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Volume XV Issue 4 Fall 2002

Volume XV, Issue 4 ISSN 0884-3805 Fall 2002


Need to know the name of Edward MORELAND’s father and mother. His first wife was Nancy McCLENDON. We are the relatives of Edward’s second wife (Polly) McCLENDON HAWKINS and their son Hugh. I know he was raised by an aunt ATKINSON but what were his parents’ names and where were they located – Terrell Co., Georgia, Jones Co., Georgia or Lee Co., Georgia? We’ve been told their names were John and Lucy CUNNINGHAM but can’t prove it.

Respond to Gerald D. Moreland, 1906 – 61st Street, Lubbock, TX 79412-3528


The following was a note on the last page of a dictionary by Lyman Cobb published in 1836. This dictionary was purchased by someone who is not researching the Moreland family but she wanted to pass it along in case it would help someone.

James MORELAND Jr. book
James MORELAND was born Jan. 1, 1815; died June 3, 1852

On the reverse of that page is another note that says: Wm. MORELAND

On the reverse of an unattached page in the book: John MORELAN (sic)


Alexander MORELAND appeared in Tyrone Township on a list of settlers in Fayette County, Pennsylvania[1]

21 June 1848 married Sunday last by Jacob BAILEY, esq., George MORELAND and Mrs. Mary OYLER, both of Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., Pennsylvania.[2]

Thelma Hansford Collection

(2) Edward 5 WRIGHT second son of Edward 4, John 2, Edward 1 WRIGHT and his wife Ann WRIGHT, was born by 1755. (He was an executor of his father’s will which was written 1778.) He married Elizabeth FULLER DAVIS, daughter of William FULLER and Elizabeth BURT HILL FULLER. She was the widow of James DAVIS who died 1779.

William FULLER, his father-in-law, left his land to his two daughters, Elizabeth (now WRIGHT) and Mary, who married Philip DEDMAN. On September 17, 1784 Edward WRIGHT bought Mary DEDMAN’s portion of the farm which was 37 ¼ acres.[4] This gave him a seventy-five acres tract but in May 1786 he bought an additional ninety-two acres from Benjamin LESTER in the same vicinity.[5]

He sustained considerable losses during the Revolutionary War. The British took “horses, cattle, saddles, clothes” and much more.[6] His home site was in the direct line between Yorktown and Williamsburg.

He attended court as a witness for Benjamin HANSFORD, a neighbor, in a case against Mr. COSBY and was paid 75 pound for being present in York Court session March 21, 1787.[7] (WRIGHT’s wife, Benjamin HANSFORD, and COSBY were all related and they all lived on the road between Yorktown and Williamsburg, an area now inside the present Naval Weapons Station.)

His will, written July 28, 1789; probated April 19, 1790 states in part: “. . . wife Elizabeth WRIGHT; brother John WRIGHT; daughter Elizabeth WRIGHT . . . at my wife’s death . . .have my lands. . .”[8]

This was witnessed by William INGE; Absolom HUBBARD, and Zachariah HUBBARD, all “up the county” people.

The settlement is given here in abstract form, with a few selected items:

“December 3, 1790 paid P. MOODY taxes ------------------------ 1 pound 4 shill.
Lucy WRIGHT’s claim ------------------------- 1 pound 18 shill
April 19, 1791 pd. James VAUGHN for coffin --------------------1 pound 8 shill.
July 9 to E. MOORE, teaching E.W. ---------------------------------- 12.6 shill.
Jan. 26, 1792 Lucy WRIGHT’s account ------------------------------ 3 pounds
Aug. 22 Sarah WRIGHT’s account ------------------------------------------------- 10 pounds
April 19 Ro. WALLER tax on will -------------------------------------------- 12 shill

“Agreeable to the order of York County Court bearing date 15 September 1794, we the subscribed being hereby appointed to examine, state, and settle Elizabeth GARRETT’s administration do find a balance due the estate of 98 pounds 4 shillings and a penny. Signed: John MOORE and James HUBBARD. Returned to Court 21 July 1800 and recorded.”[9]

The widow had remarried Humphrey GARRETT by then.

Note the money due the two sisters of Edward WRIGHT; he had settled their father’s estate and evidently was managing their inheritance.

This will and estate settlement for Edward 5 WRIGHT clearly identifies him as the son of Edward 4 WRIGHT who, by his will, named sons John and Edward WRIGHT as executors of his estate. Son Edward 5 WRIGHT actually did the settlement and had charge of managing the inheritances of his two sisters, Lucy and Sarah WRIGHT as shown by his own estate settlement, some years later.

Before his widow Elizabeth FULLER DAVIS WRIGHT married Humphrey GARRETT, a marriage contract was drawn up to secure her property so that her daughter Elizabeth WRIGHT would benefit from it.[10] She herself, as Elizabeth GARRETT, left a will dated January 8, 1800 and probated February 17, 1800.[11] It stated in part:

“. . . free my Negro man Thomas at my death . . . 200 pounds of pork or money to by that amount for a poor lady . . . property to provide for my daughter Elizabeth WRIGHT and should she die without heirs, the estate to go to my sister Mary DEDMAN’s children.”[12]

Elizabeth 6 WRIGHT, daughter of Edward 5 WRIGHT and his wife Elizabeth FULLER WRIGHT, was born around 1781. (Her mother’s first husband had died 1779.) She married John MOORE April 20, 1801.[13] Incidentally, this John MOORE helped in making the inventory of her father’s estate in 1794.

(3) Sarah 5 WRIGHT and (4) Lucy 5 WRIGHT, daughters of Edward 4 WRIGHT (Edward 4, John 2, Edward 1) and his wife Ann WRIGHT, were named in their father’s will written September 25, 1778.[14] Neither had married by 1792 because according to his settlement of the estate of their brother, Edward 5 WRIGHT, his administrator reported money due them on December 3, 1790 and on August 22, 1792.

This is all that is known about these two women.

Chart 3

Edward 1 WRIGHT
d. 1658

___________________________ ____________________________
(The Rev. John 2 WRIGHT
b. before 1655
d. 1695


I. Augustine 3 II. Edward 3 III. William 3 IV. John J. 3
b. ca. 1685
d. 1735

__________________________ __________________________________________
Edward 4 WRIGHT and 5 others not traced
b. _________
m. Ann _______
d. 1779


1. John 5 WRIGHT 2. Edward 5 WRIGHT and 4 others
b. by 1755
d. 1790
m. Elizabeth (FULLER) DAVIS (widow)

Elizabeth WRIGHT
m. John MOORE

(5) Thomas 5 WRIGHT son of Edward 4 WRIGHT (Edward 3, John 2, Edward 1) was named in his father’s will. In 1795 he brought charges in York Court to collect a debt due him from the estate being administered by Martha NEWMAN.[15] Nothing more is known about him.

(6) Mary 5 WRIGHT, daughter of Edward 4 WRIGHT, had died before 1778 when her father wrote his will. He left legacies to her children. She married Jones CARTER and they had twin sons: A. Edward 6 CARTER and B. James 6 CARTER born Sept. 29, 1776.[16] This concludes the lineage for Edward 4 WRIGHT.

Edward 4 WRIGHT (John 2, Edward 1) had two daughters and two unnamed children according to his will. There are some unidentified WRIGHTs in the records and they could belong to this lineage. Otherwise, this concludes the tracing of his descendants.

III. William 3 WRIGHT, son of John 2 WRIGHT died in 1736 leaving a wife and three children. So, he was born in the late 1600’s. He was a native of Yorkhampton Parish. His wife was Jean _____ for she was so named in his will dated December 2, 1735 and probated February 16, 1736.[17] She was the executrix. (The sons were not of age.)

According to this will he left to his “loving son John 4 WRIGHT” a certain tract of land in King William County. . . when of age . . . “but to my son William 4 WRIGHT – the tract if John dies with no issue. . . and to my son Thomas 4 WRIGHT . . . likewise” if both brothers died without issue.[18]

He left his stock and other possessions to be equally divided among his wife and children.

The inventory was made with wife Jean WRIGHT acting.[19] and was found to be valued at 65 pounds 16 shillings and 9 pence. Then an inventory was made of his estate in King William County and this was worth 95 pounds 4 shillings. It too was recorded in York County.[20]

Issue of William WRIGHT:
1. John 4 WRIGHT
2. William 4 WRIGHT
3. Thomas 4 WRIGHT

(Note: I thought maybe the John J. WRIGHT who wrote his will 1752 was this John 4 WRIGHT, son of William 4 WRIGHT, but John J. WRIGHT left ten children so he was an older John WRIGHT than this one.)

The father, William 3 WRIGHT left property in King William County but Torrence’s Index of Wills and Administrations in Virginia does not have even one WRIGHT will or inventory before 1800 in King William County. Whether they stayed in York or left is not known by this writer.

IV. John 3 J. WRIGHT, probably the son of John 2 WRIGHT (Edward WRIGHT), was an adult when he petitioned the Court on January 15, 1732 asking that the church wardens of Yorkhampton Parish bind Samuel DEDMAN, orphan of Philip DEDMAN, unto him to remain until he was twenty-one years old.[21] He also assisted Samuel SINGNALL and Edward Woodhouse WOOD in the settlement of Edward 3 WRIGHT’s estate August 18, 1735.[22] He was a witness to that will.
Chart 4

Edward 1 WRIGHT
d. 1658

The Rev. John 2 WRIGHT
b. before 1655
d. 1695

I. Augustine 3 II. Edward 3 III. William 3 IV. John 3 J.
b. _____
d. 1736
m. Jean

_____________________________________________ ________________________________
1. John 4 WRIGHT 2. William 4 WRIGHT 3. Thomas 4 WRIGHT

No further information on these.

John 3 J. WRIGHT, born in late 1600’s, (probably about 1690) married Ann ______ by 1723 in order to have had ten children by 1751. This family lived in Yorkhampton Parish. His will was written November 14, 1751 and was probated November 20, 1752. In it he named his wife and children. Excerpts from that will will follow: “sons William, John, Dudley, and Benjamin WRIGHT . . . wife Ann WRIGHT. . .

I give unto the heirs of my daughter Ann MORELAND [Nona: Ann was the wife of Matthew MORELAND] one shilling sterling and to my son Edward WRIGHT one shilling sterling; to my daughter Mary MORRIS one shilling sterling; and to my daughter Sarah MARSHALL one shilling sterling and to my daughter Elizabeth MORELAND, wife of Young MORELAND one shilling sterling and also I give my son Lawrence WRIGHT one shilling sterling . . .”[23]

So his issue is thus:

1. Lawrence 4 WRIGHT
2. Edward 4 WRIGHT
3. William 4 WRIGHT
4. John 4 WRIGHT Jr.
5. Dudley 4 WRIGHT
6. Benjamin 4 WRIGHT
7. Ann 4 WRIGHT
8. Mary 4 WRIGHT
9. Sarah 4 WRIGHT
10. Elizabeth 4 WRIGHT

It appears that John WRIGHT lived on the 130 acre tract that he and Lawrence WRIGHT had jointly bought in 1749. Lawrence WRIGHT had jointly bought in 1749. Lawrence WRIGHT most likely was the oldest son for he, too died in 1753.

From the will, all of the daughters were grown and married. His widow remarried ________ WILKES for she helped to execute the will of her son Dudley WRIGHT along with two other sons as requested in that will. She was then Ann WILKES.

Chart 5

Edward 1 WRIGHT
d. 1658

The Rev. John 2 WRIGHT
b. before 1655
d. 1695

I. Augustine 3 II. Edward 3 III. William 3 IV. John 3 J.
b. ca. 1690
d. will 1752
m. Ann by 1723

1. Lawrence 4 2. Edward 4 3. William 4 4. John Jr. 4 5. Dudley 4 6. Benjamin 4
b. _____ ____________________________________________________
d. 1753
m. Ann ______
d. 1756
6. Benjamin 4 7. Ann 4 8. Mary 4 9. Sarah 4 10. Elizabeth 4

1. Lawrence 5 WRIGHT 2. Edward 5 WRIGHT
d. 1761 d. 1758
no issue no issue

To be continued

[1] Found in The Monongahela of Old by James Veech, published in 1858.
[2] Bedford County Pennsylvania Archives Volume 1, by James B. Whisker, 1985.
[3] Mrs. Thelma Hansford’s research on the Moreland and Wright families are on file at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City and, fortunately for us, she reads this newsletter and sends items of interest. This article was found and copied by Charles Moreland and is reprinted here with Mrs. Hanford’s permission. The entire article is not included here, just the portions that interest Moreland family researchers.
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