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Volume XIII, Issue 2 Spring 2000

Moreland Cemetery
From Charles Moreland
15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604
continued from previouis issue:

Located on Roan Creek Road, above Rock Springs Church of Christ, Carter Co., Tennessee.

Shade L. DAVIS
April 1, 1834–Sept. 27, 1924
May he rest in peace
Amanda E. DAVIS
Oct. 1841-Apr. 24, 1924
We will meet again

Gone but not forgotten

Emeline C. PRITTS
Mar. 30, 1885-Nov. 23, [sic]

Wilburn F. PRITTS
Callie S. 1882-1961

Oct., 30, 1857-Apr. 16, 1941
Gone but not forgotten

188_ - 1964

Dec. 24, 1872-Nov. 23, 1953
Eliza daughter of T.C. and M.E. MOODY
Oct. 1, 1872-Nov. 10, 1891

May 1823-Nov. 25, 1900
I heard the voice of Jesus say Come unto me and rest

Henry Franklin PERKINS
Mar. 22, 1867-Nov. 25, 1916
Gone to a brighter home where grief cannot come.
Mary E. 1887-1959
Gone but not forgotten

Mar. 10, 1852-Dec. 25, 1954
Luzena SIMCOX wife of O.A. SIMCOX Aug. 1, 1854-June 20, 1926

Robey WARD
Nov. 28, 1897-Oct. 27, 1901

Edward Everett MORELAND (son of John MORELAND and Elizabeth STOUT – John MORELAND was the son of John MORELAND and Catherine WILSON) was born 23 July 1860 probably Johnson Co., Tennessee; died 29 November 1933 probably Carter Co., Tennessee; married 13 December 1878 Mountain City, Johnson Co., Tennessee to Mary Catherine GRINDSTAFF (daughter of Jacob Franklin GRINDSTAFF and Lucretia E. REECE) born 29 March 1860 Tennessee; died 23 July 1901 Johnson Co., Tennessee. Lucretia was related to Carroll REECE, U.S. Congressman from Tennessee during World War II.

The children of Edward MORELAND and Mary GRINDSTAFF were:

1.Amanda M. MORELAND born 7 October 1879 Carter Co., Tennessee; died 13 January 1940 near Housley, Carter Co., Tennessee; married to William R. TAYLOR.
2.Elizabeth MORELAND who died before 1910 Carter Co., Tennessee; married James Allen TAYLOR.
3.Zella Binor MORELAND born 1886 Tennessee; died 1978 Tennessee; married before 1910 Carter Co., Tennessee to James Allen TAYLOR.
4.John Millard MORELAND born 7 September 1889 Carter Co., Tennessee; died 16 March 1956 Carter Co., Tennessee; married 20 September 1913 Carter Co., Tennessee to Bertha LIPPS.
5.General L. MORELAND


From Bill Williamson
12649 Mayflower Dr.
Nevada City, CA 95959-9621

Summary for Jesse MORELAND on Henry / Oldham / Trimble Counties, Kentucky

At this time Jesse's parentage is in doubt as is his wife's maiden name. However I am working on the assumption that her name may have been BAIN and she the daughter of Johnson or George BAIN (sometimes BANE / BAINE / BEAN).

On 25 December 1793 a Jesse MOLAND married Matilda BAIN in Amherst County Virginia (see IGI film # 1760778). This source also identifies her‑as the daughter of Johnson BAIN (AFN # TG9B‑MB) and Hannah FOSTER, the daughter of Thomas FOSTER, (AFN # SW) and Dorothy  GATEWOOD (AFN # LPGO‑FQ).

A Jesse MORELAND appears on the tax list of Goochland Co Virginia in 1797. This Information came from Nona Williams.

A John MORELAND appears on the Kentucky census of 1800 in Shelby Co. Kentucky. (A John MORELAND is the father of Jesse Oglesby MORELAND who may or may not be this Jesse MORELAND. See, the Douglas Register for citations.

The AIS file for 1810 lists a John MORELAND in a single male household age 26‑45 in Shelby Co. Kentucky. Also listed there are Susannah and William MORELAND.

The AIS file for Shelby Co. Kentucky 1820‑lists John MORELAND page 171, William MORELAND, 118, Enos MORELAND page 117, William, Eli, and Washington OGLESBY page 156.

Henry County Kentucky tax books for the years 1800‑1824 list Jesse MORELAND on the Little Kentucky River. Jesse MORELAND does not appear in the Henry County tax book after 1823 Film #0008037.

Jesse MORELAND is a grantee of property in Oldham Co Kentucky in 1827 and 1830. Oldham Co Kentucky Grantee Index Book 1. Oldham County split off from Henry County in 1824. Shelby and Jefferson, Counties contributed to its territory.

The AIS file for Oldham Co., Kentucky 1830 lists Jesse MORELAND, page 297. John and William­ MORELAND are listed on pages 294 and 295. Ellis (263) OGLESBY, William (294) OGLESBY, Joseph (261) OGLESBY, Washington (273) OGLESBY, Willis (283) OGLESBY are listed as well. Presumably the OGLESBYs were included in Oldham County from Jefferson County after 1824.

The 1840 Trimble County Kentucky census lists Jesse MORELAND age 70‑80. Also listed are Jesse Jr., John and Walter A. MORELAND. Trimble County was formed from Henry, Oldham and Gallatin Counties in 1837. Will Book #1 1837‑1875 film # 0420373 contains Jesse MORELANDs will in January 1844, recorded 1 September 1847 Trimble County Court Orders, page 481.

On October 11 1855 the appraisal of Matilda and Jesse MORELAND's estate was ordered. Book 2 Trimble County Court.

The 1850 census for Trimble Co., Kentucky lists Matilda MORELAND age 72 birthplace Virginia, page 392. Also listed John MORELAND age 55 birthplace Virginia, page 412 The 1860 Trimble census does not include Matilda MORELAND.

FTM Vol. 2 # 3965 compiled by Melba Hutchinson (deceased) lists the children of John MORELAND: John, Jesse, Edward, and William. These MORELANDs are connected to Wright MORELAND et al of Carter Co., Tennessee and Goochland Co., Virginia. See also various copies of theMoreland Muster edited by Nona Williams.

Henry County MORELAND marriages from Film # 0823831:

Matilda or Malinda MORELAND married Willis G. CONDITT 20 December, 1817. Jesse MORELAND father, page 11.

John MORELAND married Jeany MORELAND 12 October 1815 Jacob PEGGS Bondsman. page 40.

Martha MORELAND married Washington FLOYD January 2, 1814. F. W. page 19

William MORELAND married Eliza SMITH Father George SMITH 16 December, 1848. Wm. MORELAND father?

Film #0008037 Henry County Tax Books 1800‑ includes entries for MOLAND, MOLAIM, MORELAND, MOLIN, MOLAN, Jesse. The property descriptions and watercourse designations verify that the name variations, identify the same person.

From Trimble County, Kentucky Court Orders "On the motion of Jesse MORELAND ordered that his mark be recorded as a cross and split in the right ear and an underbit in the left. Page, 84. May, 1838.

Summary for Matilda BAIN: Darnell, Emina: Forks of the Elkhorn Church, pages 210‑211, The BAIN family of Scotch descent, settled in Woodford and what is now Anderson, in the vicinity of Clifton. George BAIN, who is said to have married first ____ BUSH, married Betsy BLANTON, w 1795. They lived on what is now the Steele Pike, a part of their land being sold in 1849 to Hezekiah WINN. George died w. 1924. His children named in his will were: 1 /Sally MITCHELL; 2/Jincy, married William PEACOCK, w. 3/Nancy, married John B. PEYTON, w. 1811 and they had a son Greenberry; 4/George (married Betty UPDIKE?); 5/Joseph, married first Locky SHARP (daughter of Noah and Jane DOOLEY SHARP) F, 1821; he married second Charlotte UPDIKE, W 1841, and went later to Trimble.

George BAIN Sr. states in his will that he gave property to be his first wife's children when they married. Patterson BAIN, of Fayette married Mary THEOBALD (Scott?) 1835, Johnson BAIN died Oldham, 1831 leaving sons Lewis, Linsey, Leroy;‑ son-in-law Jesse MORELAND; daughter (Lena. CLOR?)

I do not understand the w or I letters after some of the marriage data in the quoted passage.

Patterson BAIN married Mariah HURT 10 March 1825 Fayette Co, Kentucky CD 229 also.

In Amherst Co Virginia Leroy BEAN married Nancy PHILLIPS 22 May 1777, he was the father of Sally BAIN.

I am in some confusion at this time as Matilda's father. The Elkhorn Church source suggests that George is her father. IGI film 1760778 cites a birth for, Matilda BAIN in Amherst Co., Virginia abt. 1774 with parents Johnson BAIN and Hannah FOSTER. There may be more than one Matilda BAIN. My basic thought is that this Johnson BAIN may be her half‑brother, she from the first marriage and he from the second marriage of George BAIN.


My grandmother was Mayme Florence MORELAND GREER, daughter of Thomas Henderson MORELAND and Mary Catherine MORELAND. Mayme was born in Wise Co., Texas; whereas the rest of the MORELAND children were born in Georgia, Tennessee, etc.

Barbara Stonehocker, P.O. Box 2011, Weatherford, OK 73096.

Seeking information on Ambrose MORELAND born ca 1792 married Francis WYLIE. Ambrose and Francis had James Bryant MORELAND 1828 North Carolina married Sarah Ann HARWELL. My grandfather was Wiley Bryant MORELAND b 1858 Mississippi, son of
James B, and he married Miley Elizabeth KELLY
 in Mississippi. There is also a Texas connection for Wiley and Miley MORELAND. Any help appreciated. 

Myrtle Moreland Mattei, 556 Willowside Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95401. email:

William Moreland and Rhoda Willoughby

My name is Elizabeth Moreland Lusco. I lost my father, Vannie Ray Moreland, in August of 1999; and in October of 1999, I had my first grandchild, Claire Elizabeth Newell. In honor of my Dad, I wanted to gather some family pictures to put into a book for little Claire so she would know the faces of those that came before her. I wanted her to know about those that would surely have loved her and she would have loved right back! I called my aunt, Thelma Moreland Taylor, and asked if she might have some photographs of her grandparents. She informed me that she had boxes of all kinds of old records. She invited me out to have a look and she had a TREASURE CHEST! She had photos and deeds that dated back to the mid 1800s. She commented that she wished someone could organize these things and write down a family history. I said I would try and soon found out there was so much, I needed to get a genealogy program to help keep things straight. She went through box after box and would phone me with the day's findings. Before we knew it, we had several hundred names. My grandmother, Evelyn Bascam Christopher Moreland, is 96 years old and still living. She still has a wonderful memory and started telling us bits about each person we discovered. Needless to say, Aunt Thelma and I were hooked! I want to try to tell some of the things we discovered.

We live in Birmingham, Alabama. Elvie Van Buren Moreland, his wife Evelyn, and their three children, Thelma Naomia, Ramona Jean, and Vannie Ray, moved here in 1942. They had left the family farm in Clark County, Kentucky when Elvie Van Buren was transferred with the L&N Railroad. The family farm had been owned by three generations of MORELANDs that we knew about. The farm had been owned by Elvie, his father Alexander Campbell, and his father Elijah. We started researching wills, census records, Internet files, and everything else we could find. Nona sent us an abstract for William MORELAND's will. We got a copy of that will and it named his five children, Elijah, Enoch, Anna, Sally Ann, and George Washington. We then knew William was Elijah's father. We started searching for information on William and found that his wife Rhoda, listed in his will, was Rhoda WILLOUGHBY. William was such a common name, we have really had a hard time connecting him to all the branches of MORELANDs we came across. We had seen countless files that named a William as the son of Dudley MORELAND. But, was it our William?

I met Martha Ashcraft Hunt online and exchanged files. She was the great-granddaughter of George R. MORELAND, brother of Alexander Campbell MORELAND. She felt sure Dudley was the father of our William. She had no hard copy proof, but I think she had the best proof of all. Her mother lived with her grandparents, George R. and Sarah Ellen CROW. His nickname for little Mary Magdalene was "Mary Magdalene Annie Bill DUDLEY Moreland Ashcraft". As we searched records for Dudley, we found that in a pension application, his son had given a statement naming Dudley's children, and it also declared that William MORELAND then deceased was also a child of Dudley MORELAND. Dudley died in 1839, our William died in 1836. In all of the Gedcom files we searched, it always stated Dudley's son William died May 25, 1846. Our William died May 25, 1836. I think this was an error in the Gedcom files. I truly believe our William is the son of Dudley MORELAND. I am continuing my research in order to get hard copy verification of this belief.

Another of the mysteries we are closing in on is the Moreland Cemetery located on Hwy. 89 in Clark County. It is on a knoll that looks over the farm my grandfather owned. There are 13 graves that have markers and 16 graves that were only marked with rocks, and one "lost" grave. We knew from family records that Elijah MORELAND and his wife Sarah Ann ROBERTSON, their daughter Eliza who died as a baby, their teenage son John, Alexander Campbell's 19 year old daughter Eliza with Ellen KING, a family friend, Margaret WHITE, and Ida BROOKSHIRE, were buried there and their graves marked with rocks. Who were the other 10? We discovered that Ida BROOKSHIRE's family had added a dated marker, but didn't know which grave was hers and had just placed the marker. That left 9 graves. We started to try to find out if this property that had been owned by three generations of MORELANDs had in fact been owned by a fourth, namely William MORELAND. If it had, there is an excellent chance that William MORELAND, Rhoda WILLOUGHBY MORELAND, Sally Ann MORELAND, Irenea STEPHENS MORELAND, Enoch MORELAND, and other of their descendants were buried there.

William MORELAND was a considerable property owner. His will and all transactions I have thus far found for him have been in Estill County. This was taken from the Abstracts to Deeds and Mortgages in Estill County:

Volume II: page 7: 2 May 1837, David HAGANS of Clark County to the heirs of  William MORELAND deceased. Elijah, Anna KING, Enoch, Sally and Washington, for $2.50 per acre, for 100 acres on Red River and Woodwards Creek. (Bk F, pg 332)

We know from the will of Sally Ann MORELAND that the children of William still held property that had been left them by their father in 1843:

 “In Calling to mind the mortality of my body, I Sally Ann MORELAND being in my proper mind and having a desire to provide for the maintenance of my infant daughter Rhoda Ann, I make this my last Will and Testament, and first to my beloved and above named daughter, and be it understood that I wish my beloved mother to have my child and keep it of age.  If my mother should live so long and if she should not live till it is 21 years of age I wish my brother Elijah MORELAND to take my child and to educate it and in all things to act the part of legal Guardian, and in that case to sell my part of the tract of land where my brother Washington now lives, and appropriate to the raising and education my child at his discretion and if my child should not live to need the benefit of the land, I wish my part of it to be equally divided between my brothers Elijah MORELAND and Enoch MORELAND and I do hereby empower or authorize my brother Elijah MORELAND to make my part of the deed to the land that was sold as the property of the heirs, jointly sold to John HAWKINS.

Sally Ann MORELAND  This 16th May 1843  Signed in the presence of George ROBERTS and McArthur WRIGHT

I am still researching, but I believe William MORELAND deeded tracts of land to both Elijah and Enoch before his death that crossed the Estill County and Clark County line. I believe Elijah purchased adjoining land that was in Clark County and Estill County as we know it today:

In Volume I, page 88: 10 Aug 1835, Chilton ALLEN of Clark County, received  $40 from Elijah MORELAND, for 54 acres on Woodwards Creek, adjoining WILLSHUDSON, Samuel KING and HAGAN. Recorded by John W. LONGNECKER, Deputy clerk for Robert CLARK, clerk Estill County. (Bk F, pg 75)

I am hoping to find descendants of Enoch, George Washington, Anna KING, and most of all, Sally Ann MORELAND's daughter Rhoda Ann HAWKINS. I am in hopes they might shed light on those remaining unmarked graves.

We are sending you our genealogy file and hope to hear from other researchers of this family. We can be reached at email address :

Many thanks to Marty Hunt, Sandi Fraley, Ollie Moreland Puccill, all those other researchers before us, and everybody on the Clark and Estill County message boards!

Yours truly,
Thelma Moreland Taylor
Elizabeth Moreland Lusco

To be continued

Comments by Nona

I’ve been in touch with Bill Williamson who makes a good case for his Jesse MORELAND being the son of John MORELAND and Ann OGLESBY, however Jesse O. MORELAND was born 18 Jun 1777 per the Douglas Register and would have only been 16 years of age when  Jesse MORELAND married Matilda BAINS in 1793. John MORELAND, son of Wright MORELAND, was born ca. 1755 and probably isn’t the John MORELAND of Shelby Co., Kentucky in 1810 (age 26-45 and born between 1765-1784). 

In The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia 1761-1807 and Albermarle County, Virginia 1748-1763 compiled by the Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis page 178 I found the following record in Amherst County:

 “17 Aug. 1778 Rich. OGLESBY, to his daughter, Ann MORELAND of Powhatan County a slave, Sarah. Wit: Jno. CURD, Robin POOR, Jas. CURD, Jno. CURD, Jr.

I believe this was Ann, the wife of John MORELAND and the mother of Jesse Oglesby MORELAND. Apparently they’d moved from Goochland County to the adjoining county of Powhatan which explains why there was no record of John in Goochland County tax lists, but when Jesse reached the age of majority in 1797 he appeared in Goochland County on the tax list.

There was also an Andrew MORELAND in Amherst Co., Virginia on page 384, 9 Nov. 1801: Andrew MORELAND, to Joel PONTON, for 18 pounds, stock. Wit: Thos. FORTUNE Sr., Thos. E. FORTUNE.

Hopefully someone will have an opportunity to research the Powhatan Co., Virginia area for more information about the family of John MORELAND and Ann OGLESBY.
Elizabeth Lusco is making a good case for her William MORELAND being a descendant of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., Virginia. Her William MORELAND made his will in 1836 in Estill Co., Kentucky

 Garland (35) and Melinda (29) MORELAND were in Estill Co., Kentucky in 1860. (This is Garland, son of John MORELAND and Catherine WILSON).

Reva (60) and Elizabeth (17) MORELAND were in Estill Co., Kentucky in 1870.

Does anyone have any ideas who these other MORELANDs were? I’d welcome any thoughts about whether this William who married Rhoda WILLOUGHBY in Greene Co., Tennessee is likely the son of Dudley MORELAND or one of Dudley’s brothers. I believe we once entertained the idea that he was a son of Thomas MORELAND. All comments, theories, ideas, etc. are welcome.

Estill County was formed from Clark Co., Kentucky and per Eldon Edgin’s compilation of census records Thomas H. MORELAND was in Clark Co., Kentucky in 1810. His household included 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10 and 1 female 26-45. In 1820 he was in Estill Co., Kentucky with 3 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-26 and 1 male 26-45. Females included 1 under 10, 2 10-16 and 1 26-45.

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