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The Moreland Muster, Volume V Issue 3 Summer 1992


From Robert A. Stemple, 1108 W. Pine Ave., Duncan, OK 73533-4260:
John D. MORELAND b. 1813 VA; md. Martha
Robert A. MORELAND b. 1835 Norfork Co., VA; md. Emily D. HOFFLER b. 1840 Norfork Co., VA.
George W. MORELAND b. Feb. 1865 WV; md. Norah LARUE b. 3 Mar. 1873 Tucker Co., WV; d. 1 Dec. 1961
Francis Olive MORELAND 19 Jun. 1900 Mt. Braddock, PA; d. 3 Nov. 1952 Wash., PA; md. Harold Thomas STEMPLE b. 27 Mar. 1924 Davis, Tucker Co., WV

     I wish to correspond with living descendants or persons having info on George W. MORELAND, born Feb. 1865 WV to Robert A. MORELAND, b. 1835 Norfork Co., VA.

                         *   *   *   *   *

From Charles E. Moreland, 15508 Saranac Drive, Whittier, CA 90604:

     Who can help me identify John C. MORELAND of York Co., VA enumer­ated in the following census. He may be a great grandson of John Holt MORELAND.

     -10  10-16  16-26  26-45  45+ / -10  10-16  16-26  26-45  45+  Slaves

1810  1     0      1      1    0  /   1     1      0      1     0      5

1820  2     0      0      1    0  /   1     1      2      0     0      8

     -5  5-10  15-20  20-30  30-40  40-50  50-60 / -5  20-30

1830  0   0      1      0      0      1      0   /  (no females)

1840  1   0      0      1      1             1   /   2     1


Page Dwell# Fam #                 Age  Sex  Occupat. RE Val. Birthplace

348    83    83  John C. MORELAND   66   m    farmer   $2800   York Co., Va
                 Ann I.             23   f                     York Co., Va
                 Robert              7   m                     York Co., Va


348    78    78  John T. MORELAND   35   m    farmer   $3500   York Co., Va
                 Mary (S.?)         28   f                     York Co., Va
                 Alfonso            15   m                     York Co., Va
                 Darious             7   f                     York Co., Va
                 Desaloma            5   f                     York Co., Va
                 John                2   m                     York Co., Va
                 Robert              2   m                     York Co., Va


  1    5    5    John MORELAND      77   m             $30000       Va
                 John MORELAND      45   m    farmer                Va
                 Mary               45   f                          Va
                 George (Darious?)  17   m                          Va
                 Alphonso           24   m    farmer                Va
                 Delasoma           14   f                          Va
                 Robert             12   m                          Va
                 John               12   m                          Va
                 Eunice              6   f                          Va


550   33  39     John T. MORELAND   55   m     farmer    $6000      Va
                 Saloma             22   f   keeping house          Va
                 Robert             21   m   farm labor             Va
                 John               21   m   farm labor             Va
                 Eunice             17   f   at home                Va

     It appears that John C. outlived three wives. John T. is no doubt, the son of John T. John T. also lost his wife, Mary, between 1860 and 1870.
     Any help in identifying these MORELANDs will be appreciated.

Comments from Nona: Looks like Robert Stemple's John D. MORELAND could be a relative of John T. Thanks to Eldon Edgin's compilation of MORELAND census records I found the following families:

1787 Tax List York County, Virginia

Nathaniel MORELAND, Richard MORELAND and two Robert MORELANDs

(Maryland MORELAND researchers, please note that a Richard MORELAND was in Charles Co., MD in 1790. Could it be this Richard?  There was also a Richard MORELAND in New Castle Co., DE in 1790).

Also in York Co., VA in 1820 there were a Lewis MORELAND and an Edward MORELAND.

 *   *   *   *   *

From Marie Carlton Wilkerson, 154 E. Salem Dr., Montgomery, AL, 36109-2744:
     In reference to the letters of Mrs. Rutledge of Dallas in the . . .  [Spring issue] of the Moreland Muster: The William MORELAND, son of John of Halifax (will 1766) was in Northampton Co., NC when his father died. The others in the family lived across the River on Quankey Creek in Halifax Co. This is my line, and this is the William who died in Surry Co., NC in 1818 (?). I have that his Estate was settled 6 June 1816 Surry Co., NC. In 1790 census (Guilford/Orange) he had 6 sons. My line is James, Joseph d. 1819 Surry Co., NC, married Sarah THORNTON, Francis, John, Thomas, William. William's daughter: Jane md. Francis POINDEXTER, Nancy md. Thomas HALLIMAN, Elizabeth md. George SWEAT 1806, Surry Co., Mary (Polly) md. Jacob DOUTHIT 1808, and possibly Scarlett GLASSCOCK md before 1800. My line: James md. Mary GARNER. They were the parents of the W.E.E. MORELAND also shown in this last newsletter in Johnson Co., Ark. (pg. 12). I corresponded with Warren E. Moreland of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, a grandson of this W.W.E. and wife Mariah until Warren's death two years ago. His grandfather or ?father was the son William Henry Harrison MORELAND. The William (d. 1816) married Nancy KIMBROUGH in NC. After his death my James and family moved on to Union Co., SC.

     There was a WILLIAMS connection in Surry Co., NC, a deed 9 Aug. 1788: Joseph WILLIAMS, Francis POINDEXTER and wife Jane (daughter of William) were executors of Robert LANIER, dec'd. The witnesses to this deed were Henry POTILLO and William THORNTON. (Wm Thornton's daughter md. a MORELAND). Robert WILLIAMS of Raleigh was exec. (with William MOORELAND) of Will of John LYNCH 11 May 1800, Surry Co., NC. In 1807 Joseph WILLIAMS deeded (gift) land to the orphans of Wyatt GARNER, dec'd and wife Anna? Mary KIMBROUGH GARNER. Their daughter, Mary GARNER md. James MORELAND, son of William MORELAND of Surry Co., NC. This Joseph WILLIAMS was guardian to the children of Wyatt GARNER. In 1791, 29 June Wiatt GARNER was witness when Joseph WILLIAMS bought land from John LANKASTER. Joseph WILLIAMS bought land from John LANKASTER. Joseph WILLIAMS was named as executor of Robert LANIER, dec'd. (Wyatt GARNER bought land from Robert LANIER 13 Feb. 1783 in Surry Co., NC, Deed book B, p. 206). I wish I knew how Joseph WILLIAMS was connected to my GARNERS, other than being a neighbor. He acts like a grandpar­ent.

     The Edgecombe Co., NC records 1732-1758 show John MORELEY (sic! MORELAND) of Prince George Co., VA (see Bristol Parish Records, VA) bought land 11 Mar. 1745 on Cahunky (Quankey). John MOORLAND and Dorothy, his wife, of Edgecombe sell 300 acres on West side of Little Creek, a grant to sd. MOORLAND 20 Dec. 17__ (1747). This was his Granville Grant).  Francis MORLAND was wit. when he bought Quankey Creek land, Deed Bk. 6, Halifax Co., NC.  John WYATT was a neighbor, the GARNERS, KIMBROUGHs, hence my Wyatt GARNERs name.

Note from Nona: Many of the families of Halifax Co., NC were from Surry Co., VA. I've listed my MORELAND findings in the Surry Co., VA area below.

 *   *   *   *   *

From Irene Carl, 2302 Barnett Dr., Roswell, NM 88201:

     Helen MacCadam's research would tie our MORELANDs in with hers if only we had the proof. Just wonder how she arrived at the conclusion that those MORELANDs were all related. That earliest Thomas MORELAND was killed in an Indian raid, but there was another Thomas who came in 1624 as I remember.

 *   *   *   *   *

From Fern H. Hogue, 1100 SW 29th, Topeka, KS 66611-1202:

     I hope soon to send information on my ancestor, John MORELAND, who served in the 3rd Virginia Continental Line, died in Clark Co., Ohio after 1836 and acknowledged by DAR. This makes me dubious about the information at the top of page 10, Volume V, Issue 2 [of this newsletter] which states John MORELAND . . . died 1826 Putnam Co., GA . . . was a corporal in 3rd Regiment (DAR). Certainly there can be more than one John MORELAND but I have been unaware that there was more than one in the 3rd Virginia line or even accepted as a Rev. War soldier. John MORELAND is my ancestor accepted by DAR for my member­ship and we have his pension papers. I would be interested in knowing the documentation for June Millwood's John MORELAND.

Note from Nona: I obtained a copy of John MORELAND's pension records many years ago, hoping to find the missing son of my Wright MORELAND and the records do confirm that John MORELAND of the 3rd. Virginia Line went to Clark Co., Ohio, however, the information from Marie Wilkerson has always been very reliable, so I'm hoping she'll provide us with more information. June Millwood's John MORELAND apparently died before collecting a pension. If there were two John MORE­LANDs who served in the 3rd Virginia Line, the two men are proba­bly related.

 *   *   *   *   *

From Charles Moreland, 15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604:

     In the latest issue of Watauga Assn. of Genealogists, I found another connection between William MORELAND and the FORD family. [William and Sarah MORELAND were admrs. of the estate of Peter FORD, 20 July 1784, Burke Co., NC. and Peter FORD and Sarah BALDWIN were married 1 Nov. 1774 in Rowan Co., NC which gave rise to Ruby's theory that William MORELAND md. the widow, Sarah BALDWIN FORD.] In Volume 1, 1778-79 Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Washington Co., NC-TN, page 348 the following:

"Joseph FORD resigned as constable. John BALDWIN appointed in his place. BALDWIN's securities: William MORELAND and Joseph FORD."

     I noticed a letter from Robert Nave back in 1989 in which he stated, "I think this Peter FORD came from Virginia, probably of the Huguenot FORD family." Notice the Burke Co. recording took place several years after our William had been living in Washington Co., NC-TN. It still could be the same William. [In those early days Burke Co., NC was much larger than now and it adjoined Washington Co. The MORELAND's weren't that far from the Burke Co., line and may have easily visited back and forth.]
     Volume 5, issue 2 of the Muster was a blockbuster! I think we all got our money worth on this one issue. When I read Mrs. Rutledge's remarks about the Helen MacCadam research I immediately thought of the story E.V. Knight related about the unnamed VA lady who had done all this MORELAND research which was lost when her house burned down. [I corresponded with her briefly and it was she who identified Wright MORELAND as the father of William, d. by 1813.] Knight's source [the same Mrs. MacCadam] even had a place of birth for Thomas, the Isle of Wight, England. I was under the impression that this Thomas was a passenger on the "Abigail," quite a coincidence if the family later owned the vessel. Also, I'm sure you remember that Irene Carl said this Thomas was killed in the Indian uprising of 1622. If she is right, then this particular Thomas wouldn't have had much time to marry and raise a family. [I believe that Mrs. Rutledge stated that it was Thomas MOORMAN who died in the Indian uprising, rather than Thomas MORELAND. I haven't seen those records, but with similar names and old records, it could be difficult to decipher the name. As Irene Carl discovered, the name MORELAND often appears misspelled in early transcribed records.]

     I have compared MacCadam's research as given by Mrs. Rutledge in the last Muster with the research I have from Irene Carl. I have John MORELAND (m. Elizabeth WRIGHT) as the oldest John (born about 1630). This John is the one named in Edward WRIGHT's will which named John's children as Thomas J., Augustine and John, the latter of which I take to be Irene Carl's John Holt MORELAND (has anyone yet found out where the Holt came from?) who married Ann BELL. [I hope Irene Carl will correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that there was some uncertainty about John Holt MORELAND being the son of John MORELAND and Elizabeth WRIGHT. John H. was born ca. 1660 and John the elder d. ca. 1657.] MacCadam has this John as the oldest John and the son of Thomas of the "Abigail" which Thomas, Irene says was killed by Indians in 1622 a year after he arrived in Virginia. I assume she reached that conclusion because she couldn't find his name in any of the musters taken after the massacre.

     MacCadam has Thomas MORELAND of the "Abigail" married to Eliza­beth BAYLEY. In that regard, please note the following which I found in Cavaliers and Pioneer, Patent Book No. 2, pages 180 and 181, quote, "Thomas MORLAND, 100 acs Chas River Co., 5 Mar. 1648, p. 166. In Chiskyake, butting upon Capt. WESTs Cr., on N. side with land of William SAYLOR & on S. side with the master branch of Capt. WESTs Cr. The sd. land being granted to Elizabeth BAYLY in her right and her husbands as 2 of the first adventurers to seat upon Charles River & by the said BAYLY assigned to Ellis BROWN and by said BROWN assigned unto William REYNOLDS & by REYNOLDS to Robert CAGER, & by sd. CAGER to sd. MORLAND."

     Note that Charles River Co. was supposed to have changed to York in 1642, 6 years before the above date in which it is still called Chas. River Co." It appears from the above that Elizabeth BAYLY (probably a widow) was the first one (with her husband) to own this land probably more than 20 years previously. I assume her husband's name was BAYLY, not to say that Thomas MORLAND couldn't have married the widow BAYLY.

Note from Nona: I found in Adventurers of Purse & Persons, 1607-1625 that Thomas MORELAND was age 19 when he came over in the Abigail in 1621.

 *   *   *   *   *

Eldon Edgin has continued to work on compiling the MORELANDs in census records. If you have any Moreland census records, please send them to Eldon Edgin, 14908 Woodbriar Dr., Dallas, TX 75248. He plans to distribute them for the cost of printing plus postage or perhaps he could provide a file on disk.  If you have not sent your MORELAND census records to him, please do so now.

*   *   *   *   *

     As noted above, a MORELAND-FORD connection has been found in Burke Co., NC and in Washington Dist., NC (Tenn.). The following FORD family information may be related:

     The FORDs were French Huguenots who changed their name from DeForey to FORD when they arrived in Jamestown in 1692.  Jonathan FORD III of Burke Co., NC had the following children: Johnathan b. 1796, Jacob, James b. 1787, Joseph, Nathan, Simeon. There was no mention of a Peter FORD in this line.

     Those of you who are descended from Wright MORELAND who lived on Lickinghole Creek in Goochland Co., VA may be interested to learn that, William JAMES, the ancestor of the notorious Frank and Jesse JAMES was also a resident on Lickinghole Creek in that county.

*   *   *   *   *

     Our own Eddie Nikazy has completed the following book: Abstracts of Death Records for Johnson County, Tennessee, 1908 to 1941. The book is available for $33.00 as #N340 from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 301, Bowie, MD 20716.

 *   *   *   *   *

       Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1628-1800
                      by Blanche Adams Chapman

Thomas WILLS and Ann MORELAND, sister of John MORELAND, were married by 1770, deed book 12, p. 390.

Machen FEARN md. Ann MORELAND 28 Oct. 1792

*   *   *   *   *

 Colonial Surry
 by John b. Boddie

Note: These records are for Surry Co., Virginia.

Tithables taken June 10, 1694: Edward MORELAND 2
Tithables (white) in 1698: Edward MORELAND
Tithables, Southwark Parish, taken June 10, 1702: Edward MORELAND 3
Quit Rent Rolls, 1704: Edwd. MOORLAND
Census 1782: Mary MORELAND 2 white, 0 black

Surry County, Virginia Court Records 1691-1700
Book V

pg. 2. Mr. Wm: HANDCOCK, Mr. Edwd: MORELAND & Mr. Joseph SEATE or any of them are appointed & ordrd. to apprayse the Estate of Tho: WOULVES deced. being thereunto first sworne before one of the justices of the Peace for this County, and it is Ordrd. that Barbary Admx. of the said deced. present the said appraysement to the next Court & make oath thereto.

pg. 13. Mrs: Katherine ALLENS Lr. of Attorney to Wm: EDWARDS proved in Court by the oath of Edwd: MORELAND is admitted to Record.

pg. 32. Mr. Edwd. MORELAND on jury duty.

pg. 38. Edward LINE Servt: to Edwd: MORELAND who arrived in this Colony in a Bristoll Ship Capt. Wm: JONES Comandr: in March last is adjudged to be Sixteene yeares old at the arrivall of the aforesaid Ship and not having Indentures is Ordrd. to Serve according to Law.

pg. 71. William HANDCOCK, Mr. Jos. SEATE and Mr. Edward MORELAND or any two of them are Ordered to appraise such of the Estate of Robert ELTON deced. as shall be presented to them by John PAGE Admr. thereof, being thereunto first sworne before one of the Justices of the peace for this County, and it is further Ordered that the said PAGE produce the said Appraisement at the next Cort. to be held for this County and make Oath thereto.

pg. 74. Wm. HANCOCK, Joseph SEATE, Edward MORELAND and Robt. CRAFFORD are Ordered to apprayse the Estate of Roger DELK deced. and were accordingly sworne in Court, and Ordered that Jno. GREENE, and Rebecca his wife Exx. of the said DELKS last Will produce the same at the next Court and make Oath thereto.

pg. 75. Mr. Wm. HANCOCK & Mr. Edward MORELAND on jury duty

pg. 77. Ditto

pg. 78. Ditto

pg. 163. Tho. DREW & Wm. NEWSOM Church wardens of Lawnes Creek P:ish haveing brought an accon to this Court against Edward MORELAND for one hundred pounds Sterl. due by bond dated ye. 16th. day of 9br. 1695 Conditioned that Phillip SHELLEY should with all possible Expedicon fully & Compleately comply with & P:forme Sundry Covenants mentioned on his pt. to be P:formed in an agreemt. made ye. 17th day of Apll. 1693 by & betweene him ye. sd. Phill. SHELLEY on ye. one pt. & Wm. NEWITT & Edwd. MORELAND then Church warden of the sd. P:ish on ye. other pt. which ye. sd. SHELLEY had failed to P:forme to which the said MORELAND appeared & pleaded the Covenants were Effected.

pg. 166. Phillip SHELLEY being by the Sherriffe of this County re­turned arrested at the suite of Edward MORELAND was called to come forth and answer the same but made noe appearance & noe security being returned, Judgment is granted the said MORELAND against Capt. Tho. SWANN Sheriffe of this County for one hundred pounds Sterl. & one hundred Eighty Eight pounds of tobo. with costs Provided ye. said SHELLEY doe not appR. at ye. next Court & answer ye. same. Exit. 7br: 24th. 96. Edward MORELAND haveing obtained an order against Tho. SWANN Sherriffe of this County for one hundred pounds Sterl. & one hundred Eighty Eight pounds of tobo. with costs, for the Nonappearance of Phillip SHELLEY who was returned arrested to this Court at the suite of the said MORELAND upon the said SWANNs request an attachment is granted him against the Estate of the said SHELLEY for ye. aforesd. Returnable to ye. Next Court for Judgmt.

pg. 223. Edward MORELAND John SUGARS and Joseph SEATE or any two of them being first sworne before one of his Maties. Justices of the peace for this County are nominated and appointed to value and ap­praise the estate of John DELK deced and Ordered that George IZELL and Rebecca his wife present an Inventory and the said appraisemt. at the next Court.

pg. 257. Peter MARTIN servant to Edward MORLAND who came into this Countrey this present yeare in the Shipp B____ and M____ TIBBETTS Master adjudged nine yeares old.

                         *   *   *   *   *

Following the Braswells in America 1600-1983
 by Dr. R.B. Braswell

pg. 18. Ann Eliza BRASWELL was born in Tennessee in 1872. She married Jim BUCK, Springfield, MO about 1890. Their children were: Luther, Leonard, and Mabel. Luther was born 1892, Springfield, MO. He married Addie Bell PETTIT who was born 15 July 1890. They had two daughters - Edna Mae WHEELER and Corabel BUCK SIMPSON. Addie Bell BUCK died Friday, 7 December 1973, and Luther BUCK died Sunday, 9 December 1973. The double funeral was held in Hobart and burial was in the MOORELAND Cemetery.  [Margaret Susanna MORELAND b. 1819 Carter Co., TN, married Jonathan BUCK on 27 May 1843.

                         *   *   *   *   *

Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers 1803-1812
by Sherida K. Eddlemon

pg. 165. The following persons have reported estrays in Bedford Co. per Howel DAWDY - Richard MORLAIN on Powell Cr. has taken up a black mare. Value $30 on March 2, 1811

                         *   *   *   *   *


     In May, 1988 Charles E. Moreland, a retired accountant from Whittier, Ca visited Elizabethton in search of his MORELAND ancestors. All he knew was that his second great grandfather, William MORELAND, married Temperance COFFEY in Elizabethton in 1816 and within a few years had departed Carter County for Indiana. The first name that he noticed in the local phone directory was that of Robert H. Moreland—he called Robert and they soon got together to see if there was any family connection. Robert, a retired post office employee whose father, John Millard MORELAND, was sheriff of Carter County in the late nineteen twenties and early thirties, could only recall ancestors back to his great grandfather, Edward Elbert MORELAND. A family bible kept by his cousin, Zella Taylor provided some family clues but despite several days of searching records and interviewing elder citizens, no connection could be found between their families.

     Charles E. Moreland left Elizabethton with reams of research information on the MORELAND and related families which he obtained from the library of East Tennessee State U. and local court houses and cemeteries. Three years later, with the help of several other family researchers he discovered that Robert H. Moreland of Elizabethton was his fifth cousin. They are descended from two of four MORELAND broth­ers who came to Carter County from Goochland County, Va after all four had served in the American Revolution. Their names were Thomas, William, Dudley and Charles, sons of Wright MORELAND of Goochland County, Va. Thomas and William served in the 9th Virginia Line and took part in the Philadelphia campaign, among others. Dudley and Charles, the two younger brothers served in Col. William DARKE's Virginia Regiment and were at Yorktown when CORNWALLIS surrendered. William, the third great grandfather of Robert H. MORELAND came to that part of Washington County which in 1796 became Carter. He was appointed Constable in Washington County in 1778 and became one of the original land owners and tax payers of Carter County—he died there about 1811 and left a widow, Sarah and a large family.

     The brother, Charles, ancestor of Charles E. MORELAND also raised a family in Carter County and died there before 1850.

     The other two brothers moved on after spending several years in Carter County in the early 1800's—Thomas died in Monroe County, Tennessee about 1834 and Dudley died in Wayne County, Ky in 1839.


     Descendants who assisted in the research of this branch of the MORELAND family are: Joseph Brumit, Sun City West, AZ; Neva Stout Bryant, Sierra Vista, AZ; Irene Carl, Roswell, NM; Eldon Edgin, Dallas, TX; Frances Harding Endwright, Elletsville, IN; Mrs. Henry G. Hilton, Decatur, TX; Melba Hutchinson, Lodi, CA; E.V. Knight, Eaton­ton, GA; Dr. George W. Moreland, El Paso, TX; Lt. Col. Eddie M. Nikazy, Hendersonville, TN; Carol Sapp, Long Beach, CA; Irene Scott, Oklahoma City; Jerry Ann Stout, Wichita, KS; Margaret Tims, Johnson City, TN; Nona Williams, publisher of The Moreland Muster, Ben Lomond, Ca.

Submitted by Charles E. Moreland, 15508 Saranac Drive, Whittier, Ca. 90603

Note from Charles: . . . Robert Moreland referred to in the enclosed article is the great-grandson of John MORELAND and Elizabeth (STOUT). John, of course, was the son of John, who was the son of "dead by 1812 William. I found the connection in his aunt's family bible when I was there in 1988. Of course I did not know the connection then until I received a pedigree from Jerry Ann Stout of Wichita which tied his grandfather, Edward E. Moreland to the above mentioned parents. This agreed with the Bible notes I copied from the aunt.

                         *   *   *   *   *


pg. 4. On the pet. of John WRIGHT, ordered that the Church Wardens of York Hampton parish bind Samuel DEDMAN, orphan of Philip DEDMAN, unto said John WRIGHT, until he reaches age 21.

pg. 9. Per Y Court order, we have appraised the estate of John PATRICK dec'd, and make return for an inventory. Items mentioned include: 13 cattle, some old brass, cash in the house (2 L 4 pence). Total value: 20 L 3 shillings 10 pence. Appraised by us Jan 5, 1732/3 - Edward MOSS, John HAYWARD, John WRIGHT. Recorded Jan 15, 1732/3

pg. 33. John HAYWARD, Thomas PEASCOD, John CHISMAN, & John WRIGHT, or any 3 of them, are appointed to appraise the estate of David HOLLOWAY dec'd

pg. 46. On the motion of Thomas HARWOOD vs John SLEDD, ordered that said SLEDD be summoned to appear at next court to give other security for the estate of Elizabeth MORLAND in place of said Thos HARWOOD or else surrender the estate to said HARWOOD

pg. 61. Upon the case between William BARBER, Gent, administrator of Joseph BUCK dec'd, plt, and Anthony JESPER, deft, judgment is granted the plt by nihil dicit & the suit continued.

pg. 62. On the pet. of Anne WILLIAMS, and having made choice of Mathew MORLAND to be [her] guardian, ordered that the same Mathew take ___ of ____ orphan and . . next court.

pg. 64. Upon the pet. of James SOUTHERLAND praying a further settle­ment of the estate of John POTTER dec'd, ordered that the gent'n who settled the said estate do meet & settle the same.

pg. 67. On the pet. of Thomas HARWOOD against John SLEDD, ordered that the sheriff take so much of the estate of said John SLEDD as shall be of value sufficient to satisfy the money due to Ann WILLIAMS and Elizabeth MORELAND . . + costs.

pg. 69. In the action of debt between John WILSON, merchant, plt, and John MUNDELL, deft, the deft not appearing, an attachment is awarded against his estate for 41 L 12 shillings 4 pence and costs.
     The further settlement of John POTTER's estate to be returned.

pg. 71. Esq. acct - Wm FOORD Const. per acct 20 being disallowed - 90
                    John WRIGHT Constable - 460

pg. 72. Robert CLARK, Arthur DICKESON, Richard STEWART, and Nathaniel BUCK, are to meet and appraise the estate of William BARBER, gent, decd.

pg. 73. The case between William BARBER, gent, administrator of Joseph BUCK dec'd, plt, and Anthony JESPER, deft, said BARBER being dead, the suit abates.

pg. 74. The action between John WILSON, merchant, plt, and John MUNDELL, deft, is dismissed.
     Matthew MORELAND to give security for Anne WILLIAMS' estate continued until next court.

pg. 79. Acts to be performed: Said William HARRISON is to pay Martha BUCK, orphan of Matthew BUCK dec'd, all such estate due her as soon as she attains lawful age. Recording date: Nov. 19, 1733

pg. 86. On the pet. of Thomas HARWOOD against John SLEDD, ordered that sheriff deliver to the petitioner the bonds by him taken for so much of the estate of John SLEDD by him sold at public auction, and that judgment be entered for the petitioner against said SLEDD for so much of the estate of Ann WILLIAMS and Elizabeth MORELAND as shall be found remaining over and above the amount of said bond. Also ordered that John SLEDD pay the costs of this pet.

pg. 88. Matthew MORELAND to give security for Ann WILLIAMS' estate, is ordered to be struck off the docket.

pg. 115. Ordered that Moody BIRT be appointed surveyor in place of John WRIGHT, and ordered that he be sworn.

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