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Volume XI, Issue 1 Winter 1998

Jeanne McIntosh
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Andrew MORELAND born ca. 1750-55 Ireland; died after 21 June 1802 Virginia per DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, page 207; married Ann OGLESBY (daughter of Richard OGLESBY).

The children of Andrew MORELAND Sr. and wife Ann OGLESBY were:

1.      Jesse MORELAND born ca. 1773; married 17 December 1793 Matilda BAIN.
2.      Isabelle MORELAND born ca. 1780 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; married 12 January 1801 Amherst Co., Virginia William PONTON.
3.      John W. MORELAND born ca. 1781; married ca. 7 February 1807 Betsy PONTON.
4.      Andrew MORELAND Jr. born ca. 1782, buried Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 18 September 1859; married ca. 1811 Elizabeth Lee RUCKER (daughter of John RUCKER and Nancy W. SHELTON) born 21 May 1796 Virginia; died 23 October 1868 Amherst Co., Virginia, buried in Versailles, Missouri.
5.      Unknown daughter married __ COLEMAN.

Andrew MORELAND and wife Elizabeth Lee RUCKER were the parents of:

1.      Isabell P. MORELAND born ca. 1823 Amherst Co., Virginia; died 29 August 1904 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri (unmarried, she lived with her brother Willis at time of death – she is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.
2.      John R. MORELAND (nickname “Rocco”) born 17 March 1819 Richmond City, Virginia; died 16 December 1893 Cherokee Indian Territory; married 13 October 1872 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri Adaline Matilda IVIE. He died while waiting to file his claim in the Oklahoma Land Rush and was buried on the plains of Oklahoma.
3.      Willis Fleming MORELAND born 1 August 1828 Amherst Co., Virginia; died 25 March 1885 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; married first on 5 September 1855 in Morgan Co., Missouri to Comfort J. PARKS and married 2nd on 3 August 1859 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri Margaret M. WILLIAMS.
4.      Sally MORELAND married in Virginia to ___ COLEMAN.
5.      Mary Jane MORELAND born ca. 1820 Virginia; died 3 October 1858 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri, unmarried.
6.      Elizabeth Susan MORELAND born 14 September 1831 Lynchburg City, Virginia; died 29 June 1917 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; married first 23 July 1849 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri William Carroll GUNN and married 2nd on 28 March 1875 to Shores Price HUNTER born 28 January 1807; died 7 May 1882.
7.      William MORELAND born 1834 probably Lynchburg, Virginia; died 10 May 1838.
8.      Francis Virginia MORELAND born 16 September 1836 possibly Lynchburg, Virginia; died 18 February 1882; married James TOWNLEY.

Sources: Rucker Family Genealogy, Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Virginia, Morgan County Historical Society – census records

John R. MORELAND (son of Andrew MORELAND Jr.) and Elizabeth Lee RUCKER) and Adeline Matilda IVIE (daughter of Peter W. IVIE and Jane GRAY) had the following children:

1.      Richard MORELAND born 19 March 1873 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 29 April 1975.
2.      Mary Elizabeth MORELAND born 20 May 1874 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 29 August 1874 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri.
3.      Henrietta Lee MORELAND born 21 July 1876 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; married 25 March 1900 to James Elijah BRADY.
4.      John Wesley MORELAND born 28 July 1877 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 7 August 1966 Sheridan Co., Wyoming; married 2 December 1907 Bozeman, Gallatin Co., Montana to Sabina Elizabeth LANE.
5.      Lucy Jane MORELAND born 16 August 1879 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 24 December 1960 Prescott, Yavapai Co., Arizona; married 26 October 1900 Dawson, Oklahoma to Delbert HUNT Jr.
6.      Lillie Luenor MORELAND born 11 January 1881 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 16 June 1909 Delta Co., Colorado; married to John Lee FLINT.
7.      Foshen MORELAND born 14 February 1884 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 19 April 1958 Long Creek, Oregon; married 1st 25 January 1917 Lewistown, Petroleum Co., Montana to Olivea Amelia FRADD.
8.      Zelma MORELAND born 14 February 1884 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 1 November 1905 Glendale, Maricopa Co., Arizona; married 29 March 1903 to Herman G. BENDIX.
9.      Susan Hannah MORELAND born 26 April 1886 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 13 July 1928 Glendale, Los Angeles Co., California; married to Gilbert ROWLAND.
10.  Willis Powell MORELAND born 31 July 1889 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri; died 13 August 1966 Sheridan Co., Wyoming.

Sources Versailles Historical Society, Gray family genealogy, family Bible.

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From Ben Moreland
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Here are some notes, which we have collected. I believe a lot of us should stem from:
1.      Thomas MORELAND Guilford Co., North Carolina
2.      William MORELAND Surry Co., North Carolina
3.      John MORELAND of Buncombe Co., North Carolina
4.      James Saunders MORELAND Gilmer Co., Georgia, Catoosa Co., Georgia
5.      William Juhue MORELAND Gilmer Co., Georgia
6.      Tilden MORELAND Catoosa Co., Georgia
7.      Loyd MORELAND Catoosa Co., Georgia
8.      Glen/Ben MORELAND

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: 1984 Supplement: [Sorry there’s no explanation for the numbers that follow the supposed date of immigration.]
Bartlet MORELAND, Virginia, 1702, 6223 p. 62

Dormett MORELAND, Virginia, 1652, 6220, p. 261

Edw. MORELAND, Virginia, 1663, 6220, p. 464

John MORELAND, Maryland, 1830, 1182, p. 33

Rich’d MORELAND, Virginia, 1653, 6220, p. 242

William MORELAND, Maryland, 1807, 1182, p. 33

The Virginia Genealogist, Dinwiddie County Clerk’s Fee Book, 1763, p. 277:
Caps vs BURGE & MORELAND 10 Dockg 5 Atto 5 Bl retd 10 Decl 10 Spl Bl 10 Contee 65.

John BURGE junr & Thomas MORELAND 

Bristol Parish Vestry Book, Prince George Co., Virginia p. 158:
That Francis MORELAND Senr and Joseph TUCKER Junr with the freeholders of their precinct procession from the County Line between Stony Creek and the Fox Branch up to the parish line.

The Virginia Genealogist, Alexandria County Apprenticeship Indentures, p. 118: William ADKINS, an orphan boy [who] will be 14 years old the 13th of November next, by the advice and consent of Sarah MORELAND his mother is bound an apprentice to Thomas PRESTON until he arrives to the age __ years to learn the art, trade and mystery of a house carpenter and joiner. July 1813, pp. 174-176.

William ADKINS, an orphan boy who was 15 years old the 13th day of November last is bound an apprentice to Harvey C. MACKAY until he arrives at the age of 21 years, to learn the art and mystery of seamanship and navigation. 25 Apr. 1815, p. 259.

Francis O’NEAL, an orphan boy who will be 16 years old the 9th day of ___ next, is bound an apprentice to Levin MORELAND, until he arrives to the age of 21 years, to learn the art, trade and mystery of a house carpenter and joiner. 28 Apr. 1812, pp. 73-74.

Francis O’NEALE, an orphan boy who will be 19 years the 9th day of __ next (formerly bound to Levin MORELAND and now by him given __ bound an apprentice to John ROSS until he arrives to the age of 21 years to learn the art, trade and mystery of a house carpenter and joiner.

Orange Co., North Carolina Records, Vol. 4, Deed Book 4, Abstracts by Wm. Bennett, C.G. Previously published Raleigh 1990 RG 9756565, McLennan Co Public Library, Waco, TX Nov. 1994: p. 661. 20 August 1792 Peter HAUSE of Orange to Thos. TRICE (no residence given) 32 pounds: 303 acres, on waters of Third Fork of New Hope Creek. Begin at a post oak on Anderson COMER’s line, E to a pine on Francis MORELAND’s line, to John MICHAM’s line to a red oak to Wm PRITCHET’s to a pine along Anderson COMER’s line to a post oakk the first station; signed Peter HAUSE (in German). Wit: Daniel WATSON, Daniel CAROLTON, proved Feb. 1793 by WATSON and CAROLTON.

Pg. 675. 27 September 1790 John DANIEL of Orange to Peter HOUSE (no residence given) 100 pounds, 302 acres on water’s Third Fork of New Hope Creek begin at a post on Anderson COMER’s line, E to a pine in Francis MORELAND’s line to John MARCHAM’s line to a red oak to Wm. PICKET’s line to a pine along Anderson COMER’s line to a post oak, the first station, (body of deed lists grantor vs John DANIEL) and Shousannah his wife( signed: John DANIEL, wit. Samuel DANIEL Thos. TRICE, prvd. Feb. 1793 term by Daniel.

Virginia Soldiers pg. 120: Surry Co., Virginia. List of troops under Nathaniel HARRISON, November 1701: William NEWET, William EDMUNDS; Martin JOHNSON; John BARKER; William HOLT; Henry BRIGGS; Christopher FOSTER; Thomas COTTON; George NORWOOD; John WARKINS; John GREEN; Thomas WARREN; John KINDRED; Robert BARHAM; Thomas COLLIER; Joseph LANE; Thomas ANDREWS; John HANCOCK; Thomas FARRET; Robert RUFFIN; Robert HART; John BAYLEY; Charles BRIGGS; Thomas BENTLEY; William HUNT; Richard MAGGES; Nicholas SESSOMS; John BELL; William SHORT; William NUSAM; Thomas TABUT; Hugh MUNIFORD; William CHAMBERS; William BOOKINGS; William HUNIFORD; Henry HART; John FLOOD; William GUALTHNY; John WAPPOLL; Robert REDDICK; Charles SAVAGE; George JORDAN; Adam HEACH; John BAFFELL; Richard WASHINGTON; Francis JOHNSON; James BRUTON; William DRUE; John SHUGERS; Edward MORELAND; William PHILLPS; Robert LANKISTEN; Christopher MOREING; Richard NORWOOD; George BLOW; Richard TAYLOR; Timothy THARPE; Edward DRUE; John TYAS; Allin WARREN; Augustin HUNNICUT; Roger NICHOLAS; Bray HARGRAVE; Robert LITTLEBOY; Robert NUSAM; Noah BAREFOOT; James DAVIS; Walter BAYLEY; John BERYMAN; James NICHOLASON; William BURDLE; William ROWLAND; John SIMONS; John GILBERT.

p. 221. Company of Foot of Capt. Thomas HOLT: Robert BAYLEY; Anselem BAYLY, Quaker; Thomas WRIGHT, old man unfit for service and others.

Surry County, North Carolina, Deed Abstracts – Volume H, 1797-1800 pg. 116-117: DB H, p. 348, 6 June 1800, John Spence WEST, Esq. Marshal for the District of North Carolina, to Joseph WILLIAMS, Esq. of Surry Co, North Carolina. $64.00 – 412 ½ acres. By virtue of an execution issuing from the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of North Carolina for sum of $6,335.90, which sum was recovered by Archebald and John HAMILTON against Thomas LANIER, Elizabeth H. LANIER, Francis POINDEXTER and Jane, his wife. By virtue of his office and afsd execution, John Spence WEST, Marshal, did seize and take into his hands (no goods or chattels to be found) a certain tract of land in Surry Co., North Carolina on Reed Creek adjoining William MORELAND, Douglas SATER, and JOHNSON’s old line. Joseph WILLIAMS became last and highest bidder at $64.00 on 10 May 1800. Robt WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Alex TATE. John S. WEST (Seal) Marshal North Carolina. Proved in Surry Co Court Term 1800 by Robert WILLIAMS one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be registered. Test: Jo WILLIAMS, C.C.

Surry Co., North Carolina Estates. William MORELAND, 1818. Court of Pleas and Surry County. Quarter Sessions, May Term 1818. To the worshipful the Justices of the Peace for the county of Surry your petitioners shew that William MORELAND departed this life some time in the month of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. Intestate in the county aforesaid possessed of a considerable personal property containing of Negroes, Horses, cattle, Hogs and all kinds of stock and Household furniture and Leaving the following children to wit. Joseph, John, James and Francis MORELAND and Nancy intermarried with Thomas HOLLONMAN, Polly intermarried with Jacob DOUTHITT and Betsy intermarried with George SWEATT #153 who are the Heirs at Law and distributees of the said William MORELAND Deceased. Your Petitioners Joseph, John, James 146 and Francis MORELAND, Thomas HOLLOMAN his wife Nancy further shew to your worships That letters of Administration were duly granted to the aforesaid George SWEATT and Jacob DOUTHITT whom your petitioners pray may be made defendants who by notice of this office took into their possession the aforesaid property amounting to the sum of five thousand pounds. They further show to your worships that two years and upward have lapsed since the said SWEAT and DOUTHITT qualified as administrators. They further show that the said administrators have not distributed the Personal property aforesaid as directed by law coming your petitioners. Your petitioners therefore pray your worships to direct a copy of this petition and notice to issue to said George SWEAT and his wife Betsy and to the said Jacob DOUTHITT and his wife Polly to appear at the next court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county aforesaid on the 2nd Monday in August next then and there give a true account upon oath of all debts in the state as well as those already paid out and what remains yet unpaid also that they account with and pay over to your petitioners their respective shares of the estate of the aforesaid William MORELAND deceased and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Unidentified local history book (probably in the state of Georgia): p. 277: 799 Joseph and William MORELAND 
In January 1847 Joseph MORELAND purchased LL 17-12-2 (160A) from Abraham WHITNER, both of Gilmer County; witnessed by, Cincinnatus MORELAND (married Mahala DAVIS 21 May 1846). Joseph MORELAND sold the land 130 acres October 1848 to George R. EDWARDS witness Grief WILLIAMS, remaining 30A previously deeded W. (Roach? Roark?). Grief WILLIAMS lived near William MORELAND 1840 Murray County; an 1837-39 juror was John F. MORELAND.

William MORELAND, 1840 Murray County census, age 60-69, had living with him another male 50-59, fitting Joseph’s age. William’s 874th GMD household included two young males 5-15 and four females: one 50-60, three5-20. (Unidentified Reuben MORELAND, witness, appeared Superior Court Gilmer County March 1841, State versus James S. MORELAND (s/o John North Carolina).

A female 15-19 in the William MORELAND 1840 household fits Mary Ann MORELAND, who married Robert LOGAN 21 February 1846 Gilmer County. Robert LOGAN’s parents unknown; Joseph B. LOGAN lived LL 310-24-2 1840 Gilmer County. (Unidentified William and Nancy LOGAN were Superior Court witnesses March 1841.)

Census records indicate (almost consistently) these MORELANDs were born South Carolina. York Co, South Carolina may have been their birth place; perhaps they were relatives of John MORELAND there 1790-1840.

(One William MORELAND, Gilmer County, purchased 19 March 1847 LL 37-11-2 from Phillip BASS, Walton County. William was missing from the 1850 Murray County census.

Mary Ann MORELAND LOGAN 24 South Carolina and Robert 27 North Carolina, Adolphus T. 1, Georgia, lived Gilmer County 1850. Neighbors were George JAMES, Miles BRAMLETT, Jefferson DILLS, William FOSTER, Abraham and John N. ANDERSON, Grief WILLIAMS, John DAVIS, William MARTIN, Elijah JOHNSON.

Robert LOGAN purchased LL 303-26-2 Murray County August 1851 from Paulhill THOMPSON, who lived near Joseph MORELAND, Levi BROTHERTON, Clark WRIGHT, Job DILL, Thomas DUCKETT, et al. 1850. This purchase relocated Mary Ann MORELAND’s family near Joseph MORELAND.

Joseph MORELAND, 46, b. South Carolina, #1526 1850 Murray, Synthia 35, Lydia L. 15, Elizabeth 13, Minerva 12, Cordelia 10, Eliza 8, Frances (f.) 6, John 4, Viennia (f) 1. John and Vienna were born Georgia, all others South Carolina. Minerva married John BANKS 27 July 1856. Cordelia (4/21/1840-5/19/1915) married James M. WRIGHT, whose son Thomas built the c1907 Chatsworth (Wright) Hotel.

In 1860 Murray County Joseph MORELAND, 60, no wife, Marion 8 (m. Sarah CAMP), Robert 4, lived household A.A. McDONALD (Charity KINCAID 4 followed the MORELANDS). Eliza 18 lived three houses away with Mary Ann MORELAND LOGAN’s family. Son John MORELAND (m. Sarah J. McDONALD) lived with merchant John H. JOHNSON.

Elizabeth MORELAND 18 (prob 23) lived in E.R. SWANSON’s nearby household.

In 1870 Joseph MORELAND 61 South Carolina lived Red Clay, Whitfield County, wife Susan (DEAVER) 32, William M. 18, Robert L. 14. A John and a Joseph MORELAND served CSA 22nd Regt. Georgia.Vois D. WRIGHT’s Brigade Army Northern Virginia formed 3 August 1861 Murray County. Serving with them were McDONALD, DAVIS, YEARWOOD, FREEMAN, HALL, HOLLAND, KELL, PARROTT, WILLIAMS, WOODS, earlier neighbors of Joseph and William MORELAND.

The 1860 Murray County household of Mary Ann MORELAND 32, South Carolina. Robert LOGAN 37 South Carolina included Adolphus Tecumseh 10 (m. Sarah M. PEEPLES 30 April 1876), Rufus C. 9 (m. Violet) Amanda Jane 7 (m. Wm. HARRISON 19 November 1868), Joel N. 3 (m. Mary), Eliza MORELAND 18 South Carolina.

Unlisted daughter, Margaret Ann born 25 December 1859 married James Hollinshead ANDERSON 1 December 1878. Unidentified records may locate other children born following the 1860 census.

Mary Ann MORELAND LOGAN was widowed 30 November 1863 when Robert died from fever of unknown cause, Atlanta hospital where he was sent for treatment. A March or fall 1862 volunteer, Robert served CSA 4th Regt. Georgia Cavalry, Capt. John OATS’ Company. His body was sent to Murray County December 7; buried Summerour Chapel Cemetery. His grave marked with name and “1821-1863.” Mary Ann’s grave beside his is unmarked. Mary Ann, a Georgia resident since 1841 or 1843, yearly applied for widow’s pension Gilmer County 1890-96, after that reapplying Murray County until her 19 July 1909 death.

The 1870 Murray County Spring Place household listed Mary Ann LOGAN 42, North Carolina, and son Rufus C. 18 Georgia.

In 1850 Mary Ann 55 South Carolina (father and mother born South Carolina) lived with daughter Margaret 19 and husband James H. ANDERSON, son Thomas (PARKER), six months. Next door were Mary Ann’s son Rufus 29, Violet M. 36, Robert C. 11, Laura LUE 8, Colquit T. 6, Herschel 4, and Mary Jane 3 months. (R.C. LOGAN m. Minerva J. HARRISON 5 April 1869). Rufus 18, 1870, was living without a wife with his mother Mary Ann. (Living near Mary Ann and Rufuses’ families were Amanda (Jane) LOGAN HARRISON 24, husband William 30, (f) Arie M. 10, Florence L. 8, William R. 6, Mamy 4, George L. 1.

Newlyweds Joel N. 25, Mary 29, lived alone, Adolphus T. 30, Sarah M. 13, Mary M. 2, Mandah 1, lived in the 1015th GMD.

In 1880, Joseph’s son, Marion MORELAND 26, lived Dolittle District 1880, Sarah 24, Mary J. 6, Martha E. 4, William J. 1. Cordelia (MORELAND) WRIGHT 37, son Thomas 19, lived alone; her husband James, a Union war prisoner, disappeared after release. In the 1013th GMD were John 36, Sarah 38, Alice M. 12, Mary L. 7, Madora 5, Martha J. 2, Magnolia 7 months.

Land transfers near Crandall in the 1870s involved Mary Ann MORELAND LOGAN LLs 306-307, 10-3; 323, 324 27-2. In 1885 she purchased part LLs 237, 268, 267 9-3 from E.A.L., Lucinda, F.J. COX; H.R. and Jane BEVEL. Mary Ann, 1908, deeded this Ramhurst home place to grandson Thomas Parker ANDERSON, 100A, and to daughter Jane LOGAN HARRISON 50A, LLs 267, 268, 237 9-3.

MORELAND descendants remain in Murray County. No information is available about Gilmer County descendants. Submitted by: Joann Anderson Warmack, 4388 Woodland Brook Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30339

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