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Volume XII, Issue 2 Spring 1999



Seeking information for ancestors of John Rice COLLINS. His childrens' census records state he was born in Tennessee. Married 10 January 1837, Randolph Co., Illinois, Sarah BOLLINGER, daughter of Jacob BOLLINGER and Sarah MORELAND. Sarah and John Rice COLLINS are buried at the Bilderback Cemetery in Randolph Co., Illinois. Their deaths are estimated before 1850 because their children Sarah, Nancy, Henry Clinton, and Wright COLLINS are shown living with maternal relatives in Missouri on the 1850 and 1860 census. Any response appreciated.

Mary Anne Vittone, 1012 Carol Dr., Bridgeville, Pa. 15017


Would like to correspond with anyone researching a MORELAND, born England and married to Margaret Rose O’NEIL, born Canada. Lived in San Luis Obispo, California. Margaret Rose O’NEIL died at Sonora, California 1905. Have no other information on MORELAND.

Please contact Norine M. Faria, 2093 Willester Ave., San Jose, CA 95124-2013.  Email:

Jacob Bollinger and Sarah Moreland
By Mary Anne Vittone, 1012 Carol Drive, Bridgeville, PA 15017-1704
With appreciation to Evelyn Tharp, 2400 Hemosa St., Pinole, CA 94564 email:

Jacob BOLLINGER, the son of Peter BOLLINGER and Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, married Sarah MORELAND a daughter of William MORELAND and Sally [Unknown]. William was a Revolutionary War veteran and a large property owner in Carter County, Tennessee. The MORELAND family claims ancestry to the earliest settlers of Virginia. (Carter County. Tennessee and Its People. 1796-1993, pages 450-452)
Jacob served in the 3rd Regiment (JOHNSON’s) East Tennessee Militia during the War of 1812. He is reported to have been at the Battle of Mobile. Jacob and his family moved to Randolph County, Illinois before arriving in Missouri in 1838.
Many Polk County, Missouri records were destroyed in a courthouse fire but Jacob’s will survived in Polk County Wills and Administrations 1837-1854, Volume A, page 53. In the will he leaves everything to his wife “Sary.” The History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade, and Barton Counties. Missouri names Jacob as an early settler of Green Township, Polk County and states Jacob was a farmer and stonecutter of German nationality.
Sarah’s will dated 7 July 1855 Volume A, page 183 leaves the majority of her estate to her son with whom she had made her home, Henry W. BOLLINGER. She makes bequeathments to her other family as follows: Nancy FISHER, children of William BOLLINGER, David BOLLINGER, children of Sarah COLLINS, Wright M. BOLLINGER, Lucy Ann ROSS, Caroline ROSS, and Mary E. EDWARDS.
Sarah and Jacob are buried with their son, Henry W. BOLLINGER, at Tillery Cemetery, Hickory County, Missouri.
The following list was compiled by Elizabeth JETT, granddaughter of Nancy FISHER, of the children of Jacob BOLLINGER and Sarah MORELAND:
F-2-l    Nancy born 24 January 1806 near Athens McMinn Co., Tennessee married Archibald FISHER 17 February 1831 Randolph Co., Illinois died 22 August 1871 Ellisgrove Randolph Co., Illinois
F-2-2   David born 14 April 1810 Nashville Davidson Co., Tennessee married Sarah BYERS 9 May 1835 Ellisgrove Randolph Co., Illinois married 2nd Mary Polly LEAVITT died 30 April 1866 Ellisgrove
F-2-3   Joseph Joe born 15 March 1812 Tennessee died 8 June 1880 br Lees Summit Cemetery Missouri
F-2-4   John born 15 March 1812 died abt 1828 br Hickman Cemetery Missouri
F-2-5   Sarah born abt 1814 married John Rice COLLINS 10 January 1837 Randolph Co., Illinois died before 1850
F-2-6   William died before 1868
F-2-7   Wright M. born 1816 married 4 September 1848 Sarah MCSWAIN died 10 July 1882 Camden Co., Missouri
F-2-8   Lucy Ann born abt 1820 married Perry ROSS 5 November 1840
F-2-9 Caroline born abt 1820 Polk Co., Missouri married Jackson ROSS 31 December 1840 Polk Co., Missouri
F-2-1 Henry W. born 1823 Tennessee
F-2-1l Mary E. born 1824 Tennessee married John EDWARDS 24 April 1844

                                                     SARAH BOLLINGER

Sarah BOLLINGER, daughter of Jacob BOLLINGER and Sarah MORELAND, married John Rice COLLINS. The 1840 Census of Polk County, Missouri shows R COLLINS living in direct proximity with Jacob BOLLINGER Four children were born to Sarah and John Rice. On the 1850 Census Henry Clinton COLLINS is shown living with his grandfather, Jacob BOLLINGER, in Polk County; Wright COLLINS is living with his mother’s brother, Wright BOLLINGER, in Hickory County; and the Census of Morgan County shows two ROSS families with COLLINS girls living with them. The ROSS women were Sarah COLLINS’ sisters. The assumption is made Sarah and John Rice were deceased by 1850 and the children were sent to various maternal relatives to be reared.
The 1860 Census shows Clinton COLLINS, age 15, and Sarah COLLINS, age 18, living in the BOLLINGER household in Polk Co. A Centennial Booklet for Ellis Grove Township reports Sarah and John Rice COLLINS are buried at Bilderback Cemetery, Chester, Randolph County, Illinois and confirms placement of the children with BOLLINGER relatives. This is in the southwest corner of Illinois adjacent to Missouri.
Children of Sarah BOLLINGER and John Rice COLLINS:
F-2-5-l Nancy born 1840 Illinois
F-2-5-2   Sarah born 1844 married 7 October 1866 Judge James RULE
F-2-5-3   Wright born 26 January 1841 married Lucy J. PITTS 3 March 1867 died 17 December 1909 Dooley Bend Hickory Co., Missouri
F-2-5-4   Henry Clinton born 13 May 1843 married Mary Lacy PHILIPS abt 1870 died 1 November 1876 br Tillery Cemetery Hickory Co., Missouri

                                                 HENRY CLINTON COLLINS

Henry Clinton COLLINS, son of Sarah BOLLINGER and John Rice COLLINS, continued to live on the BOLLINGER farm in Polk County until his enlistment in the Civil War. His military records are on file with the Missouri State Archives V 8, page 289. He was enlisted with the Eighth Calvary, South Missouri Volunteers. Post Civil War Enrollment V 16, page 325 shows Henry and his brother, Wright, in Hickory County, and gives a physical description of them. Henry is 21 years old, 5’6” tall, had light hair. gray eyes, and a fair complexion. He was single and his occupation is given as farmer.
The 1870 Census of Hickory County shows Henry had married Mary Lacy PHILIPS. Mary was the daughter of John W. PHILIPS and Diana LACY of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mary had gone to Missouri around 1868 to be a nanny for a wealthy family. Henry acquired 80 acres of land in Hickory County because of his Civil War service.
In 1876, while attempting to break a horse, he was thrown and trampled. He died as a result of his injuries. He is buried in Tillery Cemetery with his grandparents and uncle. Following Henry’s death Mary sold everything she could, settled their debts, but did not wait to sell the property. She put her children in a wagon and returned to Pennsylvania alone.
Henry Clinton’s property in Missouri was not disposed of until 9 October 1900 when Henry’s brother, Wright COLLINS, went to probate court in Hickory County to have an administrator of the estate appointed because of Mary’s remarriage. The probate record names Henry’s children, Sarah and William COLLINS, and their residence in Pennsylvania There are extensive land and probate records available. Among the most touching is a receipt for the purchase of Henry’s tombstone and a listing of his property before sale.
The 1880 Census shows Mary COLLINS and her two children, Sarah and William, residing in Courtney, Union Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Mary eventually remarried William MATTHEWS, also a Civil War veteran. She and William had five children. They are buried in Monongahela Cemetery, Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Mary and William are fondly remembered by their surviving great-grandchildren.
An article was published in the Monongahela Daily Republican newspaper 5 September 1945 on the occasion of Mary’s 94th birthday. Her obituary followed 9 December 1947.
Children of Henry Clinton COLLINS and Mary Lacy PHILIPS:
F-2-5-4-l Sarah born 6 December 1871 Hickory Co., Missouri married abt 1888 John B. CAIRNS died 16 July 1929 br Monongahela Cemetery Washington Co., Pennsylvania
F-2-5-4-2  William H. born 8 May 1976 married Ann MARTIN died 3 November 1919 br Belle Vernon Cemetery Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania

Descendants of Anongamus Moreland
Compiled by Bruce D. Peoples, continued from previous issue

Generation No. 2

2.  Thomas Levi2 MORELAN (Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born December 16, 1846 in Jackson County, Tennessee, and died March 09, 1919 in Newton County, Arkansas.  He married (1) Ellen Victoria AMMONS.  He married (2) Nancy A. DAVIS November 06, 1902 in Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas.

        Children of Thomas MORELAN and Ellen AMMONS are:
3.                i.    Benjamin Levi3 MORELAN, b. May 24, 1867, Carter County, Missouri; d. February 05, 1923, Oklahoma.
                  ii.    Mary MORELAN, b. June 27, 1870, Carter County, Missouri; d. July 20, 1870, Carter County, Missouri.
                 iii.    Susan Jane MORELAN, b. March 20, 1873, Carter County, Missouri; d. May 1894.
                 iv.    Christopher Levi MORELAN, b. March 03, 1876, Carter County, Missouri; d. October 1893.
                  v.    James Richard MORELAN, b. October 1878, Carter County, Missouri; d. October 1900, Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas.
4.              vi.    Noah Harmon MORELAN, b. June 07, 1881; d. March 13, 1930.
                vii.    Thomas Levi MORELAN, b. 1883; d. 1883.
               viii.    Fronnie MORELAN, b. 1886; d. 1886.
5.              ix.    Etta Victoria MORELAN, b. November 28, 1887; d. 1976, Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma.
                  x.    Nettie MORELAN, b. November 28, 1887; d. December 06, 1887.
                 xi.    Henry MORELAN, b. 1890; d. 1890.
Generation No. 3

3.  Benjamin Levi3 MORELAN (Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born May 24, 1867 in Carter County, Missouri, U.S.A., and died February 05, 1923 in Oklahoma.  He married (1) Dora Pruitt REYNOLDS.  He married (2) Sarah Jane JULIAN September 19, 1886 in Van Buren, Carter County, Missouri.

        Child of Benjamin MORELAN and Dora REYNOLDS is:
                   i.    Rex4 MORELAN, b. 1914.

        Children of Benjamin MORELAN and Sarah JULIAN are:
6.               ii.    James Otis4 MORELAN, b. October 13, 1887; d. August 25, 1949.
                 iii.    Willie Lee MORELAN, b. September 19, 1891; d. 1893.
7.              iv.    Edna Pearl MORELAN, b. December 19, 1892, Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri; d. July 12, 1970, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.
8.               v.    Roy Franklin MORELAN, b. December 04, 1895, Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri; d. January 26, 1969, Pomona, Los Angeles County, California.
9.              vi.    Arvy Utah MORELAN, b. March 07, 1899, Carter County, Missouri; d. October 04, 1976, Pratt, Cullison County, Kansas.
10.          vii.    Ethel Reaon MORELAN, b. February 18, 1902; d. February 23, 1952, General Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.
11.         viii.    Arnet Johnson MORELAN, b. May 29, 1904; d. September 13, 1954, Bollinger, Missouri.
12.           ix.    Stella Myrea MORELAN, b. January 12, 1909; d. October 24, 1972, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.

4.  Noah Harmon3 MORELAN (Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born June 07, 1881, and died March 13, 1930.  He married Pernia Jane ATKINSON November 1904.

        Children of Noah MORELAN and Pernia ATKINSON are:
                   i.    Lawrence M.4 MORELAN, b. August 26, 1905; d. April 1955.
                  ii.    Willa A. MORELAN, b. 1908.
                 iii.    Jessie B. MORELAN, b. 1910.

5.  Etta Victoria3 MORELAN (Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born November 28, 1887, and died 1976 in Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma.  She married Ollie Absolom ATKINSON December 24, 1903 in Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas.

        Children of Etta MORELAN and Ollie ATKINSON are:
13.              i.    Noah Leslie4 ATKINSON, b. December 28, 1905.
14.             ii.    Aubrey Lee ATKINSON, b. June 11, 1906; d. May 15, 1987.
                 iii.    Mary Mildred ATKINSON, b. August 02, 1909, Newton County, Arkansas; d. February 14, 1910, Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas.
15.           iv.    Ardath Marie ATKINSON, b. August 14, 1911.
16.            v.    Eldon Glen ATKINSON, b. April 14, 1914; d. March 18, 1973.
17.           vi.    Scena Estelle ATKINSON, b. August 22, 1916; d. April 07, 1978.
18.          vii.    Pernia Imogene ATKINSON, b. September 04, 1922.

Generation No. 4

6. James Otis4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas LevI2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born October 13, 1887, and died August 25, 1949.  He married Mary Angeline FOSTER February 14, 1909 in Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas.

        Children of James MORELAN and Mary FOSTER are:
                   i.    Pearl Jeanetta5 MORELAN, b. January 29, 1910; d. September 21, 1968, Seminole, Oklahoma; m. Roland D. TIMMONS, 1927, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma.
                  ii.    Benjamin MORELAN, b. 1911; d. 1912.
                 iii.    John Gene MORELAN, b. April 20, 1912, Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas; m. Mildred Elizabeth (Mickie) POWELL, November 1941.
                 iv.    Lyman Roy MORELAN, b. December 06, 1914; m. Opal Geneva COX, 1937, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.
                  v.    James Otis (Ott) MORELAN, b. June 10, 1918; m. (1) Florence STARK, 1945, San Francisco, San Mateo County, California; m. (2) Lillian LUNG, 1962, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.
                 vi.    Virginia Lee MORELAN, b. December 11, 1924; m. (1) Edward Hull MOSER, January 26, 1945, Windfield, Cowley County, Kansas; m. (2) Aswell Francisco EVANS, January 16, 1960, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.

7.  Edna Pearl4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born December 19, 1892 in Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri, and died July 12, 1970 in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.  She married John Newton PEOPLES December 13, 1908 in Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas.

8.  Roy Franklin4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born December 04, 1895 in Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri, and died January 26, 1969 in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California.  He married Florence Rose GUIGNARD November 09, 1920 in San Mateo, California.

9.  Arvy Utah4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born March 07, 1899 in Carter County, Missouri, and died October 04, 1976 in Pratt, Cullison County, Kansas.  He married (1) Opal Evelyn FORD December 24, 1920 in Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma.  He married (2) Ruth Caroline SCHMIDT April 03, 1948 in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas.

11.  Arnet Johnson4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born May 29, 1904, and died September 13, 1954 in Bollinger, Missouri.  He married Birkie Irene APPLEGATE June 05, 1927 in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma.

12.    Stella Myrea4 MORELAN (Benjamin Levi3, Thomas Levi2, Anongamus1 MORELAND) was born January 12, 1909, and died October 24, 1972 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.  She married (1) Theodore LUX.  She married (2) James Bryan RHODES 1925.  She married (3) Carl Mana Edward JOHNSON March 01, 1965 in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois.

Will of Sally Ann Moreland

Estill Co., Kentucky Book B, page 238:
In Calling to mind the mortality of my body, I Sally Ann MORELAND being in my proper mind and having a desire to provide for the maintenance of my infant daughter Rhoda Ann, I make this my last Will and Testament, and first to my beloved and above named daughter, and be it understood that I wish my beloved mother to have my child and keep it of age.

If my mother should live so long and if she should not live till it is 21 years of age I wish my brother Elyah MORELAND to take my child and to educate it and in all things to act the part of legal Guardian, and in that case to sell my part of the tract of land where my brother Washington now lives, and appropriate to the raising and education my child at his discretion and if my child should not live to need the benefit of the land, I wish my part of it to be equally divided between my brothers Elyah MORELAND and Enoch MORELAND and I do hereby empower or authorize my brother Elyah MORELAND to make my part of the deed to the land that was sold as the property of the heirs, jointly sold to John HAWKINS.
This 16th May 1843  Signed in the presence of George ROBERTS and McArthur WRIGHT
Proved September 1843


Madison Co.,  Kentucky deed 2 January 1806 Deed Bk. F, pp. 515-516
LDS, microfilm Roll # 1083287 Titled Madison Co., Kentucky Deeds Vol. F-G, 1805-1810

This Indenture made the second day of January AD 1806 Between Vincent MORELAND and Mary his wife of Madison County Kentucky of the one part and Joseph HENDERSON of the County and state aforesaid Witnesseth that the said Vincent MORELAND and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the sum of ninety pounds lawful money of Kentucky to them in hand will and truly paid the receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Joseph HENDERSON and his heirs forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and eighty acres be the same more or less lying on the Waters of Drowning Creek and being a part of ’s Survey. Beginning at two white oaks SE corner to John ORCHARD thence with his line West 100 poles to two white oaks in CLAY’s line thence with the same South 300 poles to his corner a white oak and dogwood thence East 100 poles to a black walnut and sugar tree Samuel TETER’s corner thence with his line North and passing his corner to the Beginning with the appurtenances and premises above mentioned and every part thereof To Have and to hold the said tract of land unto the said Joseph HENDERSON and his heirs forever and them the said Vincent MORELAND and Mary his wife for themselves their heirs Executors and Administrators the land hereby conveyed against themselves their heirs & and against all persons claiming by or under them but against no other claim or claims whatever shall and will warrant and forever defend In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and affixed our seals the day and year first above Written
Signed & Ack'd B
In presents of Ozias CROOKE
Vincent x MORELAND 
Wm CLUBB mark
State of Kentucky
 Madison County
I do hereby Certify that this Indenture was produced to me as clerk to the County Court aforesaid on the 2nd day of
November 1807 which was acknowledged by Vincent MORELAND to be his act and deed and the same has been duly Recorded in my office                                                     Attest Will IRVINE

Morelands of Wayne County, Kentucky
Researched by Nona Williams

We’ve known for some time that DUDLEY MORELAND died in Wayne Co., Kentucky (in pension records Elizabeth said that her husband died in 1839, later in an affidavit their son, John, said his father had died in 1837) but we didn’t know what became of his son, William. I believe his son was the one who married Temperance COFFEY, per the deed below.  I’ll make a full report of my findings in the next newsletter.

Wayne Co., Kentucky Deed Book D, compiled and published by June Baldwin Bork page 17: October 20, 1824, recorded 21 October 1824 page 107-108, William MORELAND and Temperance his wife to John MORELAND, $400 for 90 acres by survey dated 10 August 1811 on north side of Beaver Creek, WRIGHT’s line, dividing line between Richard SUMMERS and said MORELAND. Signed William (+) MORELAND, Temperance (+) MORELAND. Wit: Summers WRIGHT, Dudley MORELAND.

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