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Volume XIV, Issue 2 Spring 2001

Volume XIV, Issue 2 Spring 2001


Need further information and / or descendants of the two oldest daughters of Wright MORELAND and Ann WILSON, namely (1) Lucy MORELAND born 8th, January 1769, Goochland Co., Virginia, married Joel RYAN 5 May 1787 Goochland Co., Virginia and (2) Ann MORELAND born 17 November 1771 Goochland Co., Virginia, died before 1817.

Respond to Charles Moreland,
15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604

Would love to correspond with anyone researching the lines of MORELAND, KELLY, HARWELL, WEEKS of Mississippi and CLIFTON’s of Tennessee and Mississippi. My mother was Mary Lula WEEKS born 1907 Lafayette Co., Mississippi married William Arp MORELAND born 1901 Lafayette Co., Mississippi. Mary Lula WEEKS’ parents were James Joshua WEEKS born 1866 Lee Co., Mississippi married Mary Ellen CLIFTON born 1875 Tippah Co., Mississippi, dad of Mansfield W. CLIFTON born 1847 Tennessee and Eliza F. WAITE. Will exchange information.

Respond to Myrtle Moreland Mattei, 556 Willowside Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

I am searching for my great-grandmother, Nancy MORELAND. She married Jeramiah Andrew CARR. They lived in Mercer Co., Pennsylvania. They had 9 children, 5 girls and 4 sons. Ida Mae CARR married William Andrew SWARTS (my grandparents). Mary J. CARR married Frank WISE. They had one daughter, Ethel. The SWARTS family moved to Lind, Washington about 1890. They remaining members of the CARR family never married and remained in either Jamestown or Greenville, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania.

Respond to Lorraine Luhr, PO Box 357, Metaline Falls, WA 99153


Recently Joe Brumit found a manuscript written by Thelma Hansford, a York Co., Virginia resident and researcher. Joe kindly copied the section on the Moreland family and mailed a copy to me. Charles Moreland located a telephone and address for Mrs. Hansford and reported that she is 92 years old, is sharp as a tack and has a delightful southern accent. When I called to ask her permission to print her paper in this newsletter, she graciously granted permission and volunteered information about herself and her research. Ms. Hansford is a graduate of William and Mary and she conducted her research in the 1950s, working with original records

that were kept in a vault. The old documents were going to pieces. York County records were hidden in a boat during the Civil War and that’s why they weren’t destroyed like so many other Virginia records. She says that the MORELANDs were very powerful in York County, that they owned a lot of land.

Ms. Hansford’s address is 2410 Seaford Road, Seaford, Virginia 23696. Seaford is a suburb of Yorktown and Yorktown is near Jamestown.

I sent a copy of Thelma Hansford’s manuscript to Irene Carl, our expert in the MORELANDs of York Co., Virginia. She commented that when she conducted her research, the records weren’t complete enough to identify the father of John Holt MORELAND. (Ruby King Norton and I haven’t located a document that identifies John MORELAND’s middle name as Holt.) In my reading of Ms. Hansford’s manuscript, she didn’t actually find solid proof that John MORELAND’s father was Thomas MORELAND, but she believed it to be true based on circumstances of land ownership.

Irene Carl had the following interesting comments:

As you know Capt. Thomas MORELAND owned the Abigail. (My research where he was in court). The man accused him of shooting an arrow, I suppose. He said if he could he would give him 200...out his ship" The Abigail" and say no more. I feel this Thomas could well have been John H.'s father.

I believe the reason we find so many
MORELANDs immigrating in the early 1600's and up to the mid 1700's is because they came on the "Abigail". I remember a reference that mentioned the early MORELANDs (probably brothers, my addition) brought many immigrants to the colonies. There are Capt. John, Capt. William, Capt. Thomas, etc.

In another place, there is a reference to The Honorable
Thomas MORELAND of the gentry. He appears to have children, but no wife mentioned. I feel he may be the Capt. Thomas who came in 1663/5. He settled in the right county and could easily have married E. BAYLY.

The other
Thomas could easily have been Thomas born 1605, immigrated in 1624 with John MORELAND. The Thomas who married Elizabeth BAYLY could easily be him. The court record says that Elizabeth BAYLY received land in her own right. Since Thomas MORELAND's land and Elizabeth BAYLY's land abutted, I believe that Thomas's wife had probably died and Elizabeth's husband had died. They were living on adjoining properties. So they combined forces. When Thomas died there was a lot of
land to be distributed. Since the estate was $180,000 + the land, it would suggest that
BAYLY may have married the Honorable Thomas. (That amount was considerably more than any of the other estate inventories that I have seen.

There were
HOLTs in the area where John H. MORELAND was born. I can remember finding the reference, but so much water has passed under the bridge, and I have so many notes not on the computer that I haven't felt like hunting).

When I was working on this 11 years ago, I accomplished what I had started to do. The records were in such poor shape and I had just had two cataract surgeries. I read until I nearly put my eyes out, but could never be absolutely sure.


Thelma Hansford Collection of York County, Virginia

FHL Film #1,718,879

Anything that involves as much work as historical research would require an explanation as to why this compilation of MORELAND material was undertaken by Thelma Hansford. And rightly so for to her knowledge, these are not her ancestors although she is related to several in the family due to intermarriages. Robert L. HANSFORD, her late husband, was a lineal descendant of Robert MORELAND through his mother, Anna Cornelia HOGG HANSFORD. This relationship has thus stimulated interest in a hobby or pastime from which she derived pleasure, namely, historical research or family genealogy.

Learning about the patterns and the values in every day living; the accomplishments and interests in a particular past period; and the contributions made to various institutions tend to give a deeper appreciation of our forefathers. What we are today is an outgrowth of what they achieved and passed on to us – not in material wealth, but in ideals and social values.

Among the first Englishman to settle in Virginia and in York County was Thomas MORELAND. A patent for one hundred acres of land situated “upon Captain WEST’s Creek and adjacent to William SAWYER for adventure of himself and Christopher BROWN to Chiskiacke the first year” was issued to him August 10, 1642. A record in York County dated August 12, 1645 states “whereas by an order of the Counsell of Warr there are nineteen days work yet due from John HANSFORD, Elias RICHARDSON, Thomas MORELAND, William REYNOLDS ---- the court doth therefore order that said parties make payment of the said work – according to one man’s due share and parts.”[1]

When the estate of John HANSFORD was being settled a Court order bearing date September 1662 was issued for Thomas MORELAND, William BARBER, and William TOWNSEND to make a fair division among the “four orphans” of their father’s personal property. The report returned to the Court October 20, 1662 gives the names of the HANSFORD children and the number of slaves and livestock each received.[2]

There is no will or inventory for Thomas MORELAND or any record that specifically names his issue. However, William MORELAND and Thomas SHARP had a difference settled in Court November 25, 1672.[3] John MORELAND bought a manservant from John LOLO December 16, 1675.[4] At a session of Court held January 24, 1689 /90 John MORELAND was appointed surveyor of the highways for the lower precinct of Hampton Parish in the room and place of Mr. Charles HANSFORD and was to take care of the roads and see that they were cleared according to the law.[5]

In 1704 when the rent roll for the landowners in York County was made up John MORELAND was credited with one hundred acres. The list is not alphabetized and judging by the names of others with whom his name was placed, namely, William LEE, Richard BURT, John HANSFORD, Edward FULLER, Thomas BUCK, and many others, it would appear that his land was situated in the upper part of the county or what later became York-Hampton Parish. This one hundred acres seems to be the same tract that Thomas MORELAND patented. This being true, John MORELAND may be assumed son of Thomas MORELAND.[6] The York County records have not been searched to prove this because some of the earliest books have no index; it would be time consuming and the writing is very hard to read.

Probably Thomas 1 MORELAND had two sons: William 2 MORELAND and John 2 MORELAND. William MORELAND does not appear otherwise in the records. He was born before 1651 for he was of age when he brought charges in the Court in 1672.

John 2 MORELAND was born the middle part of the 17th century probably around 1654; he was of age in 1675 when he bought a manservant. When he died in 1706 eight children, some of these being of age survived him. He married Ann BELL, daughter of William and Mary BELL. This is learned from William BELL’s will written September 25, 1704 and probated August 20, 1711.[7] Mr. BELL names his wife Mary who presented it to Court upon the oaths of William LEE and Ann FULLER. He lived in York-Hampton Parish; he left to John MORELAND Sr. one shilling as “having married my daughter Ann”; gave his “loving daughter Elizabeth LARK” one shilling; left to Margaret COOK as “formerly marrying my son William BELL one shilling; and grandson William BELL a mare.”

Children of John MORELAND and his wife Ann BELL MORELAND are listed in this order in his will:

  1. Thomas 3 MORELAND
  2. Francis 3 MORELAND
  3. John 3 MORELAND
  4. Edward 3 MORELAND
  5. Matthew 3 MORELAND
  7. Mary 3 MORELAND
  8. Elizabeth 3 MORELAND[8]

The will written May 21, 1706 was probated September 24, 1706 and gives these additional facts:

Wife Ann MORELAND and son Francis MORELAND were named the executors.

Son Matthew MORELAND was left a mulatto girl named Kate. Daughter Elizabeth MORELAND was given a Negro boy named Roger. Elizabeth was not of age.

Daughter Jane MORELAND had married _____ FAIRCLOTH.

“loving son John MORELAND my whole tract of land where I now live containing one hundred acres with all appurtenances there unto and to be his male issue lawfully begotten . . . in case he should die before he comes of age and no male issue begotten of his body . . . my land return to my son Matthew MORELAND and to his male heirs . . . in case of his death . . . then to my son Edward MORELAND . . . wife Ann enjoy peacefully and quietly my whole tract as long as she remains a widow . . . if she marries – get her thirds . . .”

Although it was the custom for the oldest son to heir the land or major portion of it, this was not true in this case. John 3 MORELAND was probably the third son. Francis MORELAND was named executor so he was of age. Also when he qualified as executor of this will the Court record states that he was from James City County. Thomas 3 MORELAND was the first child listed in the summation of John’s children in the will. And while he was not otherwise named except to share equally in the rest of the estate, it may be safe to assume that he was the oldest child and had also established himself in a neighboring county. Hence the third son (who was under age) heired the land and home seat.

Witnesses to John 2 MORELAND’s will were Matthew JONES, Edward FULLER, and Thomas LAMB. These indicate associates and perhaps neighbors.

When Ann MORELAND and Francis MORELAND “of James City County qualified to act as executors of the will, their bondsmen were Bazille WAGSTAFF and Robert HARRIS.[9]

1. Thomas 3 MORELAND does not really appear in York County records except for a case when he was plaintiff against John BALLARD administrator of Jane McHINDS, January 17, 1731. The case was dismissed.[10] No other research has been done on him. There is an inventory for Thomas MORELAND 1738 in Isle of Wight County, also inventory for a Katherine MORELAND 1736 in Isle of Wight.

2. Francis 3 MORELAND was born around 1680. He served as executor of his father’s will. He settled in James City County. However, he was present in York County Court sessions in 1719 and 1720 when he was involved in the settlement of his brother’s estate. There is recorded in Surry County, Virginia the inventory for a Francis MORELAND dated 1782 and again in 1784. This would not be the same Francis MORELAND . . . but perhaps a son. [Following is a query that had been clipped and copied onto this page of the manuscript.] Bartlett MORELAND – Was the following listed MORELAND family originally from York County, Virginia? However, this group of persons apparently was residing in Surry County, Virginia as early as 1695. The abstracted records read as follows: “BARTLETT, Walter: To daughter, Ann MORELAND, live stock. Wife, Alice BARTLETT, land where I now dwell and the plantation where Bishop lives, at her death to my grandson, Bartlett MORELAND. If he die to his brother, Thomas MORELAND, if he die to his brother, John MORELAND. Makes wife Executrix. Will dated 4 February 1695. Will probated and/or recorded, 5 September 1699. Witness: Joseph SEAT, William BRUTON, John GREENE, John HANCOCKE, Richard MORRIS. Will Book 5, pg. 179”[11]

3. John 3 MORELAND was not twenty-one May 1706, but by May 1717 he had married, had three children, and died. He married Jane YOUNG, daughter of John YOUNG. This is learned from John YOUNG’s will probated February 19, 1719, she was named an executrix.[12]

Issue of John 3 MORELAND:

1. Young 4 MORELAND


3. Britton 4 MORELAND

There seems to have been some controversy when his estate was settled. At a Court held May 20, 1717 Jane MORELAND was present and “made oath that her husband, John MORELAND, departed life without making a will.” She was appointed administratrix of the estate and bond was posted by John YOUNG and Richard JOBY.[13] At the February 15, 1719 session a petition was presented by Jane MORELAND stating that “Francis MORELAND surviving executor of the last will and testament of John MORELAND, deceased refuseth to deliver unto the petitioner her share of the said estate. It is therefore ordered that . . . be directed to the sheriff of James City County for summoning Francis MORELAND to answer . . . next Court.” The John MORELAND mentioned here is John 2 MORELAND and the question was over the one hundred acre tract of land. The widow of John 2 MORELAND was given the right to live there during her lifetime or widowhood. John 3 MORELAND evidently had never taken possession of this inheritance. Since he did leave male issue, this plantation was legally the heirs of John 3 MORELAND. Apparently Ann MORELAND, the mother, had died by that date.

Charles HANSFORD, William LEE, William FULLER, and Richard BURT were named to appraise the estate of John 3 MORELAND May 16, 1720.[14] Later there was a petition made by Francis MORELAND contending that “Jane MORELAND, administratrix of the estate of John MORELAND, her late husband, give further security for the estate, the other security being deceased.”[15] Finally, June 16, 1720 Charles HANSFORD, William FULLER, and Richard BURT returned the inventory for John MORELAND’s estate. This was signed by Francis MORELAND.[16] The settlement of this estate was not completed until November 1728. The personal property was proportioned in this manner:[17]

To wife’s 1/3 part ---------------------------------------------------------




To Young MORELAND’s part of 2/3 --------------------------------




To Ann MORELAND’s part of 2/3 -----------------------------------




To Britton MORELAND’s part of 2/3 -------------------------------




1. Young 4 MORELAND, son of John 3 and Jane YOUNG MORELAND, was born around 1712. A York record states that Young MORELAND made a choice of William LEE as his guardian and arranged to serve LEE five years during which time he would be taught the trade of a carpenter and also learn to read. This agreement was made February 20, 1726.[18]

His first marriage was to Elizabeth WRIGHT, daughter of John J. WRIGHT, before 1751 as shown by WRIGHT’s will which states in part “my daughter Elizabeth MORELAND, wife of Young MORELAND.” This was written November 14, 1751 and was probated November 20, 1752.[19]

He married secondly, Mary ____ and they had two daughters. The names of the children of Young 4 MORELAND are learned from his and his wife’s wills namely:


B. Elizabeth 5 MORELAND

C. (daughter) 5 MORELAND

Given are parts of the wills:

Young 4 MORELAND’s will written February 21, 1774; probated March 21, 1774:

I lend to my daughter Mary MORELAND my plantation and if she marry and have children I give it to them. My daughter Elizabeth THOMAS’s children . . . my grand-daughters Betty, Nancy and Sally SKINNER . . . grand-daughters Betty COKE and Nancy SKINNER my plantation lying one part in Warwick and other in Elizabeth City County which I purchased of W. CROSS . . . equally divided between them.

Granddaughter Elizabeth COKE a Negro

Grand-daughter Nancy SKINNER a Negro

Grand-daughter Sally SKINNER a Negro

Daughter Elizabeth THOMAS slaves and part in the plantation

My daughter Mary MORELAND whole and sole executor


Whitehead LESTER


Francis PETERS

Henry LEE[20]

Mary MORELAND’s will written August 10, 1774; probated September 19, 1774:

. . . to Sally SKINNER one bouffet and all in it; a desk, bed and furniture . . . seal skin truck

I give to Henry LEE one horse colt, six leather chairs, one couch

I give to George and John THOMAS after my debts are paid my money in my father’s will

. . . rest equally divided between Elizabeth THOMAS, Betty COKE, Sally SKINNER

. . . friend Samuel THOMAS take care of what I have given Sally SKINNER[21]

So, both Young and Mary MORELAND died within the same year, 1774.

To be continued

Note: Charles Moreland recently sent a copy of Thelma Hansford’s manuscript on the WRIGHT family of York Co., Virginia also. I haven’t had a chance to examine this portion of the manuscript yet, but if it reveals anything new about the WRIGHTs who were related to the MORELANDs I’ll include it in a future issue of this newsletter.

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CharlotteWestDade said...

Wright Moreland and Ann Wilson were my 5th gr grandparents. I have some limited information regarding their children. Perhaps, the individual requesting info about them has already found it.

CharlotteWestDade said...

Wright Moreland and Ann Wilson were my 5th gr grandparents. I have some limited information about their children. Perhaps, the individual requesting the information has already discovered it.