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The Moreland Muster, Volume IV, Issue 1 Winter 1990/1991



     The Joseph MORELAND family listed in the 1850 census, Murray County, Georgia (Fall 1990 issue) is the family I am researching.  In the 1860 Murray Co. census this family had broken up.  Unmarried daughters and the younger children are all living with separate families.  Joseph MORELAND and his two youngest sons (Marion and Robert, who were eight and four) were living with the A.A. MCDONALD family.  Our direct line ancestor, John A. MORELAND, age 14, had been placed in the home of John S. JOHNSON.  I found no mention of Cynthia MORELAND (wife and mother) so I am assuming she died after 1856 when her youngest child, Robert, was born.

     In the 1870 census I have not been able to find a record of this Joseph MORELAND.

     I would like to know when Joseph and Cynthia died and where they are buried.  I would also like to know if the families where the children were placed were related to the MORELANDs.

Contact Rose L. Guthrie, Rt. 2, box 776, Ft. Gibson, OK 74434.

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     I need information on parents of Elijah MORLAND, born in 1787 in Tennessee; married Mary BOATMAN and went to Putnam County, Indiana in 1852.  They had a son William Henry born in Tennessee in 1811.  I also have a William MORELAND born 12 April 1821; married Louisa Jane JONES in Indiana.  Is he a cousin of William Henry?

Contact Marietta Lord, Promise City, IA 52583

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[Ed. note:  I wrote to Marietta suggesting that her Elijah might be related to the Morelands of Carter County, Tennessee.  Charles More­land has been in touch with a researcher who believes that Thomas MORELAND, son of Wright MORELAND of Goochland County, Virginia, had a son named William.  An Elijah is named as one of the sons of this William MORELAND.  The letter below is her reply to my letter.]

Dear Nona,

     Thanks for your letter, [it] gave me something to check (if I can) on Thomas MORELAND; altho we have no Thomas MORELAND in any of [the] children.

In Deed Record M, p. 217, Putnam Co., IN (Greencastle, IN):
Ezekiel and Elizabeth ROBINSON to Henry MORLAN, Putnam Co., 16 Oct. 1846 1 p.

Deed Record Q, p. 415: Henry MORLAN and Malinda C. MORLAN (wife) to Edwin DAVIS 24 Jan. 1852 2p.

Deed Record Q, p. 614: Henry MORLAN and Belinda Caroline MORLAN to Hugh THOMPSON 17 Apr. 1852 2p.

In marriages, Putnam Co., IN, p. 27 William Henry MORELAND married Belinda C. JONES.

     And William MORELAND married Louisa Jane JONES.  The women are sisters, don't know what relation the men are.

     I don't know any other children of Elijah MORELAND, so I'll keep searching.  Like your Moreland Muster, continue your good work.

                                           Marietta Lord
                                           Promise City, IA 52583

William Henry MORLAN b. 1811; d. 22 Nov. 1861; md. 11 Aug. 1836 to Belinda Carolina JONES; resided Putnam Co., Ind. and Appanoose Co., IA.

Belinda Carolina JONES b. 28 Oct. 1818 Casey Co., KY; d. 7 Feb. 1901 IA.

Newton J. MORLAN b. 22 May 1837 Putnam Co., IN; came to Iowa by oxen team; md. Emma BANKS

Mary A. MORELAND b. 30 Sept. 1840 Putnam Co., IN; md. Thomas OWEN

Louisa Palmyra MORLAN b. 1 Dec. 1843 Putnam Co., IN; d. 28 Mar. 1865

Lucintha Jane MORLAN b. 4 Jan. 1847 Putnam Co., IN

William Elijah Laffette MORLAN b. 9 Nov. 1849 Putnam Co., IN; md. Eunice FREEMAN

William MORLAN b. 12 Apr. 1821; d. 3 Mar. 1878 Appanoose Co., IA; md. 16 Sept. 1841 to Louisa Jane JONES

Mary Abigail MORLAN b. 6 July 1842; d. 6 Aug. 1880 Appanoose Co., IA; md. 30 Sept. 1858 to Allen Ancel ADAMS

Louisa Carolina MORLAN md. Martin BROTHERSON

Lucintha Ann MORLAN md. Newton Jasper JAMES

William Marion MORLAN md. Evaline ALWALT

Belinda Elizabeth MORLAN md. Jefferson CONNER

Jonathan Henry MORLAN b. 25 Jan. 1856; d. 25 Oct. (age 84) South Gate Calif.; md. 14 Sept. 1880 San Francisco, Calif. to Mattie MALONE

Martha Jane MORLAN md. Jessie CONNER

Robert Lewis MORLAN md. Merinva BLAND

Sarah Matilda MORLAN md. Nathan NEEDHAM

A. Bluford MORLAN b. 20 May 1862; md. 21 Oct. 1891 Monmouth, OR to Cara CROSS

J.T. MORLAND d. age 5 months, Appanoose Co., IA

                  1850 Census Putman Co., Indiana

                                      Sex            birth place
Page 1077Elijah MORELAND     age 50    M    farmer    Tenn.
          Mary A.   "        age 36    F             Ohio
          Sarah E. BUFFINGTON age 11    F             Ind.
          Joseph BUFFINGTON   age 16   M    farmer    Ind.
          Hannah MORELAND    age  5    F             Ind.
          James K.  "         age  4    M             Ind.

Page 1105 Henry MORELAND          age 39    M    farmer    Tenn.
          Malinda   "         age 31    F             Ky.
          Newton J. "         age 13    M             Ind.
          Mary A.   "         age  9    F             Ind.
          Louisa T. "         age  7    F             Ind.
          Lucythia F. "      age  4    F             Ind.
          Wm Elijah Lafetta MORELAND age 6/12 M

                             * * * * *

              3609 W. Potter Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308

[Ed. note:  Caution.  These are research notes and may contain in­accuracies.  If you spot any errors, please let me know and I'll print corrections.]

Jemima MORELAND married William KEELE born 17 January 1771.  He was a minister and brother of Thomas KEELE of Tennessee

Page 108, Family 796, Texas, 4 Sept. (?1860, Hopkins Co.)  William MORELAND, 53, KY, Matecia 22 Tenn., John T. 19 Tenn., Micaja 17, Fanny 16, Margaret 14, Jessie 12, Eliza 10, Martha 8, Mary 6, William 7/12 Texas.  All children born in Tenn. except last one.

William Capers MORELAND born 1818 to 1820 Troop Co., Georgia (son of William born about 1780, N.C.) married Ann Thornton WILLIS.

William MORELAND (married about 1800) died about 1840 Coffee County, Tenn.; married Mary KEELE born about 1785 Bedford County, Tenn.  She was the daughter of Lydia RICHMOND and Richard S. KEELE.  The KEELEs moved from Tenn. to Bell and Burnett Co., Texas.

There are some MORELANDs found in Arkansas that are not my line of MORELANDs.

Marion County, Arkansas, 1850, page 654:  Elijah MOORELAND 26 Tenn; Nancy 25 Tenn.  Age of children show that they moved to Arkansas in 1836.

Page 623, Alexander MOORELAND, 37, Tenn; Lucinda, 26, Ark.  Children show they went to Arkansas before 1833.

Page 671, John MORELAND, 40, Tenn.  Polly Ann, 32, KY.
          William MORELAND, 60, Tenn.  Susan 57, NC
          William HOGAN, 29, Tenn.

Phillip County, Arkansas [what year?]:
Lorenzo, 36, Ill.  Mary A.

Pulaski Co., Arkansas, page 336:
John W., 35 VA Physician
     Sarah A., 55 Tenn.
Monroe County, [what state?] 1850
Joseph, 40, Tenn., Eliza J. 22 Ill.

James N. MORELAND born 28 Jan. 1788 married 29 Jan. 1818 Ann BRAMWELL born 29 Oct. 1795.  I have their bible also.  Don't know parents.

From old bible found in Kentucky by Mrs. Barger:
Samuel MORELAND born 1769; died 23 May 1840; married first 28 Dec. 1797 to Elancer SHIELDS; married second 22 June 1815 to Elizabeth GORRELL

Son James L. MORLAND born 12 Nov. 1798; died 18 April 1823; married 17 July 1819 Elender BRAMMELL.  She was born 11 June 1798; died 2 Oct. 1882.  They are buried in Owen County, KY.  (James N., above, is buried in the same cemetery).  Their child­ren are given in this bible and part of their family is given in D.A.R. Kentucky bible records.

Elender's name is also spelled different.  Other surnmames in the bible are BRIDGES, SHIELDS, JONES, JUDY, BARNETT, BAXTER, HART, ENGLAND, SOONMAN and GRIMSLEY.

Mary E. MORELAND born 10 Nov. 1777; died 30 Nov. 1862, buried in Union County, S.C. where my people were.

Hillary MONTGOMERY born Camden Dist., S.C., 24 May 1776, died 20 Nov. 1852, Union Co., S.C.

D.A.R. #497380:  William MORELAND born about 1748, Charles County, Maryland; died 24 April 1830, Dawson Station, Penn. or 24 May 1830, Fayette Co., Penn; married 17 Jan. 1777, Agnes Nancy HUSTON, born 26 Jan. 1760 Peach Bottom, VA, died 9 May 1826.  Eleven children given with birthdates and spouses.  Son, William, born 5 July 1792.

                             * * * * *

                       VIRGINIA VITAL RECORDS
        From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography   ,
              the William and Mary College Quarterly,
                       and Tyler's Quarterly

     Ann MORLAND the Daughter of Thos MORLAND and Mary his wife was born the 11th Day of August at Two O'Clock in the morning 1722

     John MORELAND the son of Thos and Mary his wife was born the 20th Sept 1716 at 4 O'Clock in the afternoon.

                             * * * * *


Norine Faria sent a note asking if I've looked at AGLL film SW16-0064, Moreland and Related Families by Clayton Capers Moreland.  She says it contains lots of information about early Morelands.  I haven't seen it and because of my hectic schedule, I doubt that I'll be able to order it and read it in the foreseeable future.  If anyone has any infor­mation on this book, please send send copies or extracts for the newsletter.

My working schedule requires so much of my time, I don't have any spare time for researching my own families or locating information to publish in this newsletter.  I've just about exhausted all I had in my files on Moreland families.  Please send queries and any information you have to share with others. 

                             * * * * *

                    RESEARCH NOTES OF IRENE CARL

Hennings Statutes At Large Vol. 5, 1738-1748

p. 370. A list of tobacco drowned in York Warehouse, 30 Nov. 1744.  Young MORLAND 1 hhds 180 lbs.

p. 209.  To the Militia of Co. of Bedford & Provisions furnished by Sundry inhabitants of the said Co. Sept. 1758- 32 da.  George II, John MORGIN and Thomas RIGHT.

p. 397.  List of tobacco drowned in Gray's Creek Warehouse 19 Mar. 1743.  John MOORING.  p. 368, John MOORING 208, 921, 816, 105, 100.

Vol. I Mar 1623-4.
Commissioner John POUNTIS sent to Eng. Subscript.  Sir Francis WYATT, Knt., Gov., D.C. s/Thomas MORLATT & others.  Princess Anne Co.

p. 228 John MORTON, for an house lost in Shawnee Expedition, 7 pounds, New Kent Co.

Roll 34,413 York Co., VA Wills, Inventories & Estates 1783-1811

p. 51.  Account of sales of Estate of John MORELAND in 17 April 1780.  Returned into York Co. Court 16 Aug. 1785 and ordered recorded.  Test, R. WALLER

p. 143.  Dr th Estate of Younge MORELAND to Samuel THOMAS, Admin.

1775-cash paid for copy John MORELAND's will.

1778-cash paid Nathaniel MORELAND 3..0..0
8 June 1776-cash received Nathaniel MORELAND.. 2..0..6

17 April 1780-cash received of Mary MORELAND Estate 87..0..8
Balance in hand of Admin. 16 July 1787.

p. 189 20 July 1784 proved.
Nathaniel MORELAND will - whole estate to wife during her life, Matthew HUBBARD
Younger-1/2 of land Estate.
Other equally divided between Elizabeth and Liddia MANEY.

p. 199.  Appraisal of Estate of Nathaniel MORELAND 4 Aug. 1784.

p. 221.  Appraisal of Estate Mary MORELAND dec'd 19 April 1790
21 Sept. 1790 Balance in hands of Admin. 86.07..9

Roll 34,433 Court Orders York Co., VA 1763-1770
p. 13. Young MORELAND sues to collect debt of Samuel ROBERTS. 1765.

p. 430.  Jonathan BECKWITH vs. estate of Joseph MORELAND.

p. 433.  Settlement and division of the estate of Matthew MORELAND was returned and recorded.  20 Jan. 1772.

p. 178.  Young MORELAND sued to collect debt from John CHAPMAN.  19 May 1768., p. 285   

21 June 1773 On the motion of John GRAVES security for John MORELAND as guardian of Ann MORELAND, an orphan.

Manard MORELAND having been summoned and not appearing.  It is ordered that...within 10 days give sufficient counter security to indemnify Manard MORELAND.  Goomer MANARD...and said MORELAND deliver the estate of Manard, orphan, to Manard GOOMER who is to account for the profits made to the court.

Roll 34,434 Judgments & Orders York Co.,  VA 1774-1778
p. 1. The last will and testament of Young MORLAND dec'd proved by oath of John DAVIS, Francis PETERS, Henry Towit.  Ordered recorded on motion of Mary MORLAND the Extrx.  21 Mar. 1774.

p. 59.  Mary MORELAND Extrx of Young MORLAND dec'd pltf. against James HUBBARD.  Debt due by the death of the lender.  19 Sept. 1774.

p. 473.  26 July 1787  A settlement of the estate of Young MORELAND dec'd was returned and ordered recorded.

p. 343 William WRIGHT to pay Mary WRIGHT 50 pounds of tobacco for days as witness.

p. 476.  Edward WRIGHT costs against Hobsay DOSS.

p. 146.  William WRIGHT appointed Constable in this county.  Took the several oaths so directed by law of assembly and the oath of con­stable.

p. 317.  Ordered that the Church Warden of this Parish bind out Sarah WRIGHT a orphan.

p. 171.  Ordered that the Church Warden of Breslon Parish bind out John HIX, ____ WRIGHT, and Thomas GIBBS, poor orphans according to law.  19 May 1773.

p. 285  William WRIGHT obtained an attachment against Estab. of ____ MILLER.

p. 370 William WRIGHT petition to collect debt against Matthew HATTON.

p. 458.  WRIGHT estate inventory (page torn).

p. 526.  Matthew GIBBS to pay William WRIGHT 50 pounds tobacco for 2 days attendance as witness.

Roll 34,434 Judgments and Orders 1774-1778
p. 213.  2 Feb. 1779  The last will and testament of Edward WRIGHT proved by oath of Margaret STROUD and John MORELAND, witnesses.  Edward WRIGHT, Extr.

p. 243.  15 Nov. 1779  Elizabeth WRIGHT late of this county dec'd dying Intestate possessed of an on which no person will administer, it is ordered that the sheriff take the said estate into his hands and dispose thereof according to ___ he returning an inventory and an account of the sales of the said estate to the court.

p. 267.  On complaint of Elizabeth WRIGHT, a poor orphan, against her master Bernard ELLIOT for mistreatment is ordered by Warden bound to some other person. 

p. 460.  Ordered the church of Yorkhampton Parish bind out Sarah WRIGHT infant orphan of William WRIGHT dec'd according to law the estate of said orphan being inefficient to maintain her.

p. 515.  On motion of Edward WRIGHT three people appointed to examine his administration of Edward WRIGHT estate.

Maryland Records  Charles Co. 1768
Leasee          Born  Date(lease) Tennant     Rent      On what lives
MORELAND, Wm         1718  Nov. 1755   Wm. MORELAND 9..0..0   Patrick b. 1705
   "      Jacob  1750
   "     John       6 Jul. 1739   Paul HOWELL 5..0..0   Patrick b. 1705
   "     Wm.              1758   Wm. MORELAND 4..0..0   John, Jr. b. 1707
                                                       Wm.       b. 1708
   "     John      25 Jul. 1746   John   "    7..7..0   Walter    b. 1738
   "     Phillip    8 Nov. 1739   Phillip     0..4..4   Jacob     b. 1740
                                              0..10.0   John      b. 1707

Talbott Mill Census 1776, p. 227 - Maryland Records
MORELAND, Francis - 1 m (bet. 16-50)
                   2 f under 16
                   10 blacks
                   13 total

Phillip b. 1675
John   ca. 1685
John, Jr.  1705
Patrick    1705
John       1707
William    1708
William    1718
Walter     1738
Jacob      1740

Roll 31,675  Goochland Co., VA
p. 29  June 1771.  On motion of Wright MOURLAND that a witness for Exolheath PATH vs. James OVERSTREET, it is ordered that the said Extr. pay him for 12 days attendance, 300 lbs. tobo.

Roll 31,677  Bk. #16
p. 149.  Wright MORELAND against Joseph BAKER.  1 July 1786.  This case abates by reason of the Sheriff returning the defendant.

p. 252-323.  MORELAND to ... ordered that the Sheriff of this county do summon Wright MORELAND, David ELLIS, Joseph TARROR severally to appear here at the Mpl Court to show cause if any they can why they did not attend here today as Grand Jury Men they being legally sum­moned and called at the Door of the Courthouse of the said County.  16 Mary. 1786.

Roll 31,674
p. 498.  Nov. 1771.  On the motion of Wright MOURLAND, a witness for Thomas EAST vs. William BRITT it is ordered that the said Thomas pay him for 3 days attendance  75 lbs. tobacco.

Roll 31,673
p. 607.  Mar. 1756.  At the motion of Anne WRIGHT a witness for Thomas MURRAY vs Anne Mourning COLEMAN Jr. is ordered that the said Thomas pay her for 8 days attendance 200 lbs. tobacco.

Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 by K.B. Williams:
Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc. 1979

p. 39.16 June 1787.  Meshach HICKS and Elizabeth MORELAND.  Surety.  Wright MORELAND.  Deed Bk. 15, p. 14.

p. 64.22 Oct. 1790.  Charles MORELAND - Susanna HANCOCK, dau. of Major HANCOCK.  Surety. Joel RYAN.  Married 23 Oct. 1790.  Deed Bk. 15, p. 452.

p. 64.30 Sept. 1790.  Thomas MORELAND - Sarah THOMAS, dau. of James THOMAS.  Surety.  Archibald PLEASANTS.  Wit. Major HANCOCK.  Married 20 Oct. 1790.  Deed Bk. 15, p. 452.  Goochland Co. Marriage Register.  p. 43.

p. 64.29 Apr. 1797.  Thomas MORELAND - Elizabeth PAGE, 21 years of age, daughter of Mary PAGE and sister of James PAGE who is surety.  Married 29 Apr. 1797 by Rev. Lewis CHAUDOIN.  p. 63.

p. 64.4 July 1782.  Wright MORELAND - Sarah HANCOCK.  Married by Reuben FORD.  Goochland Co. Ministers' Returns. p. 392.

[Ed. note:  Reuben FORD performed the wedding ceremony for Wright MORELAND and Sarah HANCOCK.  Wright's son, William MORELAND and wife Sarah, were listed as administrators for the estate of Peter FORD, 20 July 1784, Burke Co., NC.  This suggests that William's wife was Sarah FORD, rather than Sarah SIMPSON as stated in some undocumented com­pilations.  Recently charts have been circulating showing William's wife as Sarah SIMPSON.  It is important to note that her surname has not been proved, but is more likely to be FORD than SIMPSON.]

Roll 24, 614, Court Records, Carter County, TN
p. 38. 2nd Mon. Feb. 1804  Ordered that ... William MORELAND ... be juror to May Session 1804.

p. 58, 28 Apr. 1804  William and Charles MOORLAND appointed to work on road.

p. 60.  2nd Mon. Aug. 1804.  Ordered by the court that William MOOR­LAND ... be on a jury to view and lay off a road from John ASHERS up Dry Run by John BAKERS so as to meet a road opened by order of the court of Ashe County in N.C. on the top of the Stone Mountain at Bakers Gap and report to next court.

p. 194.  15 Sept. 1804.  Charles MOORLAND witness 2 days in court. 

14 May 1805 Ordered by the court that Joseph TOMPKINS, J. HAMPTON and C. BAILEY be Inspectors of the ensuing Election for the Eastern end of Carter Co., at the house of William MORELAND on the 1st Thursday and succeeding day of August next.

p. 212 William MORELAND and Charles MORELAND to do road work.  22 April 1805

p. 303.  May Session 1806  William MORELAND ordered to be Juror.

Roll 593,026.  Bk. I. (A)  1802  Carter County, TN, Sinking Creek Baptist Church.  List of subscriptions found on last page:  Nancy MORELAND   June 1797 - 15 Nov. 1800.  Record Bk II (B).  Nancy MORE­LAND 0..10..0.

Carter Co., Record of Wills & Inventories  1794 - 1847
William MARLIN, Bill of Sale, 17 Nov. 1798  Bill of sale for Negro girl named Sarah about 5 years, daughter of Fillis to John MARLIN.  s/ Zach T. MARLIN and William MARLIN, Sr.  Recorded 18 May 1799.  State of Tennessee, Washington Dist., March 1799.  Proved by William MARLIN, Jr.  Rest.  James ACKER, C.S.

                             * * * * *


State of Penn. Greene County
                             on the tenth day of September, A.D. 18?2 Personally appeared in open Court being a court of Record proceeding according to the course of the Common Law & Keeping a record of the Proceedings.  Moses MORELAND of Whitley Township Greene County aged about seventy four years of age who first being duly affirmed accord­ing to the law doth say his solemn affirmation make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provision made by the act of Congrefs ___ the 7th of June A.D. 1832.  That he enlisted in the army of the US in the year 1777 in March as applicant thinks, to ___ in the County of Lancaster at a public house, sign of the hat, he was enlisted by Lieutenant MARSHALL, Captain CHRISTY, Ensign LOW or LOWS, the time of his enlistment was for three years - ____, marched to a place called Lowe Brooke the state of New jersey - where he joined the regiment, being the 3d Penna Regiment then commanded by Col. WOOD but who was soon after succeeded by CRAIG, and after by Col. EDWARDS.  Applicant was marched to different places in which he cannot recollect, the first skirmash he was in at a place called the short hills, where the american forces had to retreat, in the direction of Low Brooke.  The next engagement applicant was in was the battle of Brandywine, aplicant was then next at the Battle of Germantown, aplicants company was on the left two of our company were killed & two wounded by the enemy's Picket Guard, applicant was also in the battle of Monmouth immediately after the Battle monmouth applicant became unfit for duty and went to the Hospital at, _____town and with a number of others were quartered or put in the Barn of one KINLEYs a short distance from town applicant remained unwell for some time and did not join the army until it lay at the white plains from thence we marched in the direction of Penna after applicants time expired he returned to Lancaster County and again Entered the service during the war, went to Lancaster and joined the Army under Major HAMILTON applicant thinks his Captains name was PATTERSON we then marched to a place called ____ _____ where deponet ____ ______ _____ ____ _____ ___ from thence we went to Phia. from thence to the head of Elk at a place called Christian Bridge from thence to Little fork.  The Army then marched towards virginia and applicant was in the battle of York town at the Taking of CORNWALLIS.  after the taking of CORNWALLIS we marched under Gen'l WAYNE to join Gen'l ____ in the Carolinas, we lay near Charlestown, S.C. when the News of peace arrived at which there was great rejoicing firing of Cannon &c.  we then returned to Phila. where applicant recd a Discharge at the Phia Barrack the paymasters name was ____ or _____ affirmant did not preserve his discharge but ________ to have been lost as he has frequently removed from place to place.  He hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or an annuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of any anyway of any State Except that he receives a pension of forty dollars per year from the state of Penna
Sworn and subscribed this                            his
day & year afsd                                      Moses X MORELAND
              Wm T. HAYS                            mark

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion that this above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states.

                             * * * * *


     The term headrights in connection with a patent for land has been the subject to no little misunderstanding.  Elucidation is therefore in order.

     For the purpose of stimulating immigration and the settlement of the Colony the London Company ordained that any person who paid his own way to Virginia should be assigned 50 acres of land "for his owne personal adventure," and if he transported "at his owne cost" one or more persons he should, for each person whose passage he paid, be awarded fifty acres of land.  There is, for instance, the case of Sir Thomas LUNSFORD, Knight and Baronett, who on October 24, 1650 was granted 3,423 acres for the transportation of sixty-five persons inlcuding himself, members of his family, friends, and servants, many of whom were doubtless indentured, or bound for period of service.

     Among the headrights are found persons of all social classes, nobility and gentry, yeomanry, indentured servants (some of good family and connection in England), and negroes.  Among the headrights of Bertram HOBERT, October 10, 1642, appears the name of John TREDES­CANT, the younger, one of the first to advertise the great natural richness of America and to bring back to the mother country concrete evidence of the beauty and wealth of flora in the new lands beyond the sea.  And again, in February 6, 1654, TREDESCANT was a headright of William LEA, who by paying the naturalist's passage, was entitled to 50 acres of land in Virginia.

     It is not to be assumed that the claim for land in consequence of a person transported was made immediateley after the arrival of the "Headright" in the Colony.  There is, for instance, record of a patentee awarded land for transportation of three wives, who, it is safe to conclude, were successive.  The headrights may have arrived in the Colony long before the patentee had entered claim for land thereby due.  Nor is it to be assumed that the headright is necessarily an immigrant.  Even men of prominence in the Colony, through a voyage or repeated voyages to England and return, appear as "headrights" of friends and relatives who acquitted the cost of the passage in order to obtain the consequent land.
     In the photographic reproduction of a patent, January 6, 1639 / 1640, of Capt. Nicholas MARTIAN (MARTIAU, the French Walloon, who is the earliest American ancestor of George WASHINGTON, appear among the fourteen persons transported at his own cost and charges Capt. MARTIAN himself, his wife, a son and a daughter.  On the other hand in a patent of Councilor George REED (READE) of November 2, 1658 the headrights include Capt. MARTIAU (MARTIN) his wife, and his daughter Elizabeth, whom Col. READE married.

     Sea captains were especially active in the acquisition of land through the transportation of settlers, and they not infrequently acted conjointly with London merchants.  An instance in point is the case of William BARKER, who, in association with Richard QUINEY, citizen and grocer of London (brother of SHAKESPEARE's son-in-law, Thomas QUINCEY) and John SADLER (brother-in-law of John HARVARD, founder of Harvard College), patented great tracts at Brandon and at Merchant's Hope, held by them and their heirs for nearly a century.

     Before obtaining land for the transportation of "headrights" the claimant was required to present a receipt in proof that the passage money was duly paid.  But despite all precautions fraud and deception were by no means uncomman.

     As a safeguard, particularly in the case of those persons who went at their own cost, the London Company, on November 18, 1623, came to the following resolution "Touching the registering of Passengers names that goe to Virginia in Private shipps"

     "Secondly when a reviewe shalbe made in Virginia howe all men are possessed of their lands which willbe most necessarie to be donn in regard of the great Disorder and Lycentiousness which men there use in takinge out land and not due to them it wilbe a matter of great trouble to all private Planters that come not in Companies Shipps to prove that they came over at their owne charges, and except they do, that it wilbe verie dangerous and unsafe to the Companie to make confirmacion of landes to them wch perhapps others have better right unto"

              Taken from "Cavaliers and Pioneers"

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