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The Moreland Muster Volume X, Issue 3 Summer 1997


I am trying to find the parents of Nancy MORELAND who married William BOWMAN in Carter Co., Tennessee in 1826. She was born about 1807 which would make her the right age to be a daughter of one of the four brothers. Since we know about the families of William and Dudley, she must be the daughter of Thomas or Charles. I have eight different Nancy MORELANDs in my files but none could possibly be the Nancy who married BOWMAN. I checked Melba’s notes and she doesn’t have a Nancy for either Thomas or Charles.

Query No. 2: Who is the William MORELAND on the following York Co., Virginia record? He refers to a “deceased father” named Thomas who predates our John MORELAND, the father of Matthew. I find no other Williams until the son of Wright MORELAND is born in Goochland Co., Virginia.

 Respond to C.E. Moreland, 15508 Saranac Dr., Whittier, CA 90604.

York County, Virginia Records 1665-1672
By Benjamin B. Weisiger III

p. 100 William MORLAND of Hampton Parish, York Co. sold to Robert SHORE of Martins Hundred Parish, James City Co., 100 acres in New Kent Co., bounded as by Richard SCRUGGS bill of sale to my late dec’d father Thomas MORLAND for 400 acres, 26 January 1663, for a sum in hand. 12 March 1665. Wit: David CRAFFORD, William (his mark) WOODLAND, Tho. WARDROBE, John MOOR. Signed: William (his mark) MORLAND, Alice (her mark) MORLAND. Recorded 21 August 1666.

Response from Nona: I have notes on three possibly different men named Thomas. One is Thomas MORELAND who appeared in Charles River Co., Virginia (this area later became York Co., Virginia) (Roll 34,405 from the research of Irene Carl),  Muster Rolls Virginia Settlers in 1624, servant of Robert THRASHER, Elizabeth City, Virginia, Hottens Bristol Parish Register p. 525, 12 August 1645. Thomas MORELAND was ordered to work his share cutting Indian corn, Virginia Gleanings in England by Withington p. 177: Thomas MORELAND owns land in Charles River near Capt. West’s creek (near Jamestown), Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 132: 100 acres York Co., Virginia 10 Aug. 1642 Patent Bk. 1 Pt. IV. He was named in will of Dorothy KEMPE, 30 March 1626 Bristol Parish p. 525, Vol. 15, p. 90.

Thomas MORELAND born circa 1602; died 17 May 1656, resided Charles River Co., Virginia 1648, Twitshall, Virginia; married Elizabeth BAYLEY who died 1656. Children:
1.      Johnaton MORELAND born ca 1626 Hampton Parish, York Co., Virginia.
2.      William MORELAND born ca 1628 York Co., Virginia; died after 1663, married Eada.

Thomas MORELAND born circa 1605 England; died between 1663-65 Grafton District, York Co., Virginia (in Virginia by 1624 per Hotten). Children:
1.      William MORELAND born est. 1625-45, married Alice, resided Hampton Parish 1665.
2.      John MORELAND born est. 1625-45; married Ann BELL and had son Francis MORELAND who married Ann HUBBARD.
3.      Edward MORELAND born est. 1625-45
4.      Thomas MORELAND born est. 1625-45.

Notes: Thomas purchased land in January 1663 from Richard SCRUGGS. William, his son, sells it March 1665 and by then his father is deceased. The location of the land was in New Kent Co., Virginia. In Hotten, Thomas MORELAND was 19 in 1624 (in Virginia). In 1624 he had 100 acres of land in York Co., Virginia. In 1648 he had 100 acres in Charles River Co., Virginia.

Capt. Thomas MORELAND married Mary and had son Thomas MORELAND who married Ann. Thomas was transported 30 January 1650 and resided in Prince George Co., Virginia 1686 (Charles City, Virginia p. 553, James City Co., Virginia Abstracts 1634-1904, p. 93, Patent Book 22, p. 207).

· · · · ·

Early Morelands of Hardy Co., West Virginia
by Ernest L. Moreland
3660 Simmons Church Road
Centerburg, OH 43011-9450

Richard MORELAND was born 1780-90 and died September 1845 in Hampshire Co., Virginia. He married Elizabeth _____ 1802, who was born 1783 and died after 1870.

Richard appears first in the 1802-14 Hampshire Co., Virginia personal property tax lists. He appears in the 1810-40 census records in Hampshire Co., Virginia and his wife Elizabeth appears in the 1850-70 census records. In 1812 he bought 279 acres on Crooked Run in Hampshire County (deed book 17, pg. 395). In 1830 he bought his father’s farm of 379 acres from his brother, George, who had received it by the will of their father, William MORELAND, (deed book 27, pg. 429). Richard died in 1845 and left a will naming his wife and nine children. Children:
1.      Mary MORELAND was born 28 November 1803 and died 31 December 1861. She married Stephen QUEEN on 8 February 1827, who was born 1 March 1800 and died 1870. They had 11 children: Chloe, Elizabeth, Sarah, Harriet, Mary Jane, John, Margaret, Deborah, Richard, Zilpha Jane, and Stephen J. QUEEN. (Sources: The Queen Family of Hampshire Co., Virginia by Wilmer Kerns, Stephen Queen Family Bible, census records 1840-60, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed book 44, pg. 63, Early Records of Hampshire Co., Virginia by Sage & Jones).
2.      Basil MORELAND was born 1805 and died 1848/9. He married Sarah ____, who was born 1800 and died ____. Basil bought his father’s farm of 379 acres in 1847 and died 1848/9. Sarah and the children sold part of the land to Fred KUMP and Jacob SHORT (Hampshire Co., Virginia deed books 42, pg. 175 and 42, pg. 213). There are two Basil MORELANDs in Hampshire County, they are first cousins, not father and son, nor are either of them to be confused with their uncle, Basil (Bezaleel) MORELAND, who moved to Ohio in 1816. This Basil (s/o Richard) and Basil (s/o George) died about two years apart and left widows and children. With census records, guardian bond records and deeds, we can distinguish the two families. Basil and Sarah had seven children: Harriet, Mary, Elizabeth, James, George, Ann and Margaret MORELAND. (Sources: census records 1830-50, Hampshire Co., Virginia deeds 42-175 & 213, 44-63, 42-486 & 7, Guardian Bonds by Vicki Horton page 106.
3.      John MORELAND was born 1809 and died ____. He married Mary Margaret McBRIDE 1831, who was born 1812 and died 16 July 1899 at Slanesville. (This John in not to be confused with John T. MORELAND born 1808 who married Rebecca SINE (see details on him later in this text). John & Mary had 11 children: Richard D., Sarah E., Basil, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, John F., William, Margaret S., James R., Lydia A., and Amanda R. MORELAND. (Sources: census records 1840-60, Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia by Wilmer Kerns, Hampshire County, Virginia Deeds 52-212, 47-133, 50-150, 29-297, 33-230, 43-499, 42-354.)
4.      James MORELAND was born 1811 and died after 1880. He married Sarah ____, who was born 1810 and died before 1880. James and Sarah are in the 1850 census with no children at the ages of 39 & 40. (This James is not to be confused with James s/o George who married a Sarah Jane ____, after 1850 and had 7 children.) (Sources: 1850 & 1860 census records, Hampshire Co., Virginia, deeds 47-224, 50-150, 33-230.
5.      Richard MORELAND was born 4 September 1814 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 27 December 1900 in Shelby Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth ____ 1837, who was born 15 July 1810 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 23 December 1883 in Shelby Co., Ohio. They moved to Shelby Co., Ohio before 1850 and in 1852 sold his share of his father’s land to his two brothers, George and William. They had 6 children: Ann E., Margaret Jane, Franklin, Thomas M., Alban M., and William R. MORELAND. (Sources: Shelby Co., Ohio census records 1850-80, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed 45, pg. 116, Graceland Cemetery, Sidney, Ohio.
6.      Jacob MORELAND was born 1818 in Hamphsire Co., Virginia and died ____. He married Sarah A. ____ 1845, who was born 1824 and died _____. They had at least 4 children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, and William MORELAND. (Sources: Census records 1850 & 1860.)
7.      William MORELAND was born 1819 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died ___. The only thing we know about William for sure is that he was still living with his mother, Elizabeth, in 1850 census at age 31, and he bought his brother’s (Richard & Basil) shares of the first farm his father bought of 279 acres. (Sources: 1850 census record, Hampshire Co., Virginia deeds 45-116, 42-486 & 7.)
8.      Margaret MORELAND was born 15 September 1824 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 10 December 1905. She married Jacob SHANHOLTZER 1846, who was born 13 February 1821 and died 16 April 1898. They lived northwest of Slanesville and are buried at Augusta Methodist Cemetery. Wilmer Kerns states in his SHANHOLTZER book that Margaret is the daughter of Basil and Sarah MORELAND. However according to the 1850 census, Margaret, daughter of Basil & Sarah, was born 1841, which is too young to be the wife of Jacob SHANHOLTZER. Jacob and Margaret had 12 children: Ann Elizabeth, William Jasper, John Robert, Philip Lemuel, Sarah Virginia, James Walton, Mary, Chloe Margaret, Martha Jane, Rose Lumbia, Ida May and Belle SHANHOLTZER.
9.      George MORELAND was born 1827 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died ____. He was living with his mother, Elizabeth, in the 1850 census at age 23 and again in 1870 aged 40. He bought his brother’s (Richard) share of their father’s land with his other brother, William. (Sources: 1850 & 1870 census records, Hampshire Co., Virginia deed bk 45, pg. 116.)

Much more research needs to be done on this family.

Bezaleel MORELAND was born 25 February 1782 in Charles Co., Maryland and died 19 September 1857 in Knox Co., Ohio. He is buried in the Moreland Cemetery about 4 miles from Centerburg, Ohio. He married Margaret FAHS about 1806, who was born 6 November 1785 and died 11 September 1864 in Knox Co., Ohio and buried beside her husband.

According to a Knox Co., Ohio History biography on William MORELAND, son of Bezaleel, William told the following of his father. Bezaleel was born in Charles Co., Maryland, moved to Hampshire Co., West Virginia, at the age of 21 (1803), married Margaret FAHS and remained there 10 years after their marriage. They moved to Jefferson Co., Ohio in 1816 near Smithfield, remained there some time and then moved to Harrison Co., Ohio for several years. In 1829 they moved to Licking Co., Ohio near St. Louisville and in 1848 moved to Knox Co., Ohio near Centerburg where they remained until death. This biography is well documented with proof documents. Bezaleel first appears in the Hampshire County personal property tax list 1804-1810. He bought 123 acres in Hampshire County in 1807, Deed Book 16, page 318, which he sold in 1815, Deed Book 19, page 316. He drops out of the Hampshire County personal property tax list in 1811, but bought land in Hardy Co., West Virginia in 1813 (Hardy Co. Deed Bk. D, page 136.) He sold this land in 1816 (Bk. 7, pg. 418). He was in the 1810 census of Hampshire Co., Virginia, 1820 census in Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1830 and 1840 census in Licking Co., Ohio and 1850 census in Knox Co., Ohio. He bought land in Licking County 18 August 1829 and sold it 22 September 1845, Licking County (Deed Books M-263, 00-62, W-494, 48-419). He bought 220 acres in Knox County in 1848 which remained in the family over 115 years. This author, Ernie Moreland, owns 3 acres of that same land. The death record of William MORELAND states he was born 1819 in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Rebecca Donnelly’s obituary says she was born near Smithfield, Ohio in 1821. Anne MORELAND married Reese JONES in 1825 in Harrison Co., Ohio and Katherine MORELAND was born 1829 in Harrison Co., Ohio according to a biography on her husband, Robert HORTON. Bezaleel and Margaret had 12 children and 79 grandchildren. Children:

1.      Elizabeth MORELAND was born 22 June 1807 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 21 October 1886 in Fulton Co., Illinois. She married Joseph EVANS on 26 December 1831 in Licking Co., Ohio who was born 19 August 1810 and died 20 October 1885 in Fulton Co., Illinois. They moved to Fulton Co., Illinois in 1854, then went on west, but came back to Fulton Co., Illinois, where they remained. They had 10 children: Peter, John, Margaret, Rebecca, Johanna, Philip F., Elizabeth J., David W., James K.P. and Richard M. EVANS. (Sources: Fulton County History, Illinois 1879 by Chapman, High Bridge Cemetery tombstone inscriptions, census records 1840-80, Bezaleel MORELAND will, Knox County, Ohio History 1881 by Hill.)
2.      Anne MORELAND was born 5 January 1809 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 1831 in Licking Co., Ohio. She married Reese JONES in Harrison Co., Ohio 1 April 1825, who was born 1801 and died 21 September 1831. They had 3 children: Bazil, Anne and Margaret JONES. Reese, Anne and their daughter, Anne, all died within 9 days of each other. The other two children Bazil and Margaret JONES were raised by their grandparents, Bezaleel and Margaret MORELAND. (Sources: Harrison Co., Ohio Marriage Records, Knox Co., Ohio History by Hill 1881, Evans Cemetery inscriptions, 1830 and 1850 census records, Milford Church of Christ church records.)
3.      Mary MORELAND was born 1 February 1811 in Hampshire Co., Virginia and died 22 October 1876 in Moultrie Co., Illinois. She married Peter EVANS in 1832 in Licking Co., Ohio who was born 13 April 1812 and died 21 October 1873 in Moultrie Co., Illinois. They moved to Illinois in the late 1850s. They had 8 children: Rebecca, Johanna, Martha, Bezaleel, Mary, Ann M., Rachel and Margaret EVANS. (Sources: Pea Cemetery Records, census records 1840-70 Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill.)
4.      Margaret MORELAND was born 6 February 1813 in Hardy Co., Virginia and died 6 June 1884 in Licking Co., Ohio. She married Alban WARTHEN who was born 1814 and died 23 September 1854. They had 6 children: Melinda, Lucinda, Mary, Philip, Alvin and Theodore WARTHEN. (Sources: Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, census 1850-80, Evans Cemetery inscriptions.)
5.      Philip F. MORELAND was born 20 April 1815 in Hardy Co., Virginia and died 15 October 1875 in Licking Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth WARTHEN 16 October 1837 in Licking Co., Ohio, who was born 13 March 1819 in Harrison Co., Virginia and died 25 May 1911 in Licking Co., Ohio. They had 4 children: Alonzo, Frederick, Susan and Alban MORELAND. (Sources: Bezaleel MORELAND will, Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, Centennial History of Newark & Licking Co., Ohio 1909 by Brister, Obituary of Elizabeth MORELAND, census 1840-70.)
6.      Martha MORELAND was born 3 August 1817 in Jefferson Co., Ohio and died 30 May 1892 in Licking Co., Ohio. She married Burdette WARTHEN about 1837, who was born 1815 and died before 1870. They had 6 children: Theodrick, Lydia, Alban, Philip, Mary and Martha WARTHEN. (Sources: Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, census 1850-80, Evans Cemetery inscriptions.)
7.      William MORELAND was born 19 November 1819 in Jefferson Co., Ohio and died 29 March 1898 in Knox Co., Ohio. He married Nancy LAMSON 2 November 1843 in Licking Co., Ohio who was born 27 May 1824 in Licking Co., Ohio and died 8 September 1901 in Knox Co., Ohio. They had 9 children: an infant, Alban W., D. Harrison, Eliza, Rosanna, Eugene, Matilda, Birt and Caroline MORELAND. (Sources: Bezaleel MORELAND will, Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, Moreland Cemetery inscriptions, census 1850-1900, William MORELAND obituary.)
8.      Rebecca MORELAND was born 18 January 1821 in Jefferson Co., Ohio and died 24 February 1904 in Chicago at the home of her daughter. She married Felix DONNELLY on 3 March 1840 in Licking Co., Ohio who was born 1813 and died 1899. In 1856 they moved to Monticello, Jasper Co., Indiana where they remained until death. They had eight children: Rosaltha, Thomas, Mary Ann, Florence, Cornelius, Charity, Margaret and Bazel M. DONNELLY. (Sources: Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, Monticello, Indiana Cemetery records, Rebecca DONNELLY’s obituary and her death record, 1840-80 census records.)
9.      Lettice MORELAND was born 26 December 1822 in Jefferson Co., Ohio and died 18 November 1880 in Henry Co., Ohio and buried in South Cemetery in Napolean, Ohio. She married William B. DONNELLY on 21 October 1841 in Licking Co., Ohio, who was born 1811 and died before 1880. They moved to Henry Co., Ohio in the 1860s. They had 8 children: Mary, James, Wesley, Malinda, Nancy, Harmon, Lucinda, Charity and Oliver DONNELLY. (Sources: Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, census records 1860-80, South Cemetery records in Napoleon, Ohio, John Evans family records.)
10.  Richard MORELAND was born 27 April 1826 in Harrison Co., Ohio and died 30 May 1909 in Knox Co., Ohio. He married Jane WICKLIFF in 1851 in Licking Co., Ohio who was born 26 June 1828 and died 1904. They had moved to Knox Co., Ohio in 1857 where they remained. They had 8 children: Margaret, Philip, George, Clara, Frank, Bazil J., William and Ninna MORELAND. (Sources: Bezaleel MORELAND will, Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, 1850-1900 census records, Moreland Cemetery inscriptions.)
11.  Katherine MORELAND was born 18 March 1829 in Harrison Co., Ohio and died 2 March 1913 in Licking Co., Ohio. She married Robert HORTON on 23 November 1849 in Knox Co., Ohio, who was born 19 June 1825 and died 26 August 1898. They remained in Licking Co., Ohio and had 10 children: Martha, Bazil, James, William, Mary, George, Margaret, Linda, Robert and Anne HORTON. (Sources: Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, Licking Co., Ohio History 1894, census records 1850-1910, Evans Cemetery inscriptions, Licking County death records.
George W. MORELAND was born 23 March 1832 in Licking Co., Ohio and died 4 October 1860 who was born 1 May 1842 and died 2 July 1917 in Knox Co., Ohio. They remained in Licking Co., Ohio and had 8 children: Laura, Emma, Nathan, Ada, Charles, Robert, Margaret and Bessie MORELAND. (Sources: Bezaleel MORELAND will, Knox Co., Ohio History 1881 by Hill, 1870-1910 census 

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