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Volume X, Issue 4 Fall 1997

Early Morelands of Hardy Co., West Virginia
by Ernest L. Moreland
3660 Simmons Church Road
Centerburg, OH 43011-9450
Continued from previous issue

David MORELAND was born 11 March 1784 and died 5 November 1860 in Licking Co., Ohio near Pataskala, Ohio. He married Hannah ASBURY who was born 30 June 1787 and died 30 October 1866 near Pataskala. They were buried in the family’s private cemetery on their farm, but the stones are now gone.

David first appears in the Hampshire Co., Virginia personal property tax list 1805-14. He first bought land from Henry & Elizabeth ASBERRY on 19 October 1808 of 56 acres, deed book 16 page 131. They moved to Licking Co., Ohio about 1818 where they remained the rest of their lives. David is in the 1810 census in Hampshire Co., Virginia and in the 1820-60 census in Licking Co., Ohio. David’s granddaughter, Martha Helen (MORELAND) ANDERSON, was 14 when David died and she wrote the following information down for her daughter later in life. “I know of two brothers, Bazil and William. David and Bazil came to Ohio about the same time, but last known of William he was still with or near his people back in Virginia.” A Licking Co., Ohio deed record states George W. MORELAND sold to William H. and Eleanor MORELAND “all of Hampshire Co., Virginia.” This family history and deed ties David, Basil, and William to George W. MORELAND, son of William. It is not absolute proof, but very good circumstantial evidence.

1.      George MORELAND married Barbara EAGLESTON. They moved to Illinois. They had two children: Almira and Frank MORELAND. George married a second wife and had one daughter, Nancy MORELAND.
2.      Sarah MORELAND married Juitt JOINER. They had three children: Olive, Minerva and Sarah JOINER.
3.      Elizabeth MORELAND married Andrew SPEAKER. They had three children: George, Bettie and Nimrod SPEAKER.
4.      Nimrod MORELAND married Sarah C. MOON. They had nine children: David Benjamin, Sarah Ann, Addaline, Mary Jane, Angeline, Hannah Maria, Martha Helen, Rosilla Elizabeth, and William Cyrus MORELAND.
5.      Ellen MORELAND married Henry AXELINE and they had one son, Chaney AXELINE.
6.      William MORELAND married Lydia MOON. They moved to Cass County, Indiana, near Waldon. They had five children: David D., Benjamin, Jared, Millie and Albin MORELAND.
7.      Basil MORELAND moved to California and was a lawyer.

(Sources: The entire above record was written by Martha Helen MORELAND ANDERSON and is now in possession of her granddaughter. Lucy Exner, who lives near the home farm.) Much more research needs to be done on this family.

George W. Moreland

George W. Moreland was born 1784-90 and died 1846 in Hampshire Co., Virginia. He married Sarah MARPLE 28 February 1828 in Frederick Co., Virginia who was born 1801 and died 29 July in Hampshire Co., Virginia. It is obvious George was married previous to Sarah. We know he had five children before he married Sarah. Plus the deed records and Chancery records show a dispute between the older children and Sarah with her two children by George. This often happened when there were two wives. According to Wilmer Kerns’ research on the HIETT family, Martha HIETT (daughter of Evan and Sarah (SMITH) HIETT) was married to a George MORELAND. George’s older children were named Basil, James, Sarah, George H., and Evan MORELAND – the names fit this hunch.

George first appears in the 1809 and 1811-14 Hampshire Co., Virginia personal property tax lists. He’s missing in the 1810 list. His father, William, still had a son at home in the 1810 census ages 16/26. This could have been George. There is only one George MORELAND in the 1820, 30 & 40 census records of Hampshire Co., Virginia. The 1820 census shows three generations in the George MORELAND home: three sons and one daughter under 10, a man and woman ages 26/45 and a man over 45. George was 40/50 in the 1830 census & 50/60 in the 1840 census, so it fits that the 1820 man aged 26/45 was George. Sarah MORELAND is listed in the 1850-60 census records. We know George W. MORELAND is the son of William MORELAND, because his father willed him the farm according to deed book 27, page 429.

Children with first wife (possibly Martha HIETT)
1.      Basil MORELAND was born 27 September 1812 Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 15 August 1846 in Hampshire Co., Virginia. He married Marjory STUMP on 27 November 1834, who was born 23 April 1812 and died 20 January 1904. They had seven children: George William, Benjamin James, Sarah Catherine, Mary Eleanor, Basil Newton, Henry Harrison, and Martha Ann MORELAND. This Basil is not to be confused with his first cousin, Basil, (son of Richard), nor his uncle, Basil (Bezaleel) MORELAND, who moved to Ohio in 1816. (sources: census records 1840-60, Hampshire Co., Virginia Guardian Bonds by Vicki Horton, Stepping Stones O’er More Land by Pansy Bennett, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425, 55-225, 57-150)
2.      James MORELAND was born 1815 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 20 April 1903 in Hampshire Co., Virginia. He married Sarah Jane ___ about 1853, who was born 1832 and died ____. They had seven children: Martha E., Margaret E., Mary J., Rhoda A., George W., Laura B., and Fannie H. MORELAND. This James is not to be confused with his first cousin, James, (son of Richard) who was born 1811 and died after 1880. He also married a Sarah, but apparently had no children. (Sources: census records 1850-80, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425, 55-225, 57-150, Circuit Court order book 111, page 8.)
3.      Sarah MORELAND was born 1818 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died ___. She married Harrison ULERY, who was born 1812 and died ___. They had at least 4 children: Martha E, Jacob L., Mary V., and Lamar F. ULERY. (sources: 1860 census record, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425, 55-225, 57-150, Circuit Court order book 111 pg. 8)
4.      George H. MORELAND was born 1820 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 5 September 1898 in Hampshire Co., Virginia. He married Sarah Ellen DEAVER about 1847, who was born 1828 and died 1869. They had seven children: Mary Elizabeth, Marion Francis, Christopher Columbus, Martha Jane, Sarah I., George H. Jr., and Margaret Everline MORELAND. (sources: census records 1850-80, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425, 55-225, 57-150, 61-298, Stepping Stones O’er More Land by Pansy Bennett)
5.      Evan MORELAND was born 14 December 1821 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 13 October 1913. He married Eleanor STUMP about 1849, who was born 1824 and died 8 May 1890. They had six children: David E., George W., Basil E., Martha C., Sarah C., and William Peter MORELAND. (Sources: census records 1850-80, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records, 55-225, 57-150, 61-298, Stepping Stones O’er More Land by Pansy Bennett, Historical Records of Old Frederick & Hampshire Counties, Virginia by Wilmer Kerns, Hampshire County Death Records.)

Note that each of these five first children named one of their daughters, Martha.

Children with Sarah MARPLE
6.      Mary MORELAND was born 10 April 1828 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 25 October 1881. She married John J. LARGENT about 1855, who was born 1828 and died ___. They had seven children: Ann E., Mary C., Nettie V., R. Benjamin, Jeremiah, J.W. and Amanda LARGENT. (sources: census records 1850-60, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425, 55-225, 61-298., Stepping Stones O’er More Land by Pansy Bennett, Historical Records of Old Frederick & Hampshire Counties, Virginia by Wilmer Kerns, Hampshire County Records by Vicki Horton)
7.      Levin T. MORELAND was born 1830 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died ___. He married Mary E. SPAID in 1862, who was born 1840 and died ___. They had 8 children: Lemuel H., Ella B., George W., Rebecca Sarah, John A.O., Mary M., Martha M., and Aramintha A. MORELAND. . (Sources: census records 1850-80, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed records, 46-412, 49-412 & 13, 51-425m 55-225, 57-150, Historical Records of Old Frederick & Hampshire Counties, Virginia by Wilmer Kerns, History of Hampshire Co., Virginia by Maxwell and Swisher.

Other Morelands of Hampshire County
West Virginia
By Ernest Moreland
3660 Simmons Church Rd. Centerburg, OH 43011-9450

John T. MORELAND was born 29 August 1808 and died 25 December 1861. He married Rebecca C. SINE on 28 October 1832, who was born 1814 and died ___. They had at least six children: James William, Margaret, Mary S., Andrew S., Davis G., and Francis R. MORELAND. James William (nicknamed “Black Jim”) was married three times and had 23 children. Many of his descendants still live in Hampshire County today. Pansy Bennett gives a complete account of this family in her book Stepping Stones O’er More Land. Pansy feels Black Jim was a first cousin to Evan MORELAND, however, in the early legal documents I find nothing as yet to prove this. Pansy and I have different philosophies on the first two generations in Hampshire County. I have no doubt that John T. MORELAND is a cousin to the William MORELAND family, but I feel it is probably a little more removed. As to legal documents I found the following. His family appears in the 1840 and 50 census, but I couldn’t find them in 1860. He bought lots 43 and 44 in Romney on 26 July 1835. He mortgaged it three times for debts. (Deed books 31 pages 29 & 331; 37-77, 79; 44-147, 299). A Hardy Co., Virginia deed book 15 page 66 for Joseph MORELAND is concerning a $159.00 debt for a John T. MORELAND

Joseph MORELAND appears in the Hardy County 1830 census, but none thereafter. A Joseph MORELAND appears in the Hampshire Co. 1840 census. The information in these two census records fit to be the same people. In the Hampshire Co. 1850 census appears a J.A. MORELAND born 1804, wife, Reiney, born 1820. Thomas aged 16, Benjamin 10, Catherine 9, Sarah 8, and George 1. If this is the same Joseph, then it’s probably a second wife. As mentioned above, Joseph is mentioned in Hardy Co. deed book 15, pg. 66 in 1838 as standing for a debt concerning John T. MORELAND. In 1842 a Joseph MORELAND is in the Hampshire Co. deed book 36, pg. 262 concerning a rent situation for his animals and personal property. Both documents are unusual. I feel this Joseph and John T. could be brothers, they are the same generation.

William “Doc” MORELAND (according to Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia by Wilmer Kerns) was the son of William and Sarah (MURPHY) MORELAND. He married Mariah Jane GILL and they moved to Peoria, Illinois where he died. Mariah returned to Hampshire County. I am unable to fit this William with anyone.

Lynda MORELAND married John MATTHEW in Hampshire County, West Virginia 14 November 1809 according to Pansy Bennett’s book Steeping Stones O’er More Land. Her source is not mentioned in the book.

History of
Knox County, Ohio
compiled by N.N. Hill, Jr.

page 47. MORELAND, William, Milford township, farmer, was born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, November 19, 1819. His father Bezaleel MORELAND was born in Charles Co., Maryland, February 25, 1782. The MORELAND family are of English origin and came to America in the early part of the last century, and settled in Maryland. There is now a numerous family living in Hampshire Co., Virginia and a number reside in the Western States. Bazaleel MORELAND went from his native county in Maryland to Hampshire Co., Virginia, when he was about twenty-one years of age, and there married Margaret FAHS, born November 6, 1785, a native of that county, and by descent German. They remained in Hampshire Co., Virginia after their marriage about ten years. About 1816 they emigrated to Jefferson Co., Ohio, and settled near Smithfield, remaining there some time and then moved to Harrison County and in the spring of 1829, moved to Licking County, eight miles north of Newark, in Newton township, where they remained until 1848, when they came to Knox County, settling in Milford township, on the farm, where their son William now resides. Here they both died: Mr. MORELAND, September 19, 1857; and Mrs. MORELAND, September 11, 1864. They had a family of twelve children, viz: Elizabeth, wife of Joseph EVANS, resides near Canton, Illinois; Anne, deceased, married Reese JONES; Mary, deceased, married Peter EVANS, died in Illinois; Margaret, widow of Alban WARTHEN, resides in Pataskaia, Ohio; Philip, deceased; Martha, widow of Burdett WARTHEN, resides in St. Louisville, Licking County; William the subject of this notice; Rebecca, wife of Felix DONNELLY, resides in Bloomington, Indiana; Lettice, (deceased,) wife of William DONNELLY; Richard in Milford township; Katharine, wife of Robert HORTON, in Newton township, Licking Co., Ohio; George W., farmer near Utica, Licking Co. The subject of this notice remained at home until 1843, with his parents. He remained in Licking County until 1856, when he came to Milford township, where he has since resided. He was married to Miss Nancy SAMSON November 2, 1843. She was born May 27, 1824, in Licking Co., Ohio, was the daughter of Daniel SAMSON. They had a family of nine children: first child died in infancy: Alban W., born February 25, 1848, farmer, resides in Milford township; Daniel H., born June 2, 1850, farmer in Milford township; Eliza, born July 16, 1852, wife of George W. MYERS, Milford township; Rosa, born August 1854, wife of Albert VANCE, resides in Utica; Eugene, born August 26, 1856, lives at home; Matilda, born December 13, 1858, died October 7, 1862; Bert, born May 20, 1864, died July 10, 1877; Caroline, born March 12, 1867. Mr. MORELAND has held several of the offices of the township, being clerk four years; assessor one year, and was elected land appraiser in 1880. He is a faithful member of the Disciple Church. In politics he is a democrat; is a leading citizen of the township, and is much esteemed by the community for his many Christian virtues. He is an unpretentious, well informed man.

Thanks to Ernest L. Moreland
3660 Simmons Church Road
Centerburg, OH 43011-9450 for the previous article.

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By Ben Moreland
220 West Gordon Avenue
PO Box 576
Rossville, GA 30741

Ben sent the following with a note that says: “Here are some notes, which we have collected. I believe a lot of us should from:
1.      Thomas MORELAND of Guilford Co., North Carolina.
2.      William MORELAND of Surry Co., North Carolina.
3.      John MORELAND of Buncombe Co., North Carolina.
4.       James Saunders MORELAND of Gilmer Co., Georgia and Catoosa Co., Georgia.
5.      William Juhue MORELAND of Gilmer Co., Georgia.
6.      Tilden MORELAND of Catoosa Co., Georgia.
7.      Loyd MORELAND of Catoosa Co., Georgia.

Thanks to Ben Moreland for the following:

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
Index Book 10
Surry County Deeds

Bartlet Morland DAVIDSON to Thomas COGGIN p. 85

Archibald DUNLOP to Francis MORLAND p. 311

Francis MORELAND and ux to Stephen SORSBY p. 498

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