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The Moreland Muster,Volume IV, Issue 4 Fall 1991

by Nona Williams

     I subscribe to my home town newspaper, The Shannon County Current Wave which is published in Eminence, Missouri.  In Volume 118, #14, June 26, 1991 an article appeared about a trial that took place in Texas County, MO.  A Charles Moreland, attorney, assisted with the defense.  I wonder if he is a descendant of Charles Orton MORELAND who was born 27 Jan. 1836 in Tennessee and died in Texas Co., MO?

     Eddie Nikazy and Charles Moreland, researchers, have had an interesting ex­change of letters, which appear in excerpts below.  They have been writing to each other with questions and solutions to some Moreland problems and they sent copies of the correspondence to me so that they can share their discoveries with the rest of you. 

     Thanks to all who responded to my request for information to print in the newsletter. 

                             * * * * *

            HAZLE MORELAND SR. LINE FROM 1765 THRU 1880
                    submitted by C. Steve Green
             1017 Putting Green, Blytheville, AR 72315

Moreland researcher, Lamora Lucia Haider, received a letter in May 1984 from an elderly lady in Hagerstown, Maryland.  She mentions, "My great-g-g-father was James Bazil MORELAND, father of Bazil, George, Hazel, Evan, James, Sally & Sarah.

bef 1765      Hazle MORELAND (Sr.) born

1760-70       Hannah WILLIS born

8 Jan 1785    Hazle MORELAND Sr. md. Hannah WILLIS, Rowan Co., NC
17 Jan 1789Vincent MORELAND md. Mary CLUBB, Rowan Co., NC - Hazle MORELAND bondsman

1785-90Hazle (Sr.) & Hannah MORELAND have son named Vincent

1784-94Hazle (Sr.) & Hannah MORELAND have son named Hazle, Jr.

1790-1800 Hazle (Sr.) & Hannah MORELAND have daughter, Nancy, and son, Willis

ca. 1800Hazle (Sr.) & Hannah MORELAND have son, Gardner

ca. 1800Hazle, Hannah, Vincent, Nancy, Hazle Jr., Willis, Gardner MORELAND

Second Census of Kentucky, 1800 by G. Glenn: MORELAND, Hazle, Madison Co., KY tax list 10.1.1800

13 Dec 1806Madison Co., KY Vincent MORELAND (Hazle's son) md. Betsy (Elizabeth) LANGHAM

2 Jan 1806Deed Record F, pg. 515, Madison Co., KY:  Vincent (brother of Hazle Sr.) and Mary MORELAND of Madison Co., KY sell 180 acres of land lying in Madison Co. on the waters of Drowning Creek to Joseph HENDERSON.  Consideration 90 pounds lawful money of Kentucky.  Wit: William CLUBB.  Deed recorded 2 Nov. 1807

28 Jan 1809Hazle MORELAND signs bond giving permission for daught­er, Nancy, to marry John GILLISON.  Madison Co., KY

2 Feb 1809Nancy MORELAND md. John GILLISON

18 Aug 1809Deed Record G, pg. 209 & 265 Madison Co., KY: Hazle MORELAND of Madison Co., KY sells 72 acres of land lying on Muddy Creek to John ARMSTRONG.  Consideration of 48 pounds

1810Illinois State Census

H. MORELAND (with 8 children)  Hazle's family now: Hazle, Hannah, Vincent (married), Nancy (married) Hazle, Jr., Willis, Gardner, James, Rachel, Melinda

25 May 1813License for a tavern on the Island Ripple Road was issued to Hazle MORELAND, Sr. in Gallatin Co., IL

1814-15Hazle MORELAND, Jr. md. Nancy WILLIS dau. of James and Susannah WILLIS.  Nancy born 1792

1814 Lorenzo D. MORELAND born  Parents?

22 Mar 1814Members of the Grand Jury in Gallatin Co., IL:  James WILLIS, Hazle MORELAND, (Sr.)

14 Jul 1814Court proceedings: U.S. vs John PIERSON & Hazle MORE-LA­ND (Sr.) in many suits for illegal timber cutting

1814From Territorial & Gallatin County Records:  "Ordered that Cornelius LAFFERTY be and is appointed supervisor on road at Shawneetown ferry landing, at the rocks opposite the shop of John CRAW to Hazle MORELAND's, on the Saline Road.  Bounds for hands to work this road: begin at John CRAW shop in Shawneetown including it, thence to Boston DAINWOODs incl. him, th. to include Hazle MORELAND, th. crossing said road to include STARKEs, thence to mouth of Saline Creek, thence up Ohio (river) to beginning

1814      Land transactions, Gallatin Co., IL: Hazle MORELAND, Sr., Willis MORELAND, Hazle MORELAND, Jr., Vincent MORELAND, James MORELAND  (all children of Hazle MORELAND, Sr.)

1815      Land transactions, Gallatin Co., IL: Hazle MORELAND, Sr., Hazle MORELAND, Jr.

1815Hazle Jr. & Nancy MORELAND have son, Willis MORELAND

1816Land transactions, Gallatin Co., IL: Hazle MORELAND, Jr., Hazle MORELAND, Sr.

1818Land transactions, Gallatin Co., IL: Vincent MORELAND, Hazle MORELAND, Jr.

1818      Illinois State Census: White Co. (county just north of Gallatin Co.):  MORELAND, Vincent (son of Hazle MORE­LAND, Sr.) 1 free white male 21 yr & up, 4 all other white inhabitants

State Census for Gallatin Co.:  MORELAND, Hazle Jr. 2 free white males 21 yr & up, 6 other white inhabitants, 2 others

1813-1818From Gallatin Co., Illinois Territory Order Book, 1813-1818:  Taylor LATHAM, plaintiff against Hazle MORELAND, Defendt.  MORELAND had contract to furnish staves to the firm of Moreland & Latham, to be shipped to New Orleans and then to Europe (abt. 1818).  MORELAND failed to deliver the staves

1819Land transaction, Gallatin Co., IL: Hazle MORELAND (Sr. or Jr.?)

14 Mar 1820Gardner MORELAND md. Nancy HOSICK

7 June 1820Court appointed Hazle MORELAND, Jr. superintendent on road from corner of GOODNIGHT's field to the Island Ripple

15 Aug 1820   Rachel MORELAND md. John WILLIS

1820Federal Census Illinois:  Gardner MORELAND, Gallatin Co.; Hazle MORELAND, Sr., Gallatin Co.; Hazle MORELAND, Jr. Gallatin Co.; Vincent MORELAND, White Co.

24 Nov 1820Deed Record A, pg. 85, Gallatin Co., IL:  Hazle MORE­LAND, Sr. sells for $1,000 (to Hazle MORELAND, Jr.) the property deeded to him by the President of the United States on 25 Oct. 1819.  Property that he resides on described as SE 1/4, Sec 34, TWP 9S, R9E containing 160 acres

1821Vincent (son of Hazle Sr.) & Elizabeth MORELAND of Gallatin Co. have daughter, Mahala

16 July 1821Deed Record A, pg. 124-125, Gallatin Co., IL: 1) Indenture made between Hazle MORELAND Sr. and State Bank of Illinois of Gallatin Co.  Hazle borrows $500 and puts up property desc. as SE 1/4, Sec 34, Twp 9S, R9E containing 160 acres granted to him by the Presi­dent of the United States on 25 Oct 1819 which he sold to Hazle MORELAND, Jr. by deed dated 24 Nov 1820 which was reconveyed to Hazle MORELAND, Sr. by quit-claim deed dtd 16 July 1821 by Hazle MORELAND, Jr.

Hazle MORELAND, Sr. signs promissory note for $500, payable 12 months from date.  If he pays certain portion of debt he may obtain further time

2) Hanah MORELAND, wife of Hazle MORELAND, Sr. relin­quishes her rights of dower on above described property being mortgaged.

3) Recorded valuation of property being $1,000

circa 1822Hazle MORELAND, Sr.'s son, James dies

1822-1825Hazle MORELAND, Sr. dies

1825Hazle MORELAND, Jr. & wife, Nancy, have son, George Washington MORELAND

circa 1825Hazle MORELAND (Jr.) and John WILLIS countersign note for Garner (Gardner) MORELAND with the State Bank of Illinois

circa 1826Hazle MORELAND, Jr & wife, Nancy, have son, Vinson

1828State Bank of Illinois sues Hazle MORELAND (Jr.) and John WILLIS

Dec 1828They object because Bank took no action against Garner (Gardner) 12 months after note fell due.  That Gardner was living there and was solvent during that time but has now left the state and has taken all his property

Note: Gardner has left the state, possible with Willis and their mother Hanah.  Willis may not have left until after 1837

An important case was that of the president and direc­tors of the State Bank of Illinois vs. Hazle MORELAND (Jr.) for the foreclosure of a mortgage.  The Supreme Court quoted the 18th section of an act passed Jan. 17, 1825 concerning judgments and executions as follows: The case was, therefore, remanded to the Gallatin Circuit Court, which at its May term 1829, judged that the scire facias had been duly executed and that the plaintiff recover of the defendant $400, and that the southeast quarter of section 34, township 9, range 9, be sold to satisfy the judgement

24 Aug 1829Judgement in Gallatin Co. against Hazle Sr., Hazle Jr. & Gardner MORELAND for $689.38 & 1/2 cents to be paid to Caleb STONE interest to be paid from 26 June 1822

circa 1830Hazle MORELAND (Jr.) granted license to keep tavern at this home "as it is appeared to the court that he was a man of good moral character and would probably keep an orderly house."  His license was $7, the fee to the clerk $1, and his bond was $300

1830Federal Census, Gallatin Co., IL: 

MORELAND, Hazel (Jr.)
2m  5-10      1f u5
              1m 10-15      1f 10-15
              1m 30-40      1f 30-40

1830Federal Census, Phillips Co., AR

MORELAND, Willis (son of Hazle Sr.)
              1m 30-40      1f u5
                             1f 20-30

MORELAND, Hannah (widow of Hazle Sr.)
              1m 10-15      1 f 60-70
              1m 20-30
              1m 30-40 
              4 others (slaves, servants, etc.)

1833There were two hotels in Gallatin Co. (Shawneetown area), one kept by Hazel MORELAND, (Jr.), the other by John MERVIN, at the old ROBINSON House

4 Feb 1836Deed Record F, pg. 47, Gallatin Co., IL:  Property located at Gallatin Co. described as SE 1/4, Sec 34, Twp 9S, R9E had been auctioned 15 months prior and Timothy GUARD was successful bidder.  Deed issued to Timothy GUARD (after waiting legal length of time) for $300, payment on this property which had Hazle MORE­LAND, Sr., Hazle MORELAND Jr. and Gardner MORELAND name of original deed

30 Nov 1837Melinda, daughter of Hazle Jr. and Nancy MORELAND md. John WHEELER in Gallatin Co.

1837Willis, (son of Hazle Jr.?) md. Elizabeth SEATON in Gallatin Co.

1840Federal Census Phillips Co., AR

MORELAND, Lorenzo (son of ?)
              1m 20-30      1 f 20-30

MORELAND, Willis (son of Hazle Jr.)
              1m 20-30      1f  5-10
              1m 40-50      1f 40-50

1840Federal Census Gallatin Co., IL

              MORELAND, Vincent (son of Hazle Sr.)
              2m  5-10      1f 10-15
              1m 10-15      1f 40-50
              1m 15-20     
              1m 50-60

              MORELAND, Hazel (Jr.)
              1m  5-10      1f 10-15
              1m 10-15      1f 40-50
              6m 15-20 
              1m 30-40

              MORELAND, Willis (son of Hazle Jr.)
              1m u5         1f 20-30
              1m 15-20     

1840      Federal Census Coahoma Co., MS

              MORELAND, Gardner

1840      Willis MORELAND (son of Hazle Sr.) received federal land grant in Phillips Co., AR

Feb 1840Mahala, daughter of Vincent & Elizabeth MORELAND (granddaughter of Hazle, Sr.) md. Charles W. MCGEHEE, son of William and Catherine (LITTLE) MCGEHEE in Gallatin Co., IL

1843Hazle MORELAND, Jr. dies

12 Apr 1843Auction of Hazle MORELAND Jr.'s property in Gallatin Co., IL.  Some of the purchasers were:  Mrs. (Nancy) MORELAND, Willis MORELAND (Jr.'s son), Albert MORELAND (Jr.'s son?), George Washington MORELAND (Jr.'s son), Joseph D. CADLE, W. WILSON, J. GALLAGHER, Bennett HILL, Robert KIRKHAM, Thomas MANSFIELD.  Note: Total proceeds from sale (Mrs. MORELAND made most of the purchases) was $630.50

22 Feb 1844Receipt from Joseph D. CADLE to estate of Hazle MORE­LAND, Jr. for one mahogany, lined and polished coffin, price $60, shows paid in full on 22 Feb. 1844.  State­ment from 1843

29 Nov 1845Willis, son of Hazle Jr. and Nancy MORELAND, md. Elizabeth WHEELER in Gallatin Co., IL.  Note: (second marriage?  Some question about the two marriages of Willis.  Is it the same Willis?)

23 Jan 1847Mrs. (Nancy) MORELAND & her son, Willis, pay balance left in the probate office.  Balance due on the 20th day of Jan. 1841 was $21.75.  Interest on the same from 20 Jan. 1841 up to 20 Jan. 1847 was $7.83.  Total $29.58 received by A.F. SMYTH receipt of full claim against estate of Hazel MORELAND deceased signed by W.A. DOCKER.

Note: This is a claim which occurred prior to Hazle MORELAND's death in 1843?

14 Oct 1847Elizabeth, daughter of Hazle Jr. & Nancy MORELAND md. George W. THOMPSON in Gallatin Co., IL

1850Federal Census Gallatin Co., IL

MORELAND, Nancy    58 (widow of Hazle Jr.)
                        Willis    35 (son   "    "    " )
                        George W. 25 (son   "    "    " )

Note: Where is Willis' family?

              MORELAND, Vinson   21 (son of ?)

1850Federal Census Phillips Co., AR

MORELAND, Lorenzo D.    36   M W Carpenter IL
                        Mary A.       19   F W           IN
                        Mary E.       1   F W           AR
          Willis        5   M W           AR
                        Caroline      3   F W           AR

Note: Willis age 5 and Caroline age 3 prob. children of Willis.  Lorenzo prob. son of James, but could be son of Vincent or Hazle, Jr., all sons of Hazle Sr.

1852-1855Lorenzo D. MORELAND (son of ?) born in IL moves back to IL to Gallatin Co.

8 July 1853George Washington MORELAND (son of Hazle, Jr.) md. Sarah A. MACFARLAND

8 Dec. 1858Louise MORELAND (daughter of ?) md. William SWETZER

1860Federal Census Gallatin Co., IL

              PELLUM, William    24   M    IL
                        Elizabeth 21   F    IL
                        Riley     5   M    IL
                        John       3   M    IL
              *MORELAND, Willis  4   M    IL
                        *Martha   2   F    IL

          *Children of George Washington MORELAND

              MORELAND, George W. 37   M    IL   Farmer
                        Sarah A.  29   F    KY
                        Hazel     6   M    IL

              MORELAND, Loreza   45   M    IL   Farmer
                        Mary A.   28   F    IN
                        Martha E. 8   F    AR
                        James A.  5   M    IL
                        *Sarah W. 30   F    IL
                        *Robert F. 1  M    IL

          Note: What MORELAND man married Sarah W. in 1858-59?  Or this is an error in Sarah's age and she is actually 3.  See 1870 census.

1862-1865Lorenzo D. MORELAND (son of ?) dies.  Widow, Mary A. md. Patrick HENRY

1865Mahala MORELAND MCGEHEE (dau. of Vincent, granddaughter of Hazle, Sr.) dies.  Her husband, Charles MCGEHEE d. 1887.

1870Federal Census Gallatin Co., IL

MORELAND, Wash.         47   M W  IL   Farmer
                        Sarah         36   F W  IL   Housekpg
                        Hazle         16   M W  IL
                        Willis        14   M W  IL
                        Martha J.     12   F W  IL
                        William       10   M W  IL
                        Gorge         6   M W  IL
                        Nancy J.      3   F W  IL
                        Sarah         6/12 F W  IL
              MCFARLAND, Martha       67   F W  NC Mother-in-law

              HENRY, Patrick          39   M W  TN   Farmer
                   * Mary A.          39   F W  IN   Keepng Hs
                   **Martha E.        18   F W  AR
                   **James            16   M W  IL
                   **Sarah            12   F W  IL
                   **Mahala J.        8   F W IL
                     Robert           4   M W  IL
                     Instavay?        2   M W  IL

              *Mary A. is widow of Lorenzo MORELAND
          **Last name actually MORELAND.  All children of Lorenzo & Mary A. MCLAIN MORELAND.

1880          Federal Census Gallatin Co., IL

              * MORLAND, C.C.    27   OH PN NC  Farming
                        Mary E.   27   IL NY VA  Wife
                        Joseph A. 2   IL OH IL  Son

              * MORLAND, L.F.    23   OH PN NC
                        Ella      17   IL NJ VA  Wife

          * Does not appear that these people are in the Hazle MORE­LAND line

              BENSON, W.F.       W M  35   IL IL IL  Teacher
                        Mariah    W F  29   KY KY KY Wife
                        Charles   W M  9   IL IL IL  Son
                        Alpha     W M  1   IL IL KY  Son
              ** MORELAN, Mahala W F  18   IL IL IL  Keeping House
              ** Daughter of Lorenzo MORELAND

              *** MORELAND, James A.  W M  24   IL IN IN Wks on fm
                             Isebelle  W F  22   IL PN KY  Wife
                             James     W M  3   IL IL IL  Son
                             Mary      W F  2   IL IL IL  Daughter

              *** Son of Lorenzo MORELAND

              MORELAND, Hazel         W M  31   IL IL IL  Farming
                        Sarah         W F  48   IL IL IL  Mother

          Note:  Must be Sarah, widow of George Washington MORELAND.  Hazel's age should be about 26-27 according to previous census data with the family.

                             * * * * *

     Following is a series of excerpts from correspondence between Charles Moreland, Eddie Nikazy and me.  Additional comments, theories, ideas and/or corrections are welcome.  In the first letter Charles comments on the items Eddie submitted and which were printed in this newsletter, Vol. IV, #3 on pages 1-9:

Dear Eddie:
     Looks as though you have found the missing document (Agreement between the heirs of William MORELAND who d. by 1812, deed bk. 1, pg. 282, Johnson Co., TN, 19 Oct. 1816, reg. 8 Nov. 1841).  Where is son, William?  He either (1) died young, (2) received his share when he sold 8 acres to Julius DUGGER, 18 Aug. 1814, Bk. C, pg. 418-419, Carter Co., TN or (3) refused to enter into this family squabble.  2 and 3 just do not add up in my estimation, so if he did die young, who is the William and Sarah buried under Lake Watauga (who lived to a ripe old age)?  Both Nona Williams and myself were sure this had to be William, son of "dead by 1812" William.

     If it was the son who sold the 8 acres to Julius DUGGER in August, 1814 then his death would have taken place between that date and Oct. 19, 1816, the date of the agreement between the rest of the heirs. 

     You will note that of the MORELAND daughters, only Nancy (then single) signed the agreement.  James LOYD (presumably the husband of Polly) signed AS A WITNESS, not as party to the agreement.  Jacob BOLLINGER signed, and we have to assume his signature was also for Sarah (the daughter) because we know Sarah is still alive - she signed another document a year later which I will mention in more detail later. 

     By the way, your discovery of the agreement by the heirs should prove, once and for all, that my William is not the son of 1812 William.  My William was still in Carter County when this agreement was made and I'm sure he would have been right in the middle of this if he had been an heir. 

                                  Charles Moreland

Dear Charles:
     I have a few ideas based on this latest information.  One is that Polly MORELAND was under age in Oct. 1816 and therefore didn't sign the agreement between the heirs.  (I think she was born ca. 1799).  I suspect that we have only bits and pieces of the settlements and the missing court minutes may contain the missing pieces.

     William was the oldest son (I think) and he may have given up his right to any land and taken a cash settlement from the sales early on.  Melba Hutchison thought William (son of William d. by 1812) was in McMinn Co., TN in 1814 when Julius DUGGER got his (William's) signa­ture on a land trans­fer.

     It seems likely that Sarah MORELAND's dower land reverted to the heirs when she died (possibly in 1841).  There was an elderly woman in the household of John MORELAND, son of Wright MORELAND in Carter Co., TN in 1840.  This woman was reported as between the ages of 90-100 in 1840.  Perhaps this was Sarah MORELAND, widow of William d. by 1812.

                                      Nona Williams

Dear Charles:
     Your hypothesis of the (dead by 1812) William MORELAND's heirs seems sound to me.

     Regarding other land transactions in Johnson County, I have looked through all the deeds involving MORELANDs from 1837 through 1900.  There appears to be several unlinked transactions.  There were transactions taking place without the appropriate audit trail of documents.  For example: the BOLLINGER sale of inherited land and John's use of inherited land as security appear to me to be illegal without the "Heir Agreement" being registered.

     Concerning late registration, etc., some of the problem may have been with John [MORELAND].  Remember, he was dead around 1840.  Prior to his death, who knows what he was doing?  Numerous court records reveal that he did not get along with his brother, Wright, or several other people including his wife, for that matter.

     The Nicholas MORELAND whom I mentioned as a possible son of Wright MORELAND (William's son) was dead in 1850.  That is why I am unable to place him in a MORELAND family.  He married Emeline HYDER in 1847.  Later, Elijah MORELAND (son of John & Catherine) married Emeline (HYDER) MORELAND.

     Subsequently, there was a lot of strife between the MORELAND "boys" (sons of John and Catherine) and Nicholas GRINDSTAFF.  I saw one JCT Criminal Court record in which Nicholas GRINDSTAFF had brought charges against Elijah for fear of personal safety or something like that.  Later Nicholas GRINDSTAFF brought charges against Garland MORELAND for "biting off his nose or a portion thereof."  As usual, the mother, Catherine, came to the rescue with fine and bail money.  I do not know what finally happened to Elijah.  He disappeared from Tennessee census by 1860.  Garland, mentioned above, may have died in the Civil War.

     A letter received from the TVA regarding grave removals... They claim that they only recorded two MORELANDS, William and Sarah.  The Tom Gentry paper showed them but the date of death is different for William.  As I recall the "Tom Gentry paper" showed date of death in 1865 or 1866 while the TVA print out shows 1855.  This may have been a data entry error. 

                                      Eddie Nikazy

Dear Nona:
     We seem to think alike.  [I] speculated that the family feuds going on in the MORELAND family could have been the reason for late registrations.  John's death about 1840 may have triggered the release of those documents.  Early court records (1820s and 1830s) prove that my ancestor, John MORELAND, seemed to keep things lively in those hills.  Volume 3 of the book Tennessee Tidbits, contain the account of Catherine obtaining a court order against John to keep the peace for a year.  Poor old Nicholas GRINDSTAFF lived a rough life next to those MORELANDs.

     Now the next saga on William.  War of 1812 William who served in Captain Henry HUNTER's company of the 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Volun­teers, may have stayed in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. after his military service ended.  (See extract printed below).  There was a William MORELAND living in Bradley Co., TN in 1860.  Bradley County adjoins Hamilton County.

                                      Eddie Nikazy

                    LEAVES FROM THE FAMILY TREE
                            WAR RECORDS
                     by Penelope Johnson Allen

William MORELAND, private in Capt. Hunter's company, was drafted at Elizabethton [Carter Co.].  He was left at Lookout mountain at Camp Baxter to guard flour.  Says he was drafted some time in September and stayed until peace was made.

Dear Eddie:
     Your remarks about Nicholas MORELAND got me to checking out a few things.  I am convinced now that Wright and Mary (GRIND­STAFF) MORELAND had children that left the household by the 1850 census.  They were married in 1819 and the oldest child in the 1850 census is Sarah, born 1826/27.  There is a period of 5 or 6 years in which they could have had several additional children.  I now believe that Nicholas was surely one of them.  Nicholas is a GRINDSTAFF name.

     Nicholas MORELAND married Emeline HYDER in Carter Co. on 12 Aug. 1847.  Emeline MORELAND married Elijah "Lige" MORELAND on 15 Dec. 1850 in Johnson Co. [TN].  Since divorce was very rare in those days, Nicholas must have died between those dates.

     Another very good bet to be a child of Wright and Mary is Ruth who married Daniel OAKS on 3 Aug. 1844.

     Now, about the William MORELAND in the War of 1812.  The article Leaves from a Family Tree which you sent is in two parts.  The second part of the article is about Col. William JOHNSON's 3rd Regi­ment of East Tennessee Volunteers and among other things, lists names of veterans who have claimed but not yet received their grants.  Among the latter was the William MORELAND of "Atkinsons Mill" which I don't think is the name of a town.  At any rate I am pretty sure this is the same William who was enumerated in the 1850 Bradley County census which lists his trade as "miller" and his birthplace as VIRGINIA.

     [There are] two William MORELANDs in the War of 1812 on which I have Archive files.  They are called Jr. and Sr. but could not be father and son because of their ages, but I think they are related.  Their service records are almost identical; same dates drafted, almost the same dates discharged and served in the same unit, even though Sr. said the 3rd Reg. was commanded by Col. ANDERSON instead of JOHNSON, but I charge that up to faulty memory.  The military service records are identical with one exception; Jr. said he was "left at Camp Ross as wagon guard on Oct. 16, 1814" and Sr. said he was "left sick at Camp Ross Oct. 16, 1814."  Your article says that William was "left at Lookout Mountain at Camp Baxter to guard flour!"

     Their claims establish approximate birth years for Sr. of 1782/83 and Jr. of 1789/95.  Jr. made a second claim in which he gave con­flicting age info as compared to his first claim, which accounts for the 6 year variance.  The William MORELAND in the 1850 Bradley [Cou­nty] census gave his age as 60.  If this is actually Jr. as most researchers believe, then his correct birth year is 1790/91.

     Are either or both of these Williams related to our clan of MORELANDs in Carter and later Johnson Counties?  Let's take Sr. first.  He was drafted and discharged in Carter County and signed his last claim affidavit from JOHNSON COUNTY in 1853.  He is too old to be a son of any of the brothers except possibly John; we don't really know anything about John's family, so he has to remain as a possibility.  I don't think he can be a son of "dead by 1812" William because his William was an "infant child" in the 1812 lawsuit.  This William would be 29 or 30 in 1812.  Besides didn't we see that William's son wasn't around in 1816 when the "heirs of William MORELAND" made the agree­ment?  So who does this William (War of 1812) belong to?  I think he was one of the clan, possibly a cousin of the brothers.  I also believe this is the William MORELAND that Mattie KRUM mistakenly made the father of your John, Wright and Henry, who "strayed to Texas."  He could have been the father of Henry (no one knows anything about Henry) but certainly not your John and Wright.  This is also the William MORELAND in McCown's "Soldiers of the War of 1812 Buried in Tennessee."  My first copy of this record had blanks under "md."  Later, Mr. Robert Nave sent me one with the name of his wife filled in as "Potter."  I have since received much info from researchers of the POTTER and STOUT families that it was Nancy POTTER (not Sally) who married William MORELAND, her second marriage.  Your latest TVA burial record shows the William married to Sallie as being born in 1779 and date of death 1855.  This death date is close to McCown's, but the birth year is 5 or 6 years off.  As I have said many times, the more info one has on this clan, the muddier the waters get!

     Now that we have definitely not placed William MORELAND, Sr. in any family, lets try William, Jr.  The "born in Virginia" indication from 1850 Bradly census could make him a son of either Thomas or Charles; they were both married in the fall of 1790 and did not leave Virginia until several years after that.  He cannot be Dudley's William, who was dead by 1846.  He could not be "dead by 1812" Wil­liam's, but again, he could be a son of John who decided to join his cousins in Tennessee.

                                      Charles Moreland

Comments from Nona: 
     Based on Melba Hutchison's research, I believe that William MORELAND, Jr. (of the War of 1812) is the son of Thomas MORELAND.  Bradley Co. and Hamilton Co. are in the general area of Monroe Co., TN where Thomas appeared on the 1830 census.

     William apparently had a son named Harden or Harding (based on a chart submitted by Gwen Hilton) who married a Nancy.  Perhaps his wife is Nancy POTTER (mentioned above by Charles).  More informa­tion about the POTTER family appeared in Vol. II, #3, page 2 of this newsletter.

     I have been bothered by the ages of the children of William MORELAND who died by 1812.  They were all called "infants" in the lawsuit of 1812 in Goochland Co., Virginia which means that they were under the age of majority.  I'm not sure what the legal age of major­ity was at that time.  I do know that men appeared on tax lists at ages younger than 21 in some locales.  Assuming that the males had to be at least 20 and the females had to be at least 18, William's children would have all been born after 1792.  However, those who've researched Sarah MORELAND who married Jacob BOLLINGER, are convinced that Sarah was born ca. 1783 (census records, I believe).  If this information is correct, Sarah was ca. 29 years of age when she was referred to as an "infant" in 1812.  If Sarah was actually older than the lawsuit would suggest, her brother, William, could have been older than we thought.  Curious.

     Louise Payne has been gathering MORELAND information for years.  She recently sent a box of notes and files to me.  Among those notes is reference to William MORELAND, born in Virginia, md. 1808 Greene Co., TN to Rhoda WILLOUGHBY.  The notes state that William MORELAND was in Green Co. by 1810 although his name didn't appear on the tax list that year.  There was a Jonathan MORE­LAND on that tax list in 1810, however.  This might be William, son of Dudley MORELAND.  We know that Dudley's William was dead by 1846.  One reseacher states that this William died in Estill Co., KY in 1836.  Another states that he had a son, George Washington MORELAND, born 26 Jan. 1843.

     Major HANCOCK appeared on the Green Co., TN tax list in 1812.  I believe he is the Major HANCOCK who married Mary MORELAND in Gooch­land Co., VA in 1782. 

                              * * * * *

                 APPRENTICES OF VIRGINIA, 1623-1800
              submitted by Charles Moreland (I think)

John MORELAND apprenticed to Matthew W. HATTON, Williamsburg, VA.  Occupation: car­penter.  Beginning date: 08/19/1765.  Ending date: 03/19/1771.  Race: White. Sex: male.  Father: Matthew MORELAND, deceased.  Source:  York Co. Deeds 7, 1763, 130-131.  [Must have been the son of Matthew MORELAND and Ruth WRIGHT and grandson of Matthew MORELAND and Ann WRIGHT.]

William BELL apprenticed to Young MORLAND, York Co., VA.  Occupation: shoemaker.  Race: white.  Sex: male.  Complaint against master in 1749.  Source: York Co. Judgments & Orders 1, 1746-1752, 200.

Richard NOBLING apprenticed to Robert MORELAND, York Co., VA.  Occupa­tion: bricklayer.  Beginning date: 11/16/1784.  Ending date: unspec­ified.  Race: white.  Sex: male.  Source: York Co. Deeds 9, 1777-1781, 249-250.

William DUNFORD apprenticed to Young MORELAND, York Co., VA.  Occupa­tion: shoemaker/tanner.  Beginning date: 01/21/1754.  Ending date: unspecified.  Race: white.  Sex: male. 

                             * * * * *
                 1830 Census, Marion Co., Arkansas

William MORELAND, page 41
1 m 5-10      1 fe under 5
1 m 10-20     1 fe 5-10
1 m 15-20     1 fe 10-15
1 m 50-60     1 fe 40-50

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