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The Moreland Muster, Volume III, Issue 3, Summer 1990


Welcome to Pete Brown, P.O. Box 965, Dalton, GA 30722-0965 who is descended from Perlina (Pearline) Moreland Douglas Roach, the daughter of Hardin Moreland.  We believe that Hardin is a descendant of Thomas Moreland of Monroe Co., Tennessee.  Thomas was the son of Wright Moreland of Goochland Co., Virginia.

* * * * *


The following excerpts are from a letter Carol Sapp sent to Charles Moreland.  He sent them to me with Carol's permission for publication.  In her letter, Carol explains how she acquired these old letters which will certainly be of interest to those researching the Morelands of Carter Co., Tennessee.

Dear Charles,

....When my uncle (actually my aunt's widowed husband) passed away in Johnson City, TN, earlier this year I asked his nephew/executor if he would send me anything about my aunt's family history which he found among their things.  He recently sent along a box of papers which included three letters addressed to my great-grandfather, Nathaniel T. Buck (18 September 1845-3 December 1914 s/o Jonathan and Margaret Susanna Moreland Buck) written to him by his uncle, W.L. Moreland of Onset, Marion County, Arkansas.  BINGO!  W.L. has to be William Layfayette/Layfette(?) Moreland, son of Wright and Margaret Moreland and youngest brother of Margaret Susanna.  William Layfette was born in 1841 so he would have been only four years older than his nephew, Nathaniel.  That might explain why he wrote to him rather than to Jonathan, who was his (W.L.'s) brother-in-law.  They (W.L. and Nathan­iel) were probably boys together before W.L. left Tennessee in the mid-1850's with his parents, Wright and Margaret.

I have transcribed the letters with spelling and punctuation as found in the letters.  Evidently there had been some periodic contact between the families since leaving Carter County [Tennessee].  The first letter was written in 1893 and mentioned a continuing correspon­dence.  W.L. asks to be remembered to Nathaniel's father which leads me to believe that Margaret Susanna must have already died or he would have certain­ly mentioned her also.  I don't have a death date for her.  Maybe it was not too long before the first letter and he is trying to indicate that he wants to maintain the ties even though his sister is gone.  The second letter was sent in 1902 and the third in 1904.  Evidently he had not received replies to his earlier letters and there is a plaintive insistence as he repeatedly requests that they "writ" soon.  He also mentions "Rhody" who was Nathaniel's younger sister and therefore W.L.'s niece.  She must have visited Arkansas and Missouri at some time.  According to my mother, "Aunt Rhody" married a man named Carroll and moved to Texas when she was quite young.  There was a divorce and she returned to Tennessee after a few years.  Divorces were considered scandalous and were almost unheard of in those days, so the family (at least Nathaniel) never accepted her after that from what Mother remembers.  Perhaps that's one of the reasons he never answered W.L.'s letters since W.L. asked for information about Rhoda in each of them.  On the other hand, Nathaniel must have had some intention of writing or he probably wouldn't have saved the letters--there were no others among the papers I received.

Another interesting item I gleaned from the letters was that Marion County [Arkansas] was mining country--zinc I believe.  As I understand it, the tradition was that Wright and Margaret [Moreland] were headed for Calif­ornia and gold mining country.  Could it be that they were actually going "west" to Arkansas and the zinc mines?  That may be reaching a little, but who knows?  A move to California seems pretty ambitious for a couple in their mid-fifties which Wright and Margaret were when they left Tennessee.  As we know, they didn't survive the trip that far if that was their destination, but what if they were headed for Arkansas all along?....

                                           Carol Sapp

May 28, 1990--NOTE:  The following letters which were sent to my great-grandfather Nathaniel Buck (1845-1914) were found among papers saved by my aunt Iona Buck (Mrs. Albert Pate of Johnson City, Ten­nessee who died July 28, 1987.  They came to me along with other old papers after my uncle's death March 26, 1990.  Carol Sapp, 5110 Atherton St., #42, Long Beach, CA 90815.


          Onset Marion Co Arkansas

                                           May the 14

Dear Neffew this leaves us all well as (common?) and I hope when this comes to hand it may find you all well
          I must aske you to excuse me for not Writing Sooner but I hardley know wheather you art too or not for I have no leagal excuse more then Cerlesness but I will try and Writ Sooner next time for you and your father is all the one in tennessee that is corrasponding with me Know I have for got Rhodys P o address So I must asgrue you to give her address and all the Connection So I Can writ to them for nothing is more plaure to me then to heare something from tennessee it has ben my lot to live nearley all my life a way from Connection but I have tryed to Conduct my self So I Could have friends and I think I have Succeded preaty Well every whare my lot has ben cast you ask me if I belong to any Church I have ben a member of the Church of Christ or the Christian Church for 25 years I joined the Church the 2 time I evr heard a Christian preacher preach in Arkansas

I am know one of the Elders of the Church whare I live I want to live So that When my time Comes to depart this life that I can dye in the tryump of a living fath in Christ and that I meet my frends that is gone on the ever green Shore I now nearley all my Near Connection is past out of this existuence But we know that if We live fathful tile death we will reseve a Crown of life
then yes strive to enter threw the Gate
in to the everlasting Kingdom of God
Now When you git this letter and have time I want you to writ me a long letter Writ all you Know a bout all the Connection and how that Country has improved Sine I was there and what Kind of a season you are having there  We haved had a heap of Rain hear and peoples Corn is in the Weeds Wheat and Oates is looking fine

I believe I never Wrot to you that Marion Co Was a mining Country  it has become a mining Country mostley to zink(?)  I will send you discription of Marion Clipt from our County paper     Give my love to
all and writ soon tell your father howdy for me and Writ Soon

                        W.L. Moreland


Onset Marion County Arkansas
                                           August 28 1902

Mr. Nathaniel Buck
                                      Dear Neffew

I thought I would write to you agan it has ben a long time Since I have heard from you I have wrot But got no ansers from you if you git this letter please anser and let me know how you all are an everthing you know that would interrest me write whare Roda is She Went to Mo to See Bro Corley (Charley?) but did not Come to See me I would like to Se you all one more in this life I Could tell you many things that would interrest you agreateal (a great deal?) I was a trip in Missour this Summer to Se Bro Charley he and famly was well as (common?)

Mo has a fine Crop this year.

We have good Crops in ark this year & times is tolable good Hear   Thare is a Rail Road Bilding in this County out White River

do not fale to anser this letter

              So no more at Presant

I reman as ever your Uncle

                             W.L. Moreland

Writ son to onset
          Marion County

Writ Writ
I[n] God we trust

#3 NOTE:  This was in an envelope addressed to Mr. Nathaniel Buck, Johnson City, Tennessee.  The return address was W.L. Moreland, Onset, Arkansas.  The postmark was on the back of the letter and showed it was received in Johnson City 2-17-1904.  The date 2-13-1904 was written on the front in place of the stamp.  The other letters were not in envelopes.

Onset Marion Co
              Arkansas    february 13, 1904

Mr. Buck Dear neffew and frend i thout i would writ you agan I rote about 12 months ago but have not reseved any anser So I thought I would Writ a gain we are all Well at this Writing & hope this will find you well times in tolable good hear Know although we made a lite Crop I made six bales of cotton & plenty of corn to do me me Sold my Cotton at 10 1/2 cts  If I had a het a liddle longer I Would got 15 cens  We haved a rail Road in 3 miles of Whare I live the Cars runes to Cotter 3 miles north of my hous it Croses White River at that Point the Brige is 1200 feet long & 60 feet highe that place will bee the deviz(?)  it is the Bigest town I ever Sow for the time it has bin a bilding but it may not bild fast after the cars pases that place I (?) I have Wrot a bout all I know to writ at this time tell all the Connection to writ and do not fale to writ if you are a live & well I would lik to have your Picture & all so all the famley Picturs Writ how Rhoda is gitting alon & ever thing you know any thing will inter­rest me  now writ as soon as you git this letter and excuse this Bad writing as I am in a hurry

                             I am as ever
                                  Your Unkle
                             W.L. Moreland

* * * * *

Will of John Moreland, Sr. of Putnam County, Georgia
submitted by E.V. Knight, Jr.
109 Oak Way St., Eatonton, GA 31024

Georgia            In the name of god amen I John Moreland Senr of    Putnam County      the state and County a foresaid being in a Low state of health but of sound and disposing mind and memory praised be god for the same and being defsirous To settle my worldly affairs whilst I have strength and Capasity so to do, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament and first and principally I Commit my soul into the hands of my creator Who gave It and my boddy to the Earth to be Interred at the descresion of my Executors here in after named and as to such worldly Estate wharewith it hath pleased God to intrust me I dispose of the same as follows

1 first of all my will and desire is all my Just debts To be paid out of my Estate

2nd I gave Unto my son Isaac T. Moreland one Negroe man named March with all other things that I have given him here tofore to him and his heirs forever

3 I gave Unto my son Colson Moreland one negroe man named Isham with all other things that I have given him heretofore to him and his heirs forever

4 I gave Unto my son Wood Moreland one negroe Man named Lewis with all other things that I have given him heretofore to him and his heirs forever

5 I gave Unto my son John Moreland one negroe man named Dick and the squar of Land whare on he now lives Containing Two hundred two and a half acres more or lefs with all other things that I have given him heretofore to him and his heirs forever

6 I gave Unto the heirs of my daughter Lucy Wilkinson that is to say her children give hundred Dollars the moneys arriving from the sale of my property where collected to Be Equally dividedc amongst them to them and their heirs forever

7 I gave Unto my daughter Patsey Afhurst one negroe man named Coy(?) and one bay filly with all other Things that I have given her hereto­fore to her and her heirs forever

8 I give Unto my daughter Frances Jones Farley six hundred Dollars to buy two negroes Amy and Frank with all other things that I have given her heretofore to hir and hir heirs forever

9 my further wish and desire is that the land and plantation whare on I now live should be sold with the stock of all kinds and the tooles of all descriptions and road waggons and ox chart one forty saw cotton jin with a cotton clever my further wish is that my old cook woman pat shall be free

10 My further wish and disire is that the balance of my negroes not named in the will should Be sold namly Will Peter Charles Warren Harriot Edith Rose and Moriah and also my Interest of the negroes in the posesion of Arthur harrup left to me In my fathers Will my Intrust In said negroes I wish also sold a square of land in The third dis­trict of Erly County No 163 Containing 250 acres I also wish sold

My further Will and desire is that my house hold and Kitchen firnature should be Equally divided Between My son Isaac T. Moreland Colson Moreland Wood Moreland John Moreland Patsey Afhurst and Frances Jones Farley and also my Intrust In the Contemlated Land lottery

My further wish and desire is after my Just debts are paid what money may be left from the sale of the a bove named property shall be Equally divided Between my six children as a bove mentioned

I appoint Isaac T. Moreland and Colson Moreland My sones my Executors to this my Last Will and Testament here by Revoking all former wills &c

In Witnefs whareof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd September 1826

John Moreland                              John Moreland Senr
Jefse H. Edwards                                     Seal
Jonathan Taylor

Georgia                 the within Will of John Moreland Sr duly Putnam County             proven before us by the oaths of John More­land Jefse H Edwards and Jonathan Taylor subscribing witnefs to the same this 2nd July 1827
                                      Irby Hudson J.??
                                      Tho Harcy S.S.C

Recorded in Putnam Co, GA; Will book B, pages 69-71.

[Also sent by E.V. Knight, Jr. is the following:]

History of Jones County, Georgia
Will of Arthur Harrup

Sept. 18, 1835; Sept. __, 1836

To brother, Thomas Harrup
To sister, Ridley Ward
To Arthur T. Lawrence, Samuel Moore

Executors:  John Ward, Samuel Moore
Wit.: David Clark, Ann A. Kelly, Jno. Kelly

Note by E.V. Knight:  It looks like Arthur Harrup who married Phebe Moreland (daughter of Francis Moreland) 1 Sept. 1789 in Lincoln Co., NC did not have any children.  The Arthur T. Lawrence mentioned in Arthur Harrup's will was a son of Thomas Lawrence who md. Polly Moreland (Mary B.) Oct. 15, 1796 in Greene Co., GA.  Polly was a daughter of Francis Moreland.

      Death Notices from Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, GA

Harrup, Arthur, 85, Revolutionary soldier, died in Jones County, 3 Sept. 1836

Note by E.V. Knight:  Arthur Harrup was about 38 years old when he married Phebe Moreland, 1 Sept. 1789 in Lincoln Co., NC.

* * * * *


Roll # 34,418.  YORK CO, VA  GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS 1736-1780

p. 246  Edward Wright (didn't find p. 262)
1756 Edward Wright, orphan dec'd. Expenses 18. 02..0 1/2.
Estate 20 Aut. 1759-- 14..12..16.

p. 479  20 Sept. 1772
Ann Moreland to John Moreland.  Recorded and accepted. 12 Sept. 1773.  Charge 5 pounds.  Income 5 pounds.  Balance due orphan 5 pounds.  Seems to be a/John Moreland.1780-1823
Robert Moreland, p. 232, 250, 254, 266.
Lewis Moreland. 254. 266. 284. 294.
Elizabeth Wright, 65, 74, 80, 90.  Receipt to her from her mother's Estate.
Edward Wright. 200, 226.
William Wright, 200, 232, 245, 252

p. 279 Wright vs Hogg
1823-1849 no index Marriages

p. 290.  1757-1761- Expenses for keep and burial for Lawrence Wright, orphan of Edward Wright.  Edward Wright, Guardian. 40..11..9 & 25..06  ­..9. 16 Aug. 1762.
p. 279. William Wright gives Hogg 4 Negroes and 5 pounds and dis­charges him as his Guardian.
p. 254. Robert Moreland, orphan of Robert Moreland dec'd Guardian Edward Moreland. 1812.
No. 1. 1746-1752.
p. 101. Petition for debt John Wright.
p. 327. 17 June 1750.
A petition of John Wright vs Robert Hutchings for 2..04..02.  Ordered same to be paid to Wright.
1757. Edward Wright orphan dec'd.  11 Dec. 1736.  George Wright. Guardian.
Board, cloathing, making mending  5..00..00
15 months                         6..00..00
Doctor's charges                  5..07..02
Funeral charges                   2..24..10 1/4

Rent of plantation                4..00..00
 "   "      "                     4..00..00
 "   "  Negroes                   3..06..08
This account was examined and allowed by the Court sworn by said George Wright ordered to be recorded.
Test. Edward

Roll # 34,418 YORK CO., VA
p. 271.  Young Moreland paid 150..00..0 for 150 acres from Susanna Reynolds.
John Morton
David Jameson
Roll 34,419 YORK CO., VA.  1694-1701
p. 94
30 Nov. 1703  5 Shillings pd by John Morlin to John Ponton for two lots in Town of YORK.
Recorded:  24 Dec. 1703

Roll 34,430 JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS 1746-1752. Bk. I, YORK CO., VA
p. 2.  16 March 1746  In Chancery Court
Edward Morland and Wright Moreland Infants...under the age of 21 yrs. by John Wooten their Guardian.  Pltfs.
William Cannon and Ann his wife, Matthew Moreland and Young Moreland Extrs. Estate Matthew Moreland dec'd. Debts.
This cause was this day heard on the said Bill and answers and the arguments of the Counsel on both sides.  In consideration whereof, it is the opinion of the Court that as the two Negro slaves in the Bill mentioned were seized and sold to satisfie a Judgment of this Court for Eighteen Pounds, 15 Shillings Current money obtained by one Edward Slate against the Estate...said descendant to which said Judgment... The slaves devised by the ... Defendants, Ann and Matthew and the slave also devised to .. said Deft. Matthew as heir... of all the... aforesaid... the Estate... of... Decreed that ... the ... unto thir­teen shillings and four pence that is to say the said William six pounds nine shillings and five pence being his proportion of the Judgment aforesaid according to the value of the Slave Kate devised to this wife the Deft. Ann, and the said Matthew 8..03..11 being his proportion of the aforesaid Judgment according to the value of the slaves Jemmy and Mary...devised to him and the said John Moreland dec'd and that the cost of this suit be equally born by the parties.

p. 272  Dec. 1748
Came as well the said Robert by his attorney as John Wooten the garnishae in his proper person who...oath that he hath of the Estate of said Wright Moreland in his hands the sum of ?...? shillings. 68 pence.  No more and the said Wright not ... effect though solemnly called and the said Robert...of his Account.  It is considered by the Court that Wooten the said guardian pay the Debt not to be held against the said Wright Moreland ___...him in this behalf ex...

p. 274.  25 Jan. 1749
Matthew Moreland plts.  (bottom of page torn)
John Wooten

p. 284.  Matthew Moreland Plts
                   vs                 In Trespass
         John Wooten Deft
This day came the parties by their attorneys and the defendant said that he is not guilty of trespass in the declaration mentioned in the manner and form as the Pltf. vs him hath declared and of this he putteth himself upon the Country and the plaintiff likewise and the trial of the issue is deferred till the next Court. 19 Feb. 1749

p. 300.   March 1749.  Continued till the next Court at the defendants motion and costs.

p. 310  20 May 1750
Matthew Moreland Pltf. continued till next Court.

p. 330
Matthew Moreland Plts vs John Wooten  Deft. In Trespass.
...that the defendant is guilty in manner and form as the Pltfs against him hath declared and they do assess the Plts. damages by occasion there to 47 shillings 6 pence besides his costs.  Ordered that Matthew Morland pay unto Edward Wright one hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco for 6 days attendance for him against John Wooten.
Ordered Matthew Moreland to pay unto Mary St. Teyer 150 pounds of tobacco for 6 days attendance as witness
Ordered Matthew Moreland to pay Joseph Stroud 150 pounds tobacco as 6 days witness.

p. 63 Moreland vs Chapman
p. 410 Martin vs Morland
p. 33. Matthew MorelandPlts. vs John Wooten Deft.
This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon came also a jury towit: John Hays, Thomas Charles, Richard Pond, James Tomer, Edward Moss, Thomas Mountfort, Philip Dedman, Edward Potter, Gerrard Roberts, Bennet Kirby, Richard Hobday and Richard Slater, who being elected, tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issue joined upon their oaths do say that the Deft. is guilty in manner and form as the Plts. against him hath declared and they do assess the Plts. damages by occasion thereof to 47 shillings and 6 pence, his costs therefore it is considered by the Court that the Pltf. recover against the Deft. his damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed and his costs by him in this behalf expended and the said Deft may be taken in.

p. 2 2.[?]  Robert Shields, Jr. having obtained an attachment against the Estate of Wright Moreland and the Sherif having returned that he had Executed the said attachment on the said Morland Estate in the hands of John Wooten ordered that the said John be summoned to appear at the next Court to declare what of the effects of the said Moreland he hath in his hands

Roll #34,430  JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS, YORK COUNTY, VA  1746-1752

p. 261
     This Indenture made the 15 day August in the year of Our Lord and in the 22 year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord of Great Britain, George the Second, one thousand seven hundred and forty eight between William Cannon of York County of the one part and Seymour Powell of the said County of York of the other part Witness that the said William Cannon for and in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds current money to him in hand paid by the said Seymour Powell at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he hath already acknowledged and thereof doth acquist and discharge the said Seymour Powell his Executors Administrators.  He the said William Cannon hath given granted bargained and sold and by these Presents doth give Grant Bargain and sell unto the said Seymour Powell and to his heirs and assigns all the tract or parcel of land contain­ing by estimation ninety acres situated lying and being in the Parish of Northampton in the County of York aforesaid and bounded as fol­loweth:  Beginning at a corner tree between John Wyne and Thomas Mountford and running thence a strait line to a hickory a corner tree between William Nelson, Esqr. John Baptist and the Mountford.  Thence to a white oak by the main swamp and down the swamp it intersects the line of Matthew Langbon's orphan, thence along that line to a Sycamore by the main Road to the beginning together with all edifaces..yards, gardens, orchards, trees, ways, water courses, profits, commodities..  ­.(herediments - sic) and appurtances whatsoever to the same belonging or in any way appertaining and the Reversion and Reversion Remainder and Remainders Rank issues and profits thereof and also all the Estate Right Title and Interest of him the said William Cannon of in and to same and unto every part thereof which said tract or parcel of land was by the Last Will and Testament of John Eaton dec'd bearing date the 28th Dec. 1738 devised to his children Enos Eaton and Mary Eaton who with the spouse of the said Mary are since dead whereby the said land decended to the said William Cannon as next Heir.  To Have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land unto the said Seymour Powell his heirs and assigns forever.  In witness whereof the said William Cannon hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the say, year first above written.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of
W. Stevenson                               s/ William Cannon (L.J.)
James Mills
John Thompson

Received this 15th day of Aug. 1748 of the within named Seymour Powell the sum of twenty pounds current money being the consideration for the lands herein mentioned.

                                                William Cannon
At Court held for York Co. the 15th day of August 1748, this judgment and the receipt endorsed were acknowledged by William Cannon part and parcels and ordered recorded and Amy the wife of the said William Cannon personally appeared in Court being first examined in private as the law says voluntarily relinquished her right of Dower in the Estate conveyed by the said Indenture.

                                  Test.  Thomas Edwards

Roll 34,430 Part I, YORK CO., JUDGMENTS & ORDERS 1746-1752

p. 266.  11 Sept. 1748
Matthew Moreland Plts
     vs                      In Trespass
John Wooten  Deft
This day came the parties by their attorneys and the defendant prays and has leave to impart till the next Court and then to plead.

p. 272  25 Oct. 1748
Robert Shields having obtained an attachment against the Estate of Wright Moreland who hath privately removed himself out of this County or to absconde that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him for 5..17..6. due by account this day.

p. 233  20 Aug. 1753
Young Moreland and others to appraise the slaves and Personal Estate of William Hansford dec'd.

p. 238.  John Moreland assigned of Josiah Moody
                   vs                      In Debt
          John Buck
This day came as well the Plt. by his Attorney as the Deft in his proper person and the said Deft acknowledged the Plts. action.  Therefore with the absence of the Plt. is considered by the Court that the Plt. recover against said Deft 7..01..8 the debt the declaration mentioned and his costs by him in this behalf expended and the said Deft in mercy.

p. 115  25 July 1748
Young Moreland is appointed Surveyor of the Highways in the room of Edward Potter who is discharged from that office.

p. 244
On the motion of John Moreland it is ordered that the Sherif of this county out of hte estate of John Hunt dec'd if so myuch be late in his hands and pay unto the said Moreland 16 shillings 9 pence on an account proved and his costs.

p. 307  20 May 1750
John Wright for absenting himself from Church.

p. 327  20 May 1750
Petition of John Wright vs Robert Hutchings.  Deft. ordered to pay 2..04..2.

p. 108 Wright's will (didn't find) Jan. 1752

p. 143 Wright's appraisal.  Jan. 1752

p. 143 Wright's Probate granted.

p. 232 Wright's bound to Sandifer

p. 269 Wright's Estate Appraisal.  Ann, wife of Lawrence Wright, dec'd.

p. 320   29 June 1752
William Wright, Nicholas Powell and Taylor.  Indre to Powell Account by agreement of the parties is dismissed.  Deft to pay costs.

Roll # 34,431
p. 78.  20 Aug. 1759

Edward Wright Guardian of Edward Wright produced Account of Estate.
p. 341
12 Dec. 1761.  Last Will and Testament of Dudley Wright.
p. 108 Ordered that Sheriff Simon summon Ann Wright, Extrx. of John Wright dec'd to appear at the next Court to give Security for the Estate of the said dec'd.
p. 143.  Dec. 1752

Ann Wright acknowledged bond as Extrx of John Wright.
p. 283  20 Aug. 1753

Roll # 34,422
p. 130
     Morland to Hatton
This Indenture witnesseth that John Moreland, son of Matthew Moreland dec'd of York County hath put himself apprentice to Matthew Hatton of said county.  House carpentar, for five years seven months.  19 August 1765.
Wit.                                            s/Matthew W. Hatton
                                                  John Moreland

Recorded 19 August 1765

Roll 34,412 YORK CO., VA BK. 22, 1771-1783
p. 54  12 Nov. 1771
Settlement of Matthew Moreland Estate:  To John 79..9..11 plus slaves.  To Sarah 50..0..0.. slave Agness, 27. To Mary Frank 50..0..0., James 15, Anne Amay 40..0..0, Bob 50.
Proved 20 Jan. 1772                        s/ Edmund Curtis
                                              William Moss, Jr.
                                              John Toomer

p. 214  Young Moreland Will  21 Feb. 1774
Dau Mary all of Estate or her heirs.  In case of Mary's death half to go to daughter Elizabeth Thomas and her children.  Half to go to three granddaughters, Betty, Nancy and Sally Skinner.  Granddaughter, Betty Coke and Nancy Skinner Plantation--1 part lying in Warwick Co. and the other part in Elizabeth County.
Granddaughter Elizabeth Coke 2 slaves.
Granddaughter Nancy Skinner, 2 slaves.
Granddaughter Betty Skinner, 2 slaves.
Daughter Elizabeth Thomas, 3 slaves.
Daughter Elizabeth Thomas 2 parts out of 3 plantations in Warwick County, also one part plantation in Elizabeth County.
Granddaughter Betty Skinner remainder of Elizabeth County Estate.
Daughter Mary Extrx.
Proved by signers 21 Mar. 1774

p. 240 Mary Moreland's Will
p. 251 Mary Moreland Appraisal Estate.  19 Sept. 1774. 110..08..11.
p. 563 Thomas Wooten Appraisal  215..0..6.
p. 76  21 Sept. 1764  Martha Moreland Settlement.  32..05..8.
p. 203 James Moreland
p. 377 T.S. Marlin Will - Sept.
Estate divided into 3 parts.  1/3 to wife Hannah, 1.3 John, son, 1.3 to child not born.
Wit. Sanses Tattar
Mary ____
Proved Dec. 1767 by oath of Elizabeth
.492  Appraisal of John Moreland Estate 17 April 1780.  4,293..05..0
s/William A. Rogers, Allan Chapman, John Burches

Roll # 34,412 YORK CO, VA WILLS, Book 22, 1771-1783
p. 445   25 Sept. 1778
              In the name of God Amen I Edward Wright of the County of York being sick and ... and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament it being the Will of Almighty God to place me amongst the poor knowing that to be ... for me, I give and dispose of what I possess in the following manner and ...
     My will and desire is that my tow sons John and Edward Wright do sell 10 mares of my horses and satisfy and others (if made necessary) as will raise the money to pay all my just Debts and that they sell no more of my stock than find necessary to pay my Debts and that the remainder of stock, household furniture do remain in the hands of my wife Ann Wright so long as she shall live to assist her.  And at her death anything remaining there should be an inventory taken by men appointed by my Executors and a just ... made and the amount to be equally divided between my children namely John, Edward, Sarah, Lucy and Thomas reserving for my two grandsons Edward Carter and James Carter to be paidby my sons toward their schooling forty shillings.. and if either of these or of my children (being single) die before the division that their parts be equally divided as before desired.
     Lastly, I do appoint my two sons John Wright and Edward Wright my lawful Executors to be this my last Will fulfilled.

Mary X Stroud                         s/ Edward Wright, Gent. Seal
John Moreland

At Court held for York County the 19 day of April 1779 this Will was proved according to Law by the oaths of Margaret Stroud and John Moreland the Witnesses thereto and together with Richard Garret his Security entered into and acknowledged Bond as the Law describes.  Certificate was granted him for obtaining a Probate in due form.  Liberty being reserved the other Executor to join in the Probate as he shall think fit.

                             s/ Thomas Edward, Attorney at Law

                                                                                                          Batch  Library Call #
Names (Sex)   Event  Date/Place LDS Ord Sheet  For Source Doc

MORELAND (M)  B: 13 Mar 1595 B: Child  C055765  595417             

  Father: Robt MORELAND  Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, E: Child                     Printout: 1037026  
  Mother:                                   England                              SP: 14 Sep 1978 MT                               

MORELAND (M)  C: 11 Dec 1728 B: 26 Jan 1979 SG   C059662  090675             
  Father: Francis MORELAND  Wetheral, Cumberland, England                      E: 23 Mar 1979 SG  Printout: 1238636  
  Mother:                                                                        SP: 30 Mar 1979 SG

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