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The Moreland Muster,Volume IV, Issue 3 Summer 1991


Dear Nona,
     Regarding the WILSON family research, John WILLSON / WILSON was found living in Henrico County, VA., circa 1640.  Later generations were found living in Henrico, Chesterfield, and Amelia Counties of Virginia.  Ann WILSON MORELAND [wife of Wright MORELAND] may have been a descendant of the early John WILSON of Henrico County.  The Wilson Family Association, which is composed primarily of descendants of the Johnson County, TN. WILSONs, is attempting to identify associated Virginia WILSON families.  I will inform you of their success.

     Since we corresponded last, I have found more MORELAND documents.  First:Johnson County, TN. Deed Bk. 1, pg. 282.  Registered May 8th 1841.

"Agreement between John MORELAND, Wright MORELAND, Nancy MORELAND and Jacob BOLLINGER the heirs of William MORELAND land"  Signed the 19th of October 1816.

[Ed. note:  Sarah MORELAND, widow of William MORELAND who was deceased by Oct. 1812, sold a "negro" boy, Alford, to her son, Wright, in 1833.  The agreement was recorded 22 June 1841.  Ruby King has theorized that it was registered soon after Sarah's death.  If this is correct, that would explain why the above mentioned record was recorded 25 years after it was written.  Sarah may have been the elderly female who was between the ages of 90 and 100 in the household of John MORELAND, son of Wright, in Carter County, TN in 1840.]

Second:Johnson County, TN, Deed Bk. 1, pg. 349.  Registered the 18th of March, 1843.

Power of Attorney - Nancy SIMPSON formerly Nancy MORELAND and her husband Thomas SIMPSON, of DeKalb, County, Tennessee, to Wright MORELAND.  Authority to sue for and take possession of the tract of land (71.5 acres) on Roans Creek which was inherited from William MORELAND.

Third:John and Catherine WILSON MORELAND's children.  Johnson County, TN. Deed Bk. 3, pg. 342:

"Bond - John MORELAND (son of Catherine) to Catherine MORELAND and others.. Sixteen hundred dollars for two hundred and fifty-four acres.  Dated March 30, 1853.   The condition of the above obligation was that John was to pay the other heirs of Catherine WILSON one hundred dollars each."  Catherine's heirs, named in the docu­ment, besides John, were William, Sarah, Garland, Elizabeth, Elijah, Joel, Nancy and Mary.

Note: I had done extensive research on all of Catherine's child­ren except Sarah.  I am still not sure about her but believe she married Hamilton WILSON in Johnson County, TN.  The marriage record shows Hamilton WILSON marrying Sarah MOORLEY.  The clerk could have made an error in spelling.  I believe she was Sarah MORELAND for census shows them living next door to Catherine.  Also Catherine purchased a portion of their property when Hamilton WILSON died.

Fourth:Extract of an article from Tennessee Ancestors, August 1988, showing a William H. MORELAND from Carter County, Tennessee who had joined the 5th Tennessee Regiment, Union Army, during the Civil War.  This William MORELAND was 28 years old in 1862.  William Moreland, son of Catherine served in the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, Union Army, until his death at Knoxville, TN in 1864.  Maybe you or another MORELAND researcher can place the William who served with the 5th Tennessee Regiment.

[Ed. note:  Does any one know who this William H. MORELAND was?]

Fifth:Pages 172, 70, and 205 from Record of Commissions of Of­ficers in the Tennessee Militia.  Page 70 shows William MORELAND as Ensign in the 5th Regiment from Carter County in 1809.  Page 205 shows a William MORELAND as an Ensign in the 6th Regiment in 1813 (Jefferson County).  Page 172 shows John MORELAND (possibly my John MORELAND?) as an Ensign in the 5th Regiment in 1812.  Maybe someone can sort these "Williams."

Sixth:April 1792, North Carolina Land Warrant 2120, survey of 100 acres on Roan Creek for William MORELAND.  Washington County, TN Deed Bk. 7, page 366.  Deed to the preceeding property dated 7th July, 1794. 

Seventh:Deed to William MORELAND from John and Hannah POTTER in August 1788 for property on Roans Creek.  Washington County, TN, Deed Bk. 5, pg. 149.

Eighth:Deed to William MORELAND from John and Sarah MAY in August 1791 for property of Roans Creek.  Washington County, TN, Deed Bk. 5, page 142.
Eddie M. Nikazy

Following are abstracts of the records Eddie mentioned above:

                      Johnson County Tennessee
                       Deed Book 1, page 282

                             Registered Nov. 8, 1841

Between John MORELAND, Rit MORELAND and Nancy MORLAND and Jacob BOLLINGER, the heirs of William MORELAND deceased all of the county of Carter and State of Tennessee.  Witnesfeth that the _____ Rit MORELAND agrees to take the west End of the land to a _________ in marked on a black oak and _____ and the said John MORELAND agrees to take from the said line up the creek to a J___ pine and whiteoak for his Share of the land and the said Nancy MORELAND agrees to take for her Share from the said pine and white oak up the creek to a chestnut and black oak and the said Jacob BOLLINGGER agrees to take what lays above said line for his Share and we the above named do finlly agree to _____ the above mentioned to which we bind ourselves our heirs and asings ____ and then in the sum of two thousand dollars for _ _____ to the above named heirs as witness _________ ____ ____ This ninteenth day of October 1816.
Witness present                       Right MORELAND
John HINTON                                his
James LOYD                            John MORELAND
    his                                    mark
David STOUT                                her
     mark                              Nansy MORELAND
                                      Jacob BOLLINGER

                      JOHNSON COUNTY TENNESSEE
                       DEED BOOK 1, PAGE 349

Power of Attorney  Thos. & Nancy SIMPSON to Wright MORLAND the
State of Tennessee 1st March 1843.  Know all men by these
Decalb County      presents that we Thomas SIMPSON and his wife                   Nancy SIMPSON formerly Nancy MORLAND heir at law of William MORLAND dec'd, residence of Dekalb County Tennefee ...  do ... appoint Wright MORLAND of the county of Carter & State aforesaid, our Attorney in fact for us ... to Sue for and take poss­ession of a certain tract or parcel of land Situated on Roanes Creek Johnson County Tennefee It being the lot or parcel of land Set apart to the said Nancy SIMPSON when single in a division of the lands amongst the heirs of William MORLAND dec'd Butted and bounded as follows, towit, Beginning on a whiteoak on the original Grant on the east side of Roanes Creek conditional line between John MORLAND Nancy MORLAND, now, Nancy SIMPSON running north fifty-five degrees west seventy two poles to a Hickory on the original Grant, then with the said line north thirty seven thirty seven degrees East one hundred and forty five poles to a stake on the original line then with a cond­itional line between Sarah MORLAND and Nancy MORELAND south 41 deg. East seventy poles to a stake on said grant then with land Grant south 58 deg. West Fourteen poles to a whiteoak Then with the said Grant south twenty poles crofsing the creek to a stake then with said Grant south 47 Deg. west Fifty pols to a whiteoak & Hickory then to the Beginning it being part of two tracts and containing seventy one and a half acres.  Further more we authorise our said Attorney in fact for in and in our names on conjointly with the other heirs of William MORLAND dec'd or any part of said Heirs to sue for said described tract of land agree­able to the true butts and bounds thereof whether correctly described or not bounded on Grant No. 1156 & one thousand to William MORLAND or if circumstances require it, permit a Devise to be laid in our names in any suit or suits which he or Susannah SMITH or any other person or persons may bring to effect a recovery of said tract or parcel of land before described and Should our said Attorney in fact, afect a recove­ry for us of said tract or parcel of land or any part thereof, then and in that event we authorise him to receive the possession of the same and to sell and convey the same to any person or persons he may see proper hearby ratifying and confirming whatsoever our said Attor­ney may lawfully do with premises.  In testimony whereof ... this 22nd day of February 1842
Test                                  Thomas SIMPSON
L. BETHEL                                  her
J.H. SAVAGE                           Nancy + SIMPSON

                   State of Tennessee Dekalb County
Personally appeared before me Pleasant M. WADE clerk of Dekalb county court Thomas SIMPSON whose name is Subscriber to the above Power of Attorney with whom I am personally acquainted who acknowledged that the foregoing power of attorney to Wright MORLAND for the SIMPSONs therein contained Witnefs Pleasant WADE clerk of said Court at office this 22nd day of February 1842.

                                  P.M. WADE Clerk
                             of Dekalb County Court
And Nancy SIMPSON wife of the said Thomas SIMPSON having also per­sonally appeared before me privately and apart from her said
husband the said Thomas SIMPSON acknowledged the Execution of the Said Power of Attorney to Wright MORELAND to have been done by her freely ... from her said Husband and for the purposes therein exprefsed.  Witnefs Pleasant M. WADE Clerk of said court at office this the 22nd day of February 1842

[Ed. note:  Can anyone identify the Susannah SMITH who was mentioned in this record?]

                JOHNSON COUNTY DEED BOOK 3, PAGE 342

Catharine MORELAND
and others              Bond

Know all men by these presents that I John MORELAND of the state of Tennefsee Johnson County are held and _____ named wife Catharine MORELAND in the ... Some of sixteen hundred dollars that being double the amount that I am to pay to her or to her order or orders for two hundred and fifty four acres of land that I have this day purchased of her for eight hundred dollars for which payment I bind myself my heirs and executors administrators severally jointly and firmly by these presents this 3th day of March A.D. 1853.
                             The canceletion of the above obligation & such that whereas if the now ______ John MORELAND shall pay to the heirs of the said Catherine MORELAND the sum of one hundred dollars in good trade, to each, to wit, William, Sarah, Garland, Elizabeth, Elijah, Joel, Nancy & Mary Moreland within tr___ years(?) from this date without interest and whereas the said John MORELAND doth agree and bind himself ... at all reasonable expense to keep her the said Catharine MORELAND the mother of the above named John MORELAND com­fortable during her natural life times provided she will her and s___ with him the said John MORELAND ...  T______ to be and remain in full force and effect in law and Equity __ and date above writen.
Executed and delivered in our presents     John MORELAND
     Alexr. D. SMITH
     Garland MORE(?)

State of Tennefsee Personally appeared before me Richard L.
Johnson County     WILSON Clerk of the county court of the                   county aforesaid John MORELAND the within named bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that the made and executed the within bond and agreement for the purposes therein contained.  Witnefs my hand at office in the Town of Taylorsville, this 10th day of June A.D. 1853      R.L. WILSON Clerk
This has come to hand about 5 p.m. 10th day of June 1853 and was duly recorded in this office           W. SMITHPETER
                                           Reg. Johnson County

       Captain David C. SPARKS, Descriptive Roll of Company D
                     Register of Diserters(sic)

Wm. H. MORELAND, Rank: Q. Sgt, 9-24-62, from Proctor, KY  [Ed. note:  Although it isn't entirely clear, I believe the date is when he desserted and the following location is where he was located at the time of the dessertion.  Following is a personal description of him.  William H. MORELAND, Sgt., age 28, 5'8", dark complexion, blue eyes and dark hair, born Carter Co., TN, occupation farming, 9-21-61 Barbourville, KY [enlistment date? and location?]  Deserted Sept. 24th 1862 and was restored to command and reduced in rank by sentence of a Genl Court Martial March 24th 1863.


                      Carter County Regiments
MORELAND, John     Ensign 5th Regiment     February 12, 1812
MORELAND, William  Ensign 5th Regiment     April 18, 1809

                    Jefferson County Commissions
MORELAND, William  Ensign 6th Regiment     June 14, 1813

                       DEED BOOK 5, PAGE 149

This indenture made this third day of August 1788 between John POTTER and Hannah his wife of Washington County and State of North Carolina of the one part and William MOURLAND of the same State and County of the other part witnefseth that the said John POTTER and Hannah his wife for and in consideration of the sum of seventy four pounds current money of the said State to him in hand paid before the sealing and delivery of thefe prefants the receipt which of the said John POTTER and Hannah his wife hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained & sold ... unto the said William MOURLAND & heirs Exc'r Admin'rs and affigns forever all that seat track or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County of Washington aforesaid containing one hundred acres more or lefs on Roans Creek Begining at the Cheftnut tree Standing on the side of the mountain on the South side of Roans Creek runing straignt to black gums that on the bank of the said creek crofsing at the Rock­houfe keeping the same course to a red oak that stands near John POTTERs southweft line & from that conditional line up Roans Creek on both sides as far as John POTTERs old Deed extends and the revarfion & reverfront remainds & remainders rents and servis is there of and all whatsoever of him the said John POTTER & Hannah his wife ... & promifes unto the said William MOURLAND ...

Signed Sealed and delivered                his
In the prefance of                    John X POTTER
W. ALFORD                                  mark
Nicholas X GRINDFTAF                       her
John GRINDFTAF Jurat                  Hannah Q POTTER
North Carolina Wafhington County
May term 1790
              then was the within Deed proven in open court let it be registered    Teft Thos. GOURLEY CC


This plat is the form of a ____ of land Surveyed for William MORELAND April the 2nd 1792 by virtue of a warrant to me Directed of no. 2120 lying and Being in Washington County and state of North Carolina on Rones Creek and Bounded as follows Begining at a Hickory white oak and chestnut runing north forty seven degrees East fifty poles up the mountain to a stake thence north Twenty poles to a whiteoak thence north fifty eight Deg'e East one hundred and fifty poles to a Beach Tree thence south six poles to a Buckie thence south sixty Deg'e East thirty poles to a stake thence north forty poles crofsing rones creek to a whiteoak thence north forty nine Deg'e west sixty poles to white oak thence south sixty one Deg'e west Two hundred and sevonty poles to a stake thence south fifty seven Deg'e East ninety Two poles to the Begining Containing one hundred acres Ploted by a scale of one hundred Equal parts to the Inch

Samuel TATE                           N. TAYLOR D.S.

                       DEED BOOK 7, PAGE 366

State of North Carolina No. 1139
     To all to whom these presents shall come greeting
Know ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty Shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our Treasury by William MOURLAND have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said William MOURLAND a tract of land containing one hundred acres lying and being in our County of Washington on Rones Creek Begining on two Maples then North thirty seven degrees East one hundred and twenty two poles to a Stake by the side of the mountain then North twenty five degrees East one hundred poles to stake crofs­ing the Creek thence North eighty nine poles to a Stake then South Thirty seven Weft one hundred and seventy eight poles to POTERS line then South one hundred and thirty five poles the Begining as by the plat hereunto annexed ... hereditaments and appurtenances to the said land belonging or appertaining To Hold to the said William MOURLAND his heirs and afsigns forever yields and paying to us such sums of money ___ yearly or otherwise as our general afsembly from time to time may desire provided always that the said William MOURLAND shall cause this grant to be registered in the Regifters office of our said County of Washington The twelve months from the date hereof otherwise the same shall be void and of no effect.  In Teftimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent and our great seal to be hereunto affixed Witnefs Richard Dobbs SPAIGHT Esquire our Govenor Captain general and Commander in Chief at New Bern the 7th day of July in the 10th year of our independence and on the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninety four.

By His Excelly's Hand
J. GLASGOW Secretary                  Rich'd Dobbs SPAIGHT

                       DEED BOOK 5, PAGE 142

This Indenture made this twelf day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand and seven hundred and ninety one and in the fifteenth year of our independence between John MAY and Sarah his wife of the County of Washington and Ceded Territory south of the River Ohio of one part and William MOURLAND of the same County and Ceded Territory south of the Ohio of the other part witnefs that the said John MAY and Sarah his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of one hundred pounds currant money of the said Hale? to him in hand paid before the Sealing and delivering of thefe prefents the receipt whereof the said John MAY and Sarah his wife do hereby acknowledge hath ... sold ... and confirm unto the said William MOURLAND ... that ... land Situate lying and being in the County of Wafhington aforefaid containing one hundred acres more or lefs on the south side of Watugah river Begining at Samuel TATEs line then North Seventy three degrees weft to a white oak near Cous? ___thers? cabbin thence due North forty poles to a spruce pine on the river thence up the river according as it meanders to a Lin on Samuel TATE's line near a Cliff of rocks formerly called the Narrows thence with the ridge that divides the said land from the said TATEs land to the Begining including all the water on the weft side of the ___ ridge within the ___ courfe it being part of grant to Jeams KRADY / BRODY? from the said State bearing date the twenty fourth day of October in the seventh year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty two ...

Signed Sealed and delivered                John MAY
in prefence of                                  her
John CY?                                   Sarah x MAY
John CHAMBERS                                   mark
                   Washington County August term 1799 this deed was duely acknowledged in Court recorded and ordered to be regifted.

[Ed. note:  Many thanks to Eddie for sharing these records.  I don't think anyone has researched the records of Johnson Co., TN before.]

                             * * * * *

                  Indexed by Edith Warren Huggins
                      Estate Papers 1777-1795

Pg. 153   John MORELAND - Enemies cited to court 1782

Pg. 173   FORD, Peter, July 20, 1784, Adm. Bond: William MORLAND, Sarah MORLAND.

Pg. 175   LLOYD, John 29 Oct. 1777 adm. bonds. Elizabeth LLOYD and John LOWRANCE Jr.

Pg. 180   Inventory and Sales - Edward MORELAND Apr. 1792 Court


Pg. 56    (#595, pg. 199) Jacob BOLDWIN / BALDWIN, 300 acres west of lower creek on Peter FORD's upper line, 10 Aug. 1778.

                    compiled by Brent H. Holcomb

Pg. 136   FORD, Peter & Sarah BALDWIN, 1 Nov. 1774, John BALDWIN bondsman, Ad. OSBORN witness.  Consent from John BALDWIN 29 Oct. 1774 for his daughter, Sarah.

[Ed. note:  The records above were submitted by Ruby King.  She suggested that William and Sarah MORLAND may have admr. the estate of Peter FORD who may have been her former husband.  If so, she was probably the daughter of John BALDWIN.  Ruby also suggested that the John and Edward MORELAND mentioned above may have been brothers of Wright MORELAND of Goochland Co., VA.  It also seems possible to me that the John MORELAND mentioned above could be the son of Wright MORELAND.  Perhaps John or Edward is the progenitor of the MORELANDs of Lincoln Co., NC and others in that vicinity.]

                             * * * * *
             Louise Stracener Payne's Moreland Ancestry
               3609 W. Potter Dr., Glendale, AZ 85308

Addie Lee MORELAND b. 15 May 1889 Nevada Co., AR; d. 15 July 1958 Cook Co., IL; md. Jesse Edgar STRACENER 24 Apr. 1914 Kent Co., TX.

William Kimbrough MORELAND b. 8 Feb. 1862 Hopkins Co., TX; d. 28 Sept. 1914 Kent Co., TX; md. Annie Elizabeth SEXTON 16 Sept. 1883 Navarro Co., TX.

William Adolphus MORELAND b. 14 Dec. 1832 Union Co., SC; d. 10 July 1897 Freestone Co., TX; md. first to Jane E. STEVENSON 16 Nov. 1854 Hempstead Co., AR.

Ormand K. MORELAND b. 16 Mar. 1812 Surry Co., NC; d. 14 Feb. 1860 Sevier Co., AR; md. Jane V. FOSTER 31 Aug. 1828 Union Co., SC.

James MORELAND b. 1780 Surry Co., NC; d. 25 Oct. 1832 Union Co., SC; md. Mary GARNER

?William MORELAND b. ca. 1752 NC; d. 1816 Surry Co., NC; md. ?Nancy ?KIMBROUGH ca. 1773 NC

                           Family Groups

Husband:William Kimbrough MORELAND b. 8 Feb. 1862 Hopkins Co., TX; d. 28 Sept. 1914 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; Parents: William Adolphus MORELAND and Jane E. STEVENSON

Wife:Annie Elizabeth SEXTON b. 25 Aug. 1866 SC; d. 13 July 1947 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX; bu. Kiker-Warren Mort., Jayton, Kent Co., TX; Parents: James Thomas SEXTON and Mary Ann THOMAS

Children:Henry James MORELAND b. 6 Aug. 1885 Gondoles, Navarro Co., TX; d. 3 Jan. 1961 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX; md. 21 Nov. 1909 Ethel BUMGARDNER.

Gertrude Bell MORELAND b. 27 June 1887 Dobdoles, Navarro Co., TX; d. 25 Mar. 1968 Rule, Kent Co., TX; md. 1st 21 July 1910 Jeff RAIFORD; md. 2nd William DOWDLE.

Addie Lee MORELAND b. 15 May 1889 Prescott, Nevada Co., TX; d. 15 July 1958 Chicago, Cook Co., IL; md. 24 April 1914 Jayton, Kent Co., TX Jesse E. STRACENER

Lula Pearl MORELAND b. 23 Jan. 1892 San Saba Co., TX; d. 15 Dec. 1917 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. Bert Martin ROSE.

Iva May MORELAND b. 9 Mar. 1894 San Saba Co., TX; d. 22 Apr. 1981 Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA, bu. Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; md. 15 Dec. 1917 Joseph L. GORDON.

William Jewell MORELAND b. 14 Apr. 1895 San Saba Co., TX; d. 9 or 10 July 1975, bu. Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; md. 27 Mar. 1932 Gladys E. TOWNLEY.

Archie Adolphus MORELAND b. 17 Dec. 1896 San Saba Co., TX; d. Dec. 1972, bu. Portland, Multnomah Co., OR.

Deeody MORELAND b. 23 Jan. 1899 San Saba Co., TX; d. 1942 Salem, Marion Co., OR.

Frank MORELAND b. 31 Oct. 1900 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. Ina Mae DOWDLE.

Mary Lois MORELAND b. 4 June 1902 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; d. 4 Apr. 1980, bu. Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; md. 8 May 1924 Eugene G. GORDON.

Ruth Ann MORELAND b. 16 Feb. 1904 Jayton Co., TX; md. 27 Oct. 1927 Benjamin, Knox Co., TX Audrey Pickett DENTON.

Jettie MORELAND b. 20 May 1906 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; d. 4 Oct. 1906.

Hettie MORELAND b. 20 May 1906 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; d. 11 Dec. 1982 Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; md. 17 Dec. 1928 Odessa, Ector Co., TX Harold M. BECHERER.

Chester Kimbrough MORELAND b. 24 Aug. 1910 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. 9 July 1945 San Diego, CA Barbara HINZ.

Notes:    Family Bible and family members.

Husband:William Adolphus MORELAND b. 14 Dec. 1832 Union Co., SC; d. 10 July 1897 Wortham, Freestone Co., TX; md. 1st 16 Nov. 1854 Hempstead Co., AR Jane Elizabeth STEVENSON; md. 2nd 10 Dec. 1879 Mary J. ALLISON; md. 3rd 9 Apr. 1884 Amelia LEETCH.  Parents:  Orman Kimbrough MORELAND and Jane V. FOSTER.

Wife:Jane Elizabeth STEVENSON b. 26 Aug. 1832 Hempstead Co., AR; d. 6 Dec. 1878 Navarro Co., TX, bu. Campbell Cemetery, Old Drane Comm., TX.  Parents: John STEVENSON and Nancy YATES

Children:Nancy Jane MORELAND b. 28 Nov. 1855 AR; md. 1871 Dr. N. ADAMS.
Mary Elizabeth MORELAND b. 17 June 1858 AR; d. 25 Aug. 1874 Questionable.

Martha Ann MORELAND b. 25 Jan. 1860 Hopkins Co., TX; d. 11 Aug. 1888; md. 2 Oct. 1883 A.L. JONES.

William Kimbrough MORELAND b. 8 Feb. 1862 Hopkins Co., TX; d. 28 Sept. 1914 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. 16 Sept. 1883 Annie E. SEXTON.

James Henry MORELAND b. 23 May 1868 AR; d. 1927 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. Minnie A. RAIFORD. (Had other marriages).

Ella Lee MORELAND b. 25 Nov. 1870 AR; d. 17 Feb. 1937; md. 1st 15 Aug. 1886 James Martin TRENT; md. 2nd Ed DIAL.

Robert Adolphus MORELAND b. 17 June 1886 Navarro Co., TX (s/o Amelia); d. 9 Oct. 1973 Jayton, Kent Co., TX; md. 5 Dec. 1921 Bertha May VENCIL.

Lula Nora MORELAND b. 4 Jan. 1889; d. 1946 Jayton, Kent Co., TX.

Notes:1.  Wm. A. MORELAND enlisted 1862 Civil War at Hopkins Co., TX, Pvt. 23rd Cavalry, Co. G. (Family Bible).

2.   Amelia M. LEETCH md. 3rd b. 5 Oct. 1854; d. 26 Sept. 1922 after death of Wm. A. MORELAND she md 2nd 12 Nov. 1902 G.M. MORRIS.  He d. 9 July 1919.  Other data in Bible:  William K. LEETCH d. 22 Mar. 1892.  R.G. LEETCH d. 4 July 1909.  Amelia Louise MORELAND md. J.L. SMITH 17 Mar. 1946, d/o #7 children.  1900 Freestone Co., TX Census shows Robert G. LEACH (Sp) LEETCH b. June 1825, to be Amelia's father.  1880 3 June Navarro Co., TX sch. D, pg. 2 S D 4 ED 125 div 136 F 70 H 75 Wm. b. SC - Father & Mother b. SC - Wife, Mary.

Husband:Orman Kimbrough MORELAND b. 16 Mar. 1812 Surry Co., NC; d. 14 Feb. 1860 Sevier Co., AR; md. 31 Aug. 1828 Union Co., SC; Parents: James MORELAND and Mary GARNER.

Wife:Jane V. FOSTER b. 1 Sep. 1813 Pinckneyville, SC; d. Feb. 1870 Hopkins Co., TX; Parents Robert FOSTER and Sarah ?SMITH; md. 2nd 27 Feb. 1868 William CHAPMAN Hopkins Co., TX.

Children:William Adolphus MORELAND b. 14 Dec. 1832 Pinckneyville, Union Co., SC; d. 10 July 1897 Wortham, Freestone Co., TX; md. 1st 16 Nov. 1854 Jane E. STEVENSON.
James M. MORELAND b. 28 July 1836 Pinckneyville, Union Co., SC; md. 1 July 1860 Sarah G. JACKSON.

Sarah Ann MORELAND b. 10 Nov. 1840 Johnson Co., AR; md. 2 Sept. 1874 William H. CHARLTON; d. 22 Jan. 1884 Cass Co., TX.

Elizabeth Jane MORELAND b. 16 Dec. 1843 AR; d. 11 Oct. 1899, bu. Tira Cemetery, Hopkins Co., TX; md. 1st 1 Mar. 1862 John HENDERSON; md. 2nd ca. 1866 Green SMIDDY.

          Mary E. MORELAND b. 13 Dec. 1847 DeSota Co., MS.

Amanda Rebecca MORELAND b. 7 Jan. 1852 Washington Co., AR; md. ca. 1877 Samuel J. WILSON.

Notes:Family Bible

Tira Cemetery is about 3 miles north of Birthright.

Husband:James MORELAND b. ca. 1780 ?Surry Co., NC; d. 25 Nov. 1832 Union Co., SC, bu. Garner Cemetery, Union Co., SC; md. ca. 1801 NC.  Parents:  ?William MORELAND.

Mary "Polly" GARNER d. ?AR, Parents: Wyatt GARNER and Anna KIMBROUGH.

Children:William Wyatt Emsley MORELAND b. ca. 1802; d. ca. 1863 Johnson Co., AR; md. ca. 1824 Mariah STRIBLING.

Jeremiah MORELAND b. ca. 1805; d. ca. 1880 Cass Co., TX; md. Mary A. LEWIS.

          Rebecca MORELAND b. ca. 1803; md. Alfred MCKENNA.

Sarah MORELAND b. 1804 - 1810; md. Abel BYERS.


Orman Kimbrough MORELAND b. 16 Mar. 1812 ?NC; d. 14 Feb. 1860 Sevier Co., AR; md. 31 Aug. 1828 Union Co., SC Jane V. FOSTER.

Mary MORELAND md. 1833/38 Jason MCKINNEY.

Malinda MORELAND b. ca. 1814; d. 1880? Johnson Co., AR; md. before 1834 William WILLIAMS.

Notes:1.  Cash-Annual Returns Book 1820-1849, p. 54, probate judge office Union, SC Ordinary Court, Division of monies $451.00 heirs of decd. James MORELAND, died intestate, land sale, 3 sons, 5 daughters named.

2.   1820 census, p. 245 Spartanburg Co., SC James MORELAND 100010-14010-00010310 301.

3.   1830 census, p. 181 Union Co., SC James MORELAND 00010001-00110001 8 slaves.  Slaves 4001001101.

4.   Per property sale $3255.37 ea. $237.57

5.   Order of birth not known.  Malinda born June to Oct. 1814.

6.   Marriage places have not been found.  O.K. and Jane FOSTER marriage is in their Bible, also birthdates.  Her parents were Sarah? ? & Robert FOSTER, from county records.  It is known that Mary was single in 1833 and married by 20 Jan. 1838.  It is believed the other girls were married by 1830.

7.   When the girls were paid off they were married; Malinda & Rebecca were paid in 1836, Mary, Sarah, & Ann were paid in 1838 and they were married at that time.

Husband:William MORELAND d. Surry Co., NC.  Father from Ireland, mother from Scotland.

Wife:?Nancy ?KIMBROUGH

?James MORELAND b. ca. 1780; d. 25 Oct. 1832 Union Co., SC; md. ca. 1801 Mary GARNER. 



Joseph MORELAND md. 17 May 1797 Surry Co., NC Sarah THORN­TON.

Nancy MORELAND md. 30 May 1803 Surry Co., NC Thomas HAL­LAMAN.

Elizabeth MORELAND md. 23 May 1806 Surry Co., NC George SWEET.

Polly MORELAND md. 26 Nov. 1808 Surry Co., NC Jacob DOUTHIT.
Notes:1.  Marriages taken from county records-NOT PROVEN ONE FAMILY-as of July 1990.

2.   These people taken from 1816 settlement of estate of William, not called children.  Inventory of estate 6 June 1816.

3.   This article was written about Robert R. MORELAND, the grandson of Mary GARNER and James, above.  Arkansas Histori­cal Society, p. 308  "Western Arkansas," a newspaper (Good-s­peed-1891)

"The paternal great grandfather (no name) emigrated from Ireland and his wife from Scotland; their union taking place in NC; of a family of some 5 sons born to them, all served in the Rebel Army during the Rebellion, and all came through alive with the exception of A.J. who died of measles.

James got William's land in 1816 and William's family is constructed from the sale of his property.  Wyatt GARNER, father-in-law of James MORELAND, lived near William MORELAND in 1807 Surry Co., NC.

Husband:John MORELAND

Wife:Dorothy ____?

? William MORELAND perhaps b. ca. 1752; d. 1816.

Francis MORELAND b. before 1724 and old enough to witness a deed in 1745.


Mary MORELAND b. Sept. 1726

Jean/Jane MORELAND b. Sept. 1726

Martha MORELAND b. 12 Sept. 1740 (not if her father's will).

Notes:Will 28 Oct. 1766 of Halifax Co., NC and July 1766/67 court.

1720's Prince George and Dinwiddie Counties, VA.  By 1745 they went to Edgecombe Co., NC.


CharlotteWestDade said...

Thank you for the reprint of this issue on Feb. 1, 2013. Wonderful information! Keep it coming.
I descend from the Morelands as follows: Matthew Moreland/Ann Wright, Wright Moreland/Ann Wilson, William Moreland/Sarah Simpson, John Moreland/Catherine Wilson, William "Billy" Moreland/Dicy Lunsford, Alzenia Victoria Moreland/James Lowery McQueen, Ada Beatrice McQueen/William Charles West, Sr., William Charles West, Jr./Ruth Stella Hughes, Charlotte Ruth West

carolyn campbell said...

Hello, my name is Carolyn Campbell and I believe that my Mom was the great grandaughter of William Moreland and Dicy Lunsford.My mom was Margaret Ruth Moreland, her dad was Edward Joseph Moreland and grand father was John Cannon Moreland. I'm very new at this and any info would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance. Carolyn