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The Moreland Muster, Volume VII, Issue 3 Summer 1994

from Charles E. Moreland
15508 Saranac Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

Dear Nona:
About the only work I’ve done recently was the result of correspondence with a lady named Carolyn Hodges, Durant, Ok. One of her husband’s ancestors was Eveline MORELAND - we have through a joint effort identified her as a daughter of William, son of Thomas (of the Revolutionary War). In the process we were also able to identify several more of William’s children and descendants. Although none of these are in my direct line, each time I am able to isolate another William, I come closer to proving my line back to Charles.
                        Signed Charles

[Following is a copy of a letter written by Charles to Carolyn Hodges.]

Dear Carolyn,
I finally got around to checking out Eveline MORELAND HODGES. I spent a couple of days at the library in which I confirmed the documents you sent were all correct plus I found a few new things. I am convinced that the William MORELAND in the 1830 Monroe Co., Tennessee census, the 1840 Murray Co., Georgia census and the 1850 Bradley Co., Tennessee census are one and the same person. First of all, the matching up of the age groups in prior to 1850 census were a perfect match except for one small discrepancy. In the 1830 Monroe County census the enumerator put Eveline in 10-15 and she should have been one to the left, or 5-10. Notice that in the 1840 Murray Co., Georgia census they have her correctly in the 15-20 category. All the other children that could be identified by given name checked out perfectly. One of the clinchers is the two youngest daughters, Martha and Caroline. Born in Tennessee, they are in the “under 5” and “5-10” columns in the 1840 Murray County census and are exactly the right ages when named in the 1850 Bradley County census. If all that isn’t enough, how about two sons, Harden and Nathaniel showing up in Murray Co., Georgia in 1850? Harden stayed in Georgia, raised a big family some of whom migrated to Texas and if I am not mistaken they went to Collin Co., Texas, same as William’s offspring. As for the male 50-60 with William in 1840, I do not have a clue. He is too young to be his father (besides, his father died in Tennessee previous to 1840) and I do not think he had an older brother. That leaves a prime possibility that he was a father-in-law or brother-in-law. Since we know nothing about his wife, we know less about her family except she may have been a KENNEDY.

There is no doubt in my mind that Eveline was William’s daughter. The only other MORELAND family that could have been in Murray Co., Georgia in 1847 was Harden’s and he didn’t have a daughter anywhere near that old. She may have married LeRoy HODGES before her father returned to Tennessee. You did know that the marriage shows up in Murray County records didn’t you?

I hope we can find more information of the unidentified children in William’s family, also his wife. It is a possibility that the second to last son was named James. I found a marriage in Murray County for James but it was quite a while after William returned to Bradley Co., Tennessee. Harden did not have a James.

I was also curious as to why only John K. MORELAND and his offspring were all buried in Altoga Cemetery and I do not find any of Nathaniel’s there. John must have gone to Texas after 1860 as he is still in Bradley Co., Tennessee for the 1860 census. Did he live near the others in Texas? I couldn’t find a census book for 1860 or 1870. [Eldon Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248 is still collecting Moreland census records.]

When I first started working on William’s family as a result of your letter, I first got involved with his son John. It seems that all of the sons of Wright had to name a couple of their children William or John which has made it rather difficult for us ancestor chasers to keep them separated. Fellow genealogists have assumed all along that John MORELAND who married Nancy SWANGER was the son of Dudley. This was because Mrs. White (a Moreland) of El Paso had given this information to DAR. She claimed that John MORELAND who married Nancy SWANGER was the son of Dudley and had him moving from Wayne Co., Kentucky to Jefferson Co., Tennessee by 1850 where he died after 1870. The DAR claim was based on an affidavit made in 1858 in Clinton Co., Kentucky by Dudley’s son, John, regarding his father’s pension for service in the Revolutionary War. In this affidavit, John stated that he had been a resident of Wayne Co., Kentucky before moving to Clinton Co., Kentucky where he now resided. So how could the John in Jefferson Co., Tennessee in 1850 through 1870 be living in Clinton Co., Kentucky in 1858? Not only that, but the children that White shows born in Kentucky are shown born in Tennessee in the Jefferson Co., Tennessee! Furthermore, there WAS a John MORELAND (wife Elizabeth) and family in the 1850 and 1860 Clinton Co., Kentucky census with entirely different children than those claimed by White. So this was Dudley’s son, no doubt about it. Then who is the John who married Nancy SWANGER and was in Jefferson Co., Tennessee by 1850? By a series of elimination I say that he is the son of Thomas, brother of your William. So Mrs. White lucked out. She claimed DAR through the wrong line but the right line (Thomas) was also in the Revolutionary War.
 [The William MORELAND is the younger of the two William MORELANDs who served together in the War of 1812 - the one who was the “miller” in Bradley Co., Tennessee in 1850 and prior to that he was in Monroe Co., Tennessee (1830) and Murray Co., Georgia in 1840.]

Descendancy Chart
with notations by Charles E.
Note: Harden’s descendants are omitted since they were previously documented:

1.  William MORELAND 1790-1860 md. Unknown (KENNEDY?) Notes: 1830 Monroe Co., Tennessee, next door to John HODGES; 1850 Bradley Co., Tennessee age 60, no wife, two daughters. I am guessing his wife’s name was KENNEDY as a son and grandson use as middle names.
2. Harden MORELAND
2. Female MORELAND 1811
2. Female MORELAND  1811
2. John Kennedy? MORELAND 1816-1897; md. Elizabeth E. LACY. See 1850 and 1860 Bradley Co., Tennessee census pages 181 and 256. This one did not go to Georgia but joined brother Nathaniel and their sons in Collin Co., Texas after 1860, buried Altoga, Texas cemetery, Collin Co., Texas.
3. William MORELAND 1837
3. John MORELAND 1839
3. Mary J. MORELAND 1842
3. James Allen MORELAND 1845-1912; married Sarah Jane “Julia” MANTOOTH 1847-1918
4. Mary Elizabeth MORELAND 1869-1932; married John Thomas STIFF
5. James Henry STIFF 1894-1968
5. Lee Allison STIFF 1895
5. Alice “Willy” STIFF 1897
5. Roy Odus STIFF 1899
5. Waymond Royce STIFF 1900-1981
4. Tommy J. MORELAND 1871-1935; married Mary
5. Willie MORELAND
5. Maude MORELAND; married SMITH
5. Rachel MORELAND; married BOTSFORD
5. Etna V. VANCE; married LACY
5. Georgia VANCE married CHRISTIAN
5. Weldon VANCE
5. Ruby VANCE
5. Ova VANCE married WALKER
4. John Kennedy MORELAND 1875-1938 (grandson of John K. MORELAND); married Ella Melinda MOORE 1882
5. Leta Hazel MORELAND married DUNN
4. Hattie MORELAND; married T. J. SIMPSON
4. George W. MORELAND 1886-1967; married Lillie TERRELL
5. Thelma MORELAND; married NICHOLS
5. Unknown MORELAND
4. Mettie MORELAND; married Noah HALE
5. Jesse HALE
5. Wilma HALE
5. Edith HALE
5. Lela HALE
5. Frank HALE
5. Unknown HALE
4. William “Willie” R. MORELAND 1888-1966; married Dora CARSON
5. Dwight MORELAND 1924-1943
4. Alice MORELAND 1888; married John WATKINS
5. Jewell WATKINS
5. Hazel WATKINS
3. Isaac V. MORELAND 1847-1902; married Elizabeth MANTOOTH (1850 & 1860 Bradley Co., Tennessee census with father John K. MORELAND)
3. Thomas J. (Anderson?) MORELAND 1850-1915) married unknown 1852-1928
3. Cis MORELAND 1854
3. Martha MORELAND 1856
2. Nathaniel W. MORELAND 1822-1860; married Jane WIGGINS 1828 (1850 Murray Co., Georgia close to Harden MORELAND. 1860 he is in Collin Co., Texas next door to LeRoy and Eveline MORELAND HODGES)
3. William MORELAND 1844
3. Martha MORELAND 1847
3. Robert MORELAND 1849
3. George W. MORELAND 1851
3. Archibald H. MORELAND 1853
3. Sarah C. MORELAND 1855
3. Mary A. MORELAND 1857
2. Eveline MORELAND 1825-1874 (Is daughter of William and sister to John K. And Nathaniel MORELAND, married in Murray Co., Georgia, buried in Collin Co., Texas); married LeRoy P. HODGES 1823-1870
3. Mary A. HODGES 1849
3. James Monroe HODGES 1852-1921; married Martha E. SMITH 1858-1898
4. Elmer Lewis HODGES 1880-1956; married Betsy Blanche SPORTSMAN 1882-1963
5. Ernest Lewis HODGES 1911-1986; married Oneita Ruth SWEENEY 1911
3. Sarah E. HODGES 1854
3. Martha H. HODGES 1859
2. Male MORELAND 1826
2. Male MORELAND 1830 (1830 Monroe Co., Tennessee census and 1840 Murray Co., Georgia census)
2. Martha MORELAND 1834
2. Caroline MORELAND 1837 (1840 Murray Co., Georgia and 1850 Bradley Co., Tennessee census

History of Collin County, Texas
James Allen Moreland Family
James Allen MORELAND, born about 1845, Bradley Co., Tennessee (son of John K and Elizabeth LACY MORELAND), died July 4, 1912, Altoga, Texas, married Julia MANTOOTH, September 13, 1868, Bradley Co., Tennessee. Lived in Bradley Co., Tennessee, until moving to Texas in 1872. Stayed one year, returned to Tennessee for about a year, then returned to Texas. Settled at Valdasta, farmed there for two years, then moved to Altoga where he spent the rest of his life. He had a store in Altoga (it faced north at the main intersection of town), and was a member of the IOOF Lodge. He gave each of his children a farm. At the time of his death he was described as a “prominent merchant” and a man of “strict integrity and highest honor.”

Sarah Jane “Julia” (MANTOOTH) MORELAND, born November 13, 1847, Bradley Co., Tennessee (daughter of John (?) and Elizabeth MANTOOTH), died about 1916, Altoga, Texas.

Children of this couple were:
1. Mary Elizabeth (MORELAND) STIFF, born August 2, 1869, Bradley Co., Tennessee; married John Thomas STIFF, November 12, 1893 Collin Co., Texas; died February 5, 1932 Altoga, Texas. Children: James Henry (born August 26, 1894; died 1968); Lee Allison (born December 4, 1895); Willie Alice S. POPE (born September 21, 1897; died January 17, 1978); Roy Odus (born January 20, 1899); Waymond Royce (born December 27, 1900; died June 1981); daughter stillborn; Loveta Fay S. HA___ [blank spot on copy]

2. Tommy J. MORELAND, married Mary __. Children: Willie; Maud M. SMITH; Rachel M. BOTSFORD.

3. Sally (MORELAND) VANCE, born about 1874; married Hiram T. VANCE; died July 9, 1911. Children: Etna V. LACY; Georgia V. CHRISTIAN; Weldon; Ruby V. __; Ova V. WALKER MOODY.

4. John Kennedy MORELAND, born May 1875; married Ella Melinda MOORE; died September 1938. Child: Leta Hazel M. DUNN (born October 4, 1904).

5. Hattie (MORELAND) SIMPSON, married T. J. SIMPSON late in life; no children.

6. George W. MORELAND, married Lillie TERRELL, October 19, 1910. Children: Thelma M. NICHOLS; infant son.

7. Mettie (MORELAND) HALE, married Noah HALE. Children: Jesse; Wilma H. GAINES; Edith H. GRIFFIN; Lela H. JOHNSON; Frank; infant daughter.

8. William MORELAND married Dora CARSON. Children: Jack, Bruce, Dwight.

9. Alice (MORELAND) WATKINS, married John WATKINS. Children: Jewell, Jim, Hazel.

Altoga Cemetery
Collin Co., Texas
Charlie H.        June 5, 1901-Feb. 21, 1969
Cora A.            1890-1966
Daniel Doyle    (s-W.D. & Winnie)
                          June 26, 1921-July 7, 1923
Dorothy (d-W.D. & Winnie) 1929-1929
Dwight             1924-1943
Ella M.                        1882
Eliza E. (W-J.K.) Mar. 17, 1816-Sept. 18, 1872
Eveline             1853-1927
George W.       1886-1967
Isaac                 1847-1902
J. A.                  Jan. 23, 1845-July 4, 1912
J. C.                  Sep. 12, 1878-Sep. 22, 1939
John K.            June 1, 1816-Nov. 27, 1897
John K.            1875-1938
Julia                 Nov. 12, 1847-Oct. 29, 1918
Lillie May (w-G.W.) Sep. 16, 1888-Dec. 7, 1918
Mary N.           1878-1958
Mollie                          1902
N.C. (w-T.J.)   Jan. 21, 1852-Nov. 13, 1928
Ona C.                        Jan. 15, 1904
Susie                 Nov. 19, 1878-Dec. 18, 1959
T.J. (h-N.C.)    Aug. 22, 1850-Apr. 1, 1915
Tommy J.        1871-1935
Willie R.           1888-1966
Infant s-W.R.  

John Moreland & Nancy Swanger
compiled by Charles E. Moreland
15508 Saranac Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

[Charles is requesting feedback on this information, since it contradicts assumptions many of us made based on DAR information.]
John MORELAND (son of Thomas MORELAND and Sarah THOMAS) was born circa 1793/1795 Goochland Co., Virginia (birth date from Jefferson Co., Tennessee census, 1850, 1860 and 1870); died after 1870 Jefferson Co., Tennessee; married 22 Jan. 1823, Carter Co., Tennessee to Nancy SWANGER born before 1800 and died circa 1895 Jefferson Co., Tennessee. (Marriage from Tennessee Marriage Records, Carter County, 1796-1850 by Pollyanna Creekmore and Robert Nave. Death information from family records submitted by Judy Beth Moreland White (daughter of Dr. George Moreland of El Paso, Texas) to DAR. Their children were:

Minerva MORELAND born circa 1830 probably Carter Co., Tennessee (Jefferson Co., Tennessee census 1850).

Elizabeth MORELAND born circa 1832 probably Carter Co., Tennessee (Jefferson Co., Tennessee census 1850).

Catherine MORELAND born circa 1834 probably Carter Co., Tennessee (Jefferson Co., Tennessee census 1850).

George W. MORELAND born Jan. 1836 probably Carter Co., Tennessee; died 21 Oct. 1913 Flatgap, Tennessee; married 8 Aug. 1865 Jefferson Co., Tennessee to Sarah Elizabeth JONES (Jefferson Co., Tennessee census 1850, 1860, 1870).

William MORELAND born circa 1838 probably Carter Co., Tennessee (Jefferson Co., Tennessee census 1850, 1860, 1870).

Notes: John MORELAND’s father, Thomas, moved from Goochland Co., Virginia to Carter Co., Tennessee after the Revolutionary War. John was married in 1823 in Carter Co., Tennessee and lived there for several years. He did not go with his father to Monroe Co., Tennessee. He was in Jefferson Co., Tennessee by 1850 where he died after 1870. There must have been children prior to those shown from the 1850 census.

Judy Beth White, daughter of Dr. George Moreland of El Paso, Texas has this John as the son of Dudley MORELAND. That is impossible as this John was in Jefferson Co., Tennessee in 1858 when Dudley’s John was making an affidavit in Clinton Co., Kentucky regarding his mother’s estate. Also all of Dudley’s grandchildren would have been born in Kentucky whereas all of John’s children are shown born in Tennessee. Note that the direct ancestor of White was George W. MORELAND who is a member of this family and not John MORELAND son of Dudley’s family. In either case, Judy Beth Moreland White qualifies for DAR as both Dudley and Thomas were Revolutionary War veterans.

1850 Census
Jefferson County, Tennessee
John MORELAND, 57, M, Laborer b. VA
            Nancy             50, F                b. TN
            Minerva          20, F                b. TN
            Elizabeth        18, F                b. TN
            Catherine       16, F                b. TN
            George W.      14, M               b. TN
            William           12, M               b. TN  

1860 Census
Jefferson County, Tennessee
John MORELAND, 65, M, Laborer b. VA
            N.                    62, F                b. TN
            S.                     49, F                b. TN
            G.W.               25, M, Laborer b. TN
            W.M.              22, M               b. TN

1870 Census
Jefferson County, Tennessee
John MORELAND, 69, M laborer b. VA
            Nancy             71, F                b. TN
            ?Salliou?         41, F                b. TN
Catherine CARMICHAEL, 38, F, b. TN
            Joseph                        8, M                 b. TN
            John                5, M                 b. TN
William MORELAND, 35, M,         b. TN

George W. MORELAND, 35, M     b. TN
            Sarah              29, F                b. TN
            Chas. J.          4, M                 b. TN
            Frank R.        2, M                 b. TN
            Gertrude   7/12, F                  b. TN

John Moreland
son of
Dudley & Elizabeth Moreland
compiled by Charles E. Moreland
15508 Saranac Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

John MORELAND born 11 Apr. 1791 Virginia; died after 1870 (See 1850, 1860, 1870 Clinton Co., Kentucky census); married first to an unknown person (Wayne Co., Kentucky census, 1830 and 1840 shows John with first wife and family). They had the following children:

Male MORELAND born circa 1810

Male MORELAND born circa 1815

Female MORELAND born circa 1820

Female MORELAND born circa 1825

John MORELAND married second before 1850 to Elizabeth Unknown born about 1820 in Kentucky (taken from 1850 census of Clinton Co., Kentucky). Their children were:

Mary Ann “Polly” MORELAND born about 1847 Clinton Co., Kentucky (1850 census Clinton Co., Kentucky).

Lucy H. MORELAND born 1849 Clinton Co., Kentucky (1850 census Clinton Co., Kentucky).

John W. MORELAND born about 1853 Clinton Co., Kentucky (1850 census Clinton Co., Kentucky).

Elizabeth MORELAND born about 1856 Clinton Co., Kentucky (1850 census Clinton Co., Kentucky).


My father’s (William Nathan MORLAN) father’s name was James Madison MORLAN. He was born in Ohio on July 28, 1851, married August 18, 1880 to Mina Rhoda CROSS and died Feb. 5, 1916. He died in Greene Twp., Mecosta Co., Michigan and is buried in West Union Cemetery, Mecosta Co., Michigan near Big Rapids, Michigan.

We have not been able to absolutely prove he was born in Ohio, but his marriage license says he was, but no town or county is listed. I have a list of all his children and the year they were born, who they married and when most of them died. We are still looking for more positive information on exactly where he was born. According to the death certificate James’ father was born in Ireland and his name was Nathan. All we know about James’ wife is that she was of German descent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Respond to Katherine J. Blanck, 4926 Burchfield, Lansing, MI 48910

· · · · ·

One of my great-grandmothers was Mary MORELAND, 26 Mar. 1853 - 13 Nov. 1913. She was married to John James SHIKLES on 27 Oct. 1878 in Cullman Co., Alabama. Mary & John were buried in Flint, Cullman Co., Alabama. Mary’s parents were William & Elizabeth. According to census records & Mary’s death certificate, William was born in Illinois. Our family bible says he was killed in the Civil War.

I’m looking for more information on William, his wife’s maiden name, and his parents, etc.

Respond to Ms. Frances Liles, 4638 N. 23rd St., Arlington, VA 22207.

Another descendant of Wright MORELAND and Ann WILSON of Goochland Co., Virginia joined The Moreland Muster recently and has generously shared documents on his line. Because of the volume of information he provided, I’m briefly sketching his lineage in this issue and will include details in the next. This new member’s name is Charles Lee Moreland and to avoid confusion between Charles E. Moreland, I’ll use their middle initials to distinguish between them.

Charles L. Moreland descends from John C. MORELAND son of William MORELAND and Dicy LUNSFORD and he’d like to share information with any members of the family (see his address below).

John C. MORELAND born 3 Mar. 1840 Johnson Co., Tennessee; died 30 Nov. 1925 Pineville, (what county?) Kentucky; married 6 Nov. 1862 Knoxville, Tennessee to Mary WARDELL born 1843 Knox Co., Tennessee. Their children were:

Anna Cordite MORELAND born 4 Aug. 1864, Knox Co., Tennessee

Charles Johnson MORELAND born 23 June 1866 Knox Co., Tennessee

John Albert MORELAND born 2 Aug. 1869 Johnson Co, Tennessee; died 2 Jan. 1874

Margaret Catherine MORELAND born 18 Feb. 1872 Laurel Co., Kentucky

Cynthia Francis MORELAND born 21 Feb. 1875 Laurel Co., Kentucky

James Orville MORELAND born 28 Sept. 1878 Laurel Co., Kentucky

William M. MORELAND born 20 June 1881 Laurel Co., Kentucky

Edward Joseph MORELAND born 31 Aug. 1884 Laurel Co., Kentucky

Contact Charles Lee Moreland, 587 E. Mithoff St., Columbus, OH 43206-2830, Telephone 614-444-1029.

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