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The Moreland Muster, Volume VIII, Issue 2 Spring 1995

Copy of letter to Charles E. Moreland

May 3, 1995

Charles E. Moreland
15508 Saranac Drive
Whittier, CA 90604

Dear Charles,

I noted with interest your excellent analysis of the two(2) John MORELANDs in The Moreland Muster, Volume VII, Issue 3, Summer 94.  You asked for some feedback.

At long last I have had an opportunity to take a personal look at the various Census records involved, and wanted to let you know that I agree with your conclusions 100%.  I am convinced that it was not Dudley's son John that married Nancy Swanger in Carter County, Tennessee and have corrected my database accordingly.

I did get into the National Society of the Sons of The American Revolution through Dudley MORELAND.  Several BRUMITs have such service, but at this point I have not been able to establish connection.

That is about it for the moment.  Kind personal regards and all good wishes.

Joseph L. Brumit


Husband: Lewis Franklin MORELAND, possibly born in Virginia; died post 1867 possibly in Clarke Co., Virginia (listed in son William’s marriage reg. Anna was confused as to father of William, not Samuel who was born 1822, died 11-4-97 in Clarke Co. Lewis’s father? There is also a Samuel entered in Clarke Will Book H -68/69/105 on 11/12/1888; MORELAND family bible lists middle name as G; the 1880 school records show son William but also other MORELANDs; Thom R. - 11, John - age 20, J. Russell - age 12, and a Milton - age 10 (cousins/brothers?); 1900 lists another W. H. M, b=1870, wife Olive, uncle George William, cous Charles, etc.)

Wife: Sallie OFERRAL born approx. 1840, possibly Rockingham Co., Virginia; died post 1867 Clarke Co., Virginia?; married 21 Nov. 1867 Clarke Co., Virginia? (Listed in son William’s marriage record)

Child 1: William Henry MORELAND born 3 Sept. 1868 in Jefferson Co., West Virginia (possibly Kabletown); died post 1931; occupation: Miller; married 7 Apr. 1891 in Clarke Co., Virginia to Mary Ella/Ellen KNIGHT. (Lived in beautiful valley on the Shenandoah River at Castleman’s Ferry; they operated a general store next to wagon-type ferry crossing; wife Ella supposed to have been a good rifle shot when “chasing” chickens for family’s dinner; believed to have had three daughters and one son; shown in 1920 census but children have obviously moved away; unable to find in 1910 Virginia census; ditto for 1900.)

Child 2: Samuel L. MORELAND born 11 Aug. 1871 Clarke Co., Virginia (There exists in the MORELAND family bible a birth record for Samuel & thus due to its date we assume that he is related as shown, however, birth records of Clarke County show his birthdate correctly but to a William H. MORELAND & Sarah. Also it shows middle initial “E”

Child 3: Annie E. MORELAND born 14 Dec. 1875 Frederick Co., Virginia; died post 1893; married 20 Dec. 1893 in Clarke Co., Virginia to Charles J. ROWLAND. (There exists in the MORELAND bible a listing for Annie’s birth. It is due to its date that we assume she is related as shown.)

Child 4: Archibald F. MORELAND born 29 July 1878 Virginia? (There exists in the MORELAND family bible an entry for the birth of Archibald.)

Child 5: Rose Etta MORELAND born 10 Feb. 1881 Clarke Co., Virginia; died post 1931 Virginia; buried Berryville, Virginia. (There exists in the MORELAND family bible an entry for Rosey’s birth. Rosa is listed in Clarke County birth records; Rose was granted a deed from William H. MORELAND and Archie F. & estate of Lewis F on 10-12-1931; she also received land from Sarah’s estate 5-23-1921 in deed books 20-400 & 13-315 respectively.

Lineage of Daniel A. Knight, 906 Kainui
Dr., Kailua, HI 96734 (808) 263-2246.


Note: These are research notes which are offered in the hope that they will be helpful to someone but please verify before using.

1850 Census, Estill Co., Kentucky




James F.


Rhoda A.

The Rhoda, age 61, to be Rhoda WILLOUGHBY and the younger, Rhoda A to be the daughter of George Washington MORELAND.

1830 Census of East Tennessee

Hawkins Co.:
1 male and 1 female, 20-30
1 female 0-5
1 female 70-80
3 males 0-10

1 male and 1 female 40-50
1 male 0-5
2 males 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 20-30
1 female 70-80

1 male and 1 female 40-50
2 males 15-20
1 female 0-5
1 female 10-15

1 male and 1 female 30-40
2 males 0-5
1 female 5-10

In 1840 a Richard MORELAND is in Coffee Co., Tennessee.

Marietta Lord of Rt. 1 Box 19, Promise City, IA 52583 (a long-time subscriber to this newsletter) has an Elijah MORELAND born 1787, possibly in Tennessee. He married Mary BOATMAN and they were in Putnam Co., Indiana by 1833. I wonder if he was the Elijah MORELAND from Hawkins Co., Tennessee?

1830 McMinn Co., Tennessee

1 male 50-60
1 female 40-50
1 male 10-15
1 male 15-20
1 female 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 80-90

1 male and 1 female 20-30
1 female 0-5

1830 Rhea Co., Tennessee

1 male and 1 female 30-40
3 males 0-5
2 males 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 female 5-10


There are records of several MORELANDs who came to America from England, Ireland and Scotland. They very likely came from a single line, entering the British Isles at earlier date. Thomas MORELAND (1602) came to the colony of Virginia in the “Abigail” in 1621. John MORELAND of England came to Prince George Co., Virginia about 1720. He or another John MORELAND of England was  a clergyman and the ancestor of many of the Georgia MORELANDs. Joseph MORELAND of Petersburg, Virginia went to Putnam Co., Georgia and some of his descendants came to Louisiana. James MORELAND of Glasgow, Scotland came to New York and later to Norfolk, Virginia. Andrew MORELAND of Belfast, Ireland had a son, Andrew, who came to the Ashley River section near Charleston, South Carolina. Of this line is Rev. William Hall MORELAND who was a bishop for 47 years, retired as Bishop of Northern California, Thomas MORELAND.

Since the parentage of William Capers MORELAND has not been definitely established it is not known to which, if either of the above lines, he belongs. His middle name Capers may have been for Bishop CAPERS of South Carolina. There was a William B. MORELAND living in or near Salem, Georgia from 1822-1834 according to deed records in the record book M, pages 297-8, 373, 514; book O pages 34, 35 and book Q page 283 at Clarke County Courthouse, Athens, Georgia. His home place was sold in 1834.

W. H. Paxton, D.D. has this to say of William C. MORELAND in his History of the Baptists in Louisiana: William C. MORELAND was born in Clarke Co., Georgia, September 30, 1824. At age 12 he was converted and joined the Methodist. He had a call to the ministry. In 1845 he was ordained and joined the Methodist Conference and traveled for three years until ill health and removed to Louisiana. He entered land in Twp. 21, Range 6 of Claiborne Parish in 1843-49. He taught school in Homer, Louisiana in 1858 during his pastorate of the Methodist Church there.

The parents of William Capers MORELAND are not known, he was born 30 Sept. 1824 Clarke Co., Georgia (two other births given elsewhere as 1796 and 1812) died 8 August or 9 Nov. 1888 age 92, buried Mt. Lebanon, Louisiana; married 24 Dec. 1824 to Annie Thornton WILLISwho was born 18 Mar. 1825, daughter of Joshua WILLIS.

Sally Thornton MORELAND born 31 Aug. 1845; married 1 Dec. 1872 to Charles Wesley HANNER.

Joshua Fisk MORELAND born 6 Nov. 1846, think he married first a GLOVER, second a WOODS.

Joseph Pliny MORELAND born 31 Aug. 1845 or 1848; married a GLOVER.

Kitty MORELAND born c1852; died 1891; married Lorenzo B. HAMMER.

Charles Willis MORELAND born c1854; married 28 Nov. 1883? To Lucy Lenore HARREL? Born 26 Sept. 1862

Mississippi Genealogical Society

Josephine MORELAND born 5/3/1876; died 9/4/1876; daughter of Josephine MORELAND. Mount Carmel Methodist Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Mississippi

Josephine MORELAND born 2/3/1857; died 20/3/1876; wife of N. MORELAND.

Gertrude MORELAND married 28/11/1918 John GRAY, Bible of Robert L. POV.

Gainesville Cemetery, Mississippi:
James MORELAND born c1816 Alabama; died 14/1/1876
Oeland Miller MORELAND (wife of James) died 5/2/1891 age about 52 years
Lois Adline MORELAND born 1871 age 15 months, daughter of J. & O. M.
Henrietta MORELAND born 20/6/1888 daughter of James & O. M.


Samuel MORELAND (1751-1817) born & died Prince George Co., Maryland, served as private in Maryland Troops; married Sarah NOTLEY and had son Samuel, Jr. (1773-1814); married Rachel LINDSAY, daughter of Rachel DORSEY & John LINDSAY (1758-1840). See DAR #150564

Estelle Marie MORELAND born Washington, D. C married Joseph Oscar WHITING. See DAR #92619

Bertha Clay MORELAND born Washington, D. C  See DAR; #150988

Elizabeth MORELAND married Rudolph SNYDER, Washington Co., Maryland, son Michael married Susanna BASFIELD, grandson George born 1744 Greene Co., Pennsylvania married 1769 ___ WELLS.

1820 Census, Frederick Co., Maryland:
p. 128, Noble MOLAND
p. 151 William MORELAND


Moses MORELAND age 88 born c1752-53 Columbia Co., Whitely, Pennsylvania.

Rev. Moses MORELAND, war soldier and land owner Greene Co., Pennsylvania.

John MORELAND born 6 Oct. 1812 Franklin Co., Pennsylvania; died 11 Dec. 1903, married first 1837 Katherine KOHL (died 1874) married second 1877 Mrs. Anna Elizabeth TROUTMAN. They had five children (3 surviving):
1)    Mrs. Elizabeth NEIMAN
2)    Mrs. Ann ELLIOTT
3)    George W. MORELAND

A power of attorney and the witnesses certificate copied from deed book #8, Franklin County Courthouse, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, dated 9 & 10 April, 1805 respectively, County of Down, Ireland, indicate some very interesting data. The record is much too long and legally involved to copy herein, but it consists of a statement from Moses YOUNG and Jane MORELAND YOUNG of Bachnamullagh, County of Down, Ireland, requesting Jane’s brother, John MORELAND of Peters Twp., Pennsylvania, son of the late Moses MORELAND, to sell his one-eighth share of the estate of their uncle, John MORELAND, late of Franklin County and send them, Moses and Jane YOUNG, the proceeds of the sale. In the witnesses statement it states that “John and Moses MORELAND, sons of the late David MORELAND of Drumiller in the County of Down, left this country for America about thirty years ago and settled in the county of Franklin, state of Pennsylvania.

From the Franklin Co., Pennsylvania courthouse records:

1)    An original copy of Inventory of Estate and Appraisement of one John MORELAND, Guilford Twp., Franklin Co., Pennsylvania is on file. Date of inventory is January 1804. Date of entry is 16 Jan. 1807
2)    In Deed Book #1 is recorded land transaction: FULLERTON to John MORELAND of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania land situated in Guilford Twp., Franklin County, then Cumberland County.
3)    In Deed Book #3 is recorded Indenture made 31 Dec. 1793 between Joseph COOK, Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., Pennsylvania and John MORELAND. Land in Guilford Twp.
4)    Also in Deed Book #3 is recorded indenture made 2 Jan. 1795 between James LINDSAY of Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania and John MORELAND, tract of land in Guilford Twp.
5)    In deed book #8, under date of 14 Feb. 1809, there is recorded letter of administration requested by Irish heirs of John MORELAND.

Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790

Page 179 Jane MORELAND married 18 March 1766 William NICHOLS

Page 177 William MORELAND married 21 Oct. 1773 Hannah NOBLE

Joseph Houston MORELAND (1795-1874) (son of William) married second Sarah GILCHRIST born 11/10 mo/1811 Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; died 21/4/1877 Uniontown, Pennsylvania; daughter Elizabeth Agnes MORELAND born 27/7/1856 Connelleville, Pennsylvania; died 24/4/1940 Canton, Ohio; married 29/11/?1882 Rev. George Stuart HACKETT born 10/2/1855 Altoona, Pennsylvania died 24/3/1924 Fayette City, Pennsylvania.

William lived Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. During the way he was a private in the Continental Line of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 6, p. 325, Vol. 4, p. 450 & D.A.R. records.

William MORELAND is listed as a private in the Greencastle Company, Sept. 1814, commanded by Capt. Andrew ROBISON. These troops along with other companies were formed into a Regiment under Col. John FINDLAY. They marched on Aug. 25, 1814 and were in service until 23 Sept.

“By His Excellency Josiah HARDY’s license directed to me, March ye 17th 1762, were lawfully married Sr. John St. CLAIR, Baronet and Elizabeth MORELAND, Gentlemen, according to the rites and ceremony of the Church of England. Signed: Colin CAMPBELL, Missionary.” From the Register of St. Mary’s Church at Burlington, New Jersey.

Marriages performed by Rev. David DENNY, D.D., of Path Valley & Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1794-1844:

Oct. 21, 1794 John HUDSON to Eleanor MORELAND

June 15, 1804 Robert HARPER to Roseanne MORELAND

Aug. 4, 1825 R. CALDWELL to M. MORELAND

Daniel MORELAND, 25 Aug. 1812 Captain of Rifle Co., 1st Brigade, 7th Div.
Perry County, Warrantee of Land, 1821-1892: John and David MORELAND, 1 acre, 11 January 1838.

Cumberland County Militia, 1782, 8th Battalion, 1780/1782, Capt. William WILSON’s Company, First Class - John MORELAND.

Carlisle, March 1, 1814, Capt. David MORELAND’s 49th Regiment Volunteer Rifle Company, 1st Brigade, 7th Division, under Col. George FENTON, 6 Aug. 1816. All men in the company were paid $10.00 for crossing the Niagara River into Canada in 1814.

Chester Co., Pennsylvania, Tax Rate, 1779 West Fallowfield:

1779 John MORELAND, 120 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
1780 John MORELAND, 120 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
1781 John MORELAND, 100 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow, tax to 1/13/0
1785 John MORELAND, tax to 0/2/6

The History of Moreland by William J. Buck, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

William MORELAND, Private, War of 1812, from Greencastle Co., Pennsylvania, Sept. 1814 under Capt. Andrew ROBISON.


Orange County, North Carolina Tax List 1779, The North Carolinian, Vol. XV #2:
Thomas MORELAND 6225 pounds
Francis MORELAND 2130 pounds

Halifax County, North Carolina Crown Docket County Court 1759-1770, The North Carolinian, Vol. XXI #2 page 90 Court Docket 1770: Adultery:
William JACKSON & Lucretia GOODWIN

North Carolina Wills by Olds
Halifax County, 1766, John MORELAND, Edward, William, Francis, Bristol Parish

Tryon-Lincoln County, 1789, Joseph MORELAND to Isaac TURNER

Surry County, North Carolina

Joseph MORELAND married Sarah THORNTON, 17 May 1797 date of bond, bondsman William THORNTON.

William M. YOUNG married Rebecca C. MORLIN, 2 Mar. 1846 date of bond

George SWEAT married Elizabeth MORELAND, 23 May 1808 date of bond, bondsman, William SWEAT

Thomas HAUSER married Polly MORELAND, 2 May 1820 date of bond

Thomas HALLAMAN married Nancy MORELAND, 30 May 1803 date of bond, bondsman William MORELAND

Jacob DOUTHIT married Polly MORELAND, 26 Nov. 1808 date of bond, bondsman Jeremiah MORELAND

First Settlers in Old Orange (now southern Durham County, North Carolina, 1740-1810:
Land Grants to First Settlers: William MORELAND, Francis MORELAND, William MORELAND (#122, #123, #124)

LDS Sealings of Marriages
North Carolina

Amy MORELAND & John WILLIAMS, 17 Feb. 1796, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

Ann MORELAND & Joshua REPULT, 30 Sept. 1811, Rowan Co., North Carolina

Catherine MORELAND & John LEAK, 4 Apr. 1797, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

Edmon MORELAND & Massy JOHNSTON CLASH, 27 Oct. 1803, Craven Co., North Carolina

Elizabeth MORELAND & Hezekiah RHODES, 13 May 1783, Orange Co., North Carolina

Elizabeth MORELAND & George SWEAT, 23 May 1806, Surry Co., North Carolina

Elizabeth MORELAND & J. Adam WALLER, 14 Nov. 1846, Rutherford Co., North Carolina

Frances MORELAND & Rebecca BEAN, 17 Apr. 1816, Stokes Co., North Carolina

Hazel MORELAND & Hannah WILLIS, 8 Jan. 1785, Rowan Co., North Carolina

Isaac MORELAND & Betsy ASHLEY, 28 Mar. 1804, Stokes Co., North Carolina

James S. MORELAND & Rhodey LEE, 17 Dec. 1829, Haywood Co., North Carolina

John MORELAND, 14 Oct. 1785, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

John MORELAND & Nancy MOORE, 6 Aug. 1806, Craven Co., North Carolina

John MORELAND & Polly LEE, 3 Jan. 1822, Rutherford Co., North Carolina

John MORELAND & Jane ROBINSON, 5 June 1835, Macon Co., North Carolina

Joseph MORELAND & Sarah THORNTON, 17 May 1797, Surry Co., North Carolina

Laney MORELAND & Francis MOORE, 8 Apr. 1796, Craven Co., North Carolina

Lewis MORELAND & Patsy MICHAEL, 23 Oct. 1805, Orange Co., North Carolina

Margrett MORELAND & George HOFFMAN, 10 Feb. 1796, Stokes Co., North Carolina

Mary MORELAND & Jason McKINNY, 18 Aug. 1835, Rutherford Co., North Carolina

Nancy MORELAND & William Rose SADLER, 3 May 1791, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

Nancy MORELAND & John CABE, 7 Dec. 1802, Orange Co., North Carolina

Nancy MORELAND & Thomas HALLAMAN, 30 May 1803, Surry Co., North Carolina

Phebe MORELAND & Arthur HARRUP, 1 Sept. 1789, Lincoln Co., North Carolina
Phebe Tucker MORELAND & Nathaniel SADLER, 29 Mar. 1796, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

Polly MORELAND & Jacob DOUTHIT, 26 Nov. 1808, Surry Co., North Carolina

Polly MORELAND & Thomas HAUSER, 2 May 1820, Surry Co., North Carolina

Richard MORELAND & Cherry OLIVER, 20 Apr. 1827, Gates Co., North Carolina

Sally MORELAND & William B. RICE, 2 May 1812, Rowan Co., North Carolina

Sarah MORELAND & Samuel SULLIVAN, 14 July 1778, Guilford Co., North Carolina

Vincon MORELAND & Mary CLUBB, 17 Jan. 1789, Rowan Co., North Carolina

William MORELAND & Mary McINTIER, 3 Aug. 1800, Rutherford Co., North Carolina

William MORELAND & Rosanah CURTIS, July 1832, Wilkes Co., North Carolina


Nancy MORELAND, daughter of William, married 1816 Asa MARTIN, Shelby Co., Kentucky

Enoch MORELAND born c1815, married 3/10/1833 ?Scott Co., Kentucky to Irene STEVENS (1845 resided in Estill Co., Kentucky. Son: James Frances MORELAND born 15/8/1843, died 13/1/1916, married 13/1/1916 to Rhoda Jane PARKER

Smallwood MORELAND married Elizabeth DOOM/DOOME, daughter of Jacob of Washington Co., Kentucky. Will 4/9/1798

Synda RICHARDSON (sister of Sarah) married Amos MORELAND (brother of James)

Sarah RICHARDSON born 1791 married James MORELAND had 1 child, Nancy (1823-1855) from Hudson, New Hampshire.

Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records:
Montgomery Co., Kentucky James MORELAND married 1818 to Ann BRAMILL (note Bible shows her names as BRAMMELL), page 158

John R. MOORELAND married in Mercer Co., Kentucky to Rachel STAGG in 1814, page 135

Deaths: Miss Margaret MORELAND died Aug. 1855; Mrs. Margaret MORELAND died 20 Oct. 1850, page 193.

Cemetery Record, Owen Co., Kentucky
Gordon MORELAND Aug. 9 to Nov. 5, 1895
Anna MORELAND May 16, 1885 to Feb. 28, 1891
Son and daughter of J. N. & L. E. MORELAND

From the MORELAND graveyard, Owen Co., Kentucky:
James L. MORELAND Nov. 12, 1798 - Apr. 18, 1823
Eleanor MORELAND June 11, 1798 - Oct. 2, 1882
J. N. MORELAND Jan. 28, 1788 - Oct. 26, 1863

From Old Bellevue Cemetery, Boone Co., Kentucky:
Jesse MORELAND died Aug. 6, 1880, 32 yrs. 1 mo. 26 days
Susanna MORELAND died May 2, 1881, 47 yrs. 5 mos. 1 day

From Springfield Church Graveyard, Bath Co., Kentucky:
John L. MORELAND born Sept. 24, 1860, died Feb. 22, 1908

From record of marriages, Daviess Co., Kentucky: Alexander MORELAND married Ann POTTS, Feb. 13, 1823

The American Genealogist, Vol. 18, 19 (1941-1942), page 151, 152: John MORELAND married Ann OGLESBY, 16 Nov. 1775 in Goochland Co., Virginia. Son: Jesse Oglesby born June 18, 1777

Your Family Tree, page 56, 1953, 1082 Maple St., Indiana, Pennsylvania, “Hon. Joseph MORELAND, Mayor of Morgantown, West Virginia, born 26 May 1842.


1820 South Carolina census
Age groups: Males 1-10, 10-15, 16-18, 18-25, 26-44, 45 & up. Females: 0-10, 10-15, 16-25, 26-44, 45 & up.

Page 245 James MORELAND, 100010-14010 Spartanburg Co., South Carolina

Page 170 John MORELAND 100010-10110 York Co., South Carolina

Page 170A James MORELAND 010201-01101 York Co., South Carolina

1830 South Carolina census
Age groups: 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, over 100.

Union Co., South Carolina, 1830:
Page 181, James MORELAND 00 0 1 000100000-00 1 1 000100000-00

Page 182, William MORELAND 21 1 2 000000000-00 0 0 100000000-00

Page 200, William MORELAND 00 0 0 012001000-10 1 0 101000000-00 5(free slaves)

Charleston Co., South Carolina 1830
Page 24, Andrew MORELAND

1820 Franklin Co., Pennsylvania census
John MORELAND 210000-21100

9 October 1833 Union Dist., South Carolina: William MORELAND applied for letter of administration of James MORELAND, dec’d.

4 Nov. 1833 William MORELAND was appointed administrator to sell the personal property of James MORELAND, dec’d, on credit of 12 months of all sums above $2.00. Fifteen days previous notice to be given of sale. Signed: I. I. PRATT.

4 Nov. 1833 Union Dist., South Carolina. I. I. PRATT ordinary of district empower William MORELAND administrator of James MORELAND dec’d to appraise all property along with I. I. PRATT, William PALMER, Timothy HANEY and James FOSTER on or before the 4th of January next.

14 Nov. 1833 William MORELAND, I. I. FOSTER, Isaac GOING held and firmly bound unto John I. PRATT Esquire, Ordy, four thousand dollars lawful money.

3 Dec. 1833 Union Dist., South Carolina. Isaac I. FOSTER, William PALMER and Timothy Haney GOFF being appointed appraisers of James MORELAND, dec’d, late of said district as shall be produced by William MORELAND, administrator, on or before the 4 January next.

5 Dec. 1833 Union Dist. Personal property of James MORELAND dec’d was sold by William Wyatt Emsley MORELAND including eight slaves.

William MORELAND petitioned the Ordinary’s Court for a division of James MORELAND’s land and by order of the Court the land was sold at public auction for division. O. K. MORELAND bought this 128 acre tract at the sheriff’s sale. Petition of William MORELAND to the Court of Ordinary, and the subsequent division of the money among the heirs should be recorded in the Cash Book and the Real Estate Book that were in use during this period.


In the name of God Amen. I Joseph MORELAND of the county of Surry and State of North Carolina being sick in body but of a sound and disposing memory do here make my last will and testament that is to say after my decease. Then my just debts to be paid out of my property.

Then Item I do leave or lend unto my beloved wife Sarah MORELAND all the residue of my property during her natural life or widowhood.

Item My will is at my wife’s decease or if she should get married all my remaining property to be equally divided among all my children living lawfully begotten to them their heirs and assigns forever.

Likewise I hereby do revoke and disannul all former will by me made before the date of this ensealment below assigned.

Likewise I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Sarah MORELAND and Thomas MORELAND my son Executors to this my last will and testament in which I hereby sign seal and acknowledge the same in presents of us the  15th of June 1878. /S/ Joseph MORELAND

Signed sealed and delivered before us: Thomas MORELAND, Nancy (x) MORELAND

From Encyclopedia of American Biography, Vol. IV, p. 367: “The MORELANDs are a family of English gentry. The first who came to Virginia was Thomas MORELAND in 1642 and settled near Jamestown. One of his descendants, Francis MORELAND, settled in Prince George Co., Virginia. John MORELAND also lived in Prince George Co., Virginia. His son Robert came to Georgia, as did also John MORELAND. Robert settled in Hancock County and John and Isaac MORELAND settled in Putnam Co. Isaac Tucker MORELAND was the son of John MORELAND. He married Penelope OUSLEY and moved to Jones Co. His eldest son, Robert Ousley married Sarah (Sallie) CABANISS.


John MORELAND, father of Howell MORELAND born 1786, married 1809 in Georgia.

DAR records: Thomas MORELAND (1746-1835) enlisted for three years in 1776 and was at Trenton, Princeton and was wounded at Brandywine. He served in the Maryland line to the close of the war and then removed to Wilkes Co., Georgia where he died in 1835.

Isaac MORELAND’s widow, Penelope OUSLEY MORELAND, was in Troup Co., Georgia where she died in 1874 (History of Troup Co., Georgia by Clifford L. Smith). The William MORELAND in Georgia seemed to be the one in Jones County who was executor of Lucy ADKINSON in 1843. This Lucy ADKINSON raised the orphans of Edward MORELAND who was killed by Indians. Edward MORELAND married Mary McCLENDON, daughter of William and Elizabeth McCLENDON of Chesterfield District, South Carolina and moved to Jones Co., Georgia. Mary died 18 Jan. 1847 in Jones Co., Georgia (from Southern Christian Advocate).

From The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, No. 42, Fall 1971, page 413-414, Land Lottery Oaths, Jones Co., Georgia: William MORELAND Administrator on estate of Lucy ADKINSON late of said county, dec’d, who was sworn that Lucy ADKINSON in her lifetime drew lot of land #460 in District 20, section 3 of Cherokee County and the deponent is administrator of estate. Dated June 20, 1843. /S/ William MORELAND. Wit: James GRAY, J.O.C.

South Carolina

Recorded 22 March 1827, Beaufort District, South Carolina on ten pages: “It appears Susan C. MAYWOOD was about to marry Andrew MORELAND, merchant and son of Moses MORELAND. [Papers difficult to read but it mentions 1788, Middlesex, England, Daniel McDONALD or McDANNELL of Belfast Co. Also mentions Charles A. MAYWOOD of the city of Charleston, merchant. In the presence of Mary MAYWOOD.

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