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Volume XIV, Issue 4 Fall 2001

Volume XIV, Issue 4 ISSN 0884-3805 Fall 2001
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p. 307 Ordered to lay off a road from Double Creek up to Roan creek, then up the creek then down the Lorrell/Laurel (?) fork to the county line. John VINTRESS, William MORLAND, Nicholas GRINDSTAFF, Peter BOLLINGER, Dan’l BOLLINGER, Jacob WILLSON, John BOULDWIN, John CATHER, Lawrance MARICLE, James RUSSELL, Benj. BROWN, Rowland JENKINS, Abraham BINGHAUSE, Richard WHITE, Edward SMITH & John SMITH.

p. 320 Following summoned as Jurors for the next County Court. Nathaniel ARMSTRONG and others of the Jurors that was fined N-K in all Eleven Together With 1. Leeroy TAYLOR; 2. Wm. MOORLAND; 3. John BALDWIN; 4. Isaac LINCOLN; 5. Peter PARKESON; 6. James MONTGOMERY; 7. Sam’l TIPTON; 8. Charles ROBESON; 9. Henry MASSENGILL, Jun. 10. Robert ALLISON; 11. Pharoah COBB; 12. John YOUNG; 13. William MOORE; 14. William TRIMBLE; 15. William NOODING; 16. Lewis JORDON; 17. Ebenezer SCRAGGS; 18. Adam READER; 19. Francis ALLISON.

Box 137, Middle Tennessee, 1859
John Jones vs. James Dement
Judgment rendered 5 April 1858 in County Court of Rutherford County

John JONES, Clerk and Commissioner for the use of R.W. WILLETT, Samuel A. CARTWRIGHT, William CARTWRIGHT, Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Baldwin CARTWRIGHT, Thomas THISELL(?) and wife Ann, William HADDEN and wife Julia, Artamissa SCOTT, Leah WINN, C. ASHFORD and wife Emerilla, William MAGRUDER, Greenberry MAGRUDER, Ashton GARRETT and wife Ann, S. MORELAND and wife Caroline, distributes of Sarah WADE, dec’d. Vs. James T. DEMENT, Thomas KIRKPATRICK, and H.A. DRENNAN

. . . this cause came on to be heard . . . 25 January 1859 upon the transcript . . . from the County Court of Rutherford County where it appeared that there is no error in the proceeding had in this cause nor in the judgment rendered in this cause on the 5th day of April 1858 against the defendants for $961.83 and costs of the cause. It is therefore considered by the court that said judgment of the County Court of Rutherford be in all things affirmed and that said John JONES, Clerk and Commissioner, for the use of etc., recover of James T. DEMENT, Thomas KIRKPATRICK, and H.A. DRENNON the sume of $961.83 and the cost of this cause in the Court . . .


Joseph Brumit was in Paris in June of 2001 where he found a sign for Boulevard Morland.


Thelma Hansford Collection of York County, Virginia FHL Film #1,718,879

Continued from previous issue

John 5 MORELAND was evidently a carpenter by trade: no land was involved in the settlement. He died early in 1780.

(A) Matthew MORELAND was born around 1773. There is a record concerning “Matthew MORELAND, orphan of John MORELAND, deceased” in which the Court was showing concern for his welfare and employment, the date being January 19, 1789. Later in the year, September 21, 1789 Matthew MORELAND, Richard MORELAND, James COOKE, William MUNDEL, and James WISE, orphans were bound out in the lower precinct of the County. (In the period of the American Revolution and immediately following, there were no social benefits comparable to social security and welfare as we know it.) Instead, people worked for others, or were “bound out” and in this way learned a trade, got some education, and received a livelihood.

(B) Richard 6 MORELAND born around 1775.

(C) William 6 MORELAND born March 18, 1777 was baptized April 27, 1777. This baptism was done in Northampton County, but recorded in the York County Parish Register. There was a relationship between the STROUDs and the EAST family in Northampton County. Frances STROUD MORELAND was probably in that area when this son was born and baptized..

What became of these three MORELAND boys after their father’s death is not known. They do not really appear among York County records although other people by MORELAND name have remained in the county to the present day. A good guess would be that the mother, Frances STROUD MORELAND, and her children moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

C. Mary 5 MORELAND, daughter of Matthew 4 MORELAND and Ruth MORELAND, married Richard GARRETT January 13, 1774. John MORELAND gave security. The will of Richard GARRETT of Yorkhampton Parish was written January 22, 1802 and probated November 20, 1804. He left the plantation on York River where the family lived, to his wife and legacies to seven children: Elizabeth PATRICK, Richard, Mary, William, John, Edmund, and Robert GARRETT. However, his wife’s name was not given so one does not know if the children were by Mary MORELAND GARRETT or perhaps another wife. The Charles Parish Register has recorded these names and dates:

(A) Nancy 6 GARRETT, daughter of Richard and Mary, born August 8, 1780.
(B) William 6 GARRETT, son of Richard and Mary, was born March 8, 1783.

(Richard GARRETT Jr. donated the land on which the Baptist built their public house of worship, the deed being dated June 16, 1806. His will was written December 5, 1854 and was probated February 19, 1855. He was survived by a wife and seven children.

D. Anne 5 MORELAND, daughter of Matthew 4 MORELAND and Ruth MORELAND, was born 1755, after her father wrote his will. She was indirectly mentioned in the will and received a portion of his slave property when the settlement was made.

(4) Edward 4 MORELAND
(5) Wright 4 MORELAND, sons of Matthew 3 MORELAND and his wife Ann WRIGHT MORELAND, are left for further research.

Concerning the daughters of John 2 MORELAND, no research has been under taken. Jane 3 MORELAND had married Thomas FAIRCLOTH before her father wrote his will May 1706 and was called “Jane FAIRCLOTH” in it. (Thomas FAIRCLOTH along with Edward MORELAND, who had married Jane FULLER, were witnesses to the will of Edward FULLER, February 25, 1708/9, proved September 24, 1709.

Elizabeth MORELAND was left a Negro boy named Roger; she was not of age in 1706.

Mary 3 MORELAND was merely mentioned as sharing in her father’s will.

There are several other people by MORELAND name who lived in the early period in York County for whom little or no information can hereby be given:

Nathaniel MORELAND was mentioned in the settlement of Young MORELAND’s estate thus:

July 14, 1778 paid to Nathaniel MORELAND 3-15-0
October 8, 1778 Rec’d from James DUDLEY 7.0

Nathaniel MORELAND left a will dated 1784 and proved July 20, 1789. He was married but left no male heirs. Given is the will abstracted:

I give to my loving wife my whole estate during her life and at her death to Matthew HUBBARD the younger my land and one half the rest of my estate---------- The other half I desire may be equally divided between Elizabeth and Liddia MANEY --- in case the two girls dies and leave no issue of their body I desire that Matthew HUBBARD the younger may have their parts except the land. I desire all --- may be sold to the best advantage--- Francis LEE --- sole executor
Witnesses: Robert ROBERTS, Matthew HUBBARD, Jr., Mary HUBBARD

The amount of land he had was not stated, but the 35 acre tract sold by Robert and Betty COKE was bounded by Matthew MOODY, Nathaniel MORELAND, Elizabeth FULLER, and James THOMAS.

Ishmael MORELAND (?) was born before 1758. He made oath with Benjamin LESTER Jr. that Elizabeth DAVIS died before her father; this happened November 2, 1779.

Robert MORELAND (?) died around December 21, 1789. James VAUGHAN, Benjamin HANSFORD, William ELLIS, and John MOODY were named to appraise his property and slaves. This could not have been the Robert MORELAND who married Dianna TABB for a mortgage which he and his wife affected was proven in the Court the same day. The last named Robert MORELAND also attended Court May 23, 1792, March 3, 1793, and November 19, 1793. So, there were two Robert MORELANDs living in York County the last part of the 18th century and the parentage and relationship to the other MORELANDs there is unknown to this writer.

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