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Volume XIII, Issue 4 Fall 2000

From Joe L. Brumit
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In Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854 compiled by G. Glenn Clift and published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1984, p. 89 there is the following item:

"Col. Benjamin WHALEY of Bourbon County. A Soldier in the Revolution, Died at  the Bourbon county residence of his son-in-law, Mr. MORELAND, Sept. 7, 1833,  aged 74 years. Obituary in OR 9/15" [Lexington (Ky) Observer & Reporter]

’s daughter, Mary, married a
Jeremiah WHALEY, but who is the MORELAND male that married a WHALEY female?

William Moreland and Rhoda Willoughby

by Elizabeth Moreland Lusco
continued from previous issue

Generation No. 3

4.  Enoch MORELAND (son of William MORELAND and Rhoda WILLOUGHBY) was born 1815 in Kentucky.  He married Irenea STEPHENS October 03, 1833 in Kentucky, daughter of Richard STEPHENS.  She was born 1814 in Kentucky, and died 1856 in Estill Co., Kentucky.

Children of Enoch MORELAND and Irenea STEPHENS are:
      i.    Richard MORELAND, b. 1840; m. (1) Mirah MONROE, November 28, 1858; m. (2) Polly ADAMS, October 02, 1865, Madison Co., Kentucky; b. 1842.
     ii.    James Franklin MORELAND, b. 1842.
    iii.    Ira MORELAND, b. 1846, Estill Co., Kentucky.
    iv.    Lucy MORELAND, b. 1848.
     v.    Rhoda J. MORELAND, b. October 02, 1853.
8. vi.    Sarah J. MORELAND, b. January 17, 1851, Estill Co., Kentucky; d. January 28, 1909, Albany, Missouri.
   vii.    Matilda MORELAND, b. 1856.

5.  Sally Ann MORELAND (daughter of William MORELAND and Rhoda WILLOUGHBY)  She married James HAWKINS April 08, 1840 in Estill Co., Kentucky. 

Notes for Sally Ann MORELAND:
Will of Sally Ann MORELAND
Posted by Jen Bawden <> on Sat, 07 Nov 1998

In Calling to mind the mortality of my body, I Sally Ann MORELAND being in my proper mind and having a desire to provide for the maintenance of my infant daughter Rhoda Ann, I make this my last Will and Testament, and first to my beloved and above named daughter, and be it understood that I wish my beloved mother to have my child and keep it of age.

If my mother should live so long and if she should not live till it is 21 years of age I wish my brother Elijah MORELAND to take my child and to educate it and in all things to act the part of legal Guardian, and in that case to sell my part of the tract of land where my brother Washington now lives, and appropriate to the raising and education my child at his discretion and if my child should not live to need the benefit of the land, I wish my part of it to be equally divided between my brothers Elijah MORELAND and Enoch MORELAND and I do hereby empower or authorize my brother Elijah MORELAND to make my part of the deed to the land that was sold as the property of the heirs, jointly sold to John HAWKINS.

This 16th May 1843
Signed in the presense of George ROBERTS and McArthur WRIGHT

Child of Sally MORELAND and James HAWKINS is:
    i.      Rhoda Ann9 HAWKINS, b. 1841.

6.  George Washington8 MORELAND (son of William MORELAND and Rhoda WILLOUGHBY) was born 1820.  He married Eliza KING January 25, 1843 in Estill Co., Kentucky, daughter of Samuel KING and Polly HOWARD.  She was born 1820.

Child of George MORELAND and Eliza KING is:
    i.      George K. MORELAND, b. 1845, Estill Co., Kentucky; m. (1) UNKNOWN, First marriage; m. (2) Eliza FITZGERALD, January 25, 1875, Estill Co., Kentucky; b. 1858, Estill Co., Kentucky.

Marriage Notes for George MORELAND and Eliza FITZGERALD:
Couple were married at R. R. MOLINY's house.

7.  Elijah MORELAND (son of William MORELAND and Rhoda WILLOUGHBY) was born 1810 in Greene Co., Tennessee, and died 1869 in Log Lick, Kentucky- Clark Co.  He married Sarah Ann (Sally Ann) ROBERTSON July 18, 1835 in Estill Co., Kentucky, daughter of William ROBERTSON and Susannah LASSETTER.  She was born February 16, 1816 in Estill Co., Kentucky, and died April 26, 1911 in Log Lick, Kentucky- Clark Co.

Notes for Elijah MORELAND:
Elijah MORELAND was a school teacher as well as a farmer.  Thelma Moreland Taylor has his desk.  Elvie Van Buren MORELAND bid 5 cents at an auction of Elijah MORELAND's property and won the bid.

The deed of Elijah MORELAND to his sons George R., Alexander C., and Harmon D. MORELAND at his death. it was difficult to read some of the words in this document that is 130 years old.  This land was eventually deeded to Elvie Van Buren MORELAND and is the property where our family cemetery is still located surrounded by what is known as the farm.

This indenture made and entered into this 19th day of October 1869 between William G. MORELAND and V.B. DAUGHETEE executors of Elijah MORELAND  decd. of the county of Clark and state of Kentucky of the one part and George R. MORELAND, Alexander C. MORELAND, and Harmon  D. MORELAND of the second part of the same county and state witnessith:
That the parties of the first part as executors of Elijah MORELAND decd. And by virtue of the provisions of his will and in consideration of thirteen hundred and forty-nine dollars and seven? and one half cents payable as follows to wit; four hundred and forty nine dollars and sixty-nine cents payable 1st January 1870 and four hundred and forty nine dollars and sixty-nine cents 1st January 1871 and four hundred and forty nine dollars and sixty-nine cents 1st January 1872 for which a lien? is reserved on the land hereby conveyed said Executors have bargained and sold and do hereby bargain and sell, transfer, and convey to the parties of the second part a tract of land situated in the county of Clark in the state of Kentucky lying on the waters of the Red River and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at a stone in Dudley BERRYMAN's line ??? N 84'E 76" poles to Elijah MORELAND's original corner and 3 poles ??? to a stake on the river bank thence up to same N 41/2'W 32 poles to a stake in JOHNSON's line thence departing from the river N 35' W 47 poles to a stake near a large rock comes to JOHNSON thence with this line N10' /w 25 poles to a white oak, thence N 19' W 18 24/100 poles to a stake thence N 281/2 poles W 21/2 poles to a stake thence S 881/2 poles W 42/10 poles to a large white oak, thence N 1'W34 28/100 poles to a stake near a coffer ? , corner to same King, thence with his line S 64'8" W 80 60/100 poles to a stone, thence S 14' E 136 5/10 poles to the beginning, containing seventy-three acres, thence roads and thirty square poles.  To have and to hold the same to the parties of the second part their ? and assigns forever.
And the parties of the first part as Executors afor said will forever warrant and defend the title of said tract of land to the parties of the second part their lives and assigns forever. In testimony where of the parties of the first part have here unto set their hands the day and year first above written.


In Volume I, page 88: 10 August 1835, Chilton ALLEN of Clark County, received  $40 from Elijah MORELAND, for 54 acres on Woodwards Creek, adjoining WILLSHUDSON, Samuel KING and HAGAN.  Recorded by John W. LONGNECKER, Deputy clerk
for Robert CLARK, clerk Estill County.  (Bk F, pg 75)

More About Elijah MORELAND:
Burial: Moreland Family Cemetery-Clark Co.-Winchester-Hwy.89

More About Sarah Ann (Sally Ann) ROBERTSON:
Burial: Moreland Family Clark-Clark Co.-Winchester-Hwy.89

Children of Elijah MORELAND and Sarah ROBERTSON are:
          i.    William G MORELAND, b. 1836.
9.      ii.    George R. MORELAND, b. 1837, Clark County, Kentucky.; d. 1921.
10.   iii.    Alexander Campbell MORELAND, b. February 11, 1841, Clark Co., Kentucky; d. March 1925, Clark Co., Kentucky.
11.   iv.    James Mickleberry MORELAND, b. November 04, 1841, Clarke Co., Kentucky; d. October 27, 1921, New Halem, Washington.
         v.    Harmon D. MORELAND, b. 1849; d. Clark Co., Kentucky; m. Sarah HARRIS; b. 1854, Madison Co.; d. 1923, Clark Co., Kentucky.

Notes for Harmon D. MORELAND:
Harmon DANIEL and Sarah HARRIS had no children but they raised a child named Willie.  Evelyn thinks this child belonged to someone in the HARRIS family.  Willie and his wife lived on the farm.  She lost her mind and died.  Uncle Daniel and Aunt Sarrie would watch after this wife when Willie went to the fields to work.

More About Harmon D. MORELAND:
Burial: Moreland Family Cemetery-Clark Co.-Winchester-Hwy.89

More About Sarah HARRIS:
Burial: Moreland Family Cemetery-Clark Co.-Winchester-Hwy.89

        vi.    John MORELAND, b. 1853.
12.  vii.    Susie MORELAND, b. 1854; d. 1919.
      viii.    Eliza MORELAND.

Notes for Eliza MORELAND:
This child died either at birth or shortly there after.  She is buried in the Moreland Family Cemetery beside Elijah and Sarah Ann ROBERTSONEliza the granddaughter is buried on the other side of Elijah.

Generation No. 4

8.  Sarah J. MORELAND (daughter of Enoch MORELAND and Irenea STEPHENS) was born January 17, 1851 in Estill Co., Kentucky, and died January 28, 1909 in Albany, Missouri.  She married William Andrew Jackson RAMSEY 1870 in Missouri, son of William ADAIR and Rebecca EATON.  He was born December 25, 1843 in Perry County, Illinois, and died June 22, 1912 in Denver, Missouri.
9.  George R. MORELAND (son of Elijah MORELAND and Sarah Ann ROBERTSON) was born 1837 in Clark County, Kentucky, and died 1921.  He married (1) Susan ADAMS, daughter of Berryman ADAMS and Syntha. He married (2) Sarah Ellen CROW 1875, daughter of James (Jessie) CROW.  She was born 1849.

Notes for George R. MORELAND:
George R. MORELAND was a school teacher. Both he and Sarah Ellen CROW FITZGERALD were widowed when they married in 1875.

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that George R. and Sarah are buried in the Crow Graveyard on Old Furnace Rd. on Tipton Ridge. I am told their graves are unmarked, but my grandma is supposed to be next to them. I was there for her funeral, but at the time, I was in no mood to look around. You take Rt. 52 through Ravenna, then up the mountain. It flattens out, and The Furnace Rd. turns off to the left.
From: Martha Ashcraft Hunt - gggrandaughter of George R. MORELAND

More About George R. MORELAND:
Burial: Crow Cemetery - Estill County - on Tipton Ridge

More About Sarah Ellen CROW:
Burial: Crow Cemetery - Estill County - on Tipton Ridge

Children of George MORELAND and Susan ADAMS are:
        i.      Sara10 MORELAND.
       ii.      Elijah MORELAND.
13. iii.      James MORELAND, b. May 04, 1868, Clarke Co., Kentucky; d. 1927.

Children of George MORELAND and Sarah CROW are:
14.   iv.      Mary Etta10 MORELAND, b. 1877.
15.    v.      Nancy Jane MORELAND, b. March 10, 1882; d. November 24, 1987.
        vi.      Margarette MORELAND, b. April 1884; m. (1) James Samuel PUCKETT; m. (2) BARNES.

Notes for Margarette MORELAND:
Margret died in a house fire on Doe Creek above Irvine, Kentucky.

Notes for James Samuel PUCKETT:
James Samuel PUCKETT was killed by James McKINNEY in 1917.

16.  vii.      Harmon Daniel MORELAND, b. December 1885; d. November 29, 1914, Clark.
      viii.      Richard B. H. MORELAND, b. February 1889.
17.   ix.      Barbara Ellen MORELAND, b. August 1891.
         x.      Samuel MORELAND.
18.   xi.      Elizabeth MORELAND, b. 1879, Estill Co., Kentucky.

10.  Alexander Campbell9 MORELAND (son of Elijah MORELAND and Sarah Ann ROBERTSON) was born February 11, 1841 in Clark Co., Kentucky, and died March 1925 in Clark Co., Kentucky.  He married (1) Ellen KING.    He married (2) Jack Envoid CHRISTOPHER February 14, 1882 in Estill Co., Kentucky, daughter of Wiley CHRISTOPHER and Elizabeth JOHNSON.  She was born February 01, 1856 in Estill Co., Kentucky, and died July 28, 1940 in Clark County.

Notes for Alexander Campbell MORELAND:
The following is the deed written to Alexander Campbell MORELAND for what is known as the farm.  This property was deeded by Elijah MORELAND to his sons George R., Harmon D., and Alexander C. MORELAND in tracts.  George and Harmon then deeded it to Alexander CAMPBELL on May 3, 1878.

MORELAND H. D. & wife & G.R. MORELAND &  wife
                To { Deed   
          This indenture made and entered into this day the 3rd of May A. D. 1878 Between G. R. MORELAND together with his wife Ellen MORELAND of the County of Estill and State of Kentucky  and H. D. MORELAND together with his wife Sarah MORELAND of the County of Clark and State of Kentucky of the first part and A. C. MORELAND of the County of Clark and aforesaid State of the second part, Witnesseth, that whereas the above parties, having purchased 73 acres 3 rods and 30 square poles of land jointly out of the tract of land of Elijah MORELAND dec'd, and whereas the above parties have divided said land by their agreement and pass deeds of partition . Now in consideration of the premises the said first party hath bargained and sold and by these presents do grant and convey unto the said second party his heirs and assigns forever certain tract or parcel of land situated in the County of Clark and State of Kentucky . Lying on the waters of Red River and bounded as follows  (?) Beginning at a stake in Mr. BERRYMAN's line thence with G.R. MORELAND's line  N83 1/7  E93 poles to a stake corner to JOHNSON thence with his line  N35  W 37 3/10 poles thence west 83 poles to a stake in BERRYMANs line thence with the same S14  E44 poles to the beginning continuing 21 acres and 5 square poles, and another tract bounded as follows (?)  Beginning at a stone corner to lot No. 3 thence N82  E14 poles to a stone thence N2 W23 5/10 poles to a stake in King's line. thence with same S64,, 08 W20 poles to a stake corner to lot No. 3 thence S2 E20 5/10 poles to the beginning  containing 3 acres with the appurtences thereunto belonging, and the said first party do reliquish all their right and title in the within described lands unto the second party his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple, As witness their signatures the date first herein written.

G. R. MORELAND     (seal)
H. D. MORELAND     (seal)

More About Alexander Campbell MORELAND:
Burial: Moreland Family Clark-Clark Co.-Winchester-Hwy.89

More About Ellen KING:
Burial: Berryman Cemetery, Clark County, Kentucky.

Notes for Jack Envoid CHRISTOPHER:
Jack Envoid CHRISTOPHER is listed on her marriage certificate as NiVoid.  Born and residing in Estill County, Kentucky, she married Alexander Campbell MORELAND (second marriage).   The certificate was signed by Alexander C. MORELAND and James WARMOTH (husband of Phoebe Ellen CHRISTOPHER).  Samuel L. TUDOR was the clerk.  The wedding was held in the home of Wiley Moss CHRISTOPHER and his wife Elizabeth Bascam JOHNSON CHRISTOPHER.  The witnesses were William B. HEATHER and Meta B. HENRY.  The ceremony was performed by Van Buren DAUGHERTEE*.   Vol. 15-17 and Vol. 10-364,36

* The couple named their second child, Elvie Van Buren MORELAND, after V.B. DAUGHERTEE.  This was Envoid's half- brother in law, married to Melvinie CHRISTOPHER.

Envoid, Ida Jo, and Willie Evelyn were sitting on the side of road and a car lost control and hit Envoid.  She died in the night at a hospital in Winchester.

More About Jack Envoid CHRISTOPHER:
Burial: Moreland Family Clark-Clark Co.-

Children of Alexander MORELAND and Jack CHRISTOPHER are:

20.  v.    James Daniel MORELAND, b. April 25, 1891, Clark Co., ,Kentucky.; d. November 11, 1976, At his home in Ravenna.
21. vi.    Elvie Van Buren MORELAND, b. June 07, 1893, Clark Co., Kentucky; d. November 02, 1978, Birmingham, Alabama.
22. vii.    Ethel Catherine MORELAND, b. December 06, 1896, Clark Co., Kentucky; d. February 11, 1921, Clark Co., Kentucky.

11.  James Mickleberry (son of Elijah MORELAND and Sarah Ann ROBERTSON) was born November 04, 1841 in Clark Co., Kentucky, and died October 27, 1921 in New Halem, Washington.  He married Sarah Janet WILLOUGHBY BROWN September 17, 1866 in Vigo County, Indiana, daughter of Benjamin WILLOUGHBY and Catherine JAMES.  She was born February 05, 1842 in Monroe Co., Indiana, and died December 08, 1895 in Fontanet, Indiana.

More About James Mickleberry MORELAND:
Burial: Burlington Cemetery

Children of James MORELAND and Sarah BROWN are:
23. i.  Joseph Simpson10 MORELAND, b. September 24, 1872, Fontanet, Indiana; d. April 03, 1939, Seattle, Washington.
     ii.  Catherine MORELAND, b. November 02, 1868, Vigo Co., Indiana.
    iii.  Gertrude MORELAND, b. January 03, 1878, Vigo Co., Indiana.
    iv.  Sherman MORELAND, b. Vigo County, Indiana.

12.  Susie MORELAND (daughter of Elijah MORELAND and Sarah ROBERTSON) was born 1854, and died 1919.  She married Akellis BROOKSHIRE

Notes for Susie MORELAND:
Susie had a daughter-in-law named Ida.  At this time I do not know which son she was married to.

More About Susie MORELAND:
Burial: Moreland Cemetery-Estill County, Kentucky.

More About Akellis BROOKSHIRE:
Burial: Moreland Cemetery-Estill County, Kentucky.

Generation No. 5

13.  James  MORELAND (son of George R. MORELAND) was born May 04, 1868 in Clark Co., Kentucky, and died 1927.  He married (1) Vina J. PUCKETT March 15, 1889, daughter of James PUCKETT.  She was born 1869 in Estill Co., Kentucky.  He married (2) Mary POWELL December 23, 1897, daughter of James POWELL and Anna WITT.  She was born March 12, 1880, and died April 10, 1953 in Estill Co., Kentucky.

Notes for Vina J. PUCKETT:
Married at the home of the father.

More About Mary POWELL:
Burial: Buried behind White Oak Church

Children of James MORELAND and Mary POWELL are:
      i.      William A. MORELAND, b. July 03, 1892; d. September 16, 1916; m. Vina POWELL; b. January 13, 1891; d. January 13, 1914.

Notes for William A. MORELAND: According to notes that were sent to Thelma Taylor from Ruby Moreland Keating, she was buried at White Oak Cemetery, up on the hill by the old school house.

More About William A. MORELAND: Burial: Buried at White Oak Cemetery ***

Notes for Vina POWELL:
Vina POWELL MORELAND died at age 23 of Tuberculosis.

   ii.    Mary MORELAND, b. September 1895; m. WEST.
  iii.    Annie MORELAND, b. January 1898.
  iv.    James MORELAND, b. April 1900.
   v.    Elijah P. MORELAND, b. 1901; m. Mamie WISEMAN, May 18, 1922, Estill Co., Kentucky.

Notes for Elijah P. MORELAND:
Elijah P. MORELAND committed suicide.

      vi.    Maudie MORELAND, b. 1902.
25. vii.   Julia MORELAND, b. October 03, 1903, Estill Co., Kentucky; d. January 05, 1994, Estill Co., Kentucky.
26. viii.  Clarence MORELAND, b. May 05, 1905; d. May 14, 1991.

14.  Mary Etta MORELAND (son of George R. MORELAND) was born 1877.  She married Leroy WALTERS, son of J. WALTERS and Eliza PUCKETT.  He was born 1868.

15.  Nancy Jane MORELAND (daughter of George R. MORELAND) was born March 10, 1882, and died November 24, 1987.  She married Thomas Jefferson BERRYMAN

Notes for Thomas Jefferson BERRYMAN:
The Thomas TIPTION you are referring to was my grandfather Thomas Jefferson
BERRYMAN, he was the illegitimate son of Dr. Thomas Jefferson BERRYMAN and Molly Jeanette. He changed his name from TIPTION in 1915, He married Nancy Jane MORELAND, (Daughter of George MORELAND and Ellen CROWE MORELAND) and they raised their family at Cressy, Estill Co. Kentucky. His son Cecil Boone
Berryman was my father. I have a birth certificate stating that "Dr. Thomas is his father. On this certificate are affidavits, by Mrs. Clay Alexander, a Cousin,7/19/1944 and J.D. Stone, age 84, not related,7/18/1944 and Employment Record, L&N railroad Co. E. K. Dis. 8/15/1923 Thomas Jefferson BERRYMAN was born July 27, 1878, At Vienna, Clark Co. Kentucky just across Red River from Cressy. He died July 16, 1968 in Louisville, Kentucky, at the home of his daughter Mrs. Effie Abeny, and is buried at Cressy on the farm He owned most of his life that he got from his father. His wife Nancy lived to be 105, and died Nov 24, 1987 and is buried at Cressy beside Thomas. He was raised by a TIPTION man, I don’t know his name. I am searching for info on Winnie, but anything you might need concerning Thomas Jefferson BERRYMAN born July 27, 1878, I have. thanks, Pamela Berryman Todd
16.  Harmon Daniel MORELAND (son of George R. MORELAND) was born December 1885, and died November 29, 1914 in Clark.  He married Lula BUSH

Notes for Harmon Daniel MORELAND:
Killed on a riverboat.  He reached to pull a lever and fell into a belt and was killed.  Elvie Van Buren and James Daniel MORELAND were working with him on the riverboat the day he died.

More About Harmon Daniel MORELAND:
Burial: Bush Cemetery-Clark Co., Kentucky

More About Lula BUSH:
Burial: Bush Cemetery-Clark Co., Kentucky

Children of Harmon MORELAND and Lula BUSH are:
      i.    Cora MORELAND.
     ii.    Lillian MORELAND.
    iii.    James Harmon MORELAND, b. January 20, 1913; d. August 18, 1914.

More About James Harmon MORELAND:
Burial: Bush Cemetery

17.  Barbara Ellen MORELAND (daughter of George R. MORELAND) was born August 1891.  She married (1) William Jasper ASHCRAFT March 09, 1910, son of John ASHCRAFT and Arnie CHILD. She married (2) Marshall Dytrie TIPTON 1915. 

Notes for Barbara Ellen MORELAND:
Barbara Ellen married William ASHCROFT twice.  She married him in 1910 and again in 1958. (This is from her granddaughter Martha Hunt of Franklin, Ohio.)

18.  Elizabeth MORELAND (daughter of George R. MORELAND) was born 1879 in Estill Co., Kentucky.  She married Marion TIPTON 1898 in Home of George MORELAND, son of unknown TIPTON and unknown.  He was born 1878 in Estill Co., Kentucky.

A Thomas H. MORELAND born 1775-1784; died 1802 Estill Co., Kentucky. He resided in Clark Co., Kentucky in 1810 and in Estill Co., Kentucky in 1820. His wife was Poly WOODWARD. According to the census records he had unidentified children as follows:

1.       male born 1800-1804
2.       male born 1804-1810
3.       male born 1804-1810
4.       female born 1804-1810
5.       female born 1804-1810
6.       female born 1810-1820
7.       male born 1810-1820
8.       male born 1810-1820
9.       male born 1810-1820

Descendants of Arp Moreland
By M. Mattei, 556 Willowside Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Generation No. 1

1. Arp5 MORELAND (Wilie Bryant4, James Bryant3, Ambrose2, Nathaniel1 Harwell) was born November 19,
1901 in Mississippi and died 1960 in Sebastopol, California. He married Mary Lula WEEKS April 27, 1929 in Lafayette County, Mississippi, daughter of James WEEKS and Mary CLIFTON.

Children of Arp MORELAND and Mary WEEKS are:
2. i. Myrtle Arpene6 MORELAND, b. December 31,1933, Crenshaw, Mississippi.
3. ii. Mary Pearl MORELAND, b. May 05,1930, Marks, Mississippi.
4. iii. Landon Devon MORELAND, b. January 10, 1936, Marks, Mississippi.

Generation No. 2

2. Myrtle Arpene6 MORELAND, (Arp5 Wilie Bryant4, James Bryant3, Ambrose2, Nathaniel1 Harwell) was
born December 31, 1933 in Crenshaw, Mississippi. She married (1) Daniel Leon ROWE September 16, 1949 in San Francisco, California. She married (2) Richard Alver MUNSON November 30, 1968 in Reno, Nevada, son of Walfred MUNSON and Inez PETERSON. She married (3) Henry John MATTEI February 07, 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada, son of Emilio MATTEI and Adalina MATTEI

Roan’s Creek Church of Johnson Co., Tennessee
From Charles Moreland, 15508 Saranac Drive, Whittier, CA 90604

Excerpts from WAGS Bulletin, V. 27 #2, 1998, page 143
Glimpses of One Hundred Years of Pine Grove Church History
Submitted by Mary McBride, 5003 Sunset Bluff, Huntsville, AL 35803:

“Due to the courtesy of Brother John A. LOWE, who has the records of old Roans Creek Church, afterwards Taylorsville, now Mountain City, the mother of the churches in Johnson City (Tennessee), I find that Pine Grove was organized in the ‘year of our Lord 1837’ so says the old minute and a most interesting document I find it to be.”

Charles Moreland wrote to Ms. McBride, “This is regarding the Pine Grove Church history which you submitted . . . What interested me in particular was the statement ‘Brother John A. LOWE has the records of old Roans Creek Church.’ Since Roans Creek church’s records must go back much farther than Pine Creek and Pine Creek started in 1837, I am now wondering why I never heard about this church before. I have been researching the MORELAND and COFFEY families in this area for over 10 years and I have nothing re Roans Creek Church. Those families were there from the 1790’s to at least the 1850’s. Now the question is how can I get in touch with the person who has the Roan Creek records today?”

Unfortunately Ms. McBride hasn’t located those records, however, she is continuing to look for them.

James Parish Vestry Accounts
Anne Arundel Co., Maryland 1761-1762

On page 47 in the year1761 the name John MORLAND appears.

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