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The Moreland Muster, Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 1990

Thanks to Eldon Edgin who sent 9 large IGI files, the first of which is printed in this issue.   He is also working with Melba Hutchison to enter Moreland census data into a D-Base program.  We still need volunteers to supply census information to Eldon Edgin, 14908 Wood­briar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248.  He will then supply the data to the newsletter.

* * * * *

International Genealogical Index (TM)  (IGI) ‑ 1988 Edition ‑ Version 2.05
31 OCT 1989              SELECTED IGI ENTRIES                          
                                                                                                                               Batch   Lib Call #
Names (Sex)    Event  Date/Place  LDS Ordinances  & Sheet  For Source Doc
MORELAND, William (M)  B: 1748   B: Cleared       8684007    1396259            
  Father: Charles, Maryland      E: Cleared       38                          Mother:                       SP: Uncleared                                    

MORELAND, William (M) M: 4 Dec 1770 SS:  2 Dec 1971 IF   7034217  538718             
  Spouse: Anne KNIGHT    Newburyport, Essex, MA   16                          

MORELAND, William (M) C: 27 Apr 1777 B: 24 Jun 1976 SG C504701  975.542 V2B        
  Father: John MORELAND Charles Parish, York, VA E: 16 Nov 1976 SG  0883654    Mother: Fanny                                   SP: 30 Nov 1976 SG                               

MOORLAND, William (M) M: 29 Aug 1808  SS:  2 Oct 1984 JR   M519241  944386             
  Spouse: Rhody WILLOUGHBY  Greene, Tennessee                                                                     

MORELAND, William (M)  M: 26 Jan 1815   SS: Cleared    8721006  1396389            
  Spouse: Sarah COSNER  Hardy, Virginia                11                          

MORELAND, William (M) M: 31 Dec 1856 SS: 28 Feb 1985 LA   M519063  847608             
  Spouse: Phebe RICHARDSON  Carter, Tennessee                                                                     

MORLAND, William (M) M: 13 Mar 1871 SS:  4 Jun 1986 JR   M515362  986960             
  Spouse: Maria MERRICKS  Macon, Missouri                                  
MORELAND,William (M) M: 22 Feb 1881 SS: 16 Aug 1983 PV M515142 946602 ITEM2 
  Spouse: Delia E. OOZELY    Henry, Missouri                                                                       
MORELAND, William Adolphus (M)  M: 6 Nov 1854  SS: Cleared 8703303  1396306    Spouse: Jane Elizabeth STEVENSON  Hempstead, Arkansas     48                          

MORELAND, William Adolphus (M) M: 10 Nov 1854 SS: 2 Nov 1973 AZ 7305404  822634             
  Spouse: Jane Elizabeth STEVENSON  Hempstead, Arkansas          44                          

MORELAND, William Andrews (M) M: 8 Aug 1839  SS: 31 May 1979 SL 7901104  1126466            
  Spouse: Eleanor NOBLET   Gasconade, Missouri                  41                          

MORELAND, William C. (M) M: 19 Nov 1885 SS:  9 Dec 1981 OK   M515592  914752             
  Spouse: Adline BRAND  Phelps, Missouri                                                                      

MORELAND, William Harrison (M) M: 16 Dec 1885 SS: 13 Nov 1976 OG 7604404  1058244            
  Spouse: Lucinda GUINN  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri           56                          

MORELAND, William Henry Harrison (M) B: 27 Jul 1840 B: Cleared  8714701  1396351            
  Father: William Wyatt Emsley MORELAND Lamar, Johnson, Arkansas E: Cleared 12    Mother: Mariah Ann STRIBLING   SP: Cleared                                      

MORELAND, William L. (M)  M: 27 Oct 1853 SS: 23 Oct 1984 OK   8420901  1395832            
  Spouse: Mary Elizabeth LEFEVRE  Pulaski, Arkansas          53                          

MORELAND, William L (M) M: 12 Jul 1877 SS:  7 Feb 1985 OG   M515862  931629    Spouse: Eugenia ORMSBY  Texas, Missouri                               

MORELAND, William R. (M) M: 4 Sep 1884 SS:  8 Dec 1981 OK   M515592  914752    Spouse: Frances P. TIPTON  Phelps, Missouri                               
MORELAND, William Sansford (M) B: 11 Jul 1840 B:  6 Jul 1982 WA 8211704  0884811
     Father: J. MORELAND  Hardy, Virginia E:  7 Jul 1982 WA   54                 Mother: P._          SP:  1 Feb 1983 WA                               

MORELAND, William T (M) M: 10 Nov 1885 SS:  7 Aug 1981 OG   M515393  965987             
  Spouse: Clare_ E. BOSCHERT   Livingston, Missouri                                                                  

MORELAND, Willis F (M) M: 5 Sep 1855 SS: 17 Aug 1978 PV   7731205  1126152            
  Spouse: Comfort J. PARKS Versailles, Morgan, Missouri  28                          

MORELAND, Willis F (M) M: 5 Sep 1855 SS: 26 Oct 1984 JR   M515491  981048             
  Spouse: Comfort J. PARKS  Morgan, Missouri                                                                       

MORELAND, Willis F (M) M: 8 Mar 1859 SS: 26 Oct 1984 JR   M515491  981048             
  Spouse: Margaret M. WILLIAMS  Morgan, Missouri                                                                       

MORELAND, Winna (F) M: 30 Aug 1816 SS: 26 Feb 1985 LA   M519063  847608             
  Spouse: Wm. HALLY  Carter, Tennessee                                                                     

MORELAND, Winna (F)  M: 30 Aug 1816 SS: Cleared M519061  847606            
  Spouse: William HOLLY  Carter, Tennessee                                                                     

MORELAND, Wm (M)  N: Born 1837 (age 13 in 1850) B: 15 Apr 1972 MT 7126010  538932             
  Father: Wright MORELAND  Carter, Tennessee  E:  8 Sep 1972 MT   75                          
  Mother:                                     SP: 12 Dec 1972 MT                                

MORELAND, Wright (M)  M: 8 Sep 1764 SS: 31 Oct 1973 LG   7300812  822670             
  Spouse: Ann WILSON   Goochland, Virginia               42                          

MORELAND, Wright (M)  M: 17 Jul 1819 SS:  2 Mar 1985 LA   M519063  847608             
  Spouse: Polly GRINDSTAFF   Carter, Tennessee                                                                     
Events:  B=Birth  C=Christening  M=Marriage  N=Census  W=Will A=Adult Chr.  D=Death  F=Birth of 1st Child  S=Miscellaneous
LDS Ordinances:  B=Baptized  E=Endowed  SP=Sealed to Parents  SS=Sealed to Spouse

 * * * * *


     Janie Bryant visited the DAR library in Washington DC and copied the index of Volume 1 for the Johnson Co., Tennessee Court Minutes.  She says that the original book is in the County Clerk's office, but is in terrible condition; pages are missing and crumbling.  It would be helpful if someone could check to see if these records are avail­able on microfilm at a Family History Library.  Following are the Moreland names found in the index and the page number as­sociated with records in which their names appear.

Catherine, 156, 166
Elijah 343, 346, 348, 403, 459
Emeline 343
Garland (G.) 105, 141, 259, 287, 302, 340, 401, 485
John (J.) 56, 120
N.G. 348
Nicholas (N.) 273, 296, 302, 331, 332, 346, 362, 394, 401
Right 156, 166, 273
Sarah 51, 401
Widow 296, 362, 401
William 105, 141, 156, 166, 268, 296, 332, 362, 394

                             * * * * *


     The following article was discovered and sent in by Joseph L. Brumit.  He found it in Vol. VII, No. 4, October 1960 of Ansearchin News which is published by the Tennessee Genealogical Society.  Seventy-two men are listed on the roster, but in the interest of saving space, I've only included the names of the men who are listed on the same page with William Moreland.

     Procured and prepared by President Wilena Roberts Bejach (Mrs. Lois Dillard) from the original Account Book at the North Caro­lina State Archives, Raleigh.

     In July 1776, Griffith Rutherford, Brig. Gen. of the Salisbury Dis­trict, N.C., was ordered to assemble three hundred men from the Surry County, N.C. Militia Regiment and to march to a rendez­vous with groups of Virginians and South Carolinians, where and when all would proceed to quell the Cherokees who were disgruntl­ed because of advan­ces by the white man on their lands, as well as having been incited to violence against the settlers by the English.  The meeting place with the Virginians under Col. William Christian was to be at Stalneckers on the Holston River.  Under Rutherford were Lt. Col. Joseph Williams and Major Joseph Winston.  The Regiment dispersed the Cherokees at the Middle Towns before Christian arrived, but he left a force of one hundred men under Captains William Moore and Joseph Hardin to harass the Indians.

Pages 73-80

Each name is preceded by the words TO CASH PAID and followed by the amount paid in pounds, shillings and pence.  Page 80.

38. Joseph Winston
39. William Gilbert
40. James Dyer Commissary
41. William Gilbert
42. Gilbreath Falls
43. William Gilbreath
44. Andrew Gruer
45. Capt. James Robertson
46. George Russell
47. James Hollis
48. John Creswell
49. William Tatham
50. Col. John Carter
51. John Tye
52. Thomas Simpson
53. Col. Charles Medlock
54. Jefferson Reims
55. Robert Maghlen
56. Thomas Sparks
57. Charles Perkins
58. James Hunter
59. Jno Joice and Francis Cook
60. Enoch Davis and Andrew Hayes
61. Robert McKinnie
62. James Hayes
63. William Moreland
64. William Wiley
65. Joseph Brown
66. George Parks
67. Hogan & Healy
68. William Love
69. Phinehas Clayton
70. John Caruth, Wagon Master
71. John Turnage
72. John Potts

     I believe that the William Moreland on this list was the ancestor of Marie Carlton Wilkerson who sent her pedigree chart to me.  She lists a William Moreland born before 1726 in Prince George Co., Virginia; md. a Nancy; d. June 1816 in Surry Co., NC.  His father was John Moreland b. ca. 1706, Virginia (from Prince George Co., VA 1749, 1754.  His will was dated 28 Oct. 1766 in Halifax Co., NC.  He married a Dorothy.  It seems highly likely that this is another branch of the York Co., Virginia Morelands.

* * * * *


"William Moreland appointed Constable for the upper district."

     Carter Co., Tennessee was formed from Washington District, NC in 1796.  The record above was discovered by C.E. Moreland who saw it in Vol. 19 of a publication of the Watauga Assn. of Genealogists.  This represents the earliest known date of William Moreland in this area.  He was also listed in Revolutionary Army Accounts for Washington and Sullivan Counties, NC in 1783.  (This record didn't prove service in the war, but was a record of reimburse­ments made to residents who contributed supplies to the troops).  This William Moreland was probably the one who served in the 9th Virginia Continental Line from Dec. 1776 to Jan. 1778).  This newly found record would tend to support my theory that William Moreland was born between 1750-60 and was either the first or the second son of Wright Moreland.

     Kudos to Charles Moreland for finding and sharing this with us!

* * * * *


     In the name of God, Amen
I Charles Moreland of the County of Carter and State of Tennessee being of sound mind though weak and feeble as to health, and knowing that it is ordained by God for men to die do this twenty ninth day of May one thousand and eight hundred and forty six make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills or parts of wills heretofore by me made.

     Firstly I desire to be decently buried and my funeral expenses (and just debts if any this by.)  be first paid out of any money or other effects that I may die possessed of.

     Secondly, to my son Wright Moreland, I give and bequeath all the lands I may die possessed of, and all the cash, and the proceeds of all the debts due me (after first paying my funeral expenses and just debts) to be his own right and property on my death.  In testimony whereof, I hereto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Signed sealed, Ws.                                   his
in person by us                              Charles  X  Moreland
Richd. C. White                                     mark
Wm. Lewis


State of Tennessee
County of Carter

     On this 17th day of September personally appeared in open court before the Circuit Court of Carter County here setting Charles More­land, a resident of Carter County, State of Tennessee, aged sixty eight years on this 8th day of this month past who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath, make the following declara­tion in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed June 7th, 1832.

     That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officer, and served as herein stated.  That he volun­teered in the state of Virginia, County of Goochland (he being then a citizen of that county) in the month of March 1781 under Col. Nathan­iel Morris, his captain was David Mullins, his Lieutenant Col. was John Puarants.  This declarant states that after their organization, they marched to Richmond Virginia gathered their troops in the vicini­ty thereof for a period which he cannot recollect precisely.  From there on the return of Lord Cornwallis from the South        by General LayFayette through marched over Lousia on to       County about      miles from Elk Hills.  The British took Possession of the point    and     there until General LayFeytte marched down to attack, upon his approach, the British retreated to York having before hand destroyed the bridge across Big     Creek near Elk Hill to retard the movements of LayFayette.  A few days before he got to Elk Hill he was joined by the distinguished General Wayne.  Before this time a portion of the Virginia Militia was discharged an organization was     Col.    Pharson and my Captain Mullins, they attached to my company of Captain Mullins, they     attached to my company of Captain Thomas Harding or Hardner---from Elk Hills the army marched towards Wil­liamsburg.  Before we reached this point I was discharged in Goochla­nd County--got my written discharge that I    of    lost it.  I was in service three month--    I got home during harvest.  I     at home but as my short      until I  was drafted in Captain Frank Pledgers company---we joined the Main Army at Williamsburg and was attached to the Brigade of General     and the regiment of Col. Wm.    at     General Washington joined the army and from this place marched to York, which place the British had possession of they who had posses­sion of hill.  General LeyFayette heading the French troop marched up and attracted the British and compelled in the first to retreat but on being reinforced, he again attracted them and made them retreat.  On the evening or the following General Washington commenced building a fort on     Hill and built breast works,  Batteries continued the siege of York until Cornwallis surrendered, the loss of men on either side the declarant does not now recollect.  During the siege General LeyFayette attached a redoubt and was compelled to retreat.  The following night General Wayne attacked the same fort and took it with a loss of a few men.  The following night LayFeytte attacked another and took it with considerable loss to the Americans and much greater of the British.  After the surrender of Cornwallis, I was ordered to guard some mili­tary stores at a ship loading on the James River about six miles from York, call I thing I took the fluh       lay a con­siderable time.  After I got well, I was discharged verbally by the officer of the guard    an    officer whose name I think was Johnston or Strong having been in service about three and half months.  The time I reached home I can not state certainly but I think in Novem­ber.  The declarant served in all he thinks at least six and a half months and possibly longer, that there is no minister in his immediate vicinity.  That he has no documentary evidence and he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service.

     He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and  declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state to his knowledge.

     Sworn and subscribed this day &                     his
year aforesaid in open court                   Charles   X  Moreland
A.U. Carter Clk.                                         mark
By Wm. B. Carter DC

W. Johnson Hamilton and Swanson White (there being no clergyman resident in Charles Morelands neighborhood) hereby certify that they are well acquainted with Charles Moreland who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration:  that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier in the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion

Sworn to and subscribed in                       W.J. Hampton
open court 17 September 1832                     Swanson White

          A.U. Carter Clk.
          By Wm. B. Carter DC

(Prepared and sent in by Eldon J. Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248).

* * * * *

Prior to 1682 to 1957, et seq.
by Edward H. Knight

     The Knight family forebears were all English and most settled in Gloucestershire, or near provinces.  The father of Giles Knight, appears to have been Sir John Knight, a mayor of Bristol.  Giles, who inherited that title, dropped it when he affiliated with the Society of Friends ("Quakers"), and he came to America in 1682, with his wife, eldest son, and other relations, with William Penn, on the "Welcome," and settled in what is now Bucks County.  He endured early hardships but acquired considerable means and prominence in that community.  The next four generations in my line were all born in Bucks County.  The Morland (later spelled Moland) branch also came from England and John Morland, the first immigrant, became a distinguished lawyer in Bucks County...   His granddaughter married Daniel Knight, the father of Dr. A.W. Knight, joining the two lines.

     Connection between Mo(r)land and Knight branches:

1.  John Morland of England born and died in England, graduated at Oxford University 11 October 1714.  Degree B.C.L.

2. John Mo(r)land, Jr. born in London 1700, came to America and was Crown Atty. of George 2nd for Penna. in 1759; d. 5 Jan. 1761.  Married in March 1738, Catherine Hutchinson, of New Castle, PA.  Died 14 Feb. 1780.

3.  William Moland (dropped "r" from name), b. 5 Nov. 1749 at Phila­delphia; d. either 1817 or 1826.  May have been a surgeon in Revolu­tionary Army (no record of it found).  Married 19 Oct. 1773, Hannah Noble, born 1 Sept. 1754 in Pa.; d. 1824 (whose grandfather lived in Bristol, Eng.) and grandmother (Wells) in Reading, Eng.

4.  Elizabeth Moland (eldest child) born Sept. 1, 1774, d. 17 June 1818, at or near Zanesville, Ohio.  Married Daniel Knight Dec. 1801.  (She was buried in Cem. at Zanesville, Ohio).

All of the above, except John Morland, Sr. settled in Bucks Co., PA.

* * * * *

VOL. 2, 1819-1820

p. 117, A bill of sale from Sarah Moorland to Thomas Simson for a negroe girl named Mahaley.  Acknowledged in open court and admited to record let it be registered.

p. 248  November the 15th 1820

     Elisha Bowen being sworn upon his oath saith that he is afraid his life will be taken by the said Charles Moorland or some great bodily harm will be done therein by said Moorland and the said Charles being then in open court it is therefore ordered that the said Charles Moorland give security to keep the peace towards the said Elisha and the good people of the state for three months or be in custody of the sheriff untill he gives security

     Charles Mooreland acknowledges himself indebted to the state in the sum of one hundred dollars and Moses Humphreys bail in the sum of fifty dollars to be levied of their goods and chattles land and tenements and void on condition that the said Charles Moorland keep the peace towards Elisha Bowen and the good people of the state of Tennessee for the term of three months

p. 250  A deed of conveyance from Sarah Moorland, John Moorland and Thomas Simpson and James Loyed to Julius Duggar for fifty acres of land proven in open court by Elisha Bowen one of the subscribing witnesses John Miller

     A bill of sale from Sarah Moorland to Thomas Simpson for a negroe girl, eighteen months old named Lucey proven in open court, by Julius Dugger and Elisha Bowen subscribing Witnesses and admited to record let it be registered.

p. 251  Ordered by the court that Charles Moorland [and others] be jurors to the circuit court at march term 1821-


     I have been doing the Simpson line since 1951 and now have close to 200 names which all connect.  These are from the sons of John Simpson from Edinburgh, Scotland.   His son, John, married Sarah (Sally) Moreland (b. 1798 VA) on Jan. 18, 1816 in Ross Co., Ohio.  My Morelands are from the Western Frederick - Eastern Hampshire Counties, Virginia.  The following is all I have on the Moreland family:

Bazaleel Moreland md. Margaret Fahs.  She was the daughter of Phillip Fahs.  They went to Fulton Co., Ill.

Elizabeth Moreland md. Joseph Evans, Dec. 26, 1831.  He was the son of John and Hannah Isncol Evans.   She was the daughter of Bazaleel and Margaret Fahs Moreland.  Elizabeth was born Hampshire Co., VA June 22, 1807.

George Moreland md. Sally Marple, Feb. 28, 1828.

John B. Moreland md. Clarissa Loy, April 18, 1822.  He was the son of William and Eleanor Moreland.

Eleanor Moreland d. March 10, 1862, age 75 yrs, 6 mo., 23 days.  She was born June 17, 1786, wife of William H. Moreland

Eleanor Moreland d. Sept. 9, 1818, age 3 yrs, 9 mos., 26 days.  She was the daughter of William H. and Eleanor Moreland.

Elizabeth Moreland d. July 25, 1893, age 79 yrs., 11 mo., 6 days.  She was the wife of William Moreland, Jr.

William Moreland Jr. d. May 11, 1893, age 85 yrs, (born 1808), son of William H. and Eleanor Moreland.

William H. Moreland d. Dec. 30, 1863, age 86 yrs., 7 mo., 19 days (b. May 11, 1777).

               Early Hampshire Co., VA Marriage Bonds

Mary Moreland to Robert M. Powell (no date given)
Mary Moreland to Stephen Queen (no date given)
She was the daughter of Richard Moreland.

Richard Moreland will dated Aug. 26, 1815; pr. Sept. 22, 1865:  Wife Elizabeth and 9 children: Margaret, Mary Queen, (husband Stephen, has daughter Chloe); John, James, William, Richard, Jacob, Bazil, and one unknown.  Exec. Stephen Queen, William (son).  Witnesses William P. Heiskele and John Milleson.
The above was from Alberta C. Palmquist, 201 Genessee St., Olean, NY 14760

* * * * *

Sue Antley, Box 444, Basin, WY 82410 is descended from Charles O. Moreland b. 27 Jan. 1836 in Tennessee; bur. Texas Co., MO; md. to Sarah Havens.  Children:  Mahala Laticia Moreland (md. James Madison Clark); William Lafayette Moreland (md. Martha Estmonds); Flora C. Moreland (md. John I. Clark); Laura D. Moreland (md. Fudge); Robert Walter Moreland (md. Mary Arnetta Murray). 

Charles O. Moreland md. 2nd to Martha E. _____ and they had children: Susanna Moreland (md. John Riley) and Sarah Moreland.

Charles O. Moreland is a brother of Eldon Edgin's great-grandmother, Elizabeth Moreland.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Wright Moreland who was the son of Charles Moreland whose will and pension record are included above.

                             * * * * *

 Eddie Nikazy, 139 Glenn Hill Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075 is a descendant of John Moreland b. ca. 1790, TN; d. before 1840 Johnson Co., TN; md to Catherine Wilson, 19 Sep. 1818 Carter Co., TN.  John Moreland was the son of William Moreland (mentioned above as being appointed Constable of Washington Co., NC in 1778).  Cather­ine Wilson was the daughter of Garland Wilson and Polly Cook. 

The children of John Moreland and Catherine Wilson were William Moreland (md. Dicy Lunsford); Garland Moreland (md. Malinda Dotson); Elijah Moreland (md. Emeline Moreland); Nancy Moreland (md. Daniel Ward); John Moreland (md. Elizabeth Stout); Joel Moreland (md. Therby Wilson); and Mary Ann Moreland (md Godfrey Heaton).

* * * * *


Mary Ann Moreland (possibly daughter of Traver Moreland) was born 12 May 1820 in Virginia; d. 4 Jan. 1911 LaFontaine, Wabash Co., Indiana; md. on 2 Apr. 1840 in Clark Co., Ohio to Edmond C. Bogardus.  Desire any information on the Moreland or Bogardus families.

Mrs. L.E. Rupe, 26780 Oakmont Dr., Sun City, CA 92381

                             * * * * *

Would like any information on Morelands in Crawford Co.,MO before 1880.  Will exchange information on Morelands in Carrol Co., Ark.

Floyd Williams, R. 2 Box 698, Muldrow, OK 74948

Note:  Since Texas Co., MO and Crawford Co. MO are so close, there might be a relationship between these families.  Perhaps you should write to Sue Antley who is mentioned above.

                             * * * * *

My grandfather, Jonathan Carlton Moreland, applied for and received a "delayed" certificate of birth from Iowa in 1940.  Part of the in­structions state that the application must be prepared by someone other than the applicant, who was familiar with the events surrounding the birth.  This was done by Joseph M. Caldwell of 175 W. Longdon Ave., Arcadia, CA (age 70).

In the space for basis of knowledge he states, "My parents lived on a farm about ten miles away and visited very often, his grandfather (Jonathan's) and my father were cousins."

Jonathan's grandfathers were John Moreland (b. 6 Oct. 1817 poss. PA; d. 11 Dec. 1903 Tipton, IA; md. Catherine Kahl 9 Aug. 1837 Tipton, IA) and William Bagley (b. 9 Sep. 1820 Sharon, Winsor, VT; d. 30 Jun. 1909 Des Moines, IA; md. Nancy Jane Chambers 1 Jan. 1853).

The cousin connection would be through the siblings of these two men's parents.  I know little about the Moreland line except that John's father may have been yet another John of Green Twp., Franklin Co., PA in 1830.  I know of no siblings.

William's parents were Simeon Arvin Bagley and Almira Lathem, md. 1 Aug. 1819.  Simeon b. 26 Apr. 1798; d. 3 Dec. 1873 in Tipton, IA.  Almira b. 17 Mar. 1801 Sharon, VT; d. 9 Dec. 1874.

Does anyone know of a Caldwell - Moreland connection?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Judy San, P.O. Box 1012, Pt. Reyes Sta., CA 94956

                             * * * * *

I would like to know the maiden name of Margaret ? who married Wright Moreland about 1820, probably in Carter County, Tennessee.  Note:  This is not the Polly Grindstaff who married the other Wright Moreland living in Carter Co.

Charles Moreland married Susanna Hancock 22 October 1790 in Goochland County, Virginia.  They moved to Carter County, Tennessee about 1795.  They definitely had one son, Wright, who is identified by the 1840 Census of Carter County (Charles, a Revolutionary War Pensioner, was living with Wright) and by Charles Moreland's will in Carter County dated 9 May 1846.  I would appreciate knowing the names of any other children of Charles and Susanna, the exact date of Charles' death and any other information about the family.

Elizabeth Moreland, the daughter of Wright and Margaret ? Moreland was born in Carter County, Tennessee 6 October 1832 and married Ruberry Dobbs 24 February 1854.  She died in Texas about 1883.  Where did Elizabeth and Ruberry marry?  Where did she die and where is she buried?

Eldon J. Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, Texas 75248.  Phone: (214) 991-4891.

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