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Volume XI, Issue 3 Summer 1998

Corrected Query
Fred Blanck
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A query for Nathan MORLAN appeared in the previous issue of this newsletter. He was married to a Mary SLENTZ.

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Moreland Lineage
of Doreen Turner, 794 CR 105D
Henderson, TX 75652

My MORELAND line is through Henry Hawood MORELAND. We know nothing about him until he married Mary Drew SUTTON, 1849 in Alabama. Census information says he was born 1825 Georgia, father born Tennessee, mother born South Carolina. Hoping someone can help we put together some early history.

From Early Settlers of Barbour County, Alabama, page 284: Mary D. SUTTON born ca. 1825 Georgia, d. after 1876, m. Henry H. MORELAND 20 December 1849. He was born ca. 1825 Georgia, d. 11 January 1900. They moved to Panola Co., Texas ca. 1876 and are buried in Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Clayton, Texas. Their children were:

1.      Jane MORELAND, b. ca. 1849 Alabama, m. Ike DILLARD in Texas.
2.      Tabitha Ann MORELAND, b. 1852 Alabama, d. 10 November 1917, married Ichabod B. GILLIS ca. 1870 in Alabama. He was born 9 March 1850 in Alabama, d. 21 May 1921. Both are buried in Mt. Mariah Cemetery, Shady Grove, Nacogdoches Co., Texas.
3.      Elizabeth MORELAND, b. ca. 1855 Alabama, m. (1) Charles DRAGGERS ca. 1876 (2) Grain HARRIS after 1880 in Texas.
4.      Pocahontas MORELAND, b. ca. 1859, m. William BALLOU in Texas.
5.      Susan Ann MORELAND, b. 12 February 1859 Alabama, d. 31 May 1945 Texas, m. Thomas H. LEE 20 December 1883 in Texas. He was born ca. 1856 Georgia, d. 7 May 1927. Both are buried in Cushing, Texas.
6.      James H. MORELAND b. 10 March 1866 Alabama, d. 15 March 1883, never married. He is buried in Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Clayton, Texas.

On the 1830 census for Laurens Co., Georgia is a Tabitha MORELAND age 30-40. She had two sons, one under 5 (Henry H. MORELAND was born 1825 and he named a daughter Tabitha Ann).

The next door neighbor is Arrington H. PHILLIPS. In 1846, an Arrington H.H. PHILLIPS married Martha A. SUTTON, sister to Mary Drew SUTTON, who married H.H. MORELAND. SUTTON family history says A.H.H. PHILLIPS was born 1823 Georgia. H.H. MORELAND was born 1825 Georgia. If this census is my MORELAND, A.H.H.’s father was living next door to the MORELANDs. The two boys grew up neighbors.

Haywood H. MORELAND, 38. Enlisted on March 28, 1863 at Louisville, Alabama as a Private in Co. B 54th Alabama Infantry Regiment. The 54th was changed to the 57th by September 1863. He was promoted to Corporal on October 1, 1863. On January 12, 1865 he was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, West Point, Mississippi for Measles and later to Ross Hospital, Mobile, Alabama on January 18, 1865 for bronchitis. After his death his widow received a pension, pg. 52-54 (from Rusk Co./Panola Co., Texas). (On his military records he is alternately shown as Haywood H. MORELAND and Henry H. MORELAND.)

On the 1850 Barbour Co., Alabama census, James MOORELAND was in the household of Jesse SUTTON, Mary Drew SUTTON’s father.

The 1860 Barbour Co., Alabama census included a Sarah MORELAND age 62 born in Georgia who was residing in the household of Nimrod W. LONG. (H.H. MORELAND was age 33.)

The 1880 Panola Co., Texas census includes the information that Henry H. MORELAND’s father was born in Tennessee and his mother was born in South Carolina.

From a Rusk Co., Texas early settlers book: Henry Hawood MORELAND (December 18, 1825 – January 11, 1900) and his wife Mary SUTTON MORELAND (August 5, 1825 – January 18, 1916), with their five children – Louise Jane (1850 – 1927), Bettie Ann, Poccah Huntas, Tibithia Ann and Susie Anna (February 12, 1859 – May 31, 1945), natives of Alabama, came to Panola County and made their home close to Clayton, Texas.

Jane married I.R. DILLARD (1853 – 1937); Bettie married (name unknown) HARRIS; Poccah married BELEW; Tibitha married GILLIS; Susie married Thomas Howard LEE.

Henry Hawood was a Panola County Civil War veteran. His widow drew a Civil War pension.

Mary lived with her daughter, Jane, and her family, after the death of her husband in County Line Community, Rusk County. Both are buried in Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Clayton, Texas.

Thomas Howard LEE was born September 25, 1854 and died May 7, 1927, in Georgia. He came to Clayton, Texas, where he met Susie Anna MORELAND and married her December 20, 1883. They moved to the County Line Community in Rusk County, where all their seven children were born.

Mary Irene (January 8, 1885 – October 24, 1966) married John TURNER. They adopted a girl, Ruby Florence.

Emma Frances (December 13, 1885 – February 3, 1943), married Reverend John R. WELCH, a Baptist preacher. His former wife had died and left him with three small girls – Lillis, Gertrude and Mamie Grace. Emma and John were parents of five children; Russel, who died very young, Clydell, Augusta, Mozelle, and Johnnie.
Digah Elizabeth (March 3, 1888 – September 18, 1970) married Jim A. SEARS (August 12, 1886 – September 12, 1970). They had four children; Tommie, Garvis, Irene and Juanita.

James Benjamin (November 17, 1889 – January 14, 1967), married Lillie McELROY. They had no children.

Docia Augusta (April 14, 1881 – August 24, 1981) married Murry WILLIAMS. They had ten children: Clovis, George Lee, Grover, Imogene, Susie, Glen, Claborn, James Thomas, Dorothy, and Margaret.

John Thomas (May 16, 1894 – July 29, 1980) married Ethel SEARS, August 26, 1896. They had four children: Mahdeen, Neal, Fredia and Charles.

Fairy Lillar (March 21, 1898 – January 1, 1978) married Arthur P. PIRTLE, (January 8, 1891 – November 2, 1969). They had four children: Margie, Hawood Lee, Martha Ann, and Hyla.

The LEE family settled on a large tract of land. They dealt in lumber and farming and operated a cotton gin and a grist mill. They were very active in the community and were members of County Line Missionary Baptist Church. The family home was a gathering place for kinfolk, neighbors and friends. After the children were grown, Tom and Susie moved to Minden, Texas, about 1918. Later they bought land and a house and moved to the Sulphur Spring Community in 1923.

Tom died in 1927. Susie lived on with her son Tommie and his family until her death in 1945. They are buried in King Cemetery west of Mt. Enterprise, Texas. Many relatives and grandchildren still live in Rusk County and east Texas. (Submitted by Margie Hudman.)
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Comments from Nona: Since Henry H. MORELAND’s father was born in Tennessee, perhaps he is related to the MORELANDS of east Tennessee. The first thing that came to mind was a manuscript, History of the Moreland Family by a Descendant which was compiled by Mrs. Mattie C. Krumm of Elizabethton, Tennessee. She stated that William MORELAND was said to have come from Scotland via Charleston, South Carolina and that he first settled in North Carolina and then in Virginia and later he moved to an area of Tennessee that was then Carter Co., Tennessee and later became Johnson Co., Tennessee. As is often the case with family tradition, the origins of William MORELAND were erroneous. We know that William MORELAND was the son of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., Virginia and that he came to east Tennessee as early as 1778 (it was then known as the Washington District of North Carolina) and we’ve found no traces of him in South Carolina.

Mrs. Krumm also stated that William and his son John served in the War of 1812 but that too was in error. William MORELAND, Sr. died by October 1812 and it was probably his sons who are on the service rolls for the War of 1812.

She stated the William MORELAND married Sallie SIMPSON. (William Sr.’s wife is identified as Sary in all records that have been located.) Sally is a nickname for Sarah, but we’ve never seen his wife identified as Sally so it’s possible that it was William Jr. who married Sally SIMPSON. This can’t be proved though at this time.

Mrs. Krumm correctly identified John and Wright as sons of William MORELAND, Sr. but she also mentioned a son named Henry MORELAND “said to have strayed away, settled in Texas.”

No record of a Henry MORELAND has been found in connection to these MORELANDs of east Tennessee, but I wonder if Doreen Turner’s Henry Hawood MORELAND could be a grandson of the Henry MORELAND mentioned by Mrs. Krumm.

Another possible connection for Henry H. MORELAND is among the descendants of Thomas MORELAND, brother of William MORELAND Sr. From the research of Melba Hutchinson we know that Thomas MORELAND had a son named William who was born ca. 1790-1 Goochland Co., Virginia; died 1852 probably in Bradley Co., Tennessee; married ca. 1810 (wife might have been a KENNEDY). From census records we know that this William MORELAND had two unknown sons born ca 1826 and ca. 1830. Perhaps Henry H. MORELAND was one of those unknown sons?

Hardin MORELAND born ca. 1812/3 Carter Co., Tennessee may be a son of this William. Hardin died in Walker Co., Georgia in 1899. A possible sibling of Hardin was Carolina MORELAND who married John DUCKETT 18 December 1851 Gilmer Co., Georgia.

Next I checked the census records that have been compiled by Eldon Edgin for the name Henry MORELAND. The earliest one appears Queen Ann’s Co., Maryland in 1790,  another was in New York City, New York in 1810. A third Henry MORELAND was in Washington Co., Kentucky in 1820. No trace of a Henry MORELAND who “strayed” to Texas has been located.

Henry H. MORELAND appears on the 1910 census for Walker Co., Georgia. He was age 70 (born ca. 1840 in Tennessee). Also in the household was his wife, Fannie MORELAND born ca. 1872 in Tennessee and the following children: Lizzie MORELAND born ca. 1894 Georgia; Jefferson A. MORELAND born ca. 1894 Georgia; Martha MORELAND born ca. 1897; Mamie A. MORELAND born ca. 1902; James H. MORELAND born ca. 1905 Georgia; Winnie M. MORELAND born ca. 1908 in Georgia and Jack A. MORELAND born ca. 1876 in Georgia. The parents of Henry H. MORELAND on this census record were both born in Tennessee. Henry and Fannie had been married for 18 years, she had nine children.

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Georgia Marriages
1811 through 1820

Jesse MORELAND & Elizabeth COLEMAN 11/07/1813 Baldwin Co.

Colson MORELAND & Sally WOULDRIDGE 11/09/1813 Putnam Co.

Isaac MORELAND & Penelope OWESLEY 09/01/1814 Putnam Co.

John MORELAND & Lucy HAWKINS, 09/07/1819 Putnam Co.

Robert MORELAND & Martha MANGHAM 02/20/1817 Putnam Co.

Wood MORELAND & Cintha WOULDRIDGE 12/05/1816 Putnam Co.

Joseph MORELAND &  Martha TRIPP 02/08/1816 Jasper Co.

William MORELAND & Patsey WYATT 05/30/1816 Jasper Co.

Edward MORELAND & Nancy McLENDON 12/09/1817 Jones Co.

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Colson MORELAND was in Putman Co., Georgia in 1820 and 1830. In 1840 in Upson Co., Georgia there was a Cholson MORELAND. Perhaps the Alson MORELAND in Gilmer Co., Georgia in 1840 should be Colson?

Bartley MORELAND was in Baker Co., Georgia in 1840

Edward MORELAND was in Jones Co., Georgia in 1820 and in 1830 an Edmond MORELAND was there (perhaps an error in transcription?).
Frank MORELAND was in Jasper Co., Georgia in 1830. Others of similar name are: Francis MORELAND on the Dinwiddie Co., Virginia tax list in 1787; Francis MORELAND in Lincoln Co., North Carolina in 1790; Francis MORELAND in Orange Co., North Carolina in 1790; and Francis MORELAND in Surry Co., North Carolina in 1820. An F. MORELAND was in Crawford Co., Georgia in 1840.

Isaac MORELAND was in Putnam Co., Georgia in 1820 and 1830. Others by the same name were: Isaac MORELAND in Charles Co., Maryland in 1790; Isaac MORELAND in Mercer Co., Pennsylvania in 1800, 1810 and 1820; Isaac MORELAND; Isaac MORELAND in Columbiana Co., Ohio in 1820; and Isaac MORELAND in Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania in 1820.

Turner MORELAND was in Putnam Co., Georgia in 1820 and 1830.

Wood MORELAND was in Putnam Co., Georgia in 1820 (he was identified as a Captain). He was still there in 1830 but there was also a Wood MORELAND in Franklin Co., Tennessee in 1830. In 1840 in Meriwether Co., Georgia there was also a Wood MORELAND.

A William B. MORELAND was listed in the 1827 Georgia land lottery in the fourth district, Clarke County. My guess is that this is the William Bennett MORELAND who was born 1789 Christ Church Parish, South Carolina; died 1860 Carroll Co., Georgia; married 1811 Charleston Co., South Carolina to Sarah WITTER, daughter of James WITTER (from the lineage of Marjorie Rutledge published in Vol. V, No. 2 of this newsletter).

William B. MORELAND might have been the father of Sarah Elizabeth MORELAND born 1825 Georgia; married David ROBERTS born 1818 South Carolina. They resided in Carroll Co. Georgia, Alabama and Rusk Co., Texas (from the chart of Penny Beeney).

Alabama Morelands

The 1840 census index for Alabama shows the following MORELANDs: Jonathan MORELAND in Jefferson Co., Alabama, Andrew MORELAND in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama, Elisha MORELAND in Marshall Co., Alabama, F.T. MORELAND in Benton Co., Alabama, Greene MORELAND also in Benton Co., Alabama and Wood MORELAND in Benton Co., Alabama, James MORELAND in St. Clair Co., Alabama, Jefferson MORELAND in Russell Co., Alabama and Turner MORELAND in Russell Co., Alabama, Martha MORELAND in Lowndes Co., Alabama, and W.F. MORELAND in Macon Co., Alabama.

Andrew J. MORELAND born ca. 1818 North Carolina appeared on the 1850 and 1860 census in Gilmer Co., Georgia. His wife was named  Mary and they had children: Wesley E. MORELAND born ca. 1837 North Carolina; Martha MORELAND born ca. 1838 North Carolina; Mary MORELAND born ca. 1841 North Carolina; Anna MORELAND born ca. 1844 North Carolina; Jane MORELAND born ca. 1847 Georgia; Louisa MORELAND born ca. 1849 Georgia; Elizabeth MORELAND born ca. 1852 Georgia and Andrew J. MORELAND born ca. 1858 Georgia. (From the chart of Sharon D. Mayberry.)

Also there was a Nancy Turner MORELAND born 24 December 1774 Dinwiddie Co., Virginia; died 12 October 1831 Jefferson Co., Alabama; married 3 May 179? Lincoln Co., North Carolina to William Rose SADLER Sr.. (From the chart of June M. Millwood.)

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George Moreland
Alabama – Oklahoma
Lineage of Ivan Hudgins,
12623 Shorewood Dr. SW
Seattle, WA 98146-3014

George MORELAND born 1840-50 Emell, Alabama, moved to Oklahoma after the Civil War. His children were: Arthur Markus MORELAND who married Ella Cecelia WALTER 1892 – 1979; Molly MORELAND who married D. RACKLEY; Viola MORELAND who married A. RACKLEY; Matte MORELAND who married John KERR.

The children of Arthur Markus MORELAND and Ella Cecelia WALTER (1892 – 1979) were: Winona MORELAND, William James MORELAND, Roy MORELAND, Edna Mae MORELAND died about 1990, Bonita Virginia MORELAND born ca. 1920, married Richard HARRIS; Pauline MORELAND born 1923 married Rudolf DOLEZAL; Katie MORELAND; Jeraldine Violo MORELAND, Ruby Marie MORELAND; Crystal Dot MORELAND and Mary Alice MORELAND born 1934 married first to Paul Burton LEEPER, Jr. (1927 – 1984), married second to Ivan W. HUDGINS born 1926.
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Comments from Nona: As shown on census records compiled by Eldon Edgin there was a George (John?) MORELAND on the 1870 census of Dade Co., Georgia. He had been born 1842 in Alabama and his occupation was “huckster.” Also in the household were Amanda MORELAND born 1841 in Tennessee and George MORELAND born 1850 in Tennessee.

Also in Dade Co., Georgia on the 1870 census was Jas. S. MORELAND born ca. 1807 North Carolina. In the household were: Elizabeth MORELAND born ca. 1820, Wm. J. MORELAND born ca. 1843, Maranda MORELAND born ca. 1851, Augrelu MORELAND born ca. 1853 Georgia, Harriet MORELAND born ca. 1858 Georgia, and James MORELAND born ca. 1863 Georgia.

The 1880 census of Dade Co., Georgia includes a John MORELAND born ca. 1842. Both his parents were born in Tennessee.

I don’t know who Jas. S. MORELAND of Dade Co., Georgia was but I believe the others to be children of Pleasant MORELAND born ca. 1797-98 Goochland Co., Virginia (son of Thomas MORELAND and grandson of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., Virginia). Pleasant was discovered on the 1850 and 1860 census records. Eldon’s notes show that Pleasant was in McMinn Co., Alabama in 1850 but there’s no county by that name in Alabama so there’s an error on that. Pleasant was in Madison Co., Alabama in 1850. Members of the household were: Margaret MORELAND born ca. 1810 Tennessee; James M. MORELAND born ca. 1834 Tennessee; Nancy A. MORELAND born ca. 1836 Tennessee; Thomas MORELAND born ca. 1838 Tennessee; John A. MORELAND born ca. 1841 Alabama; Margaret MORELAND born ca. 1844 Alabama and George W. MORELAND born ca. 1849 Alabama.

Later Thomas, John, Margaret and George W. MORELAND were in Dade Co., Georgia.

Perhaps the elder Pleasant MORELAND mentioned here was also the father of Pleasant MORELAND born ca. 1823. The younger man appears on the Osage Co. and Maries Co., Missouri census records in 1850 and 1860 respectively.

Eldon Edgin continues to collect census records of MORELAND families. Please send them to him at 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248. Fax (972) 991-6873. Email:

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