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The Moreland Muster Volume VIII, Issue 4 Fall 1995

Note from Nona

Please accept my apologies for the extreme tardiness of this issue. I didn’t have much to include and would very much appreciate any contributions.

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Deborah Ann Harrison
2992 Bailey Lane, Eugene, OR 97401

Joseph Marion MORELAND (son of John Andrew MORELAND and Phoebe Ann POINTER) born 21 Dec. 1851 Wabash Co., Indiana; died 16 Mar. 1923 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon; married 6 Oct. 1881 Westomoreland, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas to Viola REED (daughter of George Washington REED and Caroline RECTOR) and born 27 Dec. 1860 Indiana; died 21 February 21, 1888 Pratt Co., Kansas. Their children were:

1)      Charles F. MORELAND born 5 Sept. 1882 Shawnee Co., Kansas; married 16 Oct. 1908 to Bessie Maude HARTLEY

2)      Florence M. MORELAND born 7 Oct. 1883 Jackson Co., Kansas; married 19 Jan. 1903 to Alfred TREESH

3)      Carl Anderson MORELAND born 21 Dec. 1884 Pratt Co., Kansas; died 7 Jan. 1945 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon; married 6 June 1908 Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon to Celia Ann MAHAFFEY

4)      Lola M. MORELAND born 19 May 1886 Pratt Co., Kansas; died 17 Sept. 1953; married 2 Dec. 1903 to Frank SHARRAI

5)      Lena V. MORELAND born 31 Jan. 1888 Pratt Co., Kansas; married 10 June 1909 to Everett MANIS

Charles F. MORELAND (son of Joseph Marion MORELAND and Viola REED) born 5 Sept. 1882 Shawnee Co., Kansas; married 16 Oct. 1908 to Bessie Maude HARTLEY born 1882. Their children were:

1)      Walter Lawrence MORELAND born 3 Apr. 1910; died 8 Aug. 1971

2)      Franklin Leonard MORELAND born 23 June 1911; died 22 July 1955

3)      Gladys MORELAND born 6 Mar. [Year?]

4)      Myrtle Francis MORELAND born 10 Oct [Year?]

5)      Ernest Lee MORELAND born 27 Nov. 1916 Broadmead, Oregon; died 29 Feb. 1988 Portland, Oregon; married 14 Mar. 1953 Oregon to Eva Juanita HOWARD

6)      Floyd Marion MORELAND born 25 Apr. 1919 McMinnville, Oregon; died 20 Aug. 1992 Eugene, Oregon; married 27 Mar. 1956 Lewiston, Washington to Marjorie Ann DeVORE

7)      Eveline Viola MORELAND born 1 Mar. 1921

8)      Anna Laura MORELAND born 25 Sept. [Year?]

Note from Nona: There are two possible matches with charts in my files. One was submitted by Lenora E. Rupe, 26780 Oakmont Dr., Sun City, CA 92381 in 1990 (she didn’t subscribe and I have no current address information for her). She shows a Mary Ann MORELAND born 12 May 1820 Virginia; died 4 Jan. 1911 Wabash Co., Indiana. She was the daughter of Thomas MORELAND and she married on 2 Apr. 1840 to Edmond C. Bogardus born 18 Aug. 1819 Dutchess Co., New York; died 7 Oct. 1883 Wabash Co., Indiana.

A line that definitely does connect was submitted by Kraig W. Gifford, 14600 SE 176th #0-1, Renton, WA 98058 in 1992. He is not a current subscriber, so his address may not be correct. His chart includes John Andrew MORELAND born 18 July 1827 Indiana; died 26 Nov. 1906; married 19 Sept. 1850 to Phoebe Ann POINTER. His siblings were Stephen MORELAND born 5 Sept. 1824 and Mary MORELAND born 14 Apr. 1829. Their parents were James MORELAND and Sarah LEE who married on 6 Jan. 1820 in Greene Co., Ohio.

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Hamilton Co., Tennessee
Silverdale Cemetery

MOORELAND, L. C., M. D., born Dec. 28, 1834; died Oct. 19, 1888.

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Land & Property Deeds

Joseph MOORELAND Grant #4821, Entry #4978, 40 acres, 25 March 1842, entry date 5 Feb. 1842.

Was this Joseph MORELAND who died in Walker Co., Georgia in 1859 and married Devine Howard CARTER in 1827?

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Monroe Co., Tennessee
1830 U.S. Census

Pg. 150 Harden MOORELAND

Pg. 150 William MOORELAND

Pg. 145 Thomas MOORELAND

Monroe Co., Tennessee
1840 U.S. Census

Pg. 153 Harden MORELAND

Murray Co., Georgia
1840 U.S. Census

Pg. 271 William MORELAND

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Monroe Co., Tennessee
Court Records

Pg. 622 Andrew POTTER vs. William MORELAND 14 Nov. 1834 by consent of all parties this cause is continued until the next term of this court.

Pg. 623 William AINSWORTH vs. William MORELAND. On motion of the defendant by attorney a rule is granted him to shew cause if any he can why the warrant in this cause should be quashed.

Pg. 636 William MORELAND ... on jury, 19 Nov. 1834

Pg. 639 William MORELAND ... on jury, 20 Nov. 1834

Pg. 640 William AINSWORTH vs. William MORELAND 20 Nov. 1834. On motion of the plaintiff by atto & it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that this cause having been irregularly herd It is therefore stricken from the docket.

Pg. 649 William MORELAND ... on jury 24 Nov. 1834

Monroe Co., Tennessee
Circuit Court Records
May 1835-May 1839

Pg. 18 John PERKINS for the use of Andrew POTTER vs. William MORELAND. May 14, 1835 Came the parties by their atto’s and then came a Jury to wit being elected and Sworn will and truly to try the matter in controversy between the parties upon their oath do say they find for the defendant therefore it is considered by the court that the defendant recover of the plaintiff all costs on this behalf expended.

Pg. 19 William MORELAND vs. William RAINS Forfiture. The defendant having been summoned to appear at the present term of this court as appears from the return of a subpoena issued for him to certify and the truth to say in a cause pending in our said Court between John PERKINS for the use of Andrew POTTER plaintiff & William MORELAND defendant on behalf of the defendant and he having been solemnly called to come into court and testify and the truth to say came not but made default. Therefore it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of the defendant the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars according to act of assembly unless it appears at the next term of this court and Show cause to the contrary and that scire facias issue accordingly.

Set aside William MORELAND vs. John PERKINS. Forfeiture. Ditto above. Tuesday, 19th May 1835

Pg. 35 William MORELAND vs. William RAINS Forfeiture. On Motion of the plaintiff by in this cause is Set aside Therefore it is considered by the court that the defendant recover of the plaintiff all costs in this behalf expended.

Pg. 39 William MORELAND vs. John PERKINS, Tuesday 19th May 1835, Forfeiture, Ditto. On Motion of the plaintiff by in this case is Set aside Therefore it is considered by the court that the defendant recover of the plaintiff all costs in this behalf expended.

Pg. 49 William AINSWORTH vs. William MORELAND, 21 May 1835, Case. Came the plaintiff by atto and dismissed. Therefore it is considered by the court that the plaintiffs suit be dismissed that the defendant recover of the plaintiff all costs in this behalf expended.

Pg. ? William MORELAND ... on jury

· · · · ·

Monroe Co., Tennessee
Deed Book K

Pg. 41-42 Marginal note: A deed of Trust. MORELAND to William KERR or to E. H. WARE for KERR.

I, Hardin MORELAND, have this day bargained and Sold and do hereby Convey to E. H. WEAR trustee for the sum of five dollars to me paid and the other considerations herein after mentioned the following described property to wit one cow and yearling, one clock, one bed Stead and bedding, one big wheel, one clock? Red/real?, two chests to have and to hold the same to the said E. H. WEAR Trustee his heirs and assigns forever, but this deed of Trust is made for the following uses and trusts and for no other purpose that is to say I am indebted to William KERR in the sum of fifty dollars and I am desirous to secure the same. Now if I should pay the said debt on or before the twenty fifth day of December next then this deed of trust to be void but if I should not the said E. H. WEAR as trustee after giving ten days notice in writing on the Court house door of said County of Monroe expose to public sale to the highest bidder for cash and appropriate the proceeds thereof first to the necessary expenses and Costs and the balance to be applied to the payments of this debt and the balance if any pay to the said MORELAND January 17th 1838.

Signed “X” Hardin MORELAND’s mark.

Attest Parker HORN

Registered 17th January 1838

· · · · ·

History of Walker Co., Georgia
by James Alfred Sartain

Pg. 523-524 Friendship Cemetery. Established about 1850. Number of graves 180. Harden MORELAND died 1899, age 82. His wife died 1895, age 80. None of these have markers.

Pg. 153 Indigent Soldiers Pension Roll

Pg. 291 Soldiers of World War I

Pg. 297 World War I Vets
Dewey MORELAND, dec’d

Pg. 522 Lafayette Cemetery
W. C. MORELAND 1860-1927
Pvt. Dewey MORELAND Co. D, 16th Inf & 2nd MG 1899-1920, died in France

Pg. 533 Center Point Cemetery
John MORELAND died about 1915 age about 75 (no marker)

Pg. 381 J. C. MORELAND, Pastor of Pleasant Hill and Concord Church

Pg. 134 Muster Rolls Confederate soldiers
Pvt. James H. MORELAND Co. G 9th Reg. Georgia Volunteers Inf. C.S.A.

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Murray Co., Georgia Marriages

John A. MORELAND to Sarah J. McDONALD 

Joseph MORELAND to Susan DEAN 



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1840 Tennessee Census

Jno. W. MORLAND 121001-000001 Fayette Co.

Christaana MOORELAND 011-100001 Jackson Co.

Edward MOORELAND 0-0 Stewart Co.

Thomas MOORELAND 01021001-0010101 Hamilton Co.

Alfred MOORLAND 0-0 Stewart Co.

Catharine MORELAND 0211-1121001 Johnson Co.

Harden MORELAND 02001-0100001 Monroe Co.

J. MORELAND 121001-110001 Perry Co.

John MORELAND 20001-00001 Bradley Co.

John MORELAND 010001-30101 Carter Co.

John MORELAND 000010001-000100002 Jackson Co.

John MORELAND 20001-0011 Meigs Co.

John MORELAND 2010001-0220101 Washington Co.

Joseph MORELAND 00001-10001 Bradley Co.

Joseph MORELAND 101001-1010001 Fentress Co.

Mary MORELAND 021-010001001 Henderson Co.

Richard MORELAND 0000001-00000001 Coffee Co.

Samuel MORELAND 2100101-1112101 Henderson Co.

Thomas MORELAND 031001-200001 Monroe Co.

Vinegar MORELAND (probably should be Vincent or Vinson) 1111001-0121001 Smith Co.

William MORELAND 120011-003011 Coffee Co.

William MORELAND 10001-00001 Johnson Co.

Wm. MORELAND 000001-0001 Jackson Co.

Wright MORELAND 0000001001-012201 Carter Co.

· · · · ·

The Granville District of North Carolina
Land Office Records

#1235 John EELBECK warrant dated 30 April 1754 to Colo John HAYWOOD to survey 640 acres in Edgecom County, joining James REEVE’s New Survey on Great Quankey Creek, John MORELAND, Little Quankey, and the sd. Great Quankey entered 30 April 1854 /s/ Fras CORBIN Note on document reads: “In lieu of an Entry made 1 December 1751” Back of document reads: “Deed 3 July 1760”

#1236 John EALBECK plat dated 3 October 1754   675 acres in Edgcomb County, joining James REEVES, little quonca Creek, McCULLOCKs Corner, and John MORELAND  SCC: William EDMONDSON, Bryant EDMONDSON   Jno HAYWOOD Dep Survr   Entered 30 April 1754

#1605 Alexander McCULLOCH warrant dated 3 January 1751/2 to James CONNER to survey 640 acres in Edgcomb, joining Mr. MIMS, Mr. MORLAND, and both Sides of Wuankey Creek entered at Edenton 2 January 1751/2  /s/ Fras CORBIN Back of document reads: “Deed 29 April 1754”

#1698 John MORELAND warrant dated 2 May 1753 to Colo John HAYWOOD to survey 600 acres in Edgcomb County, joining Peter RICHARDSON, MORELAND’s own line, Little Quankie and Racoon Branch entered 25 April 1753 /s/ Fras CORBIN   Back of document reads: “Deed 11 May 1757”

#1847 Thomas RICHARDSON warrant dated 30 April 1752 to James CONNER to survey 640 acres in Edgcomb County Between RICHARDSON’s own Line, John MOORLAND, CROCKERs oldfield and Edward JACKSON  entered at Edgcomb 30 April 1752  /s/ Fras CORBIN  Back of document reads: “587 (acres) Deed 4 January 1759

· · · · ·

Abstracts of Marriage Bonds
Guilford Co., North Carolina

Samuel SULLIVAN to Sarah MORELAND, 14 July 1778, William MORELAND (signed with a mark), witness Thos. HENDERSON

· · · · ·

Marriages of Rutherford Co., Tennessee

Julias HOOVER to Martha MORELAND, Jan. 25, 1843

· · · · ·

Hearts Entwined
by Ruby Earls Norton

This is a story of enchantment that started fifty years ago, in Birch Tree MO.  It is a beautiful story about two teenage sweethearts named Don and Ruby.  Don courted Ruby in the middle 40's, until circumstances broke them apart.

Ruby's father moved the family off to the State of Oregon.  Don served time in the U.S. Navy during WW 2. They lost track of each other.  Each married and lived their lives and never heard from one another again until last year.  A mutual friend of theirs knew that both Don and Ruby's spouses had died.  Through this friend, Nancy Butler Sisco, they found each other again.

After a brief courtship, they decided to get married and pick up the pieces of a shattered romance that originated fifty years ago. On 13 October 1995 Don 0. Norton and Ruby Earls King were married in Shannon County, Winona, MO.

My name and address is: Ruby King Norton, P.O. BOX 295, Winona, MO 65588, phone: 314-325-4383

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