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The Moreland Muster, Volume VIII, Issue 3 Summer 1995


My mother’s father was Cyrus H. PHILLIPS and her mother was Margaret MORELAND. My mother was one of four children - her name was Cue P. WRAY. Her older brother was Nolan  PHILLIPS and her two sisters were Ruby PHILLIPS NEWTON and Fay PHILLIPS SMITH.

Death Certificate
Mrs. Margaret Moreland Phillips
Waco, McLennan Co., Texas
Date of birth: 6 Jan. 1877
Place of birth: Georgia
Date of death: 23 Feb. 1943
Age 66 years, 1 month, 17 days
Father: T. H. MORELAND
Birth place: Tennessee
Mother: Mary PORK
Birth place: Tennessee
Information provided by Mrs. Jimmie WRAY

Note from Nona: Descendants of the MORELAND family of Goochland Co., Virginia will recognize this lineage as researched by Melba Hutchison. This line is thought to be as follows (caution: may not be proven):

1)      Wright MORELAND born ca. 1727 York Co., Virginia; died ca. 1807 Goochland Co., Virginia; married to Ann WILSON

2)      Thomas MORELAND born circa 1761 Goochland Co., Virginia; died after 1833 Monroe Co., Tennessee; married 2 Oct. 1790 Goochland Co., Virginia to Sarah THOMAS

3)      William MORELAND born circa 1791 Goochland Co., Virginia; died after 1852

4)      Harden MORELAND born circa 1812 Carter Co., Tennessee; died 1899 Walker Co., Georgia; married circa 1833 Tennessee to Nancy POTTER?

5)      Thomas Henderson MORELAND born 27 Apr. 1834 Carter Co., Tennessee; died 26 Aug. 1901 Wise Co., Texas; married circa 1855 Catoosa Co., Georgia to Mary (previously thought to be SHAHAN but shown to be PORK on Margaret’s death certificate.)

6)      Margaret M. MORELAND

Lineage of Margaret W. Keton, 732 Lakeshore Dr., El Paso, Texas 79932.

Need info on parents, wife and children of John MORELAND ca. 1800 York Co., South Carolina. Help or suggestions appreciated.

Respond to Loretta Widdows, 106 Park Dr., Cranford, NJ 07016

· · · · ·

I am a descendant of Sarah H. MORELAND, Robert and Frances MORELAND of Dinwiddie Co., Virginia in the late 1700s, early 1800s. I am seeking any genealogical information available on the MORELAND family especially from 1620 to 1790 in Virginia.

Respond to Jack Eaves, 420 Candler Park Dr., D-8, Atlanta, GA 30307.

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I am a descendant of the BUCK family of Eastern Tennessee. My line is through Jacob BUCK born 1802 in Carter Co., Tennessee. Jacob was the son of Abraham BUCK born 1765 in Pennsylvania.

Respond to Teresa Wilson Wiese, 7 Red Bluff, Wichita Falls, TX 76308

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I’ve been given an undocumented statement that a John MORELAND, wife Ann and a Jesse MORELAND were all in Jefferson Co., Georgia in 1802 and that one of the men appeared on jury duty there in 1797. If this is accurate, I believe this would be John MORELAND, son of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., Virginia. John married Ann OGILVY 16 Nov. 1775 in Goochland Co., Virginia and their son Jesse Ogilvy MORELAND was born 18 June 1777.

I found the following in census and tax records:

1794 Warren Co., Georgia: John MOORELAND

1830 Wilkinson Co., Georgia: Jesse MORELAND

1830 Oldham Co., Kentucky: Jesse MORELAND, John MORELAND, Walter A. MORELAND

1830 Jackson Co., Tennessee: Jesse MORELAND, John MORELAND, John MORELAND

1832 Jackson Co., Tennessee: Jesse MORELAND, John MORELAND

1830 Wayne Co., Kentucky: Dudly MORELAND, Jacob MORELAND, Jesse MORELAND, John MORELAND

Does anyone have any additional information about Jesse, John and Ann MORELAND in Georgia or elsewhere?

Respond to Nona Williams, PO Box 3793, Santa Cruz, CA 95063.


Dear Nona:

Response to my letters of inquiry to persons you suggested was disappointing.  While they were most generous in sharing information with me, either I already had the information they sent or it did not pertain to the branch of the family I am seeking.  One exception was land records for Evan Moreland reported by Marietta Lord, Promise City, Iowa.

However, finding many of the same MorLAns and Bransons (intermarried with my MorLans) in both Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1830 and Putnam and Parke Counties, Indiana, in 1840 and 1850, 1 decided to concentrate my search for Evan and Dolly MorLan there.  The Hawkins County Historical Society suggested I write a Shirley Straley in Clinton, Indiana, descended from Benoni, of Hawkins County, Tennessee, and Parke Co., Indiana.  She sent records of the Rocky Fork Baptist Church in Parke County, Indiana, to which Evan and Dolly belonged, along with my father's maternal grandparents and their families and my grandfather's first wife.

Early in my search for my Morelands I found a record of the marriage of Benjamin Morland and Kesiah Harvy in Bedford County, Virginia, on 6 September 1794, Evan Harvy, surety.  Evan Morlan, born in East Tennessee in 1804 of Virginia parentage, had a daughter named Kesiah.  The church records Mrs. Straley sent list Benjamin Moreland and Kesiah Morelan as members, but they were identified as dead before 1863; the other Morelands left to start a new church in 1853.  According to census records Benjamin was 40-50 in 1830 Hawkins Co., Tennessee) but 60-70 in 1840 (Parke Co.) I think there is a link, but how can I prove it?   I'll try to find a will in Indiana.

Mrs. Straley sent a copy of a 1989 letter from a Sheilagh Morlan, who lived in Seattle.  She must have married; I've been unable to locate her.  She is also a descendant of Evan and in 1989 was also pursuing the Evan-Benjamin connection.

Barbara (Morlan) Gray
302 Washington Blvd.
Abilene, TX 79601

A Note from Nona

A chart in my files submitted in 1993 by Jay Brown Wright, 416 Brooklea Dr., Fayetteville, NY 13066-1404 shows a Jonah MORLAN / MORELAND who married Mary WRIGHT Feb. 1804 in Bedford Co., Virginia. Mary’s parents were Joseph & Elizabeth WRIGHT. He also shows an Isaac MORLAN / MORELAND who married Martha WRIGHT 19 Jan. 1814 in Columbiana Co., Ohio.

A chart submitted in 1985 from Mrs. Irene Scott, 2312 NW 33rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73112 shows Rebecca MORELAND born circa 1800 Virginia married on 23 June 1810 Hawkins Co., Tennessee to Evan HARRIS. Their son, David HARRIS, was born in Hawkins Co., Tennessee and died 1 Mar. 1890 Putnam Co., Indiana.


Lineage of Laurie Jessop
25313 1/4 Cypress St., Lomita, CA 90717

Joseph MORELAND born between 1791 & 1799 Pennsylvania; died Athens Co., Ohio; married Hadessia (Adess) born 28 Mar. 1793 or 1799; died 16 Jan. 1885 Athens Co., Ohio. Their daughter, Lucinda MORELAND was born 1839 Ohio; died 17 March 1869 Pataskala, Ohio; married Cyrus Joseph PETERS born 27 Sept. 1835.

· · · · ·

Please verify before using

Arkansas DAR: William RUSSELL (1795-1820, Pvt. South Carolina) married 1790 Sallie MORELAND. Children: George, Jack, Thomas J.

Lula DeBOARD (1854-1932) daughter of Benjamin married 11 Dec. 1869 to Herbert MORELAND. Children: L. M. MORELAND and Marion MORELAND.

Lincoln Co., North Carolina Wills 1769-1824: Joseph MORELAND, will dated 13 Aug. 1789, proved Oct. 1789 by Turner HUNT. Two sons: Isaac (under 21) and Turner MORELAND (under age), three eldest: Nancy, Isaac and Phoebe T. Exec., brother Frances MORELAND, Turner HUNT. Witnesses: John BRODNAX, Arthur HARRIS, Robert MORELAND.

Orange Co., North Carolina Tax List 1779: Thomas MORELAND 6225 pounds
Francis MORELAND 2130 pounds

Halifax Co., North Carolina, Crown Docket, County Court, 1759-1770: page 90: 1770, adultery, Francis MORELAND & Fras. CROUDER and Wm. JACKSON & Lucretia GOODWIN.

First Settlers in old Orange Co., (now southern Durham Co.) North Carolina, 1740-1810: Land grants to first settlers:
William MORELAND #122
Francis MORELAND #123
William MORELAND #124

Memoirs of Louisiana

Honorable William F. MORELAND, planter, was born in Putnam Co., Georgia September 26, 1816, and, past the age usually allotted to man is in possession of a competency. He was the seventh in a family of eleven children. The father of these children, Isaac MORELAND, was born and reared in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia, and was a son of Thomas MORELAND who owned the land where a portion of Petersburg now stands. The MORELAND family were originally from England. The mother of the above mentioned children, Nancy (TURNER) MORELAND, was born in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia, and was a classmate of General Winfield SCOTT in his early educational career. Experience has been Mr. MORELAND’s school and that he has made the most of it can not be questioned. He was thrown upon his own resources, practically taking care of his own affairs at the age of fourteen, and came to Claiborne Parish in 1853 locating where he now lives. He was first married in 1839 to Miss Susan L. FERRELL, daughter of Bennett FERRELL of Jackson Co., Florida. She died in Macon Co., Alabama in 1849. In January 1852, Mr. MORELAND was married to Miss Elizabeth WHITE, daughter of James WHITE, of Sumter Co., Georgia, and unto them were born six children. (1) Sidney T. MORELAND (now a resident of Lexington, Virginia, and professor of physics in Washington and Lee University of that place). (2) Isaac N. MORELAND (a resident of Claiborne Parish). (3) William W. MORELAND (married and residing on the old home place). (4) F. Kate MORELAND (at home). (5) Ida S. MORELAND (also at home) and (6) Lelia M. MORELAND (now Mrs. James G. MEADOWS of Tennessee). Mr. MORELAND has been a conspicuous man in the interests of his Parish, and was elected to the legislature in 1859, serving four years. After the war he was re-elected to the house and served until the reconstruction. He was again elected to that position and served one term. In 1879 he was a member of the constitutional convention, and since that time he has declined office of any kind. He was for many years an active member of the Masonic fraternity, and has been a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal church South circa 1840. He is progressive in his ideas and tendencies, and has been a representative man in the community.

Some Virginia Morelands

MOHRLAND, Daniel married Sarah SCHEMBER 5 Feb. 1811 Loudon Co., Virginia

MORELAND, Joseph married Mourning BALLARD 20 Aug. 1794 Bedford Co., Virginia, So. River MM.

MOORELAND, Martha born 12 Sep. 1740, parents: John MORELAND and Dorithea MORLAND Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Virginia.

MORLAND, Mary christened 30 Oct. 1726, parents Jno. MORLAND and Dorithy Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Virginia.

MORELAND, Mary married Richard GARRETT 13 Jan. 1774 York Co., Virginia

MORELAND, Mary Elizabeth married Francis William MARPLE 19 Oct. 1854 Frederick Co., Virginia

MOORLAND, Rebecca married Jesse LEWIS 16 Feb. 1793 Bedford Co., Virginia, So. River MM.

MORELAND, Samuel married Sarah FREDD 11 Aug. 1834 Loudon Co., Virginia

MORELAND, Stephen married Mary RHODES 20 Oct. 1773 Loudon Co., Virginia

MORELAND, Walter married Rachel DUKE 12 Mar. 1804 Culpeper Co., Virginia

MORELAND, William christened 27 Apr. 1777, parents John MORELAND & Fanny Charles Parish, York Co., Virginia

Early Morelands

Hottens’ List: Thomas MORELAND (b. 1602) 19 years old came to America in the ship “Abigail” in 1621 (on Muster Roll 1624 Virginia) servant of Robert THRASHER, Elizabeth City. John MORELAND also came on this ship.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, page 132 Thomas MORELAND, 100 acres Yorke Co., Virginia, Aug. 10, 1642 (page 803 Patent Book I, part II) “upon Capt. WEST’s Creek adjoining William SAWYER. Due for adventure of himself and Christopher BROWNE to Chiskiache the first year” (about 1606/07).

Page 464: Edward MORELAND a headright of William JONES, New Kent Co., Virginia 1 Feb. 1663 (Stratton Parish)

Page 261 Darmett MORELAND was a headright of Nicholas WADILOW Northampton Co., Virginia, 12 Oct. 1652 (Pat. Book III, p. 106).

A History of the Higgins Family: page 258: “Will of John HIGGS before 1625 witnessed by Thomas MORELAND, Elenor MORELAND, John MORELAND, Elizabeth MORELAND. In 1625 Rev. Thomas MORELAND occupied the HIGGINS farm. (Had a son, Samuel MORELAND).

Morelands of Surry Co., Virginia

10 June 1694 Edward MORELAND (Deed Book 1694-1709, pp. 21-23) Southward & Lawnes Creek Parishes

1698 Edward MORELAND

10 June 1702 Edward MORELAND

1704 Edward MORLAND’s name on Quit Rent Roll Surry Co., Virginia 225 acres

In Surry Co., Virginia one Edward MORELAND married Mary GRAY, daughter of Francis GRAY. This Edward died in 1723.

In Surry Co., Virginia 1720 Bartlett MORELAND witnessed the will of Benjamin CHAMPION in Lawnes Creek Parish, 4 Dec. 1720 (Bk. 1715-1730, p. 357)

Virginia Wills by Torrence

Edward MORELAND left a will in Surry Co., Virginia 1713

Bartlett MORELAND left a will in Surry Co., Virginia 1725

Edward MORELAND died intestate in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia 1729

John MORELAND died intestate (inventory) Isle of Wight Co., Virginia 1743

Thomas MORELAND of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and his wife Susannah bought land from Thomas CLARK in Surry Co., Virginia 19 Nov. 1723 (D & W Book 1715-1730 pp. 501, 502) There was also a Thomas & Mary MORELAND in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (Newport Parish Records) had a son, John MORELAND born 20 Sep. 1716 and a daughter Ann MORELAND born 11 Aug. 1722.

Thomas MORELAND sold land to Charles BINNS mentioned in the will of Charles BINNS, 16 Oct. 1749 Surry Co., Virginia

Torrence Wills:
John MORELAND died intestate (inventory) 1720 in York Co., Virginia

Matthew MORELAND left a will in York Co., Virginia 1755.

John MORELAND died intestate (inventory) 1780 York Co., Virginia

Bristol Parish Records, Henrico, Dinwiddie and Prince George Cos., Virginia:

John & Dorothy MORLAND had a daughter Mary born 23 Sep. 1726, daughter Jean (Jane) born 21 Sep. 1728, Martha born 12 Sep. 1740. They also had sons not listed in the parish records: William, Francis and Edward.

John & Dorothy MORELAND moved to Edgecombe Co., North Carolina circa 1745 per deed for John MORLEY (sic) “of Prince George Co., Virginia dated 11 Mar. 1745 on Cahunkey Creek. Francis MORELAND was a witness with Isaac and Thomas OLIVER. John MORELAND received a grant 20 Dec. 1749 from Lord Granville on the west side of Little Creek which they sold (reg. 1754). Edgecombe Co., deeds, p. 555, 300 acres.

Thomas RICHARDSON and Agnes his wife to John MOORLAND 224 acres on Quankey Creek, Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, 25 Jan. 1750. (When the borders changed this land was in Halifax Co., North Carolina.)

John MOORLAND of Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, 20 Dec. 1749, 300 acres on West side of Little Creek joining John STONE and the creek. Wit.: T. BARKER, Dan WELDON. Reg. Court Aug 1756, Deed book 9, p. 394

Francis MOORLAND of Halifax Co., North Carolina 10 May 1762 300 acres joining Thomas RICHARDSON, John ROE, Colyer ALSTON, Thomas WOOD, HARRIS, MORRIS and WATTS. Book 7, p. 51.

John MORELAND of Edgecombe Co., North Carolina 11 May 1757 626 acres on Little Quankey Creek joining Thomas RICHARDSON, John CARLEW, the raccoon ranch, John ELBACK and his own land. Reg. Nov. 1788

William MOORLAND of Northampton Co., North Carolina was witness to a deed 22 Feb. 1745 of Thomas RICHARDSON to John JOHNSON on the north side of Maratuck (Roanoke) River. William JOHNSON was also a witness.

Will #131 of John MORELAND of Halifax Co., North Carolina 28 Oct. 1766, July Court 1766/7: son Edward MORELAND “the land whereon he now lives”, son Francis MORELAND “my plantation and land adjoining it”, daughter Jane MORELAND “land whereon she now lives, bed, furniture” etc., daughter Mary MORELAND “one slave” residue of estate divided between sons Edward, William and Francis and daughter Jane. Witnesses: Richard BISHOP, Richard THOMPSON, James BLEYCE. Executors: sons Francis and Edward.

Will #736 of Edward MORELAND of Halifax Co., North Carolina 20 Apr. 1806, Aug. Court 1806. Wife: Fannie MORELAND about 200 acres of land, featherbed to Sally HEATHCOCK. Witnesses: M. EELBECK, Samuel (Lemuel?) CORLEW. Exrs.: Aaron WOOD, Jesse DUPREE.

Elizabeth DOWNS, daughter of William DOWNS, will 12 Oct. 1739 was married to a MORELAND.

North Carolina state census 1784-1787, Halifax Co., North Carolina (Feb. 1786) Bartlit MOORLAND 1 male 21-60, 1 male under 21, 1 female

Edward MOORLAND 2 males over 21; 2 males under 21; 2 females; 1 negro

1790 North Carolina Census

Francis MORELAND Orange Co.
Francis MORELAND Lincoln Co.
Francis MORELAND Lincoln Co.
William MORELAND Guilford Co.
Edward MORELAND Halifax Co.
Barrot MORELAND Halifax Co.

1782 Virginia

Mary MORELAND Surry Co.

1790 Virginia Census


1790 South Carolina Census

John MORELAND York Co.
Mary MORELAND York Co.

Francis MORELAND, Revolutionary War soldier died in Green Co., Georgia before 8 Apr. 1797. In 1827 Lee Co., Georgia land lottery Francis MORELAND drew land in his name. This Francis (probably a son) later resided in Jasper Co., Georgia.

Dinwiddie Co., Virginia 
Revolutionary War Public Service Claims

Francis MORELAND 40 1/2 bushels oats
Francis MORELAND 7 mile Carriage drive
Robert MORELAND 30 bushels of oats
Robert MORELAND 7 mile carriage drive

Early Virginia Families Along the James River
Charles City County-Prince George County, Virginia
by Louise Pledge Heath Foley (1978)

Land Grants: Mr. James COOK, John BUTLER and William LOW, 1684 acres in Charles City County at a place called Moncuse-Neck 21 April 1690 (page 71 Patent Book 7) for importation of 34 persons. In the list of names are included: Isak MOKELAND (MORELAND?) and Andr. MORE (Andrew MORELAND?)

Land Grants: John MORELAND 300 acres Prince George County between Stoney and Mocosoneck Creek adjoining William WINFIELD 17 Sept. 1731 (p. 346 Patent Book 14) 30 shillings, new land

Francis MORELAND 400 acres Prince George County between Naaman’s Branch and Rudy’s Branch on the south side of Moccosoneck Creek adjoining Major Robert MUNFERD 11 Apr. 1732 (page 405 Patent Book 14) 40 shillings.

Note: A court record in Prince George County mentions the death of a Francis MORELAND 8 Sept. 1789.

Miscellaneous Moreland Families

Mary Elinor MORELAND born 10 Nov. 1777 Union Dist., South Carolina; died 30 Nov. 1862 Union Co., South Carolina; married Hillary MONTGOMERY born 24 May 1776 Camden Dist., South Carolina.

William MORELAND died circa 1840 Coffee Co., Tennessee; married circa 1800 to Mary KEELE born circa 1785 Bedford Co., Virginia. Their daughter, Mary, married Henry HOOVER. They might have also had a son named Edward.

Richard MORELAND born 1788 Kentucky or Missouri; died 22 Oct. 1871 Harrison Co., Indiana; married 30 Nov. 1817 Harrison Co., Indiana to Elizabeth THOMPSON born circa 1798 Kentucky. All the following children were born in Harrison Co., Indiana:

1)      Jane MORELAND born 1826; married Mr. ALBUM

2)      Absolem MORELAND born circa 1828

3)      Nancy MORELAND born 20 June 1830; died 14 June 1892 Harrison Co., Indiana; married 22 Dec. 1850 to Gilbert WILSON.

4)      William H. MORELAND born circa 1832

5)      Adaline MORELAND born circa 1834

6)      James T. MORELAND born 15 Dec. 1836; died 12 July 1863 (died of wounds received at Hoover’s Gap, Tennessee, 1st Lt. In Co. C, 17 Reg. Ind. Vol.)

7)      Emmaline MORELAND born circa 1839

8)      Rebecca F. MORELAND born circa 1842 married Daniel FLANAGAN

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