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Volume XV, Issue 2 Spring 2002

Volume XV, Issue 2 ISSN 0884-3805 Spring 2002

Published by Nona Williams

By Charles Moreland, 15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604

[Note by Nona: Following is a letter from Charles Moreland written after he’d reviewed early York Co., Virginia Records. He spent long hours studying hard-to-read microfilm and we very much appreciate the corrections he made to articles in early issues of this newsletter.]

After I had finished reviewing both sets of film (that is the copies and the originals) I was puzzled as to why I had found hardly any of the research printed in the early issues of the Moreland Muster. So I went back and checked each of the items as listed in Vol. 1 numbers 1, 3 and 4. The results were shocking, only a few of these are correct.

The original film is almost impossible to read except for the ones the County Clerks copied back in the early 1890s. They were familiar with the families of that era and they understood the language used by the original clerks. I have compared many of the originals with the copies and it is amazing that when you have the two together, you can transcribe most of the originals. The copying clerks did a miraculous job of transcribing these and I am surprised that Irene Carl did not use the copies. They were available to her at that time; if she had used the copies she never would have made these errors. [Note by Nona: As I recall she was vacationing and her research time was limited, but she did locate a lot of valuable records and we are indebted to her for finding the ancestors of Wright Moreland of Goochland Co., Virginia.]

A few copies were photographed badly and are almost as hard to read as the original. Case in point is book 5. If I hadn't had the original I never would have been able to read the copy.

If you have any doubts about my conclusions, I want to hear from you.

Keep the following in mind, the books involved here are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 which covers the years thru 1672 and is the period involving Thomas and William MORELAND in York County. I will check out Books 6 thru 23 later. Wherever you see "P.' it means "page'; "Bk." means "Book"; "item' is the same as "page'; "film number" means same as "roll number”.

Original film numbers are: 34402 covers book no 1-1633-1657 and 1691-1694
Original film numbers are: 34402 covers book no 2-1645-1649
Original film numbers are: 34403 covers books no 3, 4 and 5-1657-1694
Copies of above are: 34396 covers book no 1-1633-1657 and 1691-1694
Copies of above are: 34396 covers book no 2-1638-1648
Copies of above are: 34396 covers book no 3-1657-1662
Copies of above are: 34397 4 and 5 -1664-1672

Moreland Muster Vol. 1, No 1, Page 4
Film 34403 Bk. 3, p.287. This pertains to the will of Edward WRIGHT (supposedly the father-in-law of John MORELAND). I could not find this in Book 3 or, as she claims in another Moreland Muster, book 4. I have searched high and low for this without success. I have the feeling that this will is legit and I hope to find it sooner or later. Finding it will probably not cast any light on Thomas or William MORELAND however.

Film 34400, Bk. 2, P. 415. There is no "litigation' and there is no Captain Thomas MORELAND. This is a court order directing Thomas MORLAND and three others to appraise the estate of Lefn't Nicholas STILLWELL etc.[1]

Moreland Muster Vol. 1, No 1, page 4 (contd)
Film 30989, Charles City County (not York as indicated in the Muster). P. 614. This is Thomas MERIDAN, not Thomas MORELAND.[2]

Film 34402 Bk. 1, P. 50. Capt. Nicholas MARTIAN was a York County Court official and his name appears many times in these court records. He is in no way connected to the MORELAND family.

Film 34403 P. 344. This is again the will of Edward WRIGHT-see first entry above. Not found.

P. 101 (Also film 34403, Bk. 5), page 101. This is about Capt. John MARTIN, Commander of the “Thomas Edward". The name MORELAND doesn't appear anywhere in this court order.[3]

P. 151 (Book No. is not indicated but it has to be book 4 or 5.) This entry not found in either place.

P. 144, 23 Dec 1673. Neither Thomas MORLYN, Sen. of London or Samuel MOLOON is connected with the MORELAND family.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1, No. 1, page 5
Film 34400 (This film number is book 10 and covers the years 1687-1694 and is out of sequence with the other film numbers covered in this report.) This is again the Edward WRIGHT will discussed twice above. This should be the correct book for this will if it actually appeared in 1690 as she claims. It is not on page 344 or anywhere else in this book that I could find.

#34405, York Co., Virginia Book x 1694/97 pg. 8: Elizabeth MORELAND late administrator of estate of John MORELAND now belonging to Samuel, John with Richard MORLAND son of said MORLAND whereupon said Thomas . . . SINGWALL, Richard WILSON form of punishment of whipping . . . and by . . . to make payment. (no date)

Film 34403 Bk. 6 P. 1, Film 34403 only goes thru Book 5. I checked page 1 of Book 6 and did not find this. This probably is Capt. John MARTIN and his wife Mary.

Note p. 155. Not found-again it is probably Capt. John MARTIN and his wife Mary.

Film 34405, Bk. 8, p.368. John MORELAND appointed surveyor etc. - this one is correct.

English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, John MORELAND on rent roll. This one is correct.

Roll 34407 Bk. 13, p. 6. 21 May 1706. The will of John MORELAND is correct.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 3, page 4
Roll 34397 1664-1672. I did not find a roll 34397 but these court orders were found in Roll 34403, Bk. 5. The second item (MORELAND vs. SHARP(E) was found in 34403, page 32.[4] The rest of the names shown here are MARTIN, no Morelands.

P. 11, 3 Apr 1672. Not even close, this was John HORSINGTON and wife Mary

Roll 30989 this indicates Charles City County was the same as York, not so. There are two entries here referring to Thomas MORELAND on page 553. Both of these are Thos MERITON, not Thomas MORELAND.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No 3, page 4 (cont'd)
P. 614 this is also roll 30989. This is also Thos. MERITON, not MORELAND.

P. 629 (roll 30989). That is Thos MERITON's signature near the bottom of the page.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 3, page 5
Roll 34400 Bk. 2 P. 415. Previously checked

Roll 34403, bk. 3 p. 79-80. This is the estate of Thomas MARKHAM-not MORELAND. Copy not good.

Ditto above, MORELAND conveyance from KNIGHT. Should read MOLSON conveyance from KNIGHT.

Ditto above, p. 83 MORELAND conveyance from TAYLOR. Should read MOLSON from TAYLOR.

Ditto above, p. 84 No MORELAND involved here

Moreland Muster Vol. 1, No. 4, Page 2
P. 425 This is Abraham MARTIN.[5]

Roll 34402, vol. (bk.) 1, p. 50. Nicholas MARLAINE-not a MORELAND

Pg. 103- Edward MOLESON is not a MORELAND

p. 337-8. Capt. Nicholas MARLAINE is not a MORELAND

Roll 34403, bk. 4 p. 100. The first 10 lines shown under p. 100 were not found on page 100 or anywhere near page 100. This looks legit, I would certainly like to find this, but considering how badly some of these other names were transcribed, we cannot accept this until confirmed. The rest of page 100 as shown at the bottom of Muster page 2 "I, the aforesaid William MORELAND etc" is shown next as part of Muster page 3.[6]

Moreland Muster Vol. 1, No 4, page 3
Cont'd Roll 34403, bk. 4 p. 100. Roll 34397 is the copy of the original Roll 34403. I also made a copy of page 99 hoping to find those 10 lines shown at the bottom of the Moreland Muster page 2, but they were not there. I also copied pages 99 and 100 of the original; just to be sure the clerk that copied this did not leave out those 10 lines. The original page 99 does not show these 10 lines, instead there are signatures by Mary HALL, Robert WICKES and Joseph ____? ___(not MORELAND). These are the same names that appear on the copy of page 99.[7]

Pg. 174. I finally found this in Book 3 page 179. This IS Thomas MORELAND and not Thomas MORLEY.[8]

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No 3 (cont'd)
Roll 34403 Bk. 4, P. 344 This is about John MUNSFORD (not John MORELAND) and three others.[9]

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 4 Page 4
Roll 34403 Book 4 P. 344-There are four entries under P. 344. The first one is already covered. It shows that the MUNSFORD-BAXTER order covered almost all of page 344; how then can these other three court items appear under the same page no, 344? All three of these pertain to the Edward WRIGHT will mentioned several times previously, never found.

Pg. 380 (assume this is still 34403 book 4, 1664-1672). Not found on or near p. 380.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 no 4 page 5
Pg. 375 (roll 34403 book 4). This is Thomas MEAKINS, not Thomas MORELAND.[10]

Roll 34403 Bk. 5 pg. 32. This is William MORELAND vs. SHARPE-see previous entry.

p. 33. This is John MOPRIN - see index

Pg 36 This is John MATHEWS- see index

Pg. 89 Edward WRIGHT not found on page 69

Pg 89 John GREENE servant to John (not MORELAND).[11] This was previously discussed. Capt. John MARTIN-not MORELAND.

Pg. 110 This is Capt. MARTIN again (not MORELAND)

Pg. 117 This is MARLIE vs. TROTTER. Nothing else found on p. 117

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 4, Page 6
P.121 (roll 34403 Bk. 5) Capt. John MARTIN (not MORELAND) vs. Anthony LAMB.

p. 126 Anthony MELTON, not MORELAND (see index)

" " Rachel MELTON “ “ "

P. 130 Appraisal of estate of Capt. Francis MATHEWS (not Capt. Thomas MORELAND (index)

P. 132 Settlement of estate of Capt. Francis MATHEWS by SMITH, WHALEY & LAWRENCE

Pg. 144 This is Thomas MELTON

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 1, page 6 (cont'd)
pg 151 This is Thomas MELTON

pg 144 Previously listed as 6th item. Not Morelands.

Moreland Muster Vol. 1 No. 4 page 7.
pg 32 See previous entry. Wm. MORELAND vs. SHARPE

p. 126 This is not a MORELAND

This is end of the review of Muster entries thru book 5.

The following is confirmed from these Moreland Muster entries and can be added to info we previously knew:

Thomas MORELAND ordered to appraise estate of Nicholas STILLWELL 26 Sept. 1648

Thomas MORELAND appointed by court regarding the orphans of John HANSFORD 17 Sept. 1662

Thomas MORELAND is deceased by 12 March 1665.

William MORELAND sells 100 acres to Robert SHORE 12 March 1665

24 Aug 1666 William MORELAND's wife, Ada presents the above document in court, William may be deceased.

Maybe he wasn't deceased as this shows William MORLAND vs. SHARPE, January 1672

Note: there might be another William or one was not MORELAND?

The earliest date I find John MORELAND was when he was appointed surveyor 24 Jan 1689.

Thelma Hansford shows John buying a manservant from John LOLO earlier (December 1675). Will check that out-should be in book 6.

The above leaves us going in reverse instead of finding anything new we have lost a lot of what we thought were Morelands. There is no Captain Thomas or Capt. William or Captain John MORELAND. At least I accomplished a couple of things, I eliminated most of the Thomas MORELANDs which were confusing and I saved a lot of money by checking this out before hiring a professional. Now we know why Thelma Hansford didn't find any of this in her research, it wasn't there.


The following information was recorded by Lizzie Jett of Arkansas. It was sent to Evelyn Tharp by Rhonda S. Jameson, 1001 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5427. Printed with permission. As is often the case with family tradition there will be errors mixed with fact.

Mrs. Elizabeth JETT, granddaughter of Nancy BOLLINGER FISHER sent the following Information on the BOLLINGER FISHER families. Mrs. Elizabeth GREENWELL JETT was the daughter of Nancy FISHER and Nancy FISHER was the daughter of Nancy BOLLINGER and Archibald FISHER.

Jacob BOLLINGER Born Pennsylvania about 1775, died Polk Co., Missouri 1850, a Pvt. War of 1812 at Battle of Mobile, German or Swiss, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois to Camden Co., Missouri 1833, married Sarah MORELAND born Pennsylvania[12] about 1776, died Polk Co., Missouri 1860.

Their children:

William BOLLINGER, single, buried in Murphy Cemetery?

Daniel BOLLINGER born 4-11-1810 in Nashville, Tennessee, died 4-30-1886 in Ellis Grove, Illinois, married 1) _____ CONANT buried near Dia [sic] 2) Mary LEAVITT married Ellis Grove Cross

Nancy BOLLINGER born January 24, 1808, Athens, Tennessee, died 22 August 1871, Ellis Grove, Illinois, married Archibald FISHER.

Joe ??? Dr. There is a stone at Lees Summit Cemetery for Joe BOLLINGER born 3-15-1812 and died 6-8-1880. Family record says buried somewhere in Missouri

John BOLLINGER Twin of No. 4 Joe BOLLINGER died at 16 years, buried Hickman Cemetery (?)

Bertha BOLLINGER died at 3 years buried in Hickman Cemetery?

Lucy Ann BOLLINGER married Perry ROSS on 11-5-1840 said Perry ROSS born 8-8-1820 at Cooper Co., Missouri. They had the following children:
a) Jacob G. ROSS in Colorado
b) Mary Jane ROSS PARKS
c) Elvira E. ROSS SMITH
e) Orsino J. ROSS
f) Lucy J. ROSS

Lucy and Perry ROSS were in Polk County till 1843, Johnson County 1845 and Morgan County spring of 1845 ‘till 1869.

Cardine BOLLINGER Twin of No. 7, Lucy Ann, married Jackson ROSS brother of Perry ROSS.

Wright BOLLINGER came to Camden Co., Missouri 1833, married to Sarah A. McSWAIN, born 1812 east Tennessee, died 7-10-1882, in Home Guard Civil War, moved to Elkton, Hickory Co., Missouri 1837, think buried there.

Wright BOLLINGER and Sarah A. McSWAIN BOLLINGER had the following children:
a) Dr. Jacob M. BOLLINGER born 2-12-1850, February 12, 1850 [sic] married 8-30-1868 Margaret R. DIXON
b) Joseph C. BOLLINGER

Dr. Jacob M. BOLLINGER and Margaret DIXON had the following children.
a. George F. BOLLINGER
g. Unnamed infant

Dr. Jacob took up medicine 1874, practiced Polk and Hickory Counties 1879-1882, Joplin, Missouri 1882-1883, Elixir Spring, Dallas Co., Missouri, Elkton, Hickory Co., Missouri 1884, Mack’s Creek 3-1885, living there in 1889. A Mason and Republican, Macks Creek in Camden Co., Missouri. Elkton & Hermitage in Hickory Co., Missouri. Bolivar in Polk Co., Missouri.

10. Sarah BOLLINGER married Rice COLLINS in Randolph Co., Illinois, buried in Chester, Illinois 1-10-1837. Sarah BOLLINGER & Rice COLLINS had the following children: (a) Wright COLLINS, (b) Clinton COLLINS, (c) Clarinda COLLINS, (d) Bertha COLLINS.

11. Henry BOLLINGER dead and buried somewhere in Missouri.

Evelyn Tharp, 2400 Hermosa Street, Pinole, CA 94564 shows that she descends from Jacob BOLLINGER born 1784 and Sarah S. MORELAND born 1784 through their daughter Nancy BOLLINGER born 24 January 1806, died 22 August 1871, married 17 February 1831 to Archibald FISHER born 12 August 1801, died 18 September 1878.


Beverly G. MORELAND applied for a Confederate pension in Smith Co., Tennessee. He served in Co. G, 28th Inf.[13]

Reuben MORELAND signed a petition to create a new state to be known as Westsylvania. This petition was circulated in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. The petition is undated but probably circulated after 1770 and before 1780.[14] David MORLAND and Frederick BOLLINGER also signed this petition.[15]

Margaret MORELAND born 6 May 1827, died 1902, married 14 March 1850 to Jesse BAILY born 10 May 1817, died at Dyersville, Iowa August 6, 1893.[16]

Rachel MORELAND married Stephen DYE as his 4th wife. Stephen DYE was born 23 December 1770, died 14 September 1851. He married first in Shelby Co., Ohio to Mehitable GARARD. After her death he married second on 1 November 1827 to Mary HUFTY DYE-KNIGHT, widow of his brother, Samuel DYE. He married third 27 July 1841 to Margaret STILLWELL. He was the father of nineteen children by his four wives.[17]


1820 Wilkinson Co., Georgia
John MORELAND Sr. over 45, wife same age
John MORELAND Jr. age 18-25
Jesse MORELAND age 25-44, 1 son under 10, 1 daughter under 10, 1 female 16-18 and wife 25-44
Jacob MORELAND age 25-44, wife 18-25, 2 sons under 10, 1 daughter under 10

Does anyone have information on these Morelands?

Please respond to Doreen Turner, 794 CR105D, Henderson, TX 75652

* * * * * * *

My maternal grandmother was Mayme Florence MORELAND. She was born after her family moved from the south after the War Between the States. She was born in Wise Co., Texas about 1882. She married George W. GREER and they had eight children. My grandmother died in 1964 at the age of 82 years. Her children were as follows: Winnie, Estelle, Amber, Guy, Paula, Sue and Cue. Her sisters were as follows: Mattie Sue, Molly (can’t remember any more). We are supposedly related to Cynthia Ann PARKER who was the mother of Quannah PARKER. Anyone know more?

Please respond to Barbara Stonehocker, 7424 Lattimore, Las Vegas, NV 89052.

[1] The Court doth order that William PARKAR, Thomas BORRNO, John HANSFORD & Elias RICHARDSON shall appraise the land & plantation of Lefn’t Nicholas STILLWELL to what it shall ___ worth and that Thomas MORELAND according to the appraisement shall enjoy the same till he be fully satisfied the ___ of nine hundred twenty nine pounds of __ with forbearance & costs and the sd. Pltfs to be sworne by me Francis MORGAN for performance of the same.
[2] Although the photocopy of this record is difficult to read, the signature looks like Thos. MERITON or MORITON: Thos. MERITON aged 72 years in 1665.
[3] The handwriting on the photocopy of this record is very small and difficult to read. The name looks like MARTIN or MARLIN.
[4] . . . William MORLAND unto Thomas SHARPE . . . hundred . . . [the photocopy is hard to read]
[5] The photocopy is hard to read but it looks as though it could be MARTIN or MARLIN or even MORLIN.
[6] The record in question is as follows: To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come. Now know you that Jonathan MORELAND of Hampton Parish and York County son to so late towit; Thomas MORELAND of the same York County Whereas land is bargained, confirmed and made over and for my heirs and assigns forever part of nineteen hundred acres in James City County and 100 acres situate lying in New Kent County bounded as follows Survey hill of land near by Estate that Thomas MORELAND and as yet William MORELAND for four hundred acres of land obtained on 6 January 1663 and the rest due in one year.
[7] This record is clearly signed by William MORLAND and Alice MORLAND (using their marks).
[8] Acending to an order of the __ Court held for ye County of Yorke September 1662 for orphans ___ Lt. Col. Wm. BARBAR, William TOWNSEND and Thomas MORLEY [sic] did on the 20th of October following make a dividend of such cattle as did of right belong to the children of John HANSFORD Dec’d in ___ following . . . Signed by Mitt BARBAR, Wm. TOWNSHEND and Thos. MORLAND.
[9] This signature is clearly MUNSFORD and not MORELAND.
[10] This is difficult to read on the photocopy but it doesn’t look like MORELAND.
[11] This name is hard to read on the photocopies but looks like WHYTSON.
[12] Actually she was probably born in an area that later became eastern Tennessee, then western North Carolina.
[13] The Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy & History Vol. XV, No. 3, Winter 2001-2002, p. 129.
[14] Howard L. Lecky, The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families: A Genealogical History of the Upper Monongahela Valley, Apollo, PA: 1997, p. 149.
[15] Ibid., p. 152.
[16] Ibid., p. 572
[17] Ibid., p. 655

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