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The Moreland Muster, Volume VI, Issue 2 Spring 1993


            Interested in Thomas H. MORELAND m. Serilda BRIGGS ca. 1875, found in Pulaski Co., MO on the 1850 census. Will exchange data. Contact Elnora Williams, R. 2, Box 698, Muldrow, OK 74948.

            Note from Nona: Could this be the same Thomas MORELAND who is listed as the son of Elias MORELAND below?

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            Has anyone seen or heard of the following books:  A Genealogical Record of Descendants of David E. and Mary E. Reed Moreland, 1815-1898 by John Funk, 1966, Moreland and Related Families 1666-1892 by Clayton Capers Moreland, Thanks for
Yesterday 1796-1956 by Edna Robertson Moreland, Greenville, Pa. 1956. Respond to Sylvia DiFilippo, 1025 Seymour St., Napa, CA 94559.
            I am looking for any information about the John Dent Grant MORELAND family. He was born 1812/13 Alexandria, DC or Fairfax Co., VA. He md. Rachael MOORE. His son, William C. MORELAND, was b. Old Point Comfort, formerly Elizabeth City County, Aug, 1836. Children: Sarah E. MORELAND b. 1834 VA, William C. MORELAND, Andrew MORELAND b. 1838/9 VA, John W. MORELAND b. 1840 PA, Theodore E. MORELAND b. 1843 PA, Henry J. MORELAND b. 1845 PA, Virginia MORELAND b. 1853, Charles MORELAND b. 1854 PA, Albert S. MORELAND b. 1857 PA. Respond to Jean A. Mitchel, 2824 S. Winona Ct., Denver, CO 80236.

Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography
William C. Moreland
Lawyer, Soldier, Useful Citizen

            The bar of Pittsburgh, distinguished from the beginning, has grown in lustre with the passing years and in patriotism has been excelled by no other bar in the United States, giving to the north, during the Civil War, such champions of the Union as the late Major William C. MORELAND, at one time Judge Advocate General of the Western Division of the National Guard of Pennsylvania. Major MORELAND excelled in all the accomplishments that make for the best in jurisprudence, practice and culture and in all the elements that enter into the qualification of the modern pleader and attorney.
            John Dent Grant MORELAND, father of William C. MORELAND, was a representative of a prominent Virginia family and about 1840 came from his native state to Pennsylvania, settling in Bayardstown, now the Tenth ward of Pittsburgh. Mr. MORELAND was for a time connected with the Allegheny Arsenal and achieved prominence bit only in religious work, but in politics. Always a steadfast Democrat, he served two terms as alderman of his ward, and was at other times a candidate for city treasurer and the legislature. He married Rachael, daughter of William D. MOORE, and their children were: John W.; William C., mentioned below; Theodore; Charles E.; Henry J.; and Albert S. He was a man of sterling character and remarkable energy and transmitted to his sons much of his enterprise and ambition.

            William C., son of John Dent Grant and Rachael (MOORE) MORELAND, was born August 28, 1836, at Old Point Comfort, Virginia, and was four years old when his parents moved to Pittsburgh. At the age of thirteen he became a messenger for the Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Company, the predecessor of the present Western Union, and among his associate messengers were Andrew CARNEGIE, David MCCARGO, Colonel Thomas A. SCOTT and Robert PITCAIRN. The first of these achieved greatness as the monarch of the steel world and the others all became prominent in business. Advancing step by step, Mr. MORELAND became in time a telegraph operator, and after remaining for a short time with the Western Union Telegraph Company, then in its infancy, entered the service of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, serving at Altoona, at Conemaugh and at Parkersburg, Chester County. While working at the last-named place he took part in public debate, his opponent being a well-known politician. Notwithstanding the fact that he represented the weaker side, Mr. MORELAND handled his arguments with so much eloquence and ability that he was pronounced the victor. A congressman who was in the audience was so deeply impressed with the extraordinary capability manifested by the young man that he persuaded him to study for the legal profession, and with this end in view Mr. MORELAND entered the office of General J. Bowman SWEITZER. In 1861 he was admitted to the bar. There his advancement was steady and rapid owing to fact that he possessed that judicial instinct which makes its way quickly through immaterial details to the essential points upon which the determination of a cause must turn and that in argument he was exceptionally logical , forcible and clear. These qualifications, combined with thorough and complete equipment and absolute and unremitting devotion to duty, soon placed him in the front rank of his profession.

            Seven years after his admission to the bar, Mr. MORELAND was a candidate for the office of district attorney, sustaining defeat by but one vote, his opponent being General A.L. PEARSON. Some years later, when General PEARSON was made commander of the Western Division of the National Guard of Pennsylvania, Mr. MORELAND became Judge Advocate with the title of major.

            By birth and training Major MORELAND was a Democrat, but by nature he was superior to partisanship, and when, in 1860, Abraham LINCOLN was nominated for the presidency he had no more staunch supporter in Pittsburgh than this noble  Virginia. Major MORELAND spoke in his behalf in the old city hall, and so impressed the late John H. HAMPTON that the latter solicited a partnership. Later Major MORELAND became a member of the well-known firm of MOORE, MORELAND & KERR. Throughout the Civil War, Major MORELAND pleaded earnestly for the Union cause, giving timely and effective aid to the administration. In 1863 he became a campaign speaker for Andrew J. CURTIN, Pennsylvania's distinguished war governor, rendering inestimable service. Possessing much of the magnetic force of the orator he was a tower of strength to the cause he espoused and a power to be reckoned with by his adversaries. Brilliant, stalwart and of wide and ripe experience, Major MORELAND was consulted on all matters and questions of public movement and as a vigilant and attentive observer of men and measures holding sound opinions and taking liberal views his ideas carried weight among those with whom he discussed public problems. In all things relative to the welfare of his home city he manifested a deep and lively interest and wherever substantial aid would further public progress it was freely given. Widely but unostentatiously charitable, no good work done in the name of philanthropy or religion sought his cooperation in vain.

            In 1881 Major MORELAND succeeded Thomas S. BIGELOW as city solicitor, and Pittsburgh owes to him her present street laws, former legislation having been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. For fourteen years he filled this important and responsible office in a manner highly creditable to himself and satisfactory to all good citizens. For one term he represented the Fifth ward in the common council. His public spirit and rapidity of judgment enabled him, despite other strenuous and engrossing demands upon this time, to give to the affairs of the community effort and counsel of genuine value, and his penetrating thought often added wisdom to public movements. Personally Major MORELAND was a man who drew men to him. A genial, kindly, warm-hearted man his intellect was luminous and vigorous. He regarded law as a science the most intricate problems of which it was his delight to master and unravel. His conversation, replete with information, was enlivened by a ready wit, always restrained, however, by a never-failing consideration for the feelings of others. His countenance was expressive of the sterling qualities on manhood and the sunny disposition which accounted for his having few enemies and numberless friends. He was a courageous man and a true gentleman.

            Major MORELAND married, July 2, 1863, Margaret S., daughter of Thomas and Margaret (PRIMROSE) LITTLE, the former a member of the firm of LITTLE, BAIRD & PATTON, wholesale grocers. By his marriage Major MORELAND became connected with many prominent families of Pittsburgh. Major and Mrs. MORELAND became the parents of two daughters: Caroline Hampton and Anna Lillian, who married, respectively George Scott ABRAHAM and Edgar M. BALSINGER. Major MORELAND was devoted in his family relations and it is perhaps true that the richest and most beautiful traits of his character were those strong domestic affections which impelled him to see his highest happiness in the home circle. Mrs. MORELAND died August 3, 1901. The daughters, Mrs. ABRAHAM and Mrs. BALSINGER, are prominent in church circles and charitable enterprises, and potent factors in Pittsburgh society.

            The death of Major MORELAND, which occurred May 2, 1901, deprived Pittsburgh of one who had for many years presented to the community an example of every public and private virtue. Sincere and true in his friendships, honorable and generous no less than able in his profession, of stainless record as a public official, he irradiated the ever-widening circle of his influence with the brightness of spirit that expressed the pure gold of character. Loyalty constituted an essential part of Major MORELAND's nature. He was loyal to his home city, maintaining the prestige of her bar and ever laboring to promote her best interests; loyal to his adopted state of Pennsylvania to whom, in the hour of her need, he consecrated his rare gift of eloquence; loyal to the noblest traditions of his native state of Virginia; but, above all, loyal to his country, ever saying in word and deed, "I am a Virginian, I am a Pennsylvanian, but first, last and always, I am an American." His loyalty transcended all sectional limitationsit was national. He loved the Union and nobly did he labor for the preservation of its integrity, for the establishment, on a sure foundation, of an undivided people. In the largest sense this man was a patriot.


            George MORELAND came to Missouri before 1830 from East Tennessee. He was on the 1870 census in Jefferson Twp., Maries Co., MO. His children were (not in order): Elias MORELAND b. 1794, md. Miriam SEWELL; Thomas MORELAND b. GA; md. 1st to Elizabeth JAMES; John (Jack) MORELAND md. to Sarah BENNETT; Anderson MORELAND md. 1st to Eleanor NOBLETT; Ann MORELAND md. Mr. RENFRO; Sarah MORELAND md. to Mr. MCCANN; Nancy MORELAND b. 1811 East Tenn., d. 1907 (at age 96); md. James BAILEY.

            Elias MORELAND b. 1794/95; d. 1858 Phelps Co., MO; md. 1820-24 to Miriam SEWELL b. 1798/1800 VA. Their children were: Elias MORELAND b. 1839/40 MO, md. Nancy Jane (on the 1870 census Jefferson Twp., Maries Co., MO); George W. MORELAND b. 18 Dec. 1825 Tenn.; d. 3 Mar. 1900 Mineral Wells, TX, md. 18 Apr. 1847 Crawford Co., MO to Cynthia SHINKLE; Thomas MORELAND md. a Miss BRIGGS [is this Elnora Williams' line?]; Irby MORELAND b. 1841 MO; Pleasant MORELAND b. ca. 1823 Tenn., d. 1862, md. to Elizabeth BOYER; William W. (Bucky Bill) MORELAND b. 1830 Tenn., d. 1907, md. to Lydia A. JOHNSON; Eliza C. MORELAND b. 15 Dec. 1850, d. 16 Dec. 1932, md. to Jackson TERRILL; Miriam MORELAND b. 1837 Ill., md. to William JOHNSON; Nancy MORELAND md. to Rev. Samuel BUTLER; Jane MORELAND md. Samuel CARTER; Samantha MORELAND d. Cooper Co., MO, md. to Mr. CHAPPELL; Mary Caroline MORELAND md. to Leonard SHINKLE.

            Pleasant MORELAND b. 1823 Tenn., d. 1862 was on the 1850 census in Osage Co., MO and on the 1860 census in Maries Co., MO. He and Elizabeth BOYER were the parents of Cecilda MORELAND b. 1845 MO; James Marion MORELAND b. 1847 Rolla, Maries Co., MO, d. 15 Feb. 1907, md. 1st 29 Jan. 1869 to Floria MATSON, 2nd 1873 to Eliza DEATHERIDGE, 3rd 11 Sept. 1890 Newton Co., Ark. to Sarah Jane LIGHT; Ellen Mary MORELAND b. 1849 MO; Hames MORELAND b. 1852 MO; Irving MORELAND b. 1857 MO; Nol MORELAND b. Feb. 1860 MO.

            James Marion MORELAND b. 1843 or 47 Rolla, Maries Co., MO; d. 15 Feb. 1907 Quinton, Pittsburg Co., OK; md. 3rd 11 Sep. 1890 Newton Co., Ark. to Sarah Jane LIGHT b. 21 July 1866 Rolla, Maries Co., MO; d. Pittsburg Co., OK. Their children were: Nellie Gertrude MORELAND b. 5 Aug. 1891 Pope Co., Ark., d. 16 Dec. 1970 Potter Co., TX; md. Windlom Jobe SHORT; Louler B. MORELAND b. 15 Jan. 1893 LeFlore Co., OK, md. to Clem LOGAN; John B. MORELAND b. 9 July 1895 Whitefield, OK; d. 3 Feb. 1952 Ballston Spa, NY, md. 2 Aug. 1916 Pittsburg Co., OK to Zettie WEAVER; Nora Elizabeth MORELAND b. 10 Nov. 1897 Hoyt Indian Territory, Okla., d. 6 Jan. 1986 Talihina, OK; md. to Arthur JOHNSON; Edwin MORELAND b. 4 Dec. 1902 LeFlore Co., OK d. 1928 or 1933, md. to Ruby YOUNG; Edward MORELAND b. 4 Dec. 1902 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 3 July 1971 Potter Co., TX, md. 1st to Mary D. WILLIAMS, md. 2nd to Bobbie WILLIAMS.

Maries County, Missouri Wills, 1866-1888 & Admr. Bonds 1869-1883

BAILEY, Daniel, decd. - J.M. JOHNSON appointed curator of estates of John P., William A., James W., George A., Martin A.; Niagara A., Martha E. BAILEY, minor heirs of dec. 18 May 1870. Sec, R.E. HUTCHERSON, A. JOHNSON, W.R. MCGEE, P.E. HAWKINS, J.T. MARTIN, Gabriel CRISMAN, G.W. SNODGRASS & W.C. CLYMER. (B:49) G.W. SHINKLE appointed curator of the estates of John P. BAILEY (minor under 21), George A. (under 21), Niagara A. (under 18), & James W. BAILEY (under 21). 13 Mar. 1874. Sec, W.W. MORELAND, John GEISLER, G.W. JAMES, John P. MORELAND, G.W. SNODGRASS, J.G. MORELAND & W. WAGNER. (B:142-45) Same for George A. & Martin A. BAILEY, 14 Feb. 1880. (B:277-278)

BAILEY, Daniel, d. testate. (will not given here) Exr. R.E. HUTCHISON, 16 Feb. 1869. Sec, J.P. MORELAND, P.E. HAWKINS, Wm. L. PINNELL, J.G. MORELAND & G.W. SHINKLE. (B:7-8)

BARNWELL, Robert H., will dated 2 Aug. 1886. ...aged 76 years six months and fourteen days. Wife, Eliza J. BARNWELL, all estate both real & personal, and at her death divided between R.L. MORELAND, R.F. BARNWELL & J.F. BARNWELL. Bequests to Rose Ann GEISLER, William R. MORELAND and Medora J. JAMES. Exrs, R.F. BARNWELL & Jas. MORELAND. Wit: J.G. MORELAND & William F. LACY. Rec 6 Sept. 1886 (W:180-182)

BARNWELL - John G. MORELAND appointed guardian & curator of R.V. BARNWELL, minor under the age of 21 yrs. 13 Jan. 1876. Sec, W.L. PINNELL, G.W. SHINKLE & T.R. MORELAND (B:204)

CARRINGTON, James, decd. William L. PINNELL appointed guardian & curator of the estate of Francis M. CARRINGTON, minor heir of the decd. 17 May 1869. Sec, A. JOHNSON & R.E. HUTCHESON. (B:64) John SOUTHARD appointed G & C of estate of Francis M. CARRINGTON, minor, 9 May 1874. Sec, J.R. MORELAND & Edward SOUTHARD. (B:147)

CLARK - John W. HODGE appointed curator of the estate of Martha E. CLARK, minor. 13 Nov. 1872. Sec, W.W. MORELAND & Francis HODGE. (B:91)

HARRISON, Lewis, int. Admr. J.M. COPPEDGE, 3 Jan. 1880. Sec, M.C. HARRISON, L.H. HARRISON, R.J. WALKER, William SMITH, W.M. MORELAND & I.P. MORELAND (B:276)

HOLMAN, Lazarus, - will dated 20 May 1871. Names the following: son David HOLMAN, daughter M.S. LOVELACE, daughter R.L. MCKNIGHT, daughter M.J. WILSON; the children of my son Isaac N. HOLMAN; grandson Willey HOLMAN son of my son John J. HOLMAN, decd...until he becomes 21 yrs of age. Also names daughter-in-law, wife of my son J.J. HOLMAN. Balance to be equally divided among my children, D.S. HOLMAN, M.S. LOVELACE, R.L. MCKNIGHT, J.N. HOMAN, M.J. WILSON. Exrs, son J.N. HOLMAN and Morris CAMPBELL. Codicil - dated 9 Dec. 1871. Land to son Isaac N. HOLMAN. Wit: Joseph STOCKTON & Tippie E. MOORE. Rec. 17 Jan. 1872. (W:33-37) L/T granted Isaac N. HOLMAN & Morris R. CAMPBELL. 11 Jan. 1872. Sec, William THOMPSON & W.W. MORELAND (B:81,279)

JAMES - A.H. HUTCHESON appointed guardian & curator of the estates of (name written over), Mary E. & David JAMES, minors. 11 Feb. 1879. Sec, R.L. SCHENKER, James HUTCHESON & John P. MORELAND. (B:246-248)

JOHNSON, J.A., int. Admr. J.M. JOHNSON, 16 Jan. 1872. Sec, W.W. MORELAND & David JONES. (B:82)

JOHNSON, J.M., decd. F.A. CLEMENTS appointed guardian & curator of John B. JOHNSON (under age 16), Bardny J. (under age 14 years), Thomas F. (under 14 yrs), and Mary B. JOHNSON (under 14 yrs) minor heirs of J.M. JOHNSON, decd. 14 Apr. 1874. Sec, M. FOLLOWILL, William DAVIS, G.W. SNODGRASS, J.P. MORELAND, A.S. HENDERSON, John HUTCHESON, Walter S. SKEEN & David COX. (B:128-32)

JOHNSON, John M., int. Admr, Azro EMORY. 16 Feb. 1874. Sec, W.W. MORELAND, Andrew MORELAND, L. MURRY & Mathew W. KINSEY. (B:121)

JOHNSON, Mary A., int. Admr, W.W. MORELAND, 17 Feb. 1874. Sec, J.M. SMITH, William R. WALKER, G.W. GAILEY, Thomas J. LOVELACE, John William RHODES, John HUTCHISON & Archabald FEELER. (B:122)

KEATON, John R., int. Admr. Nicholas P. MARTIN, 24 July 1880. Sec, G.W. JONES & John P. MORELAND (B:286)

MERIWETHER, Samuel D., - will dated 8 Aug. 1888. Wife, Mary E. MERIWETHER, home premises (described) and personal property. Remainder of estate sold and divided among my children, viz, Charles, Robert, Napolean B., Waldy P., Mary Antonette, Minnie, Annie, Frankie, Thomas E. MERIWETHER, Josephine MILLER wife of Hence MILLER and Bell HART wife of John HART. Exr, Robert MERIWETHER of Phelps Co., MO., also guardian of my minor heirs. Wit: J.E. LOVE, J.A. THORNTON & J.F. MORELAND, all of Vichey, Mo. Rec 22 Aug. 1888. (W:229-233)

MORMAN, G., int. Admr. Azora EMORY, 13 Nov. 1876. Sec. W.W. MORELAND & W.H. BOWLES. (B:218)

MORELAND - J.R. MORELAND appointed curator of the estate of James M. MORELAND a minor heir of the said J.R. MORELAND, 15 Nov. 1869. Sec, J.P. MORELAND, Andrew MORELAND & M.B. JOHN. (B:60) Same, 14 Mar. 1876. Sec, M.B. JOHN & J.G. MORELAND. (B:208)

MORELAND - Nathan H. JOHN appointed curator of the estates of James E. MORELAND & Robert H. MORELAND, minors under age of 21 yrs. 28 Aug. 1874. Sec, M.B. JOHN, G.W. SHINKLE & G.W. JAMES. (B:162-163)

MOSHER, Daniel - elected to office of Public Administrator, 9 Dec. 1880. Sec, R.W. MAHANEY, Joseph STOCKTON, G.W. JONES, T.A. JOHNSON & J.P. MORELAND (B:298-299)

RIEKE, Ferdinand, - will dated 26 June 1876. Wife, Polly M. REAKEY, plantation on which we now reside (described) and personal property and at her death to descent to my five children, to wit, Flowra M., Nelly E., Ednea FIELD, Lorra O. & Charles RIEKE. Extrx, wife Polly M. RIEKE. Wit: Any RIEKE & Elijah JONES. Rec 11 Sept. 1876. (W:92-96) L/T granted to John E. LOVE, 11 Sept. 1876. Sec, William V. WALLACE & J.P. MORELAND (8:217)

SHEPPERD, Henry, int. Admr. Daniel MOSHER, 20 Feb. 1880. Sec, John MORELAND & John W. HORSMAN? (B:281)

SHINKLE, Thomas L., decd. William L. PINNELL appointed guardian & curator of the estates of Thomas W. & Barbary Ellen SHINKLE, minor heirs of the decd. 17 May 1869. Sec, A. JOHNSON. (B:56) Same, 15 Apr. 1874. Sec. R. HUTCHESON, G.W. SHINKLE, J.G. MORELAND & J.P. MORELAND. (B:133-134)

STORM, Jacob, decd. G.W. SHINKLE appointed admr de bonis non, 10 May 1874. Sec, W.W. MORELAND, John GEISLER, J.R. CARTER & G.W. JAMES. (B:146)

THOMPSON, William, int. Admr, E.J. SORRELL. 3 Sept. 1877. Sec, W.W. MORELAND & J.R. MORELAND. (B:223)

History of Maries County, Missouri

            La Fayette MURRY is a farmer of Johnson Township, Maries Co., Mo., and was born in Monroe County, Tenn., in 1834. His parents were Thomas and Nancy (NOBLETT) MURRY; the former was of Irish parentage, was a shoemaker by trade, and followed flatboating to New Orleans. In 1839 he made a trip to New Orleans, and was to meet his family (who was to come to Missouri with Mrs. MURRY's father, William NOBLETT) at St. Louis. The family afterward concluded to cross the river at Cape Girardeau, and came to what is now Maries County. Not finding his family at St. Louis, Mr. MURRY wrote back to his friends in Tennessee to learn their whereabouts, but before he received sufficient information, as was learned some years after, he is supposed to have met his death on the American Bottoms, in Illinois. The mother died about 1843. La Fayette and one sister were the only children, of whom the former was the elder. He received a limited common-school education, and, upon the death of his mother, was bound to Andrew MORELAND, an uncle, with whom he lived until twenty-one. He was then employed in hauling iron from the Meramec Iron Works for several years. In 1858 he married Permelia, daughter of William and Nancy HARRISON, early settlers of Maries County, Mo., where they still live. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. MURRY, three of whom are living. Since his marriage, Mr. MURRY has resided in Johnson Township with the exception of one year spent in Jefferson Township. He owns 120 acres of land, nearly all of which is under cultivation, and for the past fifteen years he has also been engaged in the saw-mill and thrashing business. During the late war he served over four months in Company I, Thirty-second Missouri Infantry, and was discharged in December, 1862, on account of disability. He is a Democrat in politics, and is a member of St. James Post, G.A.R. Mrs. MURRY has been a member of the Baptist Church for many years; she is a native of Maries County.

Land Patents
Newton County, Arkansas

MORELAND, Nancy A.: Vol. AR3210.283, Land Ofc. Harrison, 10 Apr. 07, Doc. #17674, Misc. Doc. #28221, Homestead. Original, Formerly Nancy A. DAVIS; Part #1: S NE, Sec. 1, Twp. 15 N, R 21 W, 80. 200 acres.

The above lineage and information were submitted by Betty Ann Boyd, 5802 Bell Park, Amarillo, TX 79109.

Another Maries Co., Mo. Family

William W. MORELAND b. 1812 South Carolina, d. 1880, md. 1833 Tenn. to Mary "Polly" BENNETT. Their children were: John Gilbert MORELAND b. 20 Nov. 1834 Belleville, Ill, d. 20 July 1911 Henry Co., Mo., md. 1st 18 May 1854 Crawford Co., Mo to Lucinda Jane BARNWELL, md. 2nd 28 Sept. 1876 to Eliza Dora BARNWELL, md. 3rd to Millie MASSEY; Jacob W. MORELAND b. 1837; Jeremiah Henry MORELAND b. 18 Apr. 1839 Crawford Co., MO, d. 1 Aug. 1903 Maries Co., MO, md. 1860 to Rebecca BARNWELL; Mariah Ann MORELAND b. 1841 Crawford Co., Mo., md. 1 Oct. 1857 Crawford Co., MO to Daniel BOWMAN; Sarah E. MORELAND b. 16 Aug. 1843 Crawford Co., MO, d. 19 Apr. 1913 Maries Co., MO, md. 1st 1861 to William Oliver BARNWELL, md. 2nd 1865 to Joshua E. GIESLER; M. Russell MORELAND b. 1847 Crawford Co., MO; and E.J. MORELAND b. June 1850.

John Gilbert MORELAND and Lucinda Jane BARNWELL were the parents of the following: William Robert MORELAND b. 16 July 1855 Maries Co., MO, d. 13 May 1935 Leesville, Henry Co., MO; md. 27 Sept. 1874 Maries Co., MO to Lucinda Ellen MACKEY; Madorah Jane MORELAND b. 16 Mar. 1860, d. 31 Aug. 1896 Maries Co., MO and Eliza R. MORELAND b. 21 Apr. 1869 Crawford Co., MO, d. 2 Oct. 1871 Maries Co., MO.

John Gilbert MORELAND and Eliza Dora BARNWELL had a son Charles Hoie MORELAND b. 15 June 1877 Vichy, MO, d. 20 Apr. 1974 Allen Co., KS, md. 24 Aug. 1898 Henry Co., MO to Ada Belle WILKERSON.

William Robert MORELAND and Lucinda Ellen MACKEY had the following children: William Pink MORELAND b. 6 Aug. 1876 Maries Co., MO, md. 3 Nov. 1901 Henry Co., MO to Daisey Dean INGLE; Louis Hoys MORELAND b. 26 Apr. 1878 Henry Co., MO, d. 17 July 1957 Henry Co., MO, md. 28 Aug. 1901 Henry Co., MO to Iva Ellen GEORGE; Eva Jane MORELAND b. 2 Oct. 1880 Henry Co., MO, d. 12 Feb. 1970 Henry Co., MO, md. 7 Nov. 1897 Henry Co., MO to Charles NEIL; Eda Belle MORELAND b. 10 Dec. 1881 Henry Co., MO, d. 3 Sept. 1883; Dora Eleanor MORELAND b. 23 June 1884 Henry Co., MO, d. Mar. 1967, md. 26 Sept. 1906 Henry Co., MO to William H. MARTIN; Connie E. MORELAND b. 10 Nov. 1886 Henry Co., MO, d. 3 Mar. 1917 Henry Co., MO, md. 24 Oct. 1904 Henry Co., MO to George W. NEIL; Florida May MORELAND b. 10 Feb. 1889 Henry Co., MO, d. 20 Mar. 1972, md. 6 July 1910 Henry Co., MO to Ben E. DEWITT; John Robert MORELAND b. 19 Apr. 1891 Henry Co., MO, d. 4 July 1975, md. 30 Oct. 1912 to Molly TALLY; Mary Arlette MORELAND b. 10 Dec. 1892, d. 1978, md. 24 Dec. 1912 to Waltine S. TALLY; Lilly Megan Fern MORELAND b. 13 Aug. 1895 Henry Co., MO, d. 18 Oct. 1968, md. 29 Dec. 1915 to James Woodson MCGINNESS; Ruth Marie MORELAND b. 22 Mar. 1898 Henry Co., MO, d. 1914.

Submitted by Linda Wilson, 9505 Manchester, Kansas City, MO 64134.

Continued from Volume VI, #1

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Carter County, Tennessee
Wednesday 11 May 1825
p. 415 State vs. John MORELAND (15) or (26) The defendant being charged upon a Bill of Indictment and he for plea there to saith  that the is guilty & thereof. Therefore it is considered by the court that the defendant be fined five dollars on in Custody of the sheriff unless fine & costs be paid or ifsue security.

p. 417 State vs. John MORLAND (15) (26) Scricfacas  The atto Genl by leave of the court enters nole provenquie and the defendant by atto, afsumes the costs it is therefor Considered by the Court that the State recover against the said MORLAND the costs of the prosecution, that the defendant may be in mercy &c.

p. 417 State vs. Amos GIBSON Sacrifacias, the atto General by leave of the court enters a noleprosequir and John MORLAND (15) (26) afsumes Costs therefor it is considered by the court that the state recovers against the said MORLAND the costs of the sacrifaciasand the said (p. 418) MORLAND may be in Mercy &c.

p. 418 State vs. Wm. L. DYER Sciriefacia, the atto General by leave of the court enters a noleprosequi and John MORLAND (15) (26) afsumes the cost it is therfore Considered by the court that the state recover over against the said MORLAND the costs of this screifacia and that the defendant may be in mercy &c.

p. 427 A deed of Mortgage from John MORLAND (15) for sixty acres of land or thereabouts to Alfred W. TAYLOR was proven in open court by Wm CARTER & Wm. B. CARTER the subscribing witnefs thereto and admitted to record  Let it be registered. (Deed Bk. Dp. 7 (40) Dower.)

16 November 1825 Wednesday
pg. 463 John MORLAND (15) vs. Wright MORLAND (14) and now at this day came the parties afsixed by there attornies and there upon came a Jury the same as in above case (Thomas HETHERBY, Abraham DRAKE, William NAVE, William HARDIN, Leonard BOWARZ?, Abraham NAVE, John ADAMS, John HAMBY, James BRADLEY, Joseph PAXTON and Peter RAZOR.) say do find for the plaintiff and afsefses his damages to seventy seven dollars and Twenty cents and five mills  therefore it is considered by the court that the aforesaid John (15) (p. 464)  Recover against the aforesaid Wright (14) the aforesaid sum of Seventy seven dollars twenty cents and five mills by the jury in manner you said and form aforesaid afsefsed and also his costs and charges put to and about his suit in that behalf Expended and that the defendant be in Mercy &c.

2nd Monday February 1826
p. 474 Ordered by the court that Danl BRADLEY be apptd overseer of the publick road in the room of Wright MOORLAND (14) & have the same Hands from the ford to Roans Creek at Jas BRADLEYs to the Dry Run Road above Danl BAKERS.

Wednesday  10 May 1826
p. 519 Ordered by the court that James W. CLAWSON be appointed overseer of the public road in the room of William MORELAND (24) and have same bounds and hands.

p. 526 State vs. Stephen COOPER And the defendant came into open court and acknowledged himself indebted to the State in the sum of five hundred dollars to keep the peace towards the good people of the State of Tennessee and Daniel SWINNEY, William B. CARTER & William MORELAND. (24) Bail of said Stephen come into open court and acknowledged themselves indebted to the State in the sum of two hundred fifty Dollars each to be levied of their goods and chattles lands and tenements and void on condition that the said Stephen (p. 527) COOPER keep the peace towards the good people of Tennefsee and especially towards...

p. 531  Insolvent tax lists: 1817-18-19-20. No MORELANDs listed.

Carter County, Tennessee
County Clerks Office Minute Book
November 1826-May 1829

February Session 1827
pg. 30  the State vs. John MORLAND (15)  and the said John MORLAND being sollam late came not But made default therefour it is considered By the court that the State said John Forfeits his Bail.  (record lined out)

pg. 30  State vs. John MORLAND (26), James I. TIPTON, Saml. A. BOYD  Being Solemly later came not But made default therefore it is considered By the court that the said James I. TIPTON & Samuel BOYD forfit there Reconniance (record lined out)

pg. 31  State vs. John MORELAND (26) In this case the Deft bein called to come into Court and answer the charge of the State against him according to his recognizance & James I. TIPTON & Saml BOYD his securities when call to bring in the body of the said John MORELAND (26) to answer said Charges according to their recognizance And the said John MORELAND (26) came not but made default. It is therefore considered by the court that the State of Tennefsee recover of said John MORELAND five hundred dollars the amount of his recognizance unlefs he show sufficient cause to the contrary at next court and that the fee? ifsue accordinglyAnd it is further considered by the Court that James I. TIPTON & Samuel BOYD Secerally forfit & pay to the State of Tennefsee two hundred and fifty Dollars cash the e? convient? of their recognizance unlefs they show sufficint (p. 32) causes to the contrary at next court and that acicri facias respectively ifsue against each of their Defendants.

14 February 1827  Wednesday
pg. 32  State vs Right MORELAND (14) This being a warrant obtained by John MORELAND (15) against the deft to keep the peace & he having appeared at this court & the Prosecutor having fail to appear & presecute the same It is considered by the court that the Deft be discharged & that John MORELAND pay the costs of this suit the same being frivolus & malicious. It is therefore considered by the court that the State recognize the said John MORELAND the costs of this prosecution.

2nd Monday  May 1827
pg. 51  Ordered by the court that ...Charles MOORLAND (7) be sworn to the Circuit court at September Term 1827

Wednesday  16 May 1827
pg. 69  Hamilton B. HAMPTON cont. return his Execution Ifd by a Justice of the peace in favor of Wright MOORLAND (36) agst T. WHITEHEAD for the sum of 25...37 cents, no goods no chattles found in my count of Defts levied on a tract of land in Carter County whereon the sd WHITEHEAD now lives, number of acres not known, it is therefore ordered by the Court that the shff sell sd Land or so much thereof as Shall be of value sufficient to satisfy sd Execution & costs to the motion.

pg. 89  State vs. John MOURLAND (26) The atty General by leave of the court enters a nole prosequi Thereupon the Defendant and James I. TIPTON, his security came into court and afsumes the costs. It is therefore considered by the State that the State recover of the Defendant and James I. TIPTON the costs of this prosecution and that the defendant be in mercy &c.

pg. 89  State vs. John MOURLAND (26)  The attorney General with leave of the Court enters a nole prosiqui and the Defendant and James I. TIPTON his security afsumes the Costs. It is therefore Considered by the court that the State recovers of the Deft. and James I. TIPTON the cost of this prosecution and the Deft. in Mercy &c.

pg. 89 State vs. James I. TIPTON bail of John MOURLAND (26) The attorney General by the leave of the Court enters a noli prosequi and James I. TIPTON afsumes the costs. It is therefore Considered by the court, that the state recovers of the sd James I. TIPTON the costs of this case and the Deft. in Mercy &c.

16 May 1827
pg. 90  State vs. Samuel T. BOID bail of John MOURLAND (26) (35)  the Attorney General by leave of the Court enters a Noli Prosequi and Samuel T. BOID and James I. TIPTON afsumes the cost. It is therefore Considered by the Court, that the State recovers of the sd Samuel T. BOID and James I. TIPTON the costs of this case and the Deft. in Mercy &c.

16 August 1827  Thursday
pg. 106  James I. TIPTON vs John MORLAND (26) (35) It is appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that James I. TIPTON as bail of John MORLAND paid thru judgements enters against As security of said MORLAND as a form denyg? this court for the amount of twenty nine Dollars & seventy cents costs on said thru? case. It is therefore on motion of I. TAYLOR considered by the court that the said James I. TIPTON recover of the said John MORELAND (26) (35) the said amount of twenty nine dollars & seventy cents the amount for which said TIPTON is liable as security for said MORLAND Together with the costs of the matter & deft in Mercy.
16 August 1827  Thursday
pg. 107 Saml BOYD & J.I. TIPTON vs. John MORLAND (26) (35)  At appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Saml BOYD & J.I. TIPTON as the security of the said MORLAND have en yesterdey had judgements served against them for eight Dollars & ninty cents the costs of Sin Fa? against BOYD as bail of said MORELAND. It is therefore On Motion of Js TIPTON atty considered by the Court that plfts recover of the Defendant the said eight Dollars & ninety cents for which they are liable Together with the costs of the matter.

2nd Monday in August 1828
pg. 235 a deed of Conveyance from John BARKER (BAKER?) to Right MOORLAND (36) for one hundred and thirty acres of land proven in open court by Daniel STOUT & George STOUT two subscribing witnefses thereto & admited to record. Let it be registered.

pg. 263  A Deed of Conveyance from Wright MOURLAND (36) to Henry STOUT for One Hundred and Thirty Acres of Land was proven in open court by William B. CARTER & James B. MOURLEY two subscribing witnefses thereto was admitted to Record. Let it be Registered. (Deed Bk. Dp 173.)

November 1828
pg. 266 Ordered by the Court that Lawson GOODWIN, Overseer of the road from Mrs. SMITH's to Lawson GOODWINs have the following hands to wit: Lawson WHITEs hands Joshua PERKINS, John PERKINS, Lawson GOODWIN & hands, John JESTIN, Charles JESTIN, Joseph VAUN and hands on Charles MOURLAND (7) farm and William LEWIS farm.

(24) (6) Gone to Monroe Co., TN ca. 1828.

Carter County, Tennessee
Court of Common Pleas
& Quarter Sessions Minute book
August 1829-May 1833

pg. 4    Ordered by the Court that Leonard HART, Jur, William SMITH, Leonard MORGAN, William CROFS, Nehemiah HURLEY, Moses ESTEP, John SHEFFIELD, Aaron RAMBOW, John CROSSWHITE, John HAMBY, Thomas SLOVAN, Joseph VAUGHT, Absalom LOYD, John WHALEY, Charles MORELAND, (7) Charles JUSTICE, David GENTRY, Hugh WARDIN, John LYON, James HEATHERLY, Jacob SIMMERLY, Joseph SHOWLY, Joseph RENFROW and John BROYLES by jurors to November Sefsions 1829.

pg. 8    A deed of Conveyance from William MORELAND (10) to Julius DUGGAR for fifty acres of Land was prove in open Court by Lawson WHITE and Lawson GOODWIN two subscribing witnefses thereto was admitted. (From McMinn Co., TN.) (Deed Bk C p. 395; & D Bk. Dp302.)

10 November 1829
pg. 32  Court met according to adjornment Present worshipful...William GOTT, sheriff returned the States writ of Venire facias executed from which the following persons were drawn grand jurors and the Court appointed Joseph RENFROW, foreman...12. Charles MOURLAND (7)... Impaneled, sworn and charged and withdrew to inquire of their presentments.

Thursday   13 May 1830
pg. 112 Sarah MOORLAND (40) vs Jefse ADAMS  Jesse ADAMS presented his petition praying writs of Cerli? Ovari? and sufreose? de as and for reasons appearing to the court it is therefore Ordered that writs of Contionari? and supersede as Ifsue agreeable to the prayer of the petitioner he giving bond and security as the law directs.

May Session 1831
pg. 208  State vs John MORELAND  In this case the defendant having on the 7th day of May 1831 entered into a recognizance apear the Benl Samuel PAUNLE? Judge of the Circuit Court of Law & exer? to? Enviaal? Circuit north Alford W. TAYLOR and Christian C. NAVE as the security all in the sum of one thousand Dollers  viz, The Said MORLAND in the sum of five hundred Dollers and the Said TAYLER & NAVE for the sum of two hundred fifty dollers wch  payable to the State Tennefsee And to be levied of their respective goods and chattles land & Tennements To be void on condition that the said Defendant John MORLAND (15) Would make his personal appearance at the Court house in Elizabethton Carter County before the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of said County on the Tuesday next after the second Monday in the present month and answer a charge of the State against him for maliciously burning the fence of Henry STOUT and not Dyptut? the same without harm? otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue And now in this day the said MORLAND being Solemly called to come into Court and answer said blaife? and the said A.W. TAYLOR and C.C. NAVE his securities being solemly called to bring into court the body by said Defendant to aRain? said chafe? The said Defendant came not but made default It is therefore considered by the Court that the State of Tennefsee recover of the said John MORLAND (15), Alfred W. TAYLOR & Christian C. NAVE his securities the said one thousand dollers  viz xxx the said MORLAND five hundred dollers and the said Alfred W. TAYLOR and the (p. 209) said Christian C. NAVE two hundred and fifty dollers each unlefs they show sufficient cause to the contrary at our next Court and that Sci Fas ifsue accordingly.

Tuesday  9 August 1831
pg. 235 State vs John MORELAND (15) The defendant being charged upon the bill of indictment and he for plea thereto pleaded Guilty was imprisoned thirty minutes and fined one dollar, it is therefore considered by the court that the State recover over against the said defdt the sum of one dollar the aforesaid fine and all Costs and Charges put to and about this prosecution in that be half expended and that the defdt be in Mercy &c.

pg. 235 State vs. John MORELAND (15) The defdt in his proper person came into Court & assumes the Cost of this Ciri facias Therefore it is Considered by the Court that the State recover over against the defendant the Cost and charges put to and about this prosecution in that behalf expended and that the defdt be in Mercy &c.

pg. 235 State vs. Alford W. TAYLOR Ciri Facias having run and been executed on Alford W. TAYLOR the Bail of John MORELAND (15) Came into open Court afsumes the Costs, it is therefore considered by the Court that the State recover against John MORELAND the costs & charges put to & about said Ciri Facies.

pg. 237 State vs. Christian C. NAVE  Bail  John MORELAND (15) in his proper person came into open court and afsumed the Costs of this Ciri Facias in this case therefore it is considered by the court that the State recover against the aforesaid John MORELAND the Costs of this Ciri Facias and that the defendants may be in Mercy &c.

Friday  16 November 1832
pg. 380 A bill of Sale from Sarah MOORLAND (40) to Right MOORLAND (14) for a Negro boy Named Alford age about 6 months old was proven in open court by Nicholas GRINDSTAFF a subscribing witnefs thereto & admitted to Record.

pg. 380 A Bill of Sale from William CARTER late Sheriff by D.M. MOODY his deputy to Right MOORLAND (14) for a Negro woman named Mahala was proven in open court by William GOTT & James I. TIPTON two subscribing witnefses thereto and admitted to record. (Taxes.)

Friday  16 November 1832
pg. 380 A Bill of Sale from Sarah MOORLAND (40) to Wright MOORLAND (14) for a Negro Boy named Sampson age about 18 months was proven in open Court By James BRADLEY a subscribing witnefs thereto & admitted to Record.

July 1836 - December 1840
pg. 7   Ordered by the court that the shff of this County Receive John MORELAND (15) a prisoner of Johnson County & him safely keep so that the Sheriff of Johnson County when called for. And we further order that said prisoner be kept in the jail house built for this County (but not given on as yet by permission of Jas. P. TIPTON the contractor for Said Jail untill called for by the authority of said Johnson County this? pay said County of Carter aquidated? expences for keeping and Retaining said prisoners. ((40 (15) now in Johnson Co., TN 1836. Only Charles & Wright left until c1845 when (14) returns.)

May 1st 1837
pg. 42  Alfo an approtiation to the said Abraham TIPTON Sheriff of fifty three Dollars & fifty cents for Keeping John MORELAND (15) 140 days in the Jail of this county and those voting in favor of said appropriation were... (13 persons listed)... and thare being a majority in favour of Said appropriations. It is tharefore ordered by the court that he be allowed the Sum of fifty three & fifty cents for Keeping Said MORELAND to be paid out of the County Moneys not otherwise appropriated. 

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