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The Moreland Muster, Volume IV, Issue 2 Spring

 Abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III

Pg. 6 - William BELVIN to pay Mathew HUBARD, attorney of Mr. John HUBARD 498 lbs tob.

Pg. 18 - Robert HORSINGTON, brother of John HORSINGTON, living in Maston Parish, York Co., sells to William BELL, all right in parcel of land bought of Mr. Henry TOWNZEN, 125 acres on south side of Mill Swamp, between Henry TOWNZEN and John POINDEXTER, the line of Richard PAGE formerly bought of Mr. Daniel WYLD, land bought of Mr. TOWNSEND by Robert HORSINGTON, surveyed by Mr. HALL.  13 Nov. 1665.  Wit: Paul JOHNSON, Daniel WYLD.  Signed:  Robert (mark) HORSINGTON.  Recorded 20 Dec. 1665

Pg. 19 - Sale of livestock by Henry GOOCH to Jonathan NEWELL 4 March 1664.  Wit: John ADUSTONE, Wm. CRANE, Hen. FREMAN, Tho. WRIGHT, Robert HAWLINGE.  Signed:  Henry GOOCH.  Receipt of NEWELL to GOOCH signed by Joseph CROSHAW & Edmund PETTERS

Pg. 29 - Henry TOWNSEN of Maston Parish, York Co., planter, for L 4, sells to William BELL of same, 40 acres of wood land on Mill Swamp, next to land he sold to Robert HORSINGTON, land he lately sold to Alexander DUNCOMBE and land sold to BELL, being remaining parcel of land bought of Robert TAYLER, 26 March 1666.  Wit: Daniel WYLD, Thomas (T) MEEKINS.  Signed: Henry TOWNSEN.  Recorded 23 April 1666.

Pg. 30 - There are disputes between Randolph HOLT of Surry Co., who married Elizabeth WILSON, relict of Christian WILSON and eldest daughter of Mr. John HANSFORD, dec'd, and Edward LOCKEY of York Co., who married Elizabeth, the relict and executrix of said John HANSFORD, whose will was dated 9 May 1654 and proved in York Co. 24 June 1662.  To end disputes the parties agree to findings of Capt. John GROVE, Maj. William CANFIELD, Capt. Robert ELLYSON, and Mr. Thomas BALLARD, arbitrators, and have made bond.  They find that HANSFORD by his will (missing) 1000 acres on south side of Mattapuny River to (           ) white mare, we found died (         )  He willed to his daughter Elizabeth 3000 lbs tob., and Edward & Elizabeth LOCKEY have paid most of this.  HANFORD was also in debt to HOLT 1200 lbs. tob., and a servant was paid to him for the tobacco.  HANSFORD gave to his daught­er Elizabeth, livestock, effective 1 year after his death, and he died about Feb. 1660.  Edward and Elizabeth are to deliver this legacy.  Dated 20 Oct. 1663.  Signed:  John GROVE, William (WC) CANFIELD, Thomas BALLARD, Robt. ELLYSON.  Wit: John BASKERVYLE, Thos. HANSFORD.

Pg. 37 - Mr. Jonathan NEWELL, according to promise given to Mr. John HUBERD, bills of exchange of L 21 should be sufficient for so much from your loving friend.  21 July 1666.  Wit: William MARTIN.  Signed: Jo. ACHLEY  I have received bills of exchange from Mr. Jonathan NEWELL.  Signed John HUBERD

Pg. 50 - On 10 Feb. 1665 on behalf of Mrs. Rebecca NEWELL, wife of Jonathan NEWELL, at present in Va., I John WRIGHT, Notary of London, demanded of John TAYLOR of St. Lawrence Lane, London, if he would pay the bill, and he said for want of effects he would not pay.  I protest against Arthur DICKESON the subscriber of the bill.  Wit:  Nico. HAYWARD, Richard BEANE, Signed J. WRIGHT, Notary.

Pg. 62 - Administration of estate of Mathew HUBERD, with will annexed, proved by James BESOUTH and Patrick NAPIER, is granted to Sibella HUBERD, relict of dec'd.  Estate is to be appraised by Mr. Robert HARRISON, Mr. James BESOUTH, Mr. George GILL and Mr. David DUNBAR.  Mr. James BRAY became security for Mrs. Sibella HUBERD.

Pg. 65 - Mathew HUBERD of Middletown Parish, York Co. for valuable consideration, to John SCOTT of same, 100 acres on Skimino Swamp, being part of 590 acres granted to said HUBERD 1 Oct. 1658 by patent and by him deserted and granted to Thomas BALLARD and conveyed again to said HUBERD by sale 28 March 1662, bounded by Bear Spring Run and by William GANTLETT.  We certify the above bill of sale was in Mr. HUBERD's own writing and his intent was to sell to Mr. John SCOTT.  2 March 1666.  Signed: Sibella (mark) HUBERD, Tho. BALLARD, James BRAY.

Will of Mathew HUBERD.  To son John, land at Skimino, except 200 acres sold to Abraham VINCKLER and John SCOT.  Also to son John, my divident above Charles EDMONDS.  To daughter Rebecca HUBERD and son Mathew HUBERD, my half of my land between my brother and me and my divident on Blacke Creek in narrows of York River, to be divided between them.  Mr. BALLARD and Mr. BRAY to be overseers of my will.  Wit: Pat NAPIER, James BESOUTH.  Signed: Mathew HUBERD.  Recorded 4 April 1667.

Pg. 67 - Thomas BALLARD, on behalf of Sibella HUBERD, relict of Mathew HUBBARD, dec'd, and also on behalf of Mr. John HUBERD, entered a caveat agst deed acknowledged last court by David DUNBAR

Pg. 69 - Mr. John ROBERTS and Mr. Robert HUBERD, guardians to Eliza­beth GABRIELL and Richard JONES, orphans, have paid to a Mr. Edward LOCKEY 531 lbs. tob. for goods to Mrs. CANFIELD for use of herself and children, the greatest part being for children's part.

Pg. 74 - John BASKERVYLE, security for David DUNBAR, is to pay Mrs. Sibella HUBERD, relict of Mathew HUBERD, 1284 lbs. tob., unless DUNBAR appears at next court.

John BASKERVYLE, security for David DUNBAR, is to pay Mrs. Katherine HUBERD, on behalf of Mr. John HUBERD, assignee of Capt. Will CORKER, 812 lbs. tob.

Pg. 76 - Will of Edward RIGHT  To son John RIGHT my land, but if he dies under age, to other children.  To grandson William GRAVES, a cow & calf.  If wife marries, children to have cattle equally.  Dated 25 Feb. 1659.  Wit: David (mark) JARRAT, John TIPLADY.  Signed:  Edward (EW) RIGHT.  Recorded 24 July 1667.

Pg. 80 - Power of attorney from Sibella HUBERD, relict of Mr. Mathew HUBERD, dec'd, to friend Thomas BALLARD to sue David DUNBAR for all due to me and my late husband, to account between my said husband and my brother Mr. John HUBERD.  22 July 1667.  Wit: Lewis GRIFFIN.  Signed Sibella (mark) HUBERD

Pg. 82 - Thomas WILLS was summoned at suit of Mr. Edward MOSSE on behalf of orphans of Edward WRIGHT, dec'd, to give account of estate; and he giving account, Mr. John TIPLADY and Mr. William PADDISON to divide estate and give orphans portion to Edward MOSSE, their guar­dian.

Pg. 83 - Account of estate of orphans of Edward WRIGHT, dec'd, 3 cows, 1 heifer 3 yrs. old, 1 heifer 2 yrs. old, 1 cow calf, 1 bull calf Signed:  Thomas (W) WILLS

Pg. 90 - Administration of estate of Mr. John HUBERD, dec'd, is granted to Katherine HUBERD, his relict.  Estate is to be appraised by Mr. John PAGE, Mr. Otho THORPE, Mr. James BESOUTH and Mr. William NEWMAN.  Mr. Thomas BALLARD and Mr. John PAGE became security for Mrs. HUBERD

Pg. 93 - A Grand Jury was impanelled:  Mr. John TIPLADY (foreman), Francis BROWNE, Francis BARNES, Thomas PINKETHMAN, Stephen GARDNER, John DAVIS, Mr. Samuel TREVILLIAN, William ALLEN, William BELL, Benjamin LILLINGTON, John DICKESON, Henry JACKSON.

Pg. 100 - William MORLAND of Hampton Parish, York Co., sold to Robert SHORE of Martins Hundred Parish, James City Co., 100 acres in New Kent Co., bounded as by Richard SCRUGGS bill of sale to my late dec'd father Thomas MORLAND for 400 acres, 26 Jan. 1663, for a sum in hand.  12 March 1665.  Wit.: David CRAFFORD, William (mark) WOODLAND, Tho. WARDROBE, John MOOR.  Signed:  William (M) MORLAND, Alice (A) MORLAND.  Recorded 21 Aug. 1666.

Pg. 105 - A non suit and 50 lbs tob. granted to Mr. Thomas BUSHROD at suit of Capt. Peter JENNINGS as attorney to Mr. Anthony YOUNG.

Pg. 107 - List of money owed to estate of Edward LOCKEY, dec'd, from Thomas BRYAN, John BASKERVYLE, William BELL, Edward BAPTIST, David DUNBAR, Maj. William CANFIELD, George JOHNSON, Capt. Ralph LANGLEY, Mr. Thomas ROBINS, James WOODY, Edward WADE, Peter ADAMS, John HANS­FORD, John BELL, Tobias MATHEWS, Coll. HOCKADY, Thomas DUNN, Isaac COLLIER, Sir William BERKELEY, Dr. Francis HADDON, John ADUSTON, John FREESTONE, Robert WALKER, Lawrence ORILL.  Tobacco: John DEANE, William JAMES, Adam MILES, Edward PLUNKETT, Widow THOMPSON, Thomas WALLINGER, Capt. ELLYSON, Widow MORLAY, Owen MACHEE, Capt. Robert PYLAND, Thomas HEINES, Capt. UNDERHILL.

Bills:  Hugh FOY, Thomas DUNSTON, John FLEETE, Abraham POSTON(?), John PETEETE, William BELL, Mr. BLAGROVE, Mr. Thomas HANSFORD, Edward CREEKE, John FREESTONE, Isaac COLLIER, Zach PADDEY, Edward FLANAGAN, William MORLAND, Abraham BAKER, John BUNE, John AXELL, Henry PAINE, Owen MORRIS, Mr. TEMPLE, Alex MAXWELL, Hugh WILLIAMS, Richard JONES, John WEBBAR, Mr. Edmund PETTERS, John ROBISON, Richard EVANS, James ELCOCKE, Mr. John DIGGS, Coll. BACON.  Signed Elizabeth (E) LOCKEY.  Recorded 24 June 1668

Pg. 108 - Anne HUDDLESTON, age 20, says that her dame being at the cow pen, Mr. Thomas HANSFORD came by and bid the deponet's dame to go & rob the onion patch again.  She asked him if he would prove his words, and he replied he would.  Anne (mark) HUDDLESTON.  24 Aug. 1668.  William MAYLUM, age 17, says same as above.  William (mark) MAYLUM.  29 Aug. 1668.

Pg. 116 - Non suit and 50 lbs. tob. granted to Mr. John WHYSKEN at suit of Richard YOUNG, attorney of Mr. Samuell YOUNG.

Pg. 117 - In the difference between William MORLAND and John FLOYD & Mary his wife, in an action of assault & battery, a jury was impanell­ed:  Jury finds no cause of the action, and a non suit and 50 lbs tob. granted to the defendants.

Pg. 127 - Upon petition of Mr. James BESOUTH as marrying Katherine, the relict of Mr. John HUBBERD, dec'd, in difference between her and Mr. Patrick NAPIER, the case is referred to next court.

A non suit and 50 lbs. tob. granted to Mr. James BESOUTH at suit of Sibella HUBBERD.

Pg. 129 - Division of cattle of estate of Mr. John HUBERD, dec'd, to James BESOUTH, who married the relict, and to the children.  One third goes to BESOUTH and rest to the children, Elizabeth HUBERD and Kather­ine HUBERD.  18 Jan. 1668
Pg. 131 - Mr. Robert HUBERD, as security for Mr. John ROBERTS, former­ly guardian to Mrs. Elizabeth JONES, now wife of Thomas HANSFORD, confest judgement to Mr. HANSFORD for what is unpaid of his wife's portion.  Judgement this day passed agst Mr. Robert HUBERD as security for Mr. John ROBERTS, formerly guardian to Mrs. Elizabeth HANSFORD, and attachment granted her husband Thomas HANSFORD on any of ROBERT's estate in the county.

Pg. 135 - Inventory of Mr. John HUBERD's inventory L 772/09/09 [it takes 4 1/2 pages of the original records.]  William BELL is listed as a debtor.

Pg. 143 - Sheriff returned attachment granted to Mr. Robert HUBERD agst estate of Mr. John ROBERTS for security of what was unpaid of Mrs. Elizabeth HANSFORD's portion, to whom ROBERTS was former guar­dian, and hath attached two steers and a bill of William SMITH's for 421 lbs. tob., and execution is to issue.

Pg. 148 - Thomas LUSHINGTON of London, Merchant, appoints loving friend Robert HUBBERT of Mulberry Island Parish in Warwick Co., Va., Gent., his attorney to receive all debts due from any person.  18 May 1669.  Wit: Sam'll WIMBISH, Tho. WARDROBE.  Signed: Tho. LUSHINGTON.

Pg. 161 - Robert JONES is ordered to pay Mr. William AYLETT, as marrying relict of Mr. Matthew HUBBARD, dec'd, 175 lbs. tob.

Pg. 171 - William WRIGHT, servant to Simon RICHARDSON, imported in the "Richard & James," the goldsmith is age 16.

Pg. 175 - George MORTON, servant to William BELL, imported in the "Tryall of Bristol" is adjudged 11 years old.

Pg. 182 - Upon petition of Mr. William SWINNERTON on behalf of Mr. John HUNGERFORD, a reference is granted him at suit of Mr. Richard YOUNG, about a servant sold by HUNGERFORD to YOUNG.

Pg. 183 - 17 Aug. 1670, before me, Nicholas HAYWARD, Notary, dwelling in London, appeared Thomas MALYN, citizen and haberdasher of London, who made John LOLE, merchant, at present in London, and now bound for Virginia, his attorney, to demand of William COLLYER, formerly citizen and weaver of London, now residing in Virginia, L 19/13 due by bond under his hand 4 Aug. 1669.  Witnesses: James FORSITH, Richard CLARKE, Signed: Thomas MALYN.  Nicholas HAYWARD, Notary Publick

Pg. 184 - Richard YOUNG of Gloucester Co., Merchant, appoints loving friend Mr. John BASKERVYLE, attorney.  19 Oct. 1670

Pg. 186 - William COLLYER confest judgement to Mr. John LOLE, attorney of Thomas MAYLIN, for L 24/3.
Pg. 190 - Will of Gabriel JONES of Middle Plantation, York County, "weak of body"  To William HUBBERD, son of Robert HUBBERD, a mare.  To Robert HUBBERD, Jr. a horse foal.  To Gyles ROGERS, a heifer and all my woolen apparel.  To my brother, Richard JONES, my gold ring that hath "R I E," but if he dies without issue, then ring to Robert HUBBERD, Jr.  To my brother Richard, all my land, houses, etc. and to be my executor, Mr. Robert HUBBERD is to take my estate in custody for use of my brother Richard until he comes of age.  29 June 1670.  Wit: Robert (R) HUBBERD, Thomas WARDROBE.  Signed: Gabriel JONES.  Proved 10 Jan. 1670.

Pg. 192 - Mr. John HUNGERFORD, declaring that Margarett OSBORNE, a maid servant sold by him to Mr. Richard YOUNG, but the indenture which she (illegible) was made when they came to anchor in the bay, and therefore void.

Pg. 196-197 - Inventory of estate of Mr. Mathew HUBERD, dec'd made by Mrs. Sibella HUBERD, the relict and Adm'x [it takes 5 1/2 pages of the original record.  Daughter, Rebeccah a­nd son, Mathew are mention­ed.]

Pg. 200 - Ordered that Mr. John PAGE be paid out of the estate of Gabriel JONES, dec'd, by Robert HUBERD, the executor in trust for Richard JONES, 742 lbs. tob. and that John MEDLOCKE be summoned to next court about a bill by him assigned to said Mr. PAGE, due from Gabriel JONES.

Pg. 207 - John THOMPSON, who married Elizabeth WRIGHT, orphan, is to be possessed of cattle belonging to her in custody of Mr. Edward MOSSE, and it is ordered that Mr. Robert CURTIS make division of the cattle among his children.

Pg. 224 - William TOWNSEND of Hampton Parish, York Co., and Katherine TOWNSEND his wife make over and assign to James AUSTIN of York Parish, York Co., a bill of sale granted to me, said William TOWNSEND, by John HORSINGTON.  Original bill of sale was recorded in New Kent Court 2 Oct. 1663.  Wit: Thomas WARDROBE, Mordecai WILSON.  Signed: William (mark) TOWNSEND, Katherine (mark) TOWNSEND.  Surveyed at request of Mr. John HORSINGTON, 500 acres, by order of York Co. Court for Mr. William TOWNSEND, which, by consent of both parties, I bounded, it being in New Kent upon main branch of Clark Creek, next to land of Mr. HUBBERD 3 Nov. 1665.

[Ed. note: Because colonial records are very difficult to read, I've included references to names spelled similarly to MORELAND.  These references may or may not refer to members of the MORELAND family.  Also included here are surnames of others who intermarried with the early MORELANDs of Virginia. 

Matthew MORELAND of York Co. married Ann WRIGHT ca. 1718.  His bro­ther, John MORELAND married Jane YOUNG.  Matthew's son, Wright MORE­LAND, married Ann WILSON.  A John MORELAND married Ann BELL, daughter of William BELL and their son, Francis MORELAND married Ann HUBBARD, daughter of Robert HUBBARD.

The page numbers listed here refer to the page numbers in Mr. Weis­iger's book, not the page numbers of the original records.  The abstracter stated that the early pages were so badly torn that he had to ar­bitrarily assign page numbers to them.  In the introduction to the book, he stated that these abstracts are from Record Book #4 of York County.  The book includes wills, deeds, court orders, deposi­tions, suits, administrations, etc.  During that time there were about 950 tithables living in the county. 

York County was formed in 1634 as Charles River County, one of the eight original counties.  Gloucester County was formed from York County in 1651 and New Kent County was formed in 1654.  During this time period, there were five Church of England parishes subdividing the county.  New Poquoson Parish was formed by 1635 and was changed to Charles Parish in 1692.  A register of births and deaths for this parish is still in existence, but I haven't examined it for MORELAND names.  York Parish existed from 1643 until 1707 when it combined with Hampton Parish to form Yorkhampton Parish.  Hampton Parish was formed from Chiskiack Parish in 1643.  Middletown Parish was formed from Middle Plantation Parish and Harrup Parish (James City County) in 1658.  In 1674 it combined with Marston Parish to form Bruton Parish.  Marston Parish (sometimes spelled Maston) was formed in 1654 and combined with Middletown in 1676.  York River was a major port of entry for the entire Peninsula area.

The compiler states, "As in most 17th century records, there are many words in these records open to more than one interpreta­tion...  The clerks and anyone else spelled the names anyway they chose, and not always the same way.  The reader is forewarned to use these abstracts only as a guide to enable them to find and look at the original themselves."]

                             * * * * *


Dear Nona:

     I sort of get the idea that you would appreciate receiving some input from your subscribers.  The following is an effort to do my part.
     On the query of Marietta Lord on Elijah - he is too old to be the son of Shirley Spetman's William [MORELAND].  I will condense the information she sent me as it might be of value to others.  Any info shown in parenthesis is my personal opinion.

     Shirley Spetman's oldest confirmed MORELAND ancestor was William MORELAND, born ca. 1790, Tenn., died left a will in Estill Co., Ky June, 1836.  He married Rhoda WILLOUGHBY in Greene Co., Tenn. in 1808 - marriage bond signed by Elijah WILLOUGHBY but she is believed to be the daughter of John and Mary LEACHMAN WILLOUGHBY.

     Family tradition has it that William's father was Thomas MORELAND shown in the 1830 Monroe Co., Tenn. census, age 70 - 80.  (This is the Thomas who served in the Revolutionary War but Spetman was not aware of that).  Her Thomas was born in Tennessee in 1751, [ed. note:  Tennessee didn't exist until 1796] died in 1832 and believed to have married Sarah ____, (Rev. War Thomas first married Sarah THOMAS.  If they had a son William born ca. 1790, the son would have to be born in Virginia, not Tennessee.  Rev. War Thomas was still in Virginia in 1797 when he married 2nd Elizabeth (Mary?) PAGE.)

     Spetman lists the children of her William as Enoch, Elijah, Ellen and George.  William's will filed in Estill Co., Ky, probated in 1836 lists children as Elijah, Enoch MORELAND, Anna KING, Sallie MORELAND and George Washington MORELAND - the latter two being the youngest.  (These children do not match perfectly the children shown in William's family in the 1830 Monroe Co., Tenn. census - but it comes very close.  Another difference - Spetman shows Enoch being born in 1815 in Ten­nessee, yet the 1850 Estill County census shows in "born Ky."  Also note - if Harden MORELAND (1830 Monroe Co., TN census) was a grandson of Rev. War Thomas and a son of William, as claimed by many, then Spetman's William is not the same William.  Hardin is not shown in that family.)

     The oldest son, Elijah is shown born Tenn. about 1810, died 1869 in Estill Co., KY., married 1832-35 in Ky to Sarah Ann ROBERTSON, born 1816 Boonsboro, Ky, died 1911.  Their children were:  Billy, Alex C., Daniel, Susie, Nancy, George R., and James Thomas.  Alex C. had a son named Jimmy D. MORELAND; Nancy married Sam MORELAND her cousin, George R. had a son Elijah who had a son and two daughters named Pearl and Mary.  James Thomas MORELAND, born 1841 had daughters Catherine, Claudia and sons Sherman and Joseph Simpson MORELAND.  Children of Joseph and Julia Emma MORELAND were Ruth Janet, born June 5, 1904 married Rupert THOMAS.

     Spetman had no info on Ellen MORELAND.

     Spetman had no info on Sally MORELAND.  (Estill County, Ky marriage records show she married James HAWKINS on 4-8-1840).
     Anna, born ca. 1810-1815, Tenn. married (William) KING.
     George Washington MORELAND married Eliza KING Jan. 26, 1843.  He was postmaster in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1860.

     Enoch MORELAND (this is Spetman's progenitor and she has more info on his descendants);  Enoch was born about 1815 in Tennessee, died prior to 1880, married Irena STEVENS 3 Oct. 1833, Estill Co., Ky.  Their children:

     Richard, born 1840 Estill, Ky., died 5-30-1890 in Greenup, Cumberland Co., IL.  Married 1st, Maria (?) in Estill, Ky and 2nd Louisa Richter STEWART in Vigo Co., IN in 1869.  Latter had one child, Carrie Alvierta MORELAND, born 28 March 1876.  Richard served in the Civil War with Co., H, 8th Kentucky Volunteers, Union Army.

     Lucy A. MORELAND, born 1848, Estill Co., Ky., married Levi RICHTER in Vigo Co., In.  Their children: Hulda, Kate, Irene, Leander, Hiram, Clara, Lorie, Bonnie and Richard RICHTER, Jr.

     Sam MORELAND, born after 1850, married Nancy MORELAND, daughter of Elijah MORELAND his uncle.  After their marriage they joined a wagon train and went west.  In 1968 one of his descendants saw his picture in a posse in an old Wild West magazine.  Last known address was Kingman County, Kansas.

     Sarah, born 17 Jan. 1851, Estill Co., Ky.  Died 1909, Albany, Worth County, Missouri.  Married William ADAIR and they had children: John, Debby, Enoch, Lizzie, Rebecca, Sophonia, Josephine, James, Dora, William and Lucy ADAIR.  (I have more info on the ADAIRs if anyone is interested).

     John Ira, born 1846 in Estill Co., Ky, died 1919 Gentry Co., Mo., married Jane BRIDGES.  Their children: George, Ernest, (?) married George WAYMAN and Buna, married George KERNS.

     James Francis MORELAND, born 15 Aug. 1843 in Irvine, Ky, died Worth Co., Mo., married Rhoda Jane PARKER in Vigo Co., Indiana in 1867.  Their children: (1) Wilson, born 1868 married Lola MENDENHALL, buried in Anita, Iowa.  Wilson and Lola had children: Lloyd, Gladys and Ronald MORELAND.  (2) Stanley, born 1870, Indiana, married Nora DANIELS - Stanley is buried in California.  (3) Gena, born 1874 in Mo., died age 13, Worth Co., Mo.  (4) Enoch W. born 1876 in Mo., married Rebecca BALDWIN.  Enoch is buried in California.  (5) Ora, born 1880 in Mo., married Maude MCCORD, 1900 in Mo.  Their children: (a) Dorathy, married Martin JENSEN.  (b) Harold, killed in France during World War I and is buried there.  (c) Anita Margery, died of Hodgins disease in 1930.  (d) Lester, died early.  (e) Hazel, died early.  (f) Francis.  (g) Azella Maude, born 1882, Worth Co., Mo., died 1965 in Atchison Co., Mo., married 1905 to Edward BARNETT and had children:  Francis, Bill, Sarah, Lillie, Mary, Jimmy, Jesse (girl), Evelyn and Alva BARNETT.  Azella Maude was Shirley Spetman's beloved grandmother.

     You sent a copy of a MORELAND family group sheet from a submitter named J.M. Hadley with a military address in 1985.  The family was on Elijah (son of Spetman's William) and listed children: (1) George, (2) William Gideon (3) James (4) Alexander Campbell (5) Susan (6) Herman Daniel (7) Nancy (8) John (9) baby girl.  Further info was that William Gideon (2) was born in 1837 in Estill Co., Ky; died 1895 in Walla Walla, Wash., married Ellen WILLOUGHBY in 1866 in Vigo Co., IN.  Further info on James (3), died 1921 in the state of Washington, married Sarah J. WILLOUGHBY in Vigo Co., IN.  Obviously this family of MORELANDs and the WILLOUGHBYs must have traveled together.  Also, there seems to be a family connection with the HENDERSONs and the KINGs.

     I did not receive a reply from Shirley Spetman to my letter of July 23, 1990 nor have I made any attempt to follow up.  I am sure she would be interested in getting in touch with J.M. Hadley, wherever he is now.

Best regards, Charles Moreland, 15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604

a P.S. afterthought to this letter.  What proof does anyone have that the William MORELAND shown on page 150 of the Monroe Co, TN 1830 census is related to William shown on page 145?  It is entirely possible that William and Hardin, both shown on page 150 could be brothers or father and son, but neither necessarily related to Thomas.  I have seen no proof in my files that they are related to Thomas, have you?  That is, other than the family group sheets floating around which show that William was the son of Thomas - showing children of William, Pleasant, John and daughters (?).  Another shows the first three plus Thomas, Jr.  What is behind these groups besides the fact that they were all in Monroe County in 1830?

[Ed. note:  Melba Hutchison has been working on that line, but as far as I know, she wasn't able to prove who the children of Thomas MORE­LAND were.  Does anyone have any information about this?]

                             * * * * *

[Thanks to Pete Brown for sending the following]
                     by Susie Blaylock McDaniel

                Quotations from the Cherokee Lottery

     In order to give some idea of the places from which [the] first settlers came, a representative list has been selected from the Lottery in the various sections of the county.
9th District--4th Section--Walker Co. (Now Catoosa)

Lot No.   Drawee             District      County in GA.
294       Cealson MORELAND   470th         Upson (Soldier)
 82       Isaac ROBERTSON    561st         Upson (Soldier War 1812)
127       John H. BRYAN      430th         Upson

                         MORELAND FAMILIES

     Two brothers of this name lived in Peavine Valley for years -- William, who married Narcissa MAXWELL, and Wesley, who married Paralee PITTS.  They were the parents of James M. MORELAND of Ringgold, Sheriff for many years of this county.  These men were sons of James Alexander MORELAND of North Carolina who bought the place still belonging to Roy MORELAND, from Robert EVANS, who had married Miranda MORELAND, a half-sister of James A. MORELAND.  He bought one and a half lots of land and the two sons, Wesley and William divided it upon their father's death.  Much of it still remains in this family.

                            EVANS FAMILY

     In 1850 there lived in Peavine Valley, near the GREEN families and Maj. SHIELDS a family made up of Daniel EVANS, 52, born in Geor­gia, wife, Louisa J., 47 and son, Robert D., age 3.  This is believed to be the same Robert EVANS who was connected with the MORELAND family and married a half sister of James A. MORELAND, Miranda MORELAND.  "Uncle Bob" EVANS as he was later known, was the father of Charles and Robert EVANS; he owned the place now belonging to Jake BOWMAN.

                           Z.C. THORNTON

     This man owned the place now owned by the BONDS family, near Peavine Creek.  He married Miss Paulina LANSFORD, daughter of John Bunyan LANSFORD, and they had a family of four sons and one daughter; the sons are all dead or removed from the county.  Mrs. J.M. MORELAND of Ringgold is a daughter of Julius THORNTON of this family.  The daughter married Charley MCDANIEL, and died years ago.  Her name was Grace.
                            JAMES HOOPER

     Lived near the Poplar Spring.  He married a member of the MAXWELL family.  Roy MORELAND now owns this place.

                            PITTS FAMILY

     Henry Martin PITTS came from South Carolina.  He married Matilda BROOM.  They first lived on the Dr. CRAVEN place and there their daughter, Paralee, was married to Wes MORELAND.  They were the parents of Sheriff James M. MORELAND and Roy and Clarence MORELAND.  Mrs. J.B. BUFF, Sr. of Ringgold is a daughter of Paralee PITTS and Wesley MORELAND.


     The present resident[s] of this community, in part, are as follows:  Roy MORELAND, BRUMMETT family, Clarence MORELAND, two FOWLER families, Rob MEEK and his two sons, CLARK family...

                        OFFICERS OF CATOOSA

1904James M. MORELAND -- will have held office 20 years at end of present term.

                          BOYNTON CEMETERY

J. Wesley MORELAND 1862-1931      Mary MORELAND 1870-
Jas. S. MORELAND 1806-1888        Wm. J. MORELAND 1842-1910

                             * * * * *


     Thanks to those who sent information for publication.  Your contributions are necessary to keep the newsletter going.  Please keep it up!  As time allows I'm working on the early York County, Virginia MORELANDs.  It's quite possible that the Maryland MORELANDS came from these Virginia families.  It is known that many settlers in Maryland came from Virginia.

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