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The Moreland Muster,Volume V Issue 2 Spring 1992


From Mrs. John Rutledge, 6311 E. University, Dallas, TX 75214:

     About ten years ago I finally heard of and met Helen MacCadam who was doing serious research on the MORELAND line from Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and Virginia.  She went to all the archives, stayed month and had every will, deed, etc.  She had stacks of beautiful organized notes.  She filled in these extra names that no one else has had, let me copy John's will and Joseph's will.  I only copied the names as he could not have been my direct line.

     She had a MORELAND connection, a printer, lined up to do the book, but fell ill and was put in a mental institution.  Her son took all her notes and trashed them.

     I think my line will run into the North Carolina line because my great-grandfather had an uncle living in Raleigh, NC.  I see that Thomas MORELAND of Guilford Co., NC had two daughters.  One married an ASHLEY.  A Francis MORELAND of Brunswick Co., VA, I think, married Hannah RIVERS and he died in Georgia.  One of the WITTERS in Charles­ton, SC married a RIVERS and another an ASHLEY.  Joseph WINSTON, Esq. of Guilford or Surry Co., NC was a Justice, contemporary with William MORELAND, Esq.  My William P.C. MORELAND married Barbara Overton WINSTON an all our other relatives came from the same area of early Virginia.  The only point I am not clear on is William.  There was William, son of John, getting land in Edgecombe Co., NC early with Francis, Edward and father, John.  There was the William, son of Thomas of Orange, Guilford and Surry Cos., NC, mentioned in Thomas' will.  Is anything known of the children of John's son William of Edgecombe and Halifax?

     Helen MacCadam found descendants of the first Thomas MORELAND (came in the year of the starving) living right there in Virginia.  This family should be written up and submitted to the First Families of Virginia.  A Capt. MORELAND was captain of the "Abigail" in 1626 of Virginia.  Could this be Thomas in charge of his father-in-law's ship?  Early Thomas (immigrant) was a carpenter and built Glebe for the church for 700 pounds of tobacco.  These MORELANDs made many trips to England seen as headrights and perhaps because of the availability of the "Abigail."

Peter MORELAND b. ca. 1765, 1790 Christ Church Par., SC
William Bennett MORELAND b. 1789 Christ Church Par., SC; d. 1860 Carroll Co., GA; md. 1811 Charleston, SC to Sarah WITTER, daughter of James WITTER b. St. James Island, SC
     Rev. William Capers MORELAND b. 1824 GA; d. 1883; md. 24 Dec. 1845, Carroll Co., GA to Ann Thornton WILLIS b. 1826, daughter of Joshua WILLIS and Barbara Overton WINSTON.  Joshua was the son of Reuben WILLIS and Ann GARNETT.  Reuben's parents were John WILLIS and Eliz PLUNKETT.  John's parents were William and Sarah WILLIS.  William's father was John WILLIS who was the son of William WILLIS of Craney Creek, Virginia
          Joseph Pliny C. MORELAND b. 1848 Troupe Co., GA; d. 1917 Winnfield, LA; md. Martha Francis TAYLOR
Rev. Willis MORELAND b. 25 July 1885, LA; d. 2 Aug. 1968, Denver, CO; md. Sarah Louise BRANNON b. 19 Aug. 1892; d. 2 Feb. 1989, Dallas, TX
Harriet L. MORELAND md. 8 Sept. 1850, Troupe Co., GA to William F. HARRIETT
Adaline P. MORELAND md. first 29 Nov. 1854, Carroll Co., GA to William J. SELLERS; md. second Carroll Co., GA to Dennis W.D. BOULLY
James A. MORELAND may have died young
Joseph MORELAND may have died young

       List of Taxable Property in Orange Co., North Carolina
#78 MORELAND, Francis 3,238 pounds, 592 acres entered, 2 S, 2 H
#79 MORELAND, Thomas 6,569 pounds, 12 N, 2 H, 10 C

S=slaves, H=horses, C=cattle

Surry Co., North Carolina Records of Procession (1795-1851) and Miscellaneous Tax Items (1874-1879

Page 6b, 7. 1 August 1805. (The subscribers were appointed by May 1805 Court to procession.)  Processioned disputed line between William MORELAND (who has 640 acres) and Samuel KERBY.  Borders: William MORELAND, old line with William THORNTON and Joseph WILLIAMS, Samuel KERBY, Jesse POORE, and John HICKS.  Signed: Geo. KIMBROUGH, Ormon KIMBROUGH, William (x) SWEATT, Philip HOWARD, Peter __MOCK, and William THORNTON.  Surry County, August 1805.

     Following is an excerpt from a letter written to Mrs. Rutledge by A.B. Markham, dated 14 Jan. 1973:  William MORELAND owned land [in Orange Co., NC] adjoining land of one of my ancestors, John MARCOM . . . the land was on Third Fork Creek of New Hope.  This tract once 700 acres was originally sold by the Earl of Granville to Timothy TERRELL who was after the Revolution judged a Tory and all his land was confiscated by the state.  The state of North Carolina then sold as grants to settlers in small lots usually 640 acres or less.  One of the early grants to William MORELAND was one of 300 acres which had been granted to William MARCOM who in turn assigned it to MORELAND - this was in 1793 and was described as follows: State to William MORELAND #2005  300 acres on Third Fork Creek - bounded on the north by Frances MORELAND and on the west and south by William MARCOM.  "Beginning at a whiteoak at Frances MORELAND's corner running south 9 1/2 chains to a pine then west 7 1/2 chains to a black jack, then south 20 chains to a pine, east 7 1/2 chains to a redoak, south 5 chains to a blackjack, east 72 chains to a pine, north 39 1/2 chains to a postoak, then west 72 chains to the beginning.

     You will note that in the preceding deed mention is made of Francis MORELAND's tract which was part of TERRELL's 700 acres tract - the transfer to F. MORELAND I do not have.  He however did own it in 1793 as proven by the description of William MORELAND's 300 acres tract.  Moreover Francis did in 1781 deed to William MORELAND a tract that was described as: Beginning at Joseph COOK's corner blackjack north 20 poles to a Spanish oak on a branch, then down the said branch North 40 degrees west 150 poles to a redoak then north 36 poles to the Creek (Northeast) then down the creek north 45 degrees west 194 poles to a hickory, then west 20 poles to a gum, then south 25 degrees east 36 poles to a whiteoak, then east 240 poles to the beginning.

     Francis MORELAND also in 1795 sold John LAIN a tract on the south side of Third Fork Creek "Beginning at a redoak in the low grounds of a branch at Daniel GREEN's corner east 32 chains to a hickory at said GREEN's corner, then south 38 chains to a poplar on a branch, then west 20 chains and 25 links to two postoaks, then north 9 chains and 75 links to a poplar, then north 36 degrees west 26 chains to a redoak bush, and then to the beginning."  Francis MORELAND purchased from Robert WILSON 100 acres in 1801 "Beginning at a gum on a branch of Third Fork Creek east 76 poles to a pine in Francis MORELAND's line, then north with his line 150 poles to a pine in said MORELAND's line, then north 67 degrees west 60 poles to a poplar on a branch of said creek then down the branch to a gum and persimmon on the branch then west 35 poles to a postoak and gum then south 53 1/2 poles to a pine in James WILSON's line, then with his line south 48 degrees east 54 poles to a postoak, at WILSON's corner then east 13 poles to the beginning."

     William MORELAND sold Daniel GREEN in 1786 a tract "beginning at a hickory in Francis MORELAND's line north 37 chains to a stake, west 60 chains to a blackjack on Charles ABERCROMBY's line then south 3 1/2 chains to a redoak, then west 7 chains to a redoak then south 35 chains to a pine then east 67 chains to the beginning."

     William MORELAND to Francis MORELAND 1794  175 acres "Beginning at a whiteoak at William MARCOM's corner east 33 chains to a pine then north 39 1/2 chains to a postoak, then west 48 chains to Joseph DIXON's line on the branch then south 46 poles to the beginning."
     Also William sold Francis in 1794 a tract "Beginning at a black jack on Bartholomew STEVALL's (once Joseph COOK's) line north 20 poles to a spanishoak on a branch then down the branch north 40 degrees west 150 poles to a redoak then north 36 poles to the creek then down the creek south 45 degrees west 198 poles to a hickory, then west 20 poles to a gum, then south 25 degrees east 36 poles to a whiteoak then east 240 poles to the beginning."

     The tract described as sold to Daniel GREEN by William MORELAND was first granted by the State to William MORELAND in 1782.

     William MORELAND sold Joseph DIXON 125 acres in 1794 "beginning at a postoak at Francis MORELAND's corner south 2 poles to a pine, on the side of the road, then west poles to a pine then south 80 poles to a pine, east 30 poles to a blackjack, then south 20 poles to a blackjack, east 154 poles to a whiteoak then north 46 poles to a whiteoak on a branch then down the branch to a whiteoak in Francis MORELAND's line then west along said line 100 poles to the beginning."

     Francis MORELAND purchased from Christopher DANIEL in 1788 a small tract originally granted Arch GRESHAM "Beginning at a redoak on Charles ABERCROMBE's line east with said line 24 chains to a blackjack on William MORELAND's line, then south on said line 33 chains to a nine on my (sic) line west on said line 24 chains to a hickory then north 33 chains to the beginning."

     [These land transactions took place in a section of old Orange Co., NC that later became southern Durham.  The MORELAND's land was in or near the city limits of present day Durham, NC.]

The following was compiled by Mrs. MacCadam:

Thomas MORELAND b. 1602; to VA 1621 on "Abigail"; James City & York Co., VA; d. ante 1685; md. Elizabeth BAYLY, daughter of Capt. Arthur BAYLEY, ship captain.  They had children: John, Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth

John MORELAND d. ca. 1706; md. Ann.  They had children: Francis, Thomas, Matthew, John and Edward. 

Edward MORELAND md. Ann BARTLETT, daughter of Wester BARTLETT, York Co., VA

Francis MORELAND md. Ann HUBBARD, daughter of Robert HUBBARD

John MORELAND d. 1766 Edgecombe Co., NC; md. Dorothy DAVIS had children: William, Francis and Edward.

Thomas MORELAND d. ca. 1792, Guilford Co., NC; resided in Orange, Surry and Guilford Cos., NC; md. Jane and had children: William and Francis

William MORELAND, d. intestate 1818 Surry Co., NC; had sons Francis and Joseph


Joseph MORELAND d. 1819 Surry Co., NC; md. Sarah THORNTON, daughter of William THORNTON, d. 1821; his will named Thomas, Joseph, Francis, James, John


Elizabeth MORELAND md. Hezekiah RHODES

Francis MORELAND, had no children, left land to William's son, Francis and Joseph MORELAND, left slaves to three Methodist Bishops

Matthew MORELAND died in York Co., VA

[Note: Irene Carl's research reveals that John MORELAND who died ca. 1706 was born ca. 1660.  Thomas would have been in his later years when John was born.  This doesn't rule the relationship out, but perhaps she collapsed a generation here?  More of Mrs. MacCadam's research continues below.]

Death date
1706 John MORELAND - ex. Anne (wife) and son, Francis.  Sons: Thomas, Francis, John, Matthew, Edward.  Dau.: Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, York Co., VA

1766 John MORELAND - Sons: Edward, William, Francis.  Dau.: Jane, Mary. Ex. Edward & Francis, Halifax Co., NC

1789 Joseph MORELAND - Isaac, Turner, Nancy, Phebe T., Ex. Francis, Jr., William Rose SADLER, Lincoln Co., NC

1793 Thomas MORELAND - wife, Jane, William, Francis, Elizabeth (RHODES), Mary (ASHLEY), Ex., William MORELAND & Hezekiah DANIEL, Guilford Co., NC

1797 Francis MORELAND - Robert, John, Francis, Jr., Wood, Heirs of Joseph, Polly, Lucretia, Phebe, Mary, Ex. John & Francis Jr., Greene Co., GA

1798 John MORELAND (called Jack) - wife, Lucy, admr., Dolly, Billie, Betsy

1802 Francis MORELAND - to John MAJORS, son of William MAJORS, dec'd; to Francis MORELAND, son of William MORELAND; to Francis ASHLEY, son of William ASHLEY, dec'd; to Joseph, nephew, winter clothes, wife, Nancy; slaves to Thomas COKE, Francis ASBURY, Richard WEST, Bishops for America (Methodist); Ex. William RHODES, Jr., Page PATTERSON, John MAJORS, Orange Co., NC

1803 Robert MORELAND - William INGRAM, admr., Hancock Co., GA (Microfilm could not pick up but few words - watermarked)

1818 William MORELAND - no will mentioned in sale of estate.  Henry BOUGH, Robert SWEATT, Joseph MORELAND, Henry LONG, Daniel HIX, John WILLIAMS, George BRANDON, William THORNTON, Solemon PHILLIPS, George CROW?, James MORELAND, Francis MORELAND, Francis KETNER, Jonathan DALTON, John MORELAND, Thomas MORELAND, Surry Co., NC

1819 Joseph MORELAND - Ex. Sarah Thornton MORELAND & son, Thomas MORELAND, mentions "all my children," not named.  Surry Co., NC

1821 Sarah MORELAND - wife of Joseph, above.  No will. admr. Thomas HAUSER, Thomas MORELAND, son, Joseph MORELAND, John THORNTON & others mentioned at sale.  Surry Co., NC

1827 John MORELAND, Sr. - Ex. Isaac T. & Colson, sons; children: Isaac T., Colson, Wood, John Jr.; heirs of Lucy WILKINSON, Patsy ASHURST, Francis Jones FARLEY.  Wit.: John MORELAND, Jr., Jesse H. EDWARDS, Jonathan TAYLOR, Putnam Co., GA

1829 Tuttle Hudson MORELAND - Ex wife Sarah Ann nee LONG, died in Macon, Bibb Co., GA, recorded in Houston Co., GA.  Wit.: Robert CLAPTON, William HARRISON, Nimrod LONG

1834 Frances E. MORELAND - Ex. Nathaniel SLAUGHTER, to nephew Nathaniel SLAUGHTER & niece, Frances R. BOWDEN, daughter of Willis & Sarah SLAUGHTER BOWDEN, Jasper Co., GA  She was the widow of a Revolutionary soldier and left her draw in Gold Lottery and land lottery to Nathaniel SLAUGHTER

1835 Francis MORELAND, Jr. - Ex. Phillip B. PRITCHETT (son-in-law, he married Martha), William E. FARLEY, Isaac KENDRICK; Wit.: Benjamin PIERIFOY, James W. YARBROUGH, Silas YARBROUGH - mentions "all my children" and also names daughter Mary P. WEEKS as already having her share, Jasper Co., GA

1847 Thomas A. MORELAND - Ex. Samuel BARBER, released 1852 & Susan A. MORELAND, wife, named executrix.  Appraisers: Cardin GOOLSBY, Robert H. DANIEL, Edward VARNER, Braxton EZRAEL, Benjamin W. PURIFOY.  Children: Joseph F. (eldest), Sarah H., Hannah R., Mary R., Mildred A., Susan T.

Southern Christian Advocate Newspaper

     William B. MORELAND died in Carrolton, Georgia 7-7-1860 in his 71st year.  Born in Christ Church Parish (Charleston Dist.), SC.  He became a resident of Charleston, SC at an early age.  Married to Miss Sarah WITTER, who still survives.  He left Charleston some 35 years ago (ca. 1825).  [Witter sometimes spelled WHITTER, also MORELAND spelled MORLAN, MORLAND, MORLEY, etc.]  William B. had a leather goods shop in Athens, GA 1821-1835, then went in partnership with James WITTER as WITTER-MORELAND in the carriage manufacturing business 1831-1840.  He married WITTER's daughter, Sarah, May 12, 1811 in Charleston, SC.

     In about 1841 or 42 William B. went to Troupe Co., GA.  Rev. William P.C., his son, was married there 1844.  William B. is on the 1850 census, Troupe Co., GA; on Carroll Co. in 1860 where he and Sarah are joined by Rebecca BENNETT, 75 years old.  (On his marriage record his name is William Bennett MORELAND, so Rebecca was perhaps a sister-in-law?)

     Thomas MORELAND Will Guilford Co., NC, written 8/31 1791, proven 2/1793; wife Jane; son William - after wife's death William gets plantation; son - Francis; dau. Elizabeth RHODES (m. 1783 to Hezekiah RHODES), dau. Mary ASHLEY, land to Joseph BAUGH.

     William MORELAND, a smithy, Surry Co., NC, d. intestate March 13, 1818.  1812 Joseph's schooling listed (not his son)  Buyers at sale: Joseph, James bought $10,000 slaves, John, Francis (admin. was hopeful about his due acct.).

     Jacob MORELAND, York Co., SC (no will) - Selah (Celia), Jacob Jr., Amelia, George's land grant said he lived with his mother, later he sold the grant and left - perhaps to Georgia.

     Francis MORELAND d. 1780 - Elizabeth died 1782.  Had an Inn & Tavern at Cabin Point, Virginia, 10 miles from Surry, Virginia.  Benjamin MORELAND, orphan, bound out to learn a trade.

[Note from Nona: Marjorie Rutledge would like more information about William MORELAND, son of John MORELAND and Dorothy DAVIS of Edgecombe Co., NC.  I am also interested in all the MORELANDs in Edgecombe Co. and Halifax Co., NC (Halifax Co. was formed, in part, from Edgecombe Co.).  I am researching my WILLIAMS family there and some of the WILLIAMS and MORELANDs intermarried.  I don't have much information on those families and I apologize to Marjorie (and everyone else) for not answering my mail.  I owe letters to everyone, but can't seem to catch up.  If anyone can supply information about the William MORELANDs of Edgecombe, Halifax and Surry Cos., NC please send the information to Marjorie with copies to me.]

 * * * * *


Interested in MORELAND data in Missouri, especially Thomas MORELAND md. ZERILLA BRIGGS in Missouri around 1845, children born in MO.  Mary Elizabeth MORELAND married Wesley WILLIAMS, 1879, Boone Co., Arkansas.  Will exchange data on this family.

Respond to Floyd Williams, R. 2, Box 698, Muldrow, OK 74948.

                        Missouri Census 1840

MORELAND      County        Twp
Benedict      Maries        074 Marion
Chesley       Pike          126 NTL
George        "             "    "
J.            "             "    "
John A.       "             "    "
Tandy         "             "    "
W.R.          Polk          154 - NTL
Andrew        Crawford      167 Johnson
Elias         "             167  "
Thomas        "             167  "
William       "             167  "
Thomas        St. Louis     144 4th ward

                1860 Missouri Census Index, Volume 1

MORELAND, James    Butler Co.         584 Butte Twp
     "    John      Clinton Co.        166 Plattburg
     "    Levi      Carter Co.         953 Jackson Twp.
     "    Sarah     Carter Co.         952  "         "
     "    Sila      Clinton Co.        087  "         "
     "    William   Clark Co.          643 Sweet Home
     "    A.L.      Cape Giradeau Co.  291 Jackson

               1860 Missouri Census Index, Volume II

MORELAND, A.M.          Maries Co.    593 Jefferson Twp
     "    Andrew        "    "         579       "    "
     "    Chesley       Platte Co.    774 Green Twp
     "    Charles       Texas Co.     1018 Lynch Twp
     "    E.H.          Maries Co.    606 Jefferson Twp
     "    E.J.          "    "         618 "         "
     "    Edgar         Scotland Co.  806 Miller Twp
     "    Edward        Marion Co.    734 1st Hannibal
     "    Elizabeth P. Texas Co.     1076 Hubbard Twp
     "    Elizabeth     Maries Co.    908 Union Twp
     "    F.            Phelps Co.        Little Bing
     "    G.            Maries Co.    588 Jefferson Twp
     "    George        "    "         607  "         "
     "    J.            "    "         609  "         "
     "    J.            "    "         602  "         "
     "    J.G.          "    "         609  "         "
     "    J.P.          "    "         594  "         "
     "    J.R.          "    "         618  "         "
     "    James         "    "         619  "         "
     "    John          Morgan Co.    680 Morel Twp
     "    John          New Madrid Co. 771 New Madrid
MORELAND  Martha        Vernon Co.    050 Clear Creek
     "    Mary          Maries Co.    607 Jefferson Twp.
     "    Mary          Maries Co.    600 Jefferson Twp.
     "    Pleasant      Maries Co.    568 Dry Creek
     "    Richard       Scotland Co.  807 Miller Twp
     "    T.            Maries Co.    618 Jefferson
     "    Thomas        Maries Co.    606  "
     "    Thomas H.     Miller Co.    385  Peckwood
     "    Thomas H.     Marion Co.    907 Union Twp
     "    Thornton      Scotland Co.  807 Miller Twp
     "    Washington    Marion Co.    660 Warren Twp
     "    William       Maries Co.    584 Jefferson Twp

 * * * * *


From June M. Millwood, 605 Western Dr., Memphis, TN 38122

Dear Nona,
     Thank you kindly for publishing a query on my MORELAND line.  Enclosed is a copy of the letter I received in response to the query.  It has given me some leads on my MORELAND / TURNER line.  I believe Joseph MORELAND who d. 1789 NC was married to Martha TURNER.

[Following is a letter from Marie Carlton Wilkerson, 154 East Salem Dr., Montgomery, AL 36109 to June M. Millwood in response to June's query.]

Dear Moreland "Cousin,"
     After reading your query in The Moreland Muster, I looked in my card files and hope some of this TUCKER - MORELAND information will help you. 

     John T. (Tucker) MORELAND born in Georgia 1814, son of Colson and Sarah MORELAND, died in Chambers Co., Alabama, 30 Sept. 1847 in his 33rd year.  (Southern Christian Advocate, 12 Nov. 1847).  His mother: Sarah MORELAND, wife of Colson MORELAND of Upson Co., GA died 28 Sept. 1842 in her 48th year.  (Southern Christian Advocate 28 Oct. 1842).  (Marie's note: Colson is a TUCKER name.  See Albermarle Parish Records in Virginia, p. 142).  John, Sr.'s children: Colson, John, Jr., Wood, Lucy, Patty, Frances.

     Turner MORELAND born Dinwiddie Co., VA 24 Nov. 1784 died 29 Oct. 1857, Russell Co., Ala. came to Georgia at age 14 years, died in his 73rd year, was married Dec. 1806 to Rebecca SLEDGE of Hancock Co., GA.  They had 6 children.  (Rebecca SLEDGE's grandparents were John and Nannie (HARRISON) CHAPPELL of Hancock Co., GA.  This Turner MORELAND could be the son of Joseph MORELAND (will of Joseph MORELAND 1789 Tryon, Lincoln Co., NC.  He and Isaac MORELAND were mentioned in the will.)  (Obit. - from Southern Christian Advocate 14 Jan. 1858.)

     John MORELAND, born 1758, married 1785 to Mary TUCKER, died 1826 Putnam Co., GA.  (Marie: She was daughter of Colson TUCKER of Virginia.  I put the children above, wrong place.)  This John MORELAND was a corporal in 3rd Regiment. (DAR.)

     Isaac and Turner MORELAND were in Putnam Co., GA in 1810, owned 10 - 20 slaves.  Both drew in Land Lottery 1806 in Hancock Co., GA along with Benjamin MORELAND, John MORELAND, Isaac T. MORELAND, Wood MORELAND.  Will: Tryon & Lincoln Co., NC 1789, Will of Joseph MORELAND to Isaac and Turner MORELAND. 

     Putnam Co., GA Will Bk. A, p. 24-25: Will of Joseph TURNER, Sr., dated March 1812, gives son Joseph, Jr., son John TURNER, son Tilman TURNER, daughter Elizabeth STURDEVANT, daughter Mary MANLY, daughter Susannah TURNER, daughter Martha HUNT, daughter Allona, daughter Ann MORELAND (got $100), daughter Tabitha D. TURNER, wife Susannah TURNER.  Exec. wife Susannah, son Tilman.  Signed: Joseph TURNER.  Wits.: Abel and Jeptha WILKERSON 11 Jan. 1813 (proved).

     Hancock Co., GA records: Will of Peyton TURNER of Hancock Co., GA to brother Berrimon TUCKER, to Richard BIGGINS, son of John BIGGINS, dec'd . . . to Lucretia MORELAND, to Sally H. MORELAND, to William BIGGINS and Robert MORELAND - 8 Jan. 1797, Peyton TUCKER (Seal).  Wits.: Anderson HARWELL, Wyatt COLLIER.  Proven 18 June 1798.

     My grandmother was Sarah Ann MORELAND (b. 1840), daughter of Orman Kimbro MORELAND, who was son of James MORELAND, son of William MORELAND d. 1816, Surry Co., NC, son of John MORELAND of Halifax Co., NC (will 28 Oct. 1766).

 * * * * *

From: Barbara Frazier, 99 Hillside Ave., #7A, New York, New York 10040.

Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800
by Harold B. Gill, Jr.

pg. 176.  MORELAND, John.  Williamsburg.  Master: Matthew W. HATTON, occupation: carpenter, beginning date: 08/19/1765, ending date: 03/19/1771.  Father: Matthew MORELAND, (deceased).  Source: York Co. Deeds 7, 1763-1769, 130-131.

             Index to the 1810 Census of North Carolina
                compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

MORELAND, Betsey - Lincoln Co., 401
          James - Surry Co., 689
          John - Buncombe Co., 249
          Joseph - Surry Co., 675
          Lewis - Orange Co., 940
          William - Lincoln Co., 454
          William - Surry Co., 676
MORERAN, Gabriel - Rowan Co., 289

John MORELAND of Nashville, TN b. 3 Mar. 1814; d. 29 May 1857; md. 1 Feb. 1838 to Martha COX b. 9 Oct. 1822; d. 24 Jan. 1875
Isaac Smith MORELAND b. 30 Nov. 1838, d. 13 Jan. 1873; md. 27 June 1861 (wife not identified).
Samuel Jefferson MORELAND b. 5 Mar. 1840 Nashville, TN; d. 14 June 1883; md. 11 Aug. 1863 to Ellen M. SEELEY b. 1847 Jackson Co., MO; d. 5 Feb. 1884.  She was the daughter of Robert SEELEY and Hanna WILLIAMS
Emly Ann MORELAND b. 1 Sept. 1864; d. 20 Oct. 1865
Martha Josephene MORELAND b. 6 Mar. 1866; d. 15 Sept. 1872
Mabell MORELAND b. 16 May 1870; d. 1949 or 50
George MORELAND b. 13 Aug. 1872; d. 17 July 1876
William Jefferson MORELAND b. 16 Dec. 1874; d. 11 Aug. 1875
Alice MORELAND b. 16 Dec. 1874, Grand Tower, Jackson Co. or Union Co., Illinois; d. 31 Dec. 1958; md. 16 Aug. 1891 to William Rolland CHAMBERS b. 20 Sept. 1869, d. 31 Dec. 1958  He was the son of John and Elizabeth CHAMBERS
Charles C. MORELAND b. 12 Aug. 1881; d. 16 Sept. 1882
Thomas Benton MORELAND b. 10 Mar. 1842; d. 10 Sept. 1851
Nancy Ann MORELAND b. 7 Jan. 1844; d. 11 Jan. 1870; md. 6 Apr. 1864 (spouse not identified)
William Chatton MORELAND b. 23 Jan. 1846; md. 28 Mar. 1872 (spouse not identified).

* * * * *

     Eldon Edgin sent a flyer about a forthcoming history of Carter Co., Tennessee.  They will print family histories of 500 words and one picture for free per household.  The deadline is October 1.  Your story should be typewritten and double spaced on 8 1/2 x 11 white bond paper (no onionskin) with the word count and address of the submitter at the bottom of the page.  If your article exceeds 500 words you will be charged for each word you exceed the limit.  Send article to Carter County History Book Committee, P.O. Box 176, Elizabethton, TN 37643

     Advance orders are being accepted at a price of $46.06 for Tennessee residents and $43.00 for out of state purchasers.

     For those of us who have MORELANDs in Carter Co., TN, perhaps we should coordinate our efforts so that we don't duplicate each other.  Eldon will write about Charles MORELAND.  Melba Hutchinson will write about Thomas MORELAND, brother of William, sons of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., VA.  Irene Carl's research identified the ancestors of the MORELANDs of Carter Co., so she will probably be willing to write about that aspect of the family.  Unless someone else wants it, I'll take William and Sarah MORELAND and their daughter Nancy MORELAND.  I will mention each of their children by name, but perhaps others will want to write about individual children of that family?  If you'll each drop me a line, I'll print your responses in the Summer issue so we can see which lines will be covered.

 * * * * *

     Researchers of the MORELANDS of Carter Co., TN will remember that an undocumented family history written in the 1940s by Mattie Krumm, stated that a William MORELAND of Carter Co. married a Sarah SIMPSON.  No confirmation of that information has been located, but recently, I found some information about a SIMPSON family that resided in east Tennessee.  No connection between those SIMPSONS and the MORELANDS has been uncovered at this time, though.  On 6 Oct. 1800, Thomas SIMPSON appeared on the delinquent tax list in Washington Co., TN.  A William SIMPSON was in the militia in Sullivan Co., TN.  I plan to research the SIMPSON families in east Tennessee to see if I can find any evidence that any of them associated with the MORELANDS.

 * * * * *


                     1850 Johnson Co., Arkansas
p. 118 #52

W.W.E. MORELAND    47   farmer    NC
Mariah    "         45             SC
Thaddius  "         25   merchant  SC
Benjamin  "         22   miller    SC
J. Clinton "       18   miller    SC
Robert R. "         16   farmer    SC
Francis E. "       14 (f)        Ark.
William H.H. "     10            Ark.
Alfred J.          8            Ark.
Caroline V.        6            Ark.
Linley M.   "       4 (m)        Ark.

     These Morelands lived next door to the family of John & Zerila SIMPSON.
     There was a William MORELAND, age 50 (1768) and Jacob MORELAND, age 18 (1786) who leased land in Charles Co., MD, 1 Nov. 1755.  In 1758 both were joined by an obvious related person: Walter MORELAND.

     In the History of Johnson County, Arkansas by Ella Molloy Langford, a partial list of people who took out land grants prior to 1850 appears.  On that list are W.W.E. MORELAND, Jeremiah MORELAND, Thadieus MORELAND, a WILLIS family and three SIMPSON families, among others.  In the biographies section of the book is the following: "The old MORELAND home of the Pittsburg neighborhood is still standing, overlooking the river.  Robert MORELAND, who married Adelia MADDEN and after her death, Tennessee HOGAN, both of Johnson County was one of the arrivals of 1834."

                  1850 Census Greene Co., Missouri

John SIMPSON  55   farmer    VA
Sarah     "    52            VA
Elias     "    21            Mich
Joseph    "    17            Mich
Nathaniel "    14            Mich
Jackson   "    10            Mich
Anna MORELAND 75            VA

                             * * * * *

From: Eldon Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248

From Will Book 2, page 86, Elizabethton, Carter Co., Tennessee:
     I Right MORELAND do make and publish this as my last will and testament - hereby revoking and making void all wills by me at any time made.

     First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out any money I may die possessed of or that my first come into the hands of my executor.

     Secondly I give and bequeath to my wife Polly MORELAND all the lands I may die possessed of together with the household and kitchen furniture with all the live stock farming utensils notes book accounts and money during her natural live time and after the death of my wife I give and bequeath to the three children of William MORELAND deceased the house tract of land where I now live and unto Jas. R. MORELAND, Johnson MORELAND, Martha E. MORELAND the land that include the mill and Anrilling house and land on both sides of Doe River together with a fifty acre tract adjoining the home tract on the south side of the river Known as the WINTERS tract and I also give and bequeath to the above named heirs of William MORELAND deceased, namely Jas. R. MORELAND, Johnson MORELAND and Martha E. MORELAND all of the live stock farming utensils and household and kitchen furniture that may be left at the death of my wife and lastly I appoint Nat T. SUMERELY my executor

     In witness whereof I do to this my last will set my hand and seal this 23 of January 1869.

Signed and Sealed                          Right MORELAND (Seal)
in our presents and
we have signed our
names in the presents
of the testator
Note: I believe that this Wright MORELAND is the son of William

 * * * * *

     The State of Tennessee To All Whom These Presents Shall Come Greeting:  Know ye, that in consideration of an Entry made in the entry Takers office of Johnson County, on No. 571 dated the 28th day of August 1841 by Wright MORELAND there is granted by the State of Tennessee unto the said Wright MORELAND and his heirs a certain tract of land containing Thirty Acres, lying in the county aforesaid on the north side of Roanes Creek containing a weak spring near the lower end of his old tract of land beginning on a white oak on said MORELANDs line corner to a tract now called GIPSON tract, running thence with the same north  forty west seventy rods to a pine on a ridge, then south fifty west sixty nine poles to a stake, then South forty east seven by poles to a stake, then north fifty east sixty nine rods to the beginning.

     Surveyed 11th September 1847 with its appurtenances, to have and to hold said Parcel of Land with all its appurtenances by the said Wright MORELAND and his heirs forever.  I, ___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ on the 7th day of August in the Year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty nine and of American Independence, the seventy fourth.
                             By the Governor N.D.B. ________

Johnson Co., TN, Book 28, pg. 124

 * * * * *

 List of Tithables of Colonial Surry Co., Virginia
Deed Book 1694-1709

Edward MORELAND listed in 1694 (2 polls), 1698, 1702 (3 polls).  He was on the 1704 rent rolls with 225 acres.

                  Surry Co., Virginia 1782 Census

Mary MORELAND 2 whites

                  Surry County, Virginia Marriages

31 Dec. 1778  DELK, Moreland & ____ HOLLIMAN.  Joseph HOLLIMAN, father.

     A John MORRING was on the list of tithables in Surry Co., VA as early as 1668.  Irene Carl & others have found that MORELAND appears as MORLEY, MOREING, etc. in colonial records.

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