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The Moreland Muster, Volume VI, Issue 1 Winter 1992/1993

Family Reunion

Who: All descendants of Thomas SIMPSON and Nancy MORELAND who settled in Oregon Co., MO in the 1850s.

Where: Senior Citizen's Center, Alton, Oregon Co., MO

When: Saturday, May 29, 1993 at 11 a.m.

All relatives are invited, including those we haven't met before. Please bring a food item to share, old photos of ancestors, family stories to tell, etc. For more information contact Nona Williams, PO. Box 225, Ben Lomond, CA 95005, (408) 475-3114.


            Do you have any information about the other William MORELAND in NC? Thomas MORELAND had a son, William, the smithy who died in 1816 in Guilford Co. John of Edgecombe and Halifax Cos. had a son, William. Do you have anything on him?

            I feel that Peter MORELAND is from one of the NC lines, but am making no progress.

Respond to Marjorie Rutledge, 6311 E. University, Dallas, TX 75214

* * * * *

            Seeking information on Alice MORELAND b. Washington or Carter Co., TN ca. 1860-1877, md. Samuel Jesse HOWARD ca. 1890-92. Had 3 children, all born in Washington or Carter Co., TN:

            1-Ada Mildred HOWARD b. 1894
            2-Lossie Tillman (male) b. 1896
            3-Martha Cloret b. 1898
Alice died when Martha was 2 years old. Samuel Jesse HOWARD moved to Portland, Oregon ca. 1902-05. He married 2nd to Amanda ___? after 1905 in OR. Who were Alice's parents and grandparent? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Respond to Ruby Earls King, PO. Box 1093, Foresthill, CA 95631

* * * * *

            After several years of research, I have rerouted my MORELANDs from Lincoln Co., NC to Surry Co., NC. Can someone set me straight or challenge?

B. 1819 High Sholes, Lincoln Co., NC
D. 1890 Texas
M. Delilah OLINGER 1841 Hamilton Co., TN

Ch: Mary Elizabeth b. 1843 TN.
         Sarah Louisa b. 1844 TN; m. Daniel W. DOOLEY
         Lydia Jane b. 1846 TN
         Martha M. b. 1849 TN
         Fannie b. 1853 TN
         Thomas J. b. 1855 MO
         Francis b. 1857 MO

Thomas MORELAND (Census: Rutherford, NC 1820; Rhea Co., TN 1830; Hamilton Co., TN 1840)
B: 1798
M: Elizabeth ADAMS (Rutherford Co., NC. Bond 135340, no date)
CH: Lydia b. 1818 NC
         M: Cornelius GANN (Walker Co., GA, 1850 census
         CH: Davis b. 1819 (More children listed in 1840 census)

Joseph MORELAND (Census: Surry Co., NC, 1800 and 1810)
B: ca. 1774-6
D: 1821 (Deed Surry Co., NC and will dated 15 June 1818)
M: Sarah THORNTON (Surry Bond 17 May 1797)
CH: Thomas b. 1798 m. Elizabeth ADAMS
         Polly b. ca. 1799 m. Thomas HAUSER
         Nancy b. ca. 1803
         Joseph b. ca. 1804 m. Devine Howard CARTER (Hamilton Co., TN 1840 census)

William MORELAND (census: Surry Co., NC 1800 and 1810)
B: ca. 1752
D: 1816 (deceased in deed)
M: ca. 1772
CH: Joseph b. 1774-6 md. Sarah THORNTON
         John b. ca. 1776
         James b. ca. 1780 m. Mary GARDNER
         Nancy b. ca. 1784 m. Thomas HOLLEMAN
         Elizabeth m. George SWEAT
         Polly m. Jacob DOUTHIT
         Francis b. ca. 1794 m. Rebecca BEAN

M: Dorothy
CH: William b. ca. 1752

Respond to Loretta Widdows, 106 Park Dr., Cranford, NJ 07016

* * * * *

            My Margaret MORELAND who married Franklin TERRY in San Luis Obispo, California was the daughter of Margaret Rose O'NEIL from Montreal, Canada. I still need the name of the MORELAND that Margaret Rose O'NEIL married.

Respond to Norine Faria, 2093 Willester Ave., San Jose, CA 95124-2013

* * * * *


Susan Emeline MORELAND
B: 1858 Yolo Co., CA
D: 1936 Napa, CA (buried Hartley Cemetery Lake Port, CA)
M: ca. 1875 to A.R. CONNER at Lake Co., CA

Parents: Susan's mother was Lavinia HARDEN of New York and her father was William MORELAND b. ca. 1828 Martin Co., Indiana

William's parents were Enos MORELAND who md. Jane MARTIN b. 1809 Kentucky.

Enos' mother may have been named Susan or Susannah.

Lineage of Sylvia DiFilippo, 1025 Seymour St., Napa, CA 94559

* * * * *

Note from Nona: Sylvia's line ties in with that of Gladice Pappas who also descends from Enos MORELAND.

* * * * *

Avery MORELAND b. 1 Aug. 1847; d. 1938/39 md. Demaries (Demeris/Damaris) JAMES b. 22 Sep. 1855/56; d. 1943 MO. Both are buried at Mars Hill Cemetery, Stone Co., MO.  Their daughter, Olla, was b. 23 June 1877; d. 14 May 1942; md. Andrew J. WICKER.

Lineage of Mordeana Redden, A-4-29 FA Unit 23733, APO, AE 09034

* * * * *

Note from Nona: Using the MORELAND census records that were compiled by Eldon Edgin, I found the following family in Maries Co., MO in 1880:



Cora B.

Olive M.

Also in Maries Co., MO in 1880 were the following:

Andrew J.

Sarah J.


Nancy T.

Andrew B.

Alice is identified as the step-daughter of Andrew. The following family is listed in the 1850 census for Pulaski Co., MO:

Andrew J.






Also in Pulaski Co., MO in 1850 were:

Thomas H.


John H.

Malicia J.

Note: Malicia was 9 months old.

            Betty Little descends from John MORELAND b. 1846 MO; resided in Maries Co., MO in 1880; md. T. Missouri HAWKINS b. 1850, Missouri. She states that John's parents were born in Tennessee. It seems possible that John and Avery were brothers and may have been related in some way to Andrew J. MORELAND who was either born in Tennessee or Virginia.

            The MORELANDs of Goochland Co., VA were neighbors of William JAMES the ancestor of Jesse and Frank JAMES. It would be interesting to discover whether Demaries JAMES who married Avery MORELAND was related to the notorious JAMES family.

            Another interesting fact is that Maries Co. and Pulaski Co., MO are near Texas Co., MO where a descendant of the Carter Co., Tennessee MORELANDs settled.

            The Thomas H. MORELAND in Pulaski Co., MO in 1850 may or may not be related to other MORELANDs in that area. Elnora Williams descends from Thomas and Serilda and she states that Thomas was born either in TN or VA. Thomas was born 1 Jan. 1816 (the 1850 census must be in error) and he is buried in Carroll Co., Ark. Thomas MORELAND and Serilda BRIGGS were married in Crawford Co., MO ca. 1845.

            If anyone can offer any additional ideas about how these families might be related to one another and where they originated from, please send the information to this newsletter.

* * * * *

New Information

            The following was posted on Prodigy's computer bulletin board by a MORELAND researcher: My great-great-great-grandfather, Edward MORELAND and his sister, Sally MORELAND were born in the 1790s. Edward was born about 1793. They were raised by their Aunt ATKINSON in Jones Co., GA. They were supposed to be orphans and their father was supposed to have been killed by Indians. Technically speaking, to be orphaned at this point in time, was that your father had been killed. Anyway, I did find a John MORELAND who had been killed by the Creek Indians in 1799 in Greene Co., GA. There were also two other John MORELANDs in the county at the same time (father and son). Don't know if there was a relation between the one killed and these two. It is interesting to note that the wife of the John killed was named Lucy and she did apply for letters of admin. but no children were mentioned. However, it was stated that there was not more in the estate than would sustain her for more than one year, which meant that there would not have been any guardian bonds, even if there were children. Also, I did find a John ATKINSON that married a Sally MORELAND in March 1800 in Greene Co. I believe this to be the Aunt ATKINSON that raised the orphans, Edward and Sallie. It is possible that Lucy was Edward and Sallie's mother and the Sally that married John ATKINSON was Lucy's sister-in-law (John MORELAND's sister, the one killed). It is also possible that not only did the children move in with their aunt ATKINSON, but their mother (Lucy) also. This theory is further supported in the fact that in John ATKINSON's will, he names his wife to be Lucy and states in his will that she is his second wife (his first wife was Sallie). Also, I read in a query somewhere that there was also a Bartlett MORELAND in Greene Co. GA in the 1796 tax digests. The names Bartlett and Edward are repeated several times in my MORELAND lines. My grandfather was named Rufus Bartlet MORELAND and also my great-great-great-grandfather named one of his children Bartlett MORELAND. I believe that this Bartlett and Edward MORELAND found in Greene Co., GA in the 1790s may have been brothers. Also there were two MORELANDs living next to each other in Halifax Co., NC named Edward and Bartlett.

Information from Bill Moreland, 4281 Camaron Way, Lithonia, GA 30058.

Note: the following note was posted by Jane Linswiler on Prodigy and I don't have an address for her, but am repeating the information here in hope that it will be of interest to someone:

            My William Turner SADLER is son of Nathaniel Milton SADLER and Phoebe Tucker MORELAND. Nathaniel's brother, William Rose SADLER married Phoebe's sister, Nancy Turner MORELAND. Both were in the 1790s in Lincoln Co., NC. Nathaniel's family went to Putnam Co., GA. William's family went to Jefferson Co., Alabama. Both MORELAND girls are said to have been born in Dinwiddie Co., (burned), VA. They are the daughters of Joseph MORELAND who died before their marriages (in Lincoln Co.) and left a will which was printed in the Journal of North Carolina Genealogy VIII, 1962, pp. 1003, 1004 and 1033. It names brother Francis MORELAND, Turner HUNT, two sons: Isaac and Turner and 3 eldest Nancy, Isaac and Phoebe T.

* * * * *


Genealogical Abstracts from Eighteenth Century Newspapers by Robert K. Headley, Jr., pg. 224: MAJOR Family, HCC, 18 Mar. 1796, between John PERKINS admr. of his late wife Betty PERKINS (pltf) and Francis MORELAND and George BRASFIELD ex. of William MAJOR dec'd Thomas TRICE admr. of Mary his wife, Solomon PATILLO and Sarah, and the said Francis MORELAND and Nancy his wife and Bernard MAJOR ex. of Christian MAJOR who was extx. of Bernard MAJOR (defs) (RMS) 27 Apr. 1796)

Virginia Soldiers in the United States Army 1800-1815 by Stuart L. Butler, Iberian Publishing Co., Athens, GA 1986, pg. 130: John MORELAND, 7th inf. (29) (Farmer) b. Goochland Co., VA, enlisted on 5 May 1813, discharged Baton Rouge, La. 5 Apr. 1818

Virginia's Colonial Soldiers by Lloyd D. Bockstruck, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1988, p. 220: Edward MORELAND, Christopher MOEING, Surry Co., VA Militia. Pg. 72/98 Francis MORELAND, sgt. 13 Sep. 1756, Surry Co., VA, 22, 5'7", shoemaker, VA, fair, and likely a scar on his forehead, p. 98.

Virginia Vital Records by Judith McGhan, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1984, pg. 215: Ann MORLAND the daughter of Thomas MORELAND and Mary his wife was born 11 Aug. 1722 at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, Isle of Wight Co., VA. John MORELAND, the son of Thomas MORELAND and Mary his wife was born 20 Sep. 1716 at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Isle of Wight Co., VA Pg. 652: A.G. CORBIN m. Mary E. MORELAND, 3 Dec. 1839, Culpepper Co., VA

Virginia Marriage Records by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1984, pg. 592: York Co., VA, 13 Jan. 1774, Richard GARRETT m. Mary MORELAND, sec. John MORELAND. Pg. 574: Surry Co., VA, 28 Jan. 1772, William SMITH m. Anne MOORING, daughter of Henry MOORING, sec. John JUDKINS, William Henry MOORING writes consent. Pg. 572 Surry Co., VA, 16 Feb. 1772, Henry MOORING, Jr. m. Mary SMITH, sec. John JARRAT. James SMITH, guardian writes consent for William MOORING, Jr.  to marry Mary SMITH, orphan of Henry SMITH, dec'd. Pg. 573 Surry Co., 22 Jan. 1773, John JURRAT m. Rebecca MOORING. Pg. 369, Norfolk Co., VA, 20 Nov. 1797, John MORELAND m. Miss DELANY. Pg. 590, York Co., VA, 8 Dec. 1772, John MORELAND m. Fanny STROUD, sec. John STROUD, wit. Ro RUFFIN. Pg. 595, York Co., VA, 29 Oct. 1785, Lewis CHARLES m. Mary ALLEN. sec. Robert MORELAND

Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800 Vol. II by Dorothy F. Wulfeck, pg. 53: ____ MORING of King William Co., VA m. Ann(e) Barber JONES, daughter of Lane (1733-54). Pg. 54: John MORING b. 1764, Surry Co., VA, d. 1844, Chatham Co., NC m. 2nd Elizabeth SMITH. DAR No. 65,936. Pg. 54: Benjamin MORELAND m. Keziah HARVY, 6 Sep. 1794, sur. Evan HARVEY, Bedford Co., VA Pg. 54: Joseph MORLAND m. Kathy LOYD, 25 Jul. 1796, sur. Henry LOYD, Bedford Co., VA Pg. 54, Thomas MORING m. Susannah CHUMLEY, 10 Aug. 1798, Halifax Co., VA Pg. 50: Bazaleel MORELAND m. Margaret FAHS, Red Hampshire Co., VA where daughter was born, Fulton, p. 483. Pg. 50: Rebecca MORELAN m. Jesse LEWIS. Pg. 51, Jason MORELAND m. Martha TULLIS, 14 May 1796, Lynchbury p. 156. Pg. 51: John MORELAND m. Ann OGELSBY, 15 Nov. 1775, Both of this parish, Douglas Register, Goochland Co., VA.

Abraham MORLAND, roll #34,400, pg. 54, York Co., VA apprenticed as cordwiner to George BROWN, 24 Sep. 1694.

Augustine MORELAND (bet. 1665-1672) Roll 34,400, York Co., VA p. 287, p. 463 Elizabeth City Co., Va 1704, Quit Rent, Cavalier and Pioneers, Ann, extrx. of aforesaid dower proved 9 May 1690.  Children: 1. Thomas md. Ann Norfolk Co., VA, Roll 32815, pg. 282, received land from Augustine MORELAND, where Francis MORLAND now lives. Sued for return of negro, Jack. 2. John m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward WRIGHT, Roll 850,107 debt to estate. William Bartlett MORELAND, oldest son of Edward, Surry Co., VA, birth proved about 1680. Will 9 July 1725. Probate 18 Aug. 1725. Wife Margaret HARRIS. Friend? William JUDKINS d. 12 Aug. 1721. Mother Margaret Taylor HARRIS d. 20 Sep. 1721. Bartlett and Margaret named admin. Bartlett died, will 1725, Surry Co., VA. Margaret m. James VAUGHN in 1729. Son: Motions MORELAND b. ca. 1708 m. Elizabeth, had two daughters: Mary and Lucy MORELAND m. son of James VAUGHN who d. 1731. Mary was underage in 1725, b. about 1710. Inherited the land in York Co. that came from her mother's family. Mary to be in the care of Jane HUNNIFORD until 18 years of age.

Bazeleel MORELAND b. 25 Feb. 1782, Charles Co., MD, d. 19 Sep. 1857, m. Margaret FAHS b. 6 Nov. 1785, d. 11 Sep. 1864, Knox Co., OH. Children: Elizabeth  b. 1807 Red Hampshire Co., VA md. Joseph EVANS 26 Dec. 1831. Ann b. 1808 Red Hampshire Co., VA m. Rees JONES 1 Apr. 1825. Mary b. 1809 Red Hampshire Co., VA, d. 21 Oct. 1876, md. Peter EVANS. Margaret b. 16 Feb. 1810 Red Hampshire Co., VA, d. 16 June 1881, m. Alban WORTHEN. Phillip F. b. 1815 Hampshire Co., VA, d. 1875, m. Elizabeth WORTHEN. Martha b. 3 Aug. 1817, Hampshire Co., VA, d. 30 May 1892, m. Burdette WORTHEN. William b. 19 Nov. 1819, Hampshire Co., VA m. Nancy SAMPSON. Rebecca b. 1822 Hampshire Co., VA, d. 1904, m. Felix R. DONNELLY. Lettice b. 1823, Hampshire Co., VA, d. 18 Nov. 1850, m. William Braddock DONNELLY. Richard b. 1824, Hampshire Co., VA. Katherine b. 18 Mar. 1829 b. Hampshire Co., VA, m. Robert D. HORTON 1849. George W. b. 1830 Hampshire Co., VA. (By Mona Brown, Box 1711, Twin Falls, Idaho.)

Benjamin MORELAND, roll 34,105, Surry Co., VA Wills p. 199, 1778-1783, paid 8000 lbs current money for 125 acres land in Surry Co. by Mary and Gabriel HUDGINGS, inventory 1787, Surry Co., VA.

Dormett MORELAND, Cavalier and Pioneers, pg. 261-600 acres land, Northampton Co., VA, 12 Oct. 1652, at Anancocke beg. at So. Point, prob. about 1620.

Edward (1) MORELAND b. about 1630, d. about 1695. Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 132, Edward MORELAND, headwright of William JONES, New Kent Co., VA, transported 1 Feb. 1663, Roll 34,405, Bk. 10 1694-1697 pg. 454 and Patent Book Virginia, #5 p. 464, about 1696 Samuel MORELAND sued to obtain what was left him in Edward's will.

Edward (2) MORELAND b. about 1660, Surry Co. Will Book 6, p. 181. Will 15 Dec. 1712. Probated 17 Mar. 1713. Names wife extrx. and gives her all the estate in Virginia and elsewhere. Quit rent in Surry Co., VA 1704, 225 acres. Children: Bartlett m. twice. Had daughter Mary by first wife, son Motions by second wife, b. about 1683, d. 1725 at Surry Co., VA (m. Margaret Taylor HARRIS). Edward (3) MORELAND b. about 1685. Will 22 Dec. 1729, Isle of Wight Co., VA. Prob. m. Unity who signed his will. Mary b. about 1687. Ann b. about 1689. Elizabeth b. about 1691. Motion b. about 1677, d. before 1712 when his father died. His father's will names Motion's children: Thomas 25, Elizabeth, 27, Mary 27, Ann 29, Edward (4) 31, Martha 33, Katherine 35.

Edward MORELAND will 1713, Surry Co., VA

Edward MORELAND, inventory 1729, Norfolk Co., VA

Edward MORLAND (5) b. 1745, d. 15 Sep. 1841. Pvt. VA. m. Elizabeth JONES. DAR Patriot List.

Francis MORELAND, will, York Co., VA 1656

Francis MORELAND (2) brother of Matthew Cavaliers and Pioneers Bk. 10, p. 210 b. about 1687, d. 1734. Son of John about 1665-1706. Living in James City Co., Yorkhampton 11 Sep. 1717, 1719, 1832. Francis got 50 acres in James City Co., VA Bk. 10, p. 218 on 11 Sep. 1717.

Francis MORELAND (3) b. about 1700. Abstracts of Land Patents Prince George Co., VA Patent Bk. 9, p. 138, 400 acres Reedy Branch, Moccosoneck Creek, 11 Apr. 1732.

Francis MORELAND (5) 5' 7" tall. Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 b. 1734 in Virginia, age 22, shoemaker. Enlisted 13 Sep. 1755, Surry Co., VA (next to James City Co.) d. 27 Aug. 1782. Inventory of estate 562 lbs. Surry Co., VA Wills Roll 34,105. Virginia Troops in French and Indian Wars p. 384. Roll of Capt. Harrison's Co. 13 July 1756, m. Anne. Payroll receipts, clerk of Nathaniel THOMPSON, May 1757.

A Francis MORELAND paid tax in Dinwiddie Co., VA 1782-1787.

Francis MORELAND (6) (may be the same as #5) b. about 1736. Talbot Mill Census 1776, Maryland Records p. 227. Had one girl b. about 1762, one about 1764.

Francis MORELAND, will & inventory, 1782, Surry Co., VA.

Francis MORELAND, inventory 84, Surry Co., VA.

George MORELAND b. 1 Nov. 1725, Gloucester Co., VA m. Elizabeth RADBURN (b. 29 Oct. 1728). Children: David b. 25 Jan. 1750, Gloucester Co., VA m. Sallie ATLEE. Mary Ann b. 14 May 1754, Gloucester Co., VA m. Robert PARNELL. by Leonard Shelley, 301 Norton, Long Beach, CA.

Henry MORELAND prob. about 1640-1700, m. Ann, Roll 30,819, York Co., VA, p. 20. Son William, bapt. Feb. 1689 at James City, York Co., York Parish.

Henry MORELAND inventory 1787, Surry Co., VA

Henry MORELAND will 1799, Surry Co., VA

James MORELAND m. Mary. Daughter: Pricilla b. 1 June 1722, bapt. 7 July 1722, Bristol Parish Register, p. 335.

John MORELAND Hotten's List - came on Abigale 1621 with Thomas MORELAND, age 19. Isle of Wight Co., VA. p. 361 Lawnes Creek 1668 - 2 tythables (John MORNING and William BATH)

John MORELAND b. about 1610. Roll 34,397 York Co., VA 1664-1672, p. 11. Will probated 3 Apr. 1672. Daughter Mary named extr.

John MORELAND Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers 975. S2CB p. 447, 6 Feb. 1622/3. Norfolk, VA. Will of Robert HILL owes John MORELAND 22 lbs.

Capt. John MORLAND 34,403 York Co., VA p. 130, 131, 132. Son of Margaret MORELAND. d. 5 July 1675. Roll 34,404, Bk. 6 & 7 1677-1684, m. Mary. Will 6 Jan. 1684, p. 11, d. 1 Oct. 1685. Roll 34,404, p. 48, Robert brought to collect against estate in 1683. Children: Son b. about 1648 m. Margaret (named in Mary MORELAND's will), George MORELAND b. about 1650. Robert b. about 1652, p. 536, Quit Rent 1702 Ware Parish, 200 acres, Gloucester Co., VA.

John MORELAND, will 1706, York Co., VA.

John MORELAND will 1717, inventory, York Co., VA.

John MORELAND, inventory 1743, Isle of Wight Co., VA

John MORELAND Charles Co., MD Records, p. 29, b. 1680. Leased 50 1/2 acres, 6 July 1739, 76 acres 25 Dec. 1746. Children: Patrick, b. 1705, John, Jr. b. 1705, Zachariah b. 1721, Zephaniah b. 1723.

John MORELAND Roll 34,408 York Co., VA, p. 544, 548, 624, b. about 1690, d. 1719. York County Patent, Bk. 10, Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. 3, Yorkhampton, N. Parish owns land 28 Apr. 1711 m. Jane YOUNG.  Roll 34,408, p. 551. Made bond as extrx. of John's will. She is sister of John YOUNG and admin. of John YOUNG's will. P. 624, made new bond on petition of Francis MORELAND. Inv. of estate 20 June 1720, 21..3..9. P. 588 Roll 34,408 estate appraisal 16 June 1720 144..7..1. Matthew b. about 1709. Will in York Co., VA 1755, m. Martha.

John MORELAND about 1690, Roll ER, 219, James City Co., VA, Middletown Parish, m. Catherine who d. 12 May 1730. Virginia Wills, p. 468. John paid quit rent on 100 acres, York Co., VA 1704. Children: John b. 8 Dec. 1720, bapt. 19 Mar. 1721, Bristol Parish Register, p. 335. Betty b. 25 June, bapt. 2 Oct. 1731, p. 338.

John MORELAND b. 7 Feb. 1694 (son of Thomas) York Co., VA.

John MORELAND, Abstracts of Land Patents, Prince George Co., VA, Bk. 9, 14. 300 acres between Stony and Mocosoneck Creeks m. Dorothy. John b. about 1700, d. about 1770. Children: Bristol Parish Register, p. 62, 63, 67. Mary, b. 23 Sept. 1726, christened 30 Oct. 1726. Jean 21 Sep. 1728, bapt. 7 Nov. 1728. Martha b. 12 Sep. 1740.

John MORELAND b. 20 Sep. 1716, Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA (son of Thomas and Jane MORELAND) m. Jane. Inventory 1743. Susannah 13 Dec. 1741, bapt. 25 July 1742, Bristol Parish Register, p. 341. Jane b. 23 Mar. 1744, bapt. 22 Sep. 1744 p. 342.

John MORELAND b. 8 Sep. 1720 (son of John and Catherine MORELAND).

John MORELAND b. 1726, d. about 1780, York Co., VA.

John MORELAND DAR Patriot List, Pitt Co., NC b. 1728, d. 1800 NC. Member of Safety Committee 1775, m. Sarah HARRIS, b. 1732, d. 1818.

John MORELAND b. 1745, d. 1755 York Co., VA.

John MORELAND Charles Parish, York Co., VA, Roll 883,654, b. about 1750, m. Fanny York Co., VA. Sons: John b. 18 Mar. 1777, York Co., Charles Parish. William b. 18 Mar. 1777, d. 27 Apr. 1777.

John MORELAND DAR Patriot List, Pvt. VA. b. 1 Oct. 1752, d. 1820, m. Catherine.

John MORELAND DAR Patriot List, Cpl. VA, b. 1758, d. 1826, m. Mary TUCKER.

John MORELAND, pvt. Virginia Revolutionary War, b. 1764, d. 21 Sep. 1848, m. Nancy LANE, m. second Elizabeth SMITH, extrx. of est. Richard.

Katherine MORELAND, inventory, 1736, Isle of Wight Co., VA

Matthew W. MORELAND b. about 1685 York Co., VA, m. before 1714, d. between 8 Feb. 1734 and 21 Feb. 1736 York Co., VA, will 1736. Children: Ann b. about 1714 m. William CANNON. John b. about 1716, d. before 1746 York Co., VA. Matthew b. before 1718, d. 1755 York Co., VA (will York Co., VA) m. Ruth (prob. daughter of Edward WRIGHT). Edward before 1728. Wright before 1730 York Co., VA, d. between 17 Nov. 1807 and Aug. 1808 Goochland Co., VA m. by 1753, m. Ann WILSON by 1764, m. second 1782 Sally HANCOCK. Roll 34,412 p. 54, 34,410, p. 348/9 York Co., VA Wills Bk. 18, Roll 34,430, p. 2 20 Feb. 1746.

Matthew MORELAND (2) son of Matthew W. (above) Roll 34,411, Bk. 18, p. 212 names wife and children: Eliza, John, Mary, unborn child.

Matthew MORELAND (3) b. about 1710, bound out to John MORELAND. Children: John b. about 1745, Sarah, Mary m. Frank, Ann m. Amay (?)

Nathaniel MORELAND b. about 1734, will proved 20 July 1784. Children: Elizabeth Maney b. about 1760, Liddia Maney b. about 1762.

Nathaniel MORELAND inventory, York Co., VA, 1790.

Phillip MORELAND, b. 1675, Charles Co., Maryland Records, p. 29, leased 49 1/2 acres, 8 Nov. 1739. Son: John MORELAND, Jr. b. 1707.

Richard MORELAND b. about 1600, 12 May 1635, got 533 acres in Warwick Co., VA head of Skeath's Creek, S.W. side of swamp. James City Co., Virginia Abstracts 1634-1904. Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 242.

Richard MORELAND m. Mary. Daughter: Hannah b. 13 Nov. 1741, bapt. 17 Jan. 1742, Bristol Parish, Virginia, p. 341.

Richard MORELAND m. Jane WRIGHT, 16 Mar. 1753, Overwharton Parish Register.

Samuel MORELAND b. about 1695, prob. son of Edward (about 1630-1695) m. Mary. Daughter: Mary b. 26 Feb. 1719, bapt. 10 Apr. 1719, Bristol Parish Register, p. 334.

Stephen MORELAND, b. 1748 Loudon Co., VA, Quaker. Son of William MORELAND, d. 9 Apr. 1810 m. Mary RHODES b. about 1752, Loudon Co., VA, 20 Oct. 1773, Daughter of Moses and Mary RHODES, Marriages and Wills, Loudon Co, VA, Hinshaw William W. Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 25, Vol. 4, p. 647, 742, 878. 25 Vol. 6, p. 334, 351, 354. Children: Aden b. 20 July 1774, d. 28 May 1857, m. Amy JOHN 26 Oct. 1808. Mary Abigail b. 14 Nov. 1776, Bedford Co., VA. m. Moses EMBREE 5 Jan. 1803. Jonah b. 16 Mar. 1779, Bedford Co., VA m. Mary. William b. 4 Dec. 1781, Bedford Co., VA d. 3 June 1786. Isaac b. 18 Apr. 1785 Bedford Co., VA m. Martha WRIGHT 19 Jan. 1814.

Thomas MORELAND b. 1602. Servant, came to America on the Abigail 1621, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index p. 1488. Killed in Indian war 1622, Original List from Great Britain to Plantation by Hotten, p. 20.

Thomas MORELAND, b. about 1602, Roll 34,405, living Charles River Co., Virginia 1648 (later became York Co., VA), d. 17 May 1656, Bristol Parish Register, p. 525, Muster Rolls Virginia Settlers in 1624, servant of Robert THRASHER, Elizabeth City, Virginia, Hotten p. 20., m. Elizabeth BAYLY who d. 1656 Bristol Parish Register, p. 525, Vol. 15, p. 90. 12 Aug. 1645 Thomas MORLAND ordered to work his share cutting Indian corn by order of counsel of war. Virginia Gleanings in England by Withington, p. 177. Thomas MORELAND owns land in Charles River near Captain WEST's Creek (near Jamestown). Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 132, 100 acres York Co., 10 Aug. 1642. Patent Book 1, Part IV, named in Dorothy KEMPE, will 30 Mar. 1626. Living in Twitshall, Virginia. Children: Johnaton b. about 1626 in Hampton Parish, York Co., VA in 1663. William b. about 1628, York Co., VA d. after 1663, m. Eada.

Capt. Thomas MORELAND m. Mary

Thomas MORELAND b. prob. about 1623, son of Capt. Thomas MORELAND, transported 30 Jan. 1650. Living in Prince George Co., VA in 1686, m. Ann, Roll 30,989, Charles City (York Co.), Virginia, p. 553, James City, Virginia Abstracts 1634-1904, p. 93, Patent Bk. 22.

Thomas MORELAND b. prob. about 1655, Roll 30,819, York Co., VA, p. 20, 22. m. Elizabeth, d. about 1710. Children: Jane b. 11 Feb. 1689, York Co., Parish, VA. Ann b. 1 Feb. 1694, York Co., Parish VA. John b. Feb. 1694 York Co., Parish, VA. Thomas b. 19 Jan. 1693.

Thomas MORELAND b. about 1665, Virginia Vital Records, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, p. 215, m. Mary, transported 30 Oct. 1686 by Edward BIRTCHETT, 230 acres, Bristol Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA. Series II, Vol. 6, Prince George Co., VA, p. 18.

Thomas MORELAND b. about 1690, Records of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Bk. II, p. 180, d. 13 Jan. 1737, Roll 32,003 Isle of Wight Co, VA pp. 215-217. Historical Southern Families, Vol. I by Boddie, p. 25. Susannah relinquished her dower when she and Thomas were deeded 150 acres Lawnes Creek.

* * * * *

Minutes of the Carter Co., Tennessee
Court of Common Pleas and
Quarter Sessions
Continued from Volume V, Issue 4

[Note: All comments are Melba's except those in brackets [] which are Nona's comments &  theories which aren't always consistent with Melba's. Other comments are welcome and will be printed.]

18 May 1821
p. 49 State vs Charles MORELAND (7) and Moses HUMPHREYS  Sce Fa   Charles MORELAND (7) comes into open court and afsumes cost and attorney genl dismifses the sci fa it is therefore considered by the court that the state do recover over-again the defendant the cost aforesaid and that sd. defendant be in mercy, &c.

18 May 1821
p. 53 Wright MORELAND (36) vs. William CLAWSON & Mary TAYLOR and the said Wright MOORLAND (36) being solemly called to come into court to prosecute his appeal come not but made default. William CLAWSON and the sd. Mary TAYLOR may go hence without Day and it is also considered that William and Mary recover over and against the sd. Deft. their costs and that the sd. Wright may be in Mercy &c.

14 August 1821
p. 66 A Deed of conveyance from Sarah MOORLAND (40) John MOORLAND (15) Thomas SIMPSON [husband of Nancy MORELAND (12)] James LOGAN [should be James LOYD, husband of Polly MORELAND (13)] To Julian DUGGER for fifty acres of land proven in open court by John MILLER and admitted to record. Let it be registered. (see 14 Nov. 1820, p. 259) [Note: that William MORELAND (10), Sarah MORELAND's (11) husband, Jacob BOLLINGER, and Wright MORELAND (14) didn't sign this deed.] Recorded in Deed Bk. pg. 395.

16 August 1821
p. 71 Ordered by the court that Thomas JONES be appointed overseer of the public road from DUGGAR's ford to James BRADLEY on Roans Creek in room of William MOORLAND (52) removed and that the hands that worked under MOORELAND be hand to work the said road. [This is probably Charles MORELAND's son, William, who had moved to Indiana.]

18 August 1821
p. 88 Ordered by the court that the hands living on the Following Farms work under James GOURLEY? overseer of the public road to wit Michael HYDERs? Samuel SISKs? Elizabeth BAILEY's William LOCKERs Sarah ROL's William MOORLAND (24) & Widow TAYLORs (ARCHER place) Isaac TAYLOR, Jr. Isaac TAYLOR, Sr. Leroy TAYLOR & Michael CROUSEs...

p. 89 Ordered by the court that Joshua PERKIN be appointed overseer of the public road from DUGGERs ford to Amos GIBSON & that the following persons be his hands to work on said road ... Right MOORLAND (36)

p. 90 Ordered by the court that Wright MOORLAND (14) be appointed overseer of the public road in the room of Michael SMITHPETER

p. 135 Jurers ... August Sefsion...5. William MORLAND... [24]  Note: (5) To Ky post Aug. (52) Gone.

p. 144 State vs. John MORELAND (35)? (26)? (15)? Charged plea, not guilty, Jury  to wit  James CAMPBELL, Thomas P. INSOR, John NAVE, Daniel STOVER, Lewis LEWIS, John WARD, John G. EVANS, Jacob CURTNER, Michael HYDER, James RENFRO, Levi NAVE and John T. ALLEN. Chosen selected tried & sworn upon their oath say do find the defendant guilty in manner & form as charged in the Bill of Indictment therefore it is considered by the court that the said John be fined ten dollars pay the costs of this prosecution & be in mercy &c.

August 1822  2nd Monday
p. 162 ...jury...William MORLAND (24)
p. 163 ...jury...William MORLAND (24)
p. 163 State vs. Right MORLAND (36) The atto gen'l by leave of the court Enters a nole prosequi  Right MORLAND (36) afsumes the costs and the prosecution which is record and the said Right is discharged.
p. 168  jury...William MOORLAND (24)?
p. 174  jury...William MOORLAND (24)?
p. 176  jury...William MOORLAND (24)?

August 1822  2nd Monday
p. 187 be a jury to March term 1823...John MOORLAND, Sr.... (35) (26)

p. 231 Ordered by the court jurors August sefsion 1823...Chas. MOORELAND (7)

[Dudley MORELAND left Tennessee]

p. 241 State vs. Charles MOORELAND (7) And the defendant comes into open court and being charged upon the bill of indictment, and he for pleas thereto saith he is guilty thereof therefore it is considered by the court, that the said defendant be fined fifty cents, and that the State recover over against the said Charles may be in Mercy &c.

15 May 1823
p. 259 Ordered by the court that...John MORELAND, Senr. (35) (26) ..for Nov. term of the court 1823...

12 August 1823
p. 259 ...jury...9. Charles MOORLAND (7)

p. 282 Ordered by the court that...jurors February 1824...Right MORLAND (36) (14) 

2nd Monday February 1824  (court held in home of William B. CARTER)
p. 294 An Indenture or Covenant from Sarah MORELAND (40) to Wright MORELAND (14) both of the County of Cartercalled her receipt of dower claim and interestto a certain peace or tract of land lying on Roan Creek beginning at John MORELAND's (15) lower conditional lineincluding as far as Nicholas GRINSTAFF's line for a sum of ten dollarsproven in open courtby Daniel SHELL? and Thomas MILLERtwo subscribing witnefses thereto and admitted to record. let it be registered. (No deed).

p. 296 Ordered by the Court that Isaac GUINN, be appointed overseer of the Public road leading from John MORELAND (26) (35)at BOLINGERs old place to Joseph ASHERs in the Room of Stephen CALPHER? that the hands under sd. CAUPER be the hands to work on sd. GWENs with the addition of John HAMPTAINs hands.

p. 296 ...Ordered by the court...John be jurors May sefsion to 1824...

18 May 1824
p. 333 ...jury...John MOORLAND (26) (35)...William HARDEN...

p. 340 Ordered by the court that Michael SMITH PETER, John MORELAND (15) ... be appointed a jury to receive and report the necessary alteration to be made in the fence of Nicholas GRINDSTAFF...

p. 343 Ordered by the court that...Right MOORLAND (14) (36) jury to November 1824 Session.

12 August 1824
p. 356 ...jury...Charles MOORLAND (7)

p. 377 ...Jury to May session 1825...Right MORELAND (14) (36)

15 February 1825
p. 386 State vs. John MOORLAND (15) and the defendant being Solemnly Called to come into Court as he was bound to do to answer to a plea of the State  came not but made Default therefore it is considered by the court that the said John MOORLAND forfiet his Recognizance.

p. 386 State vs. John MOORLAND (15) Amos GIBSON and William L. DIAR bail of Defendant being Solemnly Called to come into Court and surrender the body of John MOORLAND for whom they were bail came not but made default therefore it is considered by the court that the said Amos GIBSON and William L. DIAR forfiet their recognizance.

p. 393 State vs. John MORELAND (15) In the caus the Deft. Intered into recognizance before Julius DUGGER Esqr. with Amos GIBSON & William L. DYER in two hundred and fifty dollars Each payable to the state of Tennefsee  on condition that the said John MORELAND did not make his personal appearance at the court house in Elizabethton at the court to answer a charge of the state against him And the said John MORELAND having been Solemnly called to come into court and answer said charges came not but made default and the said Amos GIBSON & William L. DYER his securities having been called to bring into court the body of the said John MORELAND to answer said charges & they having made Default therein. It is considered by the court that the state of Tennefsee recover of the said John MORELAND five hundred dollars and Amos GIBSON & William L. DYER the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars of each ___ dollars the amount of their recognizance that it is to say of the said John MORELAND five hundred dollars and the said Amos GIBSON & William L. DYER his securities two hundred and fifty  each unlefs sufficient caus to the contrary is shown at next court and that sci Fa ifsem accordingly (p. 394)  ordered by the court that Amos GIBSON be released of his pole tax for the year 1823

p. 408 Ordered by the court that William MOORELAND (24) be appointed overseer of the public roads in Room of Andrew WILSON and that he have the same hands and bounds that WILSON had.

Monday 2nd May 1825
p. 412 State of Tennessee vs. Carter County  Selected for Grand Jury...Right MORLAND

p. 413 A deed of conveyance from Sarah MORELAND (40) admrs to William BUNTON for One Hundred acres of Land Acknowledged in Open court by the said Sarah MORELAND and admitted to record. (Admrx of William MORELAND (3), Deed Bk. C, p. 597

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