 Ben MORELAND (ee) p. 432 Bk. 3 from William MORELAND
1831 David MORELAND (or) p. 466 Bk. 4 to Lewis DALTON(?)
1807 Wm. MOORELAND (ee) p. 479 Bk. 4 from Isbell(?) BACON(?)
1808 Abraham MOORELAND (ee) p. 97 Bk. 6 from Dubart MURPHY(?)
1808 Abraham MOORELAND (ee) p. 101 Bk. 6 from Dubart MURPHY
1821 Elijah MORELAND (ee) p. 148 Bk. 10 from grant
1823 Benjamin MORELAND (or) p. 13 Bk. 11 to Elijah MORELAND
1823 Benjamin MORELAND p. 13 Bk. 11 to Elijah MORELAND
1832 Ben MORELAND (or) p. 22 Bk. 13 to J.B. HOMER
1833 B. MORELAND (or) p. 22 Bk. 14 to Isaac PHILIPS
1834 Elijah MORELAND (or) p. 62 Book 15 to Martin PHILIPS
1836 Henry MORELAND (ee) p. 340 Bk. 15 from Jesse CREECH
1839 Henry MORELAND (ee) p. 472 Bk. 14 from Sara CHESTNUT
1840 Benj. MORLIN (or) p. 114 Bk. 17 to Jacob COFFMAN

David Moreland of Hamilton Co., Tennessee
David MORLAND appeared on the census of 1850 in the 27th District, #664, 664. He was aged 35, born in Tennessee. His wife was Delila aged 35 and their children were: Mary age 8, Louiza age 6, Jane age 4 and Martha age 2.

Morelands in Arkansas in 1880
Transcribed by Elnora Williams, R2, Box 698, Muldrow, OK 74948

Lawrence Co., Arkansas:
G.W. MORELAND age 31, born Indiana
Charley MORELAND age 7 born Arkansas
Louis MORELAND age 16, born Arkansas
Dalleamanda MORELAND age 14, born Arkansas
George MORELAND age 5, stepson of Deaton PRESTON

Johnson Co., Arkansas
James MORELAND age 30, born in Missouri
Eliza MORELAND, wife, age 31, born Tennessee
Pleasant MORELAND son, born Arkansas
Wallace MORELAND, son, age 4 born Arkansas
James MORELAND son, age 4/12 born Arkansas

Van Buren Co., Arkansas
John MORELAND age 30 born Tennessee
Nacissa J. MORELAND, wife, age 26, born Alabama
Janella MORELAND, daughter, age 5, born Texas
Harriet MORELAND, son [sic], age 2 born Texas

Pulaski Co., Arkansas
John MORELAND age 38, born Georgia
Nancy MORELAND, wife, age 23, born Alabama
Newton MORELAND, son, age 14, born Georgia
Jefferson MORELAND, son, age 12, born Georgia
Donna MORELAND, daughter, age 2/12 born Georgia

Johnson Co., Arkansas
Lindley MORELAND, age 33, born Arkansas
Annie MORELAND, wife, age 25 born Arkansas
Robert MORELAND, son, age 4, born Arkansas

Columbus Co., Arkansas
M.S. MORELAND age 20, female
William MORELAND son, age 10, born Arkansas
Conway MORELAND, son, age 8, born Arkansas
M.C. MORELAND, age 6 born Arkansas

Benton Co., Arkansas
Richard MORELAND age 43, born Indiana
Sarah MORELAND, wife, age 43 born Indiana
George MORELAND, age 21, male, born Iowa
Martha MORELAND, age 13, female, born Iowa
Levinia MORELAND age 11, female, born Iowa
Iowa MORELAND, age 9, female, born Iowa
Edbert MORELAND, age 5, male, born Iowa

Johnson Co., Arkansas
Robert MORELAND age 46, male, born South Carolina
Tennessee MORELAND, age 41, female, born Arkansas
Louisa MORELAND age 21, daughter, born Arkansas
Mary T. MORELAND, daughter, age 8, born Arkansas
Lillie A. MORELAND, daughter, age 6, born Arkansas
Ann MORELAND, daughter, age 4, born Arkansas
Mary F. MORELAND, sister, age 12, born Arkansas

Crawford Co., Arkansas
S.W. MORELAND, age 38, male,
Margaret E. MORELAND, wife, age 23, born Missouri
Dudley D. MORELAND, son age 4, born Missouri
William L. MORELAND, son, age 2, born Texas
Charles MORELAND, son, age 3/12 born Arkansas

Yell Co., Arkansas
T. MORELAND age 28 born Arkansas
M. MORELAND, wife, age 25, born Missouri
A. MORELAND, daughter, age 4, born Arkansas
D. MORELAND, son, age 2, born Texas

Carroll Co., Arkansas
Thomas MORELAND, age 64, born Tennessee
Serilda MORELAND, age 53, born Alabama
Sarah G. MORELAND, daughter, age 15, born Missouri
Serilda E. MORELAND, daughter, age 16, born Missouri
James MORELAND, grandson, age 9, born Missouri
Malessa MORELAND, granddaughter, age 8, born Missouri
Charles MORELAND, grandson, age 3, born Missouri
John W. MORELAND, son, age 33, born Missouri
James MORELAND, son, age 25 born Missouri
Thomas W. MORELAND, grandson, age 3, born Missouri

Woodruff Co., Arkansas
Vincient MORELAND age 50
Margaret MORELAND, wife, age 48, born South Carolina
James MORELAND, grandson, age 35, born Arkansas
Thomas MORELAND, grandson, age 16, born Arkansas
Jasper MORELAND, grandson, age 11, born Arkansas
Bert MORELAND, grandson, age 9, born Arkansas

Rutherford Co., North Carolina Marriage Book
LDS Microfilm #847,782

John MOLAND and Polly LEE, 3 January 1822, Larkin LEE, (w) George W. LOGAN, Clk

William MOORLAND and Mary McINTIER, 3 August 1800, James McENTIER (W) H. HARRILL, J.P.

Thos. MORLAND and Elizabeth ADAMS, 31 January 1822, Thomas MORRIS & William PUTNAM (W) D. DICKEY

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
1985 Vol. 23 #3 August 1985 Surry Co. Tithables 1690
p. 62 A list of tithables in ye Lower precincts of Lawnes Creek p’ish 1690 . . . Ed: MORELAND, Wm. BENITT, Saml. GREDLE, & Abra: MORRIS (listed together, as one entry)

8th June 1691
p. 67 Edward MORELAND, Abra: MORRIS, Saml: GRIDLEY. . . 3 tithables.

Vol. 23 #4 Nov. 1985
Surry Co. Tithables 1694 9 June
p. 73 Edmond MORELAND & Math: CHRISTIAN . . . 2 tithables

Vol. 24 #1 January 1986 Surry Co. Tithables 1695 15 June
p. 71 Edward MORELAND, Math: CHRISTION . . . 2 tithables

p. 75 Edwd: MORELAND & Mat: CHRISTIAN . . . 2 tithables
p. 78 Edwd: MORELAND & Nat. Xtian (CHRISTIAN) . . . 2 tithables

Vol. 24 #2 May 1986 Surry Co. Tithables
p. 73 A list ….” …from Carters Run Downwared” 10 June 1698
Edward MORELAND, Mr. Jno. LEES (?), Tho: HARBOTTLE . . . 3 tithables

09 June 1699
p. 78 Edward MORELAND, Mr. Jno. MARSHALL, George, a negro . . . 3 tithables

“(now) Upper part Lawnes Creek 98 June 1700
p. 80 Edward MORELAND, George GOLLAND, Geo: a neg. . . . 3 tithables

Vol. 24 #3 August 1986
p. 57 Processioners’ Orders, Elizabeth City, Virginia, II Precinct Includes the Lands of Sym’s free school . . . Young MORELAND

p. 71 “Lawnes Creek Parish” 1701
Edward MORELAND, Geo: GOLLEN(?), George neg . . . 3 tithables

p. 76 Ed: MORELAND, Robt. REDDICKE & Geo: Negr. . . . 3 tithables

p. 82 Edward MORELAND and George Negr. … 2 tithables

Vol. 25 #1 February 1987
p. 43 Index Book 10 Surry County Deeds, Virginia Grantor
p. 43 DAVIDSON, Barlet MORLAND to Thomas COGGIN, p. 85
DUNLOP, Archibald to Francis MORLAND, p. 311
p. 45 MORELAND, Francis and ux to Stephen SORSBY, p. 498
p. 46 SORSBY, Stephen to Francis MORELAND p. 324
p. 50 MORELAND, Francis from Stephen SORSBY p. 324
p. 51 SORSBY, Stephen from Francis MORELAND and ux, p. 498

[1] Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys: Hampshire, Berkeley, Loudoun, Fairfax, King George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland & Lancaster Counties 1697-1784, Volume IV, compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p. 102.
[2] Ibid., p. 102
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